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  1. Hopefully the Bills will draft a WR in the first or second round of the draft. If they wait until the lower rounds again to draft a WR, then expect the same results on offense.
  2. This is a nice piece to the WR puzzle, just as long as the Bills plan on adding more, whether in FA or the draft. Hopefully Harty is durable and doesn’t have a lot of drops. Having a speedy deep threat will help open up things underneath.
  3. Beckham or Hopkins possibly? Maybe Bobby Wagner as well?
  4. So we can expect our first round draft pick to be defense again…just great 👎😡🤬
  5. All of that is true, plus a lot of cheating. They had the perfect system. Only got slapped on a wrist for the few times they got caught cheating, but totally worth it as they won six championships.
  6. And that was almost 40 years ago. Didn’t say it was impossible, just said highly unlikely. Didn’t say it was impossible, just said it was highly unlikely. Not all lower round picks develop into superstars.
  7. Highly unlikely Shakir, a 5th round draft pick, will emerge as the #2 WR in year two of his NFL career.
  8. I agree. Just my guess, McD is giving Frazier a pass with the season ending injuries to Von Miller and Micah Hyde.
  9. McDermott is lining this guy up be the new DC in 2024. Guess the writing is on the wall for Frazier.
  10. I agree 100% If the Bills pick a defender in any of the first three rounds this year, it would be a huge mistake.
  11. A big staple of the McDermott/Frazier defense is rotating the front four of the defense throughout the game. IMO, this philosophy has hurt the team, especially on offense given the amount of assets the Bills used just on the front four alone, let alone the defense as a whole. Since McDermott became the HC, the Bills had 7 first round picks, by which 5 were used on defense. 2 first round picks were used on the D-line [Oliver, Rousseau] and 2 second round picks [Basham, Epeneza]. Not to mention a huge FA signing in Von Miller. Basham and Epeneza have underperformed to date and weren’t worth the second round picks. In order for Oliver to be effective, he needs a good DT next to him and someone else to take on double teams, otherwise, he’s been ineffective (especially once Miller was lost for the season). Rousseau is good, but has been inconsistent. Besides Diggs, the Bills have been using lower round picks for WR’s, but use 2nd and 3rd round picks on RB’s, which makes no sense! (Didn’t mention Zay Jones as I’m not quite sure if he was a McDermott pick or if it was a Whaley pick, since that was Whaley’s last draft with the Bills). IMO, all these assets used on having eight D-linemen for each game is huge a waste. It’s an outdated approach and because of it, the Bills have not invested properly on offense as they need a couple good O-linemen along with at least two more WR’s to compliment Diggs. The approach of getting cheap FA contracts and low round picks on offense is not getting the job done.
  12. If your team is bringing in retired WR’s during the season because the WR’s on the team aren’t getting the job done (outside of Diggs), then those WR’s are garbage. Davis a not a #2WR, he’s a #3/4. McKenzie is a gadget player and not a consistent slot WR. Too soon to tell on Shakir, but banking on a low round draft pick to be an instant contributor was a horrible and stupid gamble.
  13. Starting to agree! I know it took Dungy to get fired and to go onto the Colts before he had success. Same can be said about Andy Reid in Philly. Don’t get me wrong, McDermott turned the culture around and made the Bills a winner again, I just worry that McDermott’s inexperience as a HC is costing us championships.
  14. Had to look at it again, you’re right, Higgins is a second round pick. Still, much higher than the rest of the Bills WR’s outside of Diggs. Sorry, Davis is not a legit #2 WR. Maybe #3 or #4. Seeing stats like 10 targets and 3 receptions in a game for Davis is embarrassing! As FireChans stated above, if your team is bringing in retired WR’s to start in playoff games, then your receivers suck! I do agree with you about playcalling and execution. Ever since the second half of the Packers game, the Bills offense has struggled. In his first season as OC, Dorsey showed he was a downgrade from Daboll. I would love to see the Bills fire Dorsey and bring in a seasoned OC who can make adjustments throughout the season, but doubt it happens. IMO, Bills are not better than the Bengals. They’re either the second or third best team in the conference.
