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  1. oh you were referring to the sex cult, I’m sorry.
  2. that’s definitely a quality I look for in out elected leaders. “Owning” us.
  3. Beasley - S Allen - L Brown - XXXL
  4. okay, apparently the renewed mandate is only in Erie County-owned facilities. Good. I like Poloncarz again.
  5. Please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REMEMBER THIS COME ELECTION TIME. https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/poloncarz-indoor-mask-mandate-may-go-back-into-effect-for-erie-county-by-end-of-week/71-69d8f02a-e31d-410a-a057-8b5d7c562e90
  6. it’s probably the damn Trump supporters over there that are ruining everything, too!!!
  7. good read. I watched SB XXVIII on youtube a few months back. Painful stuff (although, I’m sure it was a lot more painful as it was unfolding live)
  8. sadly here in Western NY, at least in north Amherst (where two-thirds of women have the Kamala “little girl shadow” or RBG as their facebook profile pic), they’ll lap this shizz up unquestioningly, saying it’s an “act of kindness” or some similar nonsense.
  9. oh I definitely understand how he lost the election. I expected him to, and he did. The billions of dollars and man-hours spent by the media to help ensure that he was portrayed in the worst light possible from Day 1 (actually, before that) for low-information “ah heard it on Colbert so’s it must be true!!!” folks is titillating to think about.
  10. #resist. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/27/cdc-to-reverse-indoor-mask-policy-to-recommend-them-for-fully-vaccinated-people-in-covid-hot-spots.html
  11. plus, didn’t offense run the ball a lot more in Deacon Jones’ era?
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