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  1. Jake kumerow! I see him marking the squad and making his presence felt!
  2. I’ve been in the visitor locker room a few times and I must say I’ve seen high schools that have nicer visitors locker rooms . I swear too you they still have 27” bulb tv’s in their .
  3. First Miami game. It’s going to be hot and sticky. Miami seems like the team that will challenge us this year. Should be a battle.
  4. Wait a second why is the governor of New Jersey making this announcement? I thought they played in New York....... oh yeah that right only one team plays in New York!
  5. There was a place on Niagara street called George’s that had garbage plates . I’m surprised no restaurants have really marketed them in Buffalo. But yes I do believe they are a Rochester thing.
  6. Depends on where in the city you will be . Everyone has their own favorites for wings. You could go to anchor bar but you pay for the name not the quality IMO. You could go to any bar and get beef on weck and wings. I would recommend mooneys and also try the Mac n cheese. I haven’t had a garbage plate in forever around here so I hoping I can get a great recommendation.
  7. I just looked and the cheapest ticket right now at 3 o’clock is $578 and that’s from the bills not a resale site. Yes they are in the club level but damn that’s some coin to drop on a non playoff game!
  8. Me too but if you still have to wear a mask I’m selling my tickets!
  9. Me neither every time I try and read an article (mobile) I get a virus pop up. I don’t get it on any other site just the audacy.com.
  10. I like it . The bills are addressing their bigger than need! This is how you win championships.
  11. Chidi Ahanotu. He was trash Hated buffalo so he took a limo everyday from Toronto for practice and games. Buffalo wasn’t big enough for him. Dou*******
  12. The only way I can see a dome is if it could be a dual sport stadium and since we don’t have Major League Baseball . I can’t see the broke state and declining economy being able to afford a new domed stadium.
  13. Fields because he is just like every other OSU QB1 = trash
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