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  1. Are there “minimim hotel room requirements “ like there are for the Super Bowl?
  2. I always forget the Bandits are part of PSE!
  3. our defense, fully healthy, has to be an extremely scary thought for opposing teams.
  4. lol, I did one (actually a couple!) that game as well!!! My first time trying it. Couldn’t blow the damn horn, though…
  5. they should put Al Davis’ bowl-haircutted son on the cover.
  6. yup… and that (unfortunately) is a huge part of why you guys have won two Super Bowls in the last 4 seasons.
  7. all the good stuff will be gone on Thursday, most likely. Unless it’s really overpriced.
  8. dibs on that can of Raid in picture #61
  9. Details, details. ::Waves hand dismissively::
  10. Actually, Washington was a slave-owner, so make it: The Capital Region Fair-Skinned Leaders.
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