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  1. It’s worth $150 to me to say “Yeah, I was on the list for a deluxe suite, but they sold out on me”. Call me Mr. Big Stuff.
  2. I used to tell myself that when getting picked last for dodge ball.
  3. Wouldn't fewer seats per square foot be an amenity? I don’t see how an overall larger facility is an amenity when you are getting wider concourses, better warming locations, standing room areas to eat, drink and socialize, more space around your seat, and many other new amenities that were never present at the Ralph.
  4. I’m curious as to what amenities you think the new stadiums don’t have that fans want…..
  5. Ooooohhhh…..THAT Leonard Floyd!!!
  6. I have a feeling Gabe would prefer a warm weather city to play in, along with a hefty contract. I don’t see him staying around.
  7. I’ve painted a deck, and I’m not in my right mind, so you may be onto something there…..
  8. Josh Allen and he’s a Dolphins fan? Seriously?? Next I suppose you’re going to tell me Josh Allen plays for…..I dunno…the Jