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  1. yeah I think they announced that one of the (potential) two already sold out. Pretty impressive, considering a home playoff game is faaaaaar from guaranteed at this point.
  2. agreed. That would be embarrassing. wonder if Tyrod would be in the stands for that game with a tub of popcorn
  3. Awesome! Wonder if they’ll do a pregame segment on it.
  4. Jon Gruden is probably already having impure thoughts about him.
  5. agreed. All it takes is one douchebag on the Jets’ defense taking out Singletary or Brown’s knees and we’re pretty much screwed.
  6. dude. If we drop 42 on the Steelers at Heinz I will start staking out my spot for the Super Bowl parade downtown.
  7. I’d love to face Indy in the Wild Card round (assuming we don’t win the division). Is there any way they can still win the AFCS at 9-7? Lol. I know Houston’s defense isn’t nearly as good as Tennessee’s, but that offense can be explosive.
  8. probably more like a few scattered Bills fans
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