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  1. Our 2020 opponents are stacked Both superbowl participants 5 2019 playoff teams seattle new England tennessee Going to be one of the first visitors to vegas Denver looked improved with the QB change Rookie of the year and the cardinals Next year we have our work cut out for us It would be crazy if we get to the playoffs
  2. How can you be optimistic that he will use the players correctly??
  3. This mans critical decision making has been poor since week 1 Benching tyrod for peterman Starting peterman for allen Keeping peterman on the roster at all Cody ford being the starting RT instead of a veteran and shuffling what would work Stupidness and ignorance on the offensive side of the ball Clock management Hiring Daboll as OC Using gore more than Singletary Keeping foster active all year and not duke The list goes on and on I dont think this man is the right guy
  4. Posted this 3 weeks ago and I ***** knew it. Play calling is pitiful he plays not to ***** lose!!!!
  5. McDermott doesnt have a kill instinct and there was a part in the 4th quarter I forget when it was 4th and 1 I wanted them to go for it and McDermott opted for a punt
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