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  1. usually a few I think, but not nearly as many as when they arrive back.
  2. gonna get me some Crown Royal BBQ wings from Amherst Pizza and Ale House on Sunday...
  3. yep - NFC team is the home team this year (odd-numbered year).
  4. yuuuup, the old direct-snap-to-the-kicker-and-have-him-throw-it play.
  5. yep. Funny to think that some people still thought he wouldn’t play, even after the video from yesterday’s practice.
  6. could you imagine TV announcers nowadays talking about a concussion like Trumpy, Enberg, and O.J talked about Joe Montana’s? They’d probably get banned from the networks, social-media shamed, fined... 😂
  7. Packers. Rodgers is having a career year, and their defense is pretty good too.
  8. I wonder which team MrRight roots for nowadays...
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