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  1. With the skyway contest actually being a real thing. The stadium is going downtown. Something new will be replacing the skyway.
  2. I got home today a seen a red package and said oh what did the wife order now? Nope it was my season tickets. I can’t wait!
  3. What a surprise nick bosa hasn’t signed yet. Big brother in his ear I’m guessing.
  4. Thin air and legal weed need I say more!
  5. She will divorce him as soon as the rams make him the highest paid coach ever.
  6. As a fellow umpire I agree seems like more and more parents think little Johnny is the next jeter! It ruining the game . When parents want to ride the kids it finds its way to be our fault . Once the parent is ejected from the the field “little Johnny “ can actually play!
  7. It’s all smoke and mirrors at this point. Guess we will find out week one!
  8. I think homeboy is going to be hella rusty to start this season. Week one looks good for us!
  9. I am really surprised None of these kids have been picked. I feel sorry for them they have some talent!
  10. I hope no team in the top 15 is dumb enough to let them up and package those pics to got up in the top of round 1 or 2 ! I think Brady has told them it’s almost time
  11. Nothing like creating another hole!
  12. Sort of like when he pulled that ish with UB? I think they were called state university of New York at Buffalo!
  13. He brought that with him from wherever he’s from that can’t be a native spider!
  14. I’m very disappointed in many of my fellow members for saying they are going to New York for jets and giants games! No your going to New Jersey!
  15. I planned on going to Pittsburgh for the game this year. I think Pittsburgh is a great town, we go a couple time a year for pirates games. So I couldn’t wait till the schedule was coming out. But knowing in the back of my mind that December 15th is totally out of the question because it’s my sons birthday and he will be turning 8. Ahh well!!! We will win the division this year and so will Pittsburgh so next year we can get this done.🤞
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