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  1. Young yes Single no I don't have kids I have obligations not many tho I don't own any property My only worry is the ravens
  2. This was a new job and not really a real career. Now I got the extra unemployment
  3. I told my boss I needed Saturday night off, it's a fairly new job so it was whatever. He said he wasn't going to give me off so I told him I was going to not be in. He said ok then you're fired..... Go bills
  4. I know we are humming along but I think in the off season there is a few upgrades we have to make and here is what I think we can do Zach ertz Im not sure what his deal is but he is obviously talented and I think he would take our offense to the next level. NY Giants Look I don't know what the giants are doing but I propose this Singletary and our 1st round pick for Saquon. Obviously Saquon would be a huge upgrade and we have Zack moss and other depth at RB. I think they would listen... Thoughts?
  5. What are the chances the chiefs stumble? They only have 1 chance to "stumble" and vs who?? Ravens? Who they smacked this year?
  6. And then allen turns an ankle and we start week 1 playoffs with barkley. Good thing you're not a coach You went to a big party. Congrats
  7. They didn't crap the bed, they choked in the 4th quarter. They didn't come out flat, they ran out to a 16-0 lead. Don't forget the bills in the 90s rested guys ALL THE TIME. In the final week of the season. Tell me which time the kelly Thurman team every got knocked out in round one....I'll wait...
  8. I'm sorry I may be the minority but I think the bills should sit everyone this week. With the Steelers most likely going to lose to the browns, what do the bills really have to play for? And worst case scenario the bills lose and steelers win, and the bills and steelers meet in the 2nd round it's not like going to pittsburgh is scary, especially with the fan and covid restrictions. And what is that an hour plane ride? Not even.... McDermott sit everyone
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