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  1. “Do NOT play politics with the virus, Republicans!!!” (Proceeds to play politics with the virus)
  2. Mmmm, I could go for some meat-substitute topped pizza from Pizza Pete with a nice glass of Kale-Zucchini juice to wash it all down.
  3. wow FL has 3M more people than NY? Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised...
  4. strongly disagree there. The past four months, absolutely.
  5. “We don’t know 100%”? That’s your argument? Seriously?
  6. I strongly condemn Trump making fun of that reporter with disabilities.
  7. re-scheduled!!! Haha, what a loser! Hey, did you all hear he ordered Americans to chug bleach???
  8. Holy crap, this is my first time hearing about all that. You don’t say???
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