  15. You can say the same with any position in the draft. No doubt, the draft is a crap shoot and not every player is going to work out. But, the potential to get an elite, game changing player is at the top of the draft, especially in the first round. My point about Diggs is you need more than one good WR on offense. I stated previously the Bills used a 1st round draft pick on him and he was well worth it. The next highest draft used on WR was on Zay Jones, the rest have been between the 4th and 7th rounds. Look at the Bengals, both Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins were first round picks. Tyler Boyd was a second round pick. Bengals gave Burrow great weapons and spent high draft picks capital on Chase and Higgins and it’s been paying off for them as they already went to one Superbowl and are poised to go to another Superbowl. It’s frustrating knowing Burrow hasn’t been in the league as long as Allen, but he’s had more success. I blame the lack of weapons this year around Allen, the high amount of defensive players drafted in the early rounds that have underperformed, and coaching. Sorry, these lower round WR’s take time to develop and we’re in a win now mode.
  16. Agree 100% on Davis. After that, I don’t know what their plan was for #3 and #4 WR. Seemed Beane/McDermott were hoping Crowder and McKenzie would split the slot WR position, but even before Crowder got hurt, he wasn’t effective. In an expanded role, McKenzie regressed.
  17. I remember he was injured his first two seasons, but the Bills still took the time to develop him and he showed a lot of promise in preseason. Not saying Hodgins would have put up huge numbers, but he looked a lot better with the Giants than Shakir did this year. I said that about Diggs in my post, did you miss that?
  18. Disagree on Shakir. He was on the active roster over Hodgins and was talked up by the team and by WGR550.
  19. Never said the Bills “never” gave Allen the tools, I asked why do the Bills place such a low value on WR’s in the draft? Brown and Beasley were great FA signings, but they both got older and their production started to drop. Davis was good as a 3rd and 4th WR, not so much as a 2nd WR. Expecting lower round draft picks to make huge impacts as receivers was a flawed expectation. Not saying all lower round WR’s can’t be successful, but look at this year, thinking Shakir could step right into a starting role was very unrealistic.
  20. Since Beane/McDermott have been with the Bills since 2017, the Bills have had seven 1st round picks, five of which have been used on the defense, two of them for the offense [Allen, Diggs (1st used in the trade to the Vikings)]. Without a doubt, Allen is a generational talent at QB, but outside of Diggs, the Bills WR is full of underachievers. Davis underwhelmed as a #2 WR and is a #3 WR at best. McKenzie could not handle the starting slot WR role. Crowder, Shakir and the others were either slot or gadget type players. Beasley and Brown were brought back to the team because of how badly the WR corps performed (outside of Diggs). Since 2017, the highest the Bills drafted a WR was in the 2nd round [Zay Jones], the rest have been all between the 4th and 7th rounds: Ray Ray McCloud – 6th round (2018) Austin Proehl – 7th round (2018) 2019 – No WRs drafted Gabe Davis – 4th round (2020) Isaiah Hodgins – 6th round (2020) Marquez Stevenson – 6th round (2021) Khalil Shakir – 5th round (2022) I don't understand why the Bills have not given Allen all the tools to be successful? Beane maneuvered up and down the draft board to get in position to draft Allen, then gave him a $258 million dollar contract. Why does Beane/McDermott undervalue the WR position so much? Diggs cannot do everything on his own. When Diggs is double covered and taken out of the game, the rest of the WR's struggle to get open and catch on a consistent basis. With drafting lower round WR's, most of the time, they're not going to be NFL ready in year one. It took Hodgins to year three to show he can stay healthy and show some promise, but instead, the Bills kept Shakir on the active roster and put Hodgins on the Practice Squad, by which Hodgins was signed by the Giants. So if it takes Shakir three years to show promise, are the Bills going to take another low round rookie and keep that unproven rookie over a player they took the time to develop and train (like Hodgins?) Hate to say it, but I feel Beane/McDermott value RB's higher than WR's as we've seen Singletary and Moss drafted in the 3rd and Cook in the second. Bottom line, Allen cannot do it all. Expecting Allen to continually stretch out plays, make things happen with his feet does not work out 100% of the time. Chiefs and Bengals have multiple weapons for Mahomes and Burrow, if the Bills are serious about winning a Superbowl, they need to give the same type of receivers to Allen before they waste all his good years.
  21. Since McDermott became HC, the Bills had seven 1st round picks and five of those were used on defense. On the D-line alone, two 1st round picks [Oliver, Rousseau] and two 2nd round picks [Epeneza, Basham] were used and they all failed to make an impact yesterday. I know Miller, Jones and Hyde were out, but with the amount of high round picks used on the D-line, those guys should have made an impact and they couldn’t do 💩 against a Bengals O-line missing three starters.
  22. Dorsey is inexperienced and is being outcoached. The Bills spent how much capital on the D-line and cant get pressure on the O-line with three backups playing?!
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