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  1. WotAGuy

    A message to Bill fans

    Sounds like someone needs a hug. Come here you big lug.....
  2. WotAGuy

    Colton Schmidt suing AAF

    I understand, but I was thinking more along the lines of “legitimate case” being “reasonable legal basis” as opposed to “take a shot and maybe they’ll flinch and settle”
  3. WotAGuy

    Colton Schmidt suing AAF

    This made me giggle. Since when do lawyers need a “legitimate case”? LOL
  4. WotAGuy

    Season Seat Upgrades - Pretty Happy

    I would have bet money you were gonna say they upgraded your Sabres season tickets to Bills season tickets.
  5. WotAGuy

    O Line continuity concerns?

    Ahhhhh....sleep apnea. Found the cure!
  6. WotAGuy

    Bills show interest in AAF wide out

    “Breaking...”?? This is news, much less “Breaking” news? Breaking: I am enjoying tonight’s Final Four games!
  7. WotAGuy

    O Line continuity concerns?

    Try melatonin. Sleep like a baby
  8. WotAGuy

    Hypothetical Mock, Who would u select @ #9

    I see that point, but he was also pointing out a pass rush is less effective than good coverage when a QB is getting the ball out on time in 2 seconds. And with zone coverage, DBs aren’t trying to run with receivers, as long as they maintain positions, they can cover better and longer than in man situations. Im not saying don’t draft a pass rusher over a CB, I’m saying select the best CB over the 7th best D-lineman because it may be that’ll be your BPA.
  9. WotAGuy

    Hypothetical Mock, Who would u select @ #9

    They’ll take the CB and I’ll sit back and watch the board implode. Actually, I heard a compelling argument for Murphy by a PFF guy on One Bills Live the other day. He cited some of their analytics that said CBs can be bigger difference-makers than pass rushers. Something along the lines of “you can still complete a pass under great pressure, but it’s harder to complete a pass under great coverage”. He also cited the Bills’ defensive strategy of playing mostly zone and Murphy is the best zone cover CB that they rated. It sounded crazy at first but he made a good argument. If the top 6 D-linemen are gone by #9, you take the best player available at another position, because chances are they will be rated higher than DL #7.
  10. I have no thoughts on day drinking and don’t wish to discuss it
  11. I’m confused. Is our strategy to draft Pro Bowl special teamers, or are we looking for players with some type of ceiling with an 80% chance of being in the top 5%?
  12. WotAGuy

    Bills draft strategy

    To piggyback on the OP’s strategy, my thought is to draft guys with low ceilings and high bottoms - they’re typically average but at least you’ll know what you’re getting.
  13. WotAGuy

    "Hey, which way is north?"

    Once again, the customers were the only ones that knew what the $&@! was (supposed to be) going on.
  14. WotAGuy

    Ticket Buying Tips

    I’ve gotten to the point if I can’t get in the first 10 rows in a medium/big venue I won’t go. For the money shows cost now, I’m not gonna sit way back or in the balcony. I’ve gotten spoiled being up close. The experience is so much more immersive.
  15. WotAGuy

    Summer 2019 Concerts/Shows

    Usually have a bunch of shows lined up by now. So far just Jason Isbell/Father John Misty and Joe Jackson. Last year was a great year for shows: Isbell (2x), Brandi Carlile (2x), Decemberists (2x), Edie Brickell, Jukebox the Ghost, Dave Mason, Crash Test Dummies, David Byrne, the Weepies. All really great shows - Byrne was quite memorable.