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  1. Great idea but someone will be left out in the cold. Everyone will want playoff tickets and this will leave some people extremely bitter when they don’t get them. Also when we go to the superbowl(s) tickets are based on seniority. So whomever has these in there name will take the seats and leave everyone in the cold.
  2. They didn’t send anything last year . Just loaded $20.21 on a bills bucks card and you can’t buy a beer with it!
  3. Blue and grey restaurant in Gettysburg. Best wings I’ve ever had outside of buffalo!
  4. PSL= no more tickets for me. I am happy to use tax money to help the build. PSL’s are nothing but greed . They already are getting enough from the consumer.
  5. Definitely Ed Oliver on defense. Offense has to be any running back that break the game open. I don’t see singletary being that guy but who knows.
  6. Bobby hart. I don’t even know why he is on this team again. He is the new Vlad Ducause
  7. I think deshawn Watson has the highest expectations. He is basically black balled last year (should’ve been ban for life imo). Gets a ridiculous contract and his handed the reigns of the team. But then again if any franchise crumbles it is the brownie’s!
  8. I have too say I was impressed with the quality of play that I’ve seen.
  9. I was just in Florida myself. I was all over the keys and than drove up to Orlando for universal with the kids. You are correct I definitely seen more bills gear than dolphins gear while there!
  10. We are actually seeing a return on our tax money unlike welfare! Build two stadiums if buffalo I don’t care.
  11. All I know is you can’t buy beer on sundays in Kansas so we had to cross the street to buy it Missouri.
  12. The bandits are going to bring the Pegulas their first championship this year!
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