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  1. Indeed! Those were two clubs that pretty much everyone - myself included - thought that the Bills would be slogging it out with for a wild card spot.
  2. Dolphins’ front office is probably on the phone with him now, demanding that he reverse his decision!
  3. look at that tiny, adorable little broadcast area! Catalon and Lofton are decent.
  4. mostly the former. Especially if you have something delicious to share!
  5. 3 of the 4 wins, in fact! But, good teams find a way to win.
  6. I thought they were going to get curbstomped by the Cowboys, but it didn’t happen! Hoping for a repeat this coming Sunday
  7. someone shot him w/ a tranquilizer dart
  8. I saw that too... I honestly don’t think we’ll shut them out.
  9. love Moor Pat. It’s fairly small inside though, isn’t it? (Only ever been there evenings)
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