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  1. He's younger than kelce dude That's why you restructure dude
  2. No defense fears knox. Super bowl window is open now. Can't wait on knox
  3. Team friendly. Ask him flat out if he wants to win another championship So you rather have knox drop key balls and be slow
  4. He's almost as explosive as kelce, younger, and a match up nightmare. We should give Philly a 2nd round pick for ertz and cut brown and kroft. Keep knox though
  5. Finally someone sees it. I would feel happy if they were close but they werent even close to winning
  6. all the more reason why Coach Mcclappy needed to suit up kenny stills
  7. Body language is a big thing dude. Youre the team captain. You need to be RAH RAH even if youre faking it. His maturity is yet to be desired At least we lost to the chiefs, imagine if the browns upset the chiefs and we lost at home to the browns?? Woof
  8. Then why the hell did the BROWNS have more success than us vs them???? Aren't the browns supposed to be worse than us?????
  9. Mahomes first AFC champ game he didn't look at all like the moment was too big for him. Granted they lost but HE left it all on the field and without a dumb coin toss they probably would of won.
  10. So you want him to be trent edwards???? They werent on them like glues every snap. KC defense is the BOTTOM THIRD of the league. We had a stallar WR core and magically 1 game they cant get open???
  11. Completely disagree. Allen is the QB, any elite QB with the time he had on certain plays would make the defense pay. Especially with the weapons we have
  12. I don't know what game you were watching but besides a handful of sacks there were times he had time to make a sandwich in the pocket and all his did was double pump and look confused
  13. He didnt trust his mechanics yesterday he didnt trust his reads. The KC defense ISNT GOOD!
  14. Josh had a great season no doubt about it, but when the big game comes he choked. I feel like Josh's mentality is more of Alex Zverev and not that of Djokovic (Tennis Fans). When the "No tomorrow" situation comes, he DOESNT leave it all on the field. We squeaked by the colts, without johnson INT vs the ravens, we would of scored ten points total. Unacceptable. This is my big concern. How does someone work on nerves? I was joking with my dad during the game last night he needs to take a shot of whiskey to calm the nerves, but obviously the dude does not have ice water in his veins which is
  15. edmunds is young the dude is still growing. I wasn't that much of a fan of Oliver when drafted at a DT. he is too small as a DT. I don't know why they don't try him at DE
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