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  1. Doesn't mean we should have one this year. This is a dumb take
  2. With KC and Baltimore making moves, Beane needs to do something. There's glaring holes at safety depth and OL depth and even WR in some respect. I'm not hard up on RB like the media is, but if he doesn't at least get a safety with poyer being held together by Elmer's glue and gum and I love him but the dude getting hurt every week
  3. I don't enjoy smelling piss for hours. Sorry call me a snob
  4. I think I know why the bills don't have night games. Literally everyone around me was tuned up on booze.... The guy in front of me literally pissed himself and left a puddle and was asleep/passed out the most of the game.
  5. I'm coming to buffalo for the snf game. I'm a horrible tailgater and it's just me and my wife. We want to get in the lot by 4 but we need to eat dinner, is there be any hot food that's served in the Lots by food trucks or anything? I know a ton of people cook but I'm not going to just walk up to strangers asking for food lol Any insight please.
  6. Hey guys just trying to get a view from the low number 200s, which would be in my budget. Anyone have any experience in this area of the stadium?
  7. Maybe that's what I'm missing. What injuries do the ravens have?
  8. The bills are laying the points. You wouldn't be taking points
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