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  1. Wegmans subs are… fine. Like most things at Wegmans, they’ve gone downhill in the last 10 years.
  2. he got injured getting up from his chair right after putting his John Hancock on the contract.
  3. I remember when I lived in NoVA, it seemed to rain EVERY Sunday. That was my grocery shopping day and I’d always think “oh great, my groceries are going to get all wet and soggy” on the way back to my car.
  4. Hell, I’m a guy and I get a tingling sensation “down there” watching him play.
  5. heck, not just SPORTS networks. I’ve seen CBS News and CNN articles come across my facebook feed in the last 11 hours.
  6. I mean, does anyone doubt he plays again in the next 2-3 weeks?
  7. have shirtless employees tossing the wings in the sauce!!!
  8. he should hire a couple “handlers”, and a Press Secretary.
  9. to me, a meltdown is epically blundering away a game we should have won. There were some mistakes, to be sure (especially Josh missing the easy touchdown throw in the 4th), but to me we lost that game mostly due to attrition… and the Dolphins being good enough to take advantage when possible. Wow.
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