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  1. should have added some KKK hoods to the elephants, amirite?
  2. my question is: who would be in line to replace him if he’s killed? Or are you thinking the U.S. stays there and does some good ol’ fashioned nation building?
  3. it’s okay guys, were in good hands now. The best. The brightest.
  4. yep with 17 regular season games, it’s guaranteed to be the “Biggest season ever”
  5. not surprised Pelosi said that at all. She’s not well and has no business being in a position of power any more.
  6. “And this nation’s about to EXPLODE...”
  7. dang. I thought he really improved since he joined the Bills. Was getting better with his control.
  8. the NFL deciding to release the schedule a month later than normal is bah-rutal.
  9. Moot point, Chauvin is gonna get convicted and spend significant time in prison.
  10. Tea Pain should have a blue checkmark next to his name by now, shouldn’t he?
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