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  1. hopefully someday we can be as voracious a fanbase as Indianapolis, Miami, and Jacksonville
  2. I have us losing Week 1 against the Jets also..... but still going 11-5 when all is said and done.
  3. But then who would the Redskins hire as the food product Loss Prevention Specialist?
  4. hey, it’s $50k more than I’ve donated to Children’s Hospital!!!
  5. I disagree with him... I think the Jets, Patriots, and Bills are all going to finish above .500 this season
  6. maybe he won’t actually post anything. How long til he gets the blue checkmark next to his name?
  7. every time someone refers to their favorite team as “my xyz”, I shudder a little
  8. I think they could be really good THIS year! Looking for Edmunds to take a big step forward
  9. I’m planning on giving him a laughing emoji or a beer emoji
  10. replace Packers with Steelers, and slide the Bills up somewhere in the top 3, and I agree with you.
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