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  1. Hells yeah j don’t have to hear joe buck and his terrible calling at 4.
  2. Only if means the nfl finally realigns the division(s) and we end up in a division with Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit. This is what makes sense.
  3. I’m worried that our quarterback back can’t find the open receivers!
  4. Internet tough guy. I served my country so your douche baggery could hurl life less insults and disrespect my country. I never realized how many mental midgets troll. Great job!
  5. Sorry members I have to rant for a minute. It’s seems every game a lot of people are not removing their hats. This includes you ladies you are not exempt from removing your head gear. For the love of your country stand remove your hats and honor this great country. Thanks !!!!
  6. I say if he can be had for a 4th or lower so be it. But no crazy extension. Won’t hurt to have a bounce to the outside rb.
  7. Unfortunately we will be losing at least one home game in the future because every nfl team has to host a game in London . Complete bulls*#t!
  8. I prefer ft lauderdale. Not as many fake people spending their inheritance like they are someone important. If you go to Publix’s you can grab some lobster tails for like 5 bucks a piece and some steaks and grill in the parking lot. It’s a decent time lots of bills fans that will be tailgating at the stadium. Parking at the stadium is easy . Pretty easy getting out also. After the game brus room in Deerfield beach for wings and beers is also a must!
  9. How many of you guys and gals have been to the stadium this year and are having problems hearing the PA system? I had no idea until after the game that a dolphins player was ejected . You seriously can’t hear the announcer at all. I’m in section 108 I’m not sure if you can hear it in the upper deck. It’s pretty aggravating.
  10. If you were at the game you would see he misses the open receiver waiving his arms and checks it to an underneath route. Happened about 8!times this game. Then to win in this league you have to be able to complete a pass over 30 yards and he can’t. So the mentality of your ignorance is astonishing. Know and watch the game. Much more to it than rooting from the heart.
  11. D and it’s only because we got the win. Countless receivers jumping, screaming wide open and he looked them off or never looked in that direction. I’m hoping he can work out his issues but it’s getting scary.
  12. It does remember when the bills played those bull#### Toronto games? It was all for the money. Corporations pay big money to host games! The bills sucked at the time and we as fans pretty much revolted and refused to follow them to Toronto that’s what it was canceled.
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