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  1. A Karen’s wet dream: https://www.wivb.com/news/new-york/how-to-report-social-distancing-violations/
  2. lol, I think the other 31 teams will be the ones mysteriously having connection issues...
  3. it’ll go smoothly. They’ll have a backup plan in case Zoom (or whatever technology they end up using) craps out on them.
  4. although with the recent “shutdown”, you’d have to grab takeout from somewhere and eat it in the parking lot, sitting in separate cars.
  5. ::Forensic Files narrator voice:: “He was then tried and convicted... of first degree murder.”
  6. Beane should set a cool background when making his pick, like the flying toasters or 3D pipes
  7. the 2004 election results surprised you? Seriously?
  8. yep... looks like it was a mistake on CNBC’s end
  9. oh, welL good thing CNBC doesn’t have millions of readers or anything! SMH. When I saws that I was like “uhhhhhhh...”
  10. from CNBC: ”Gov “. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that 2,935 New Yorkers died from the coronavirus over the past 24 hours“ https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/03/new-york-gov-cuomo-says-state-saw-its-single-biggest-increase-in-coronavirus-deaths-yesterday.html Is that true?
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