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  1. Absolutely no way in hell that happens. NYS will be involved with this project and will never let one penny of tax money out of this state.
  2. So if a complete overhaul of the Ralph is what the pegulas decide to do where would we play for a year while the renovations are being done? I don’t see UB being an option!
  3. Raising the ticket price is something to be expected. But raising the parking to $50 is absolutely disgusting. It’s just greed in my eyes. Looks like it’s time to finally park in the private lots and hike it in!
  4. I really feel this 49ers defense will shut Mahomes down tomorrow.
  5. No it’s not I’m disappointed in this season. But maybe you will like it but I don’t think so.
  6. If shaq goes Murphy stays. DE is a big hole for us with no depth at the position.
  7. What happened to the Rooney rule. Let me first lead that I think it’s a shame. It should be best man for the job not color of skin. Anyway I thought you have to interview a minority. Or is it that it’s the cowgirls and they can do what they want?
  8. I will work any weekend if asked for the overtime! Except if the bills are on and opening day of deer season!
  9. Your not Lying. I can’t believe we stayed the whole game. I was convinced my 8 year old son was going to make me leave early!
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