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  1. not sure, I have a feeling we’ll be favored in that game.
  2. ::shudder:: I’m the designated spider killer in my family, but if I saw one of those, I’d probably run out of my house screaming like a 5-year-old girl
  3. made sense to me. Guessing there’s no steel-related emojis? LOL at the guy who responded with 🍑 🍆
  4. I’m of the mindset that, hey, they’re like 2-150 since 1998 in primetime games, so good thing we don’t have any this year. Although another home MNF’er would have been fun.
  5. he has 7 kids??? Man, he’s catching up to Phil Rivers.
  6. open to the general public. the May 3rd presale is too, but it looks like you need the OneBuffalo app for that?
  7. I hope we beat Dallas to a pulp on Thanksgiving
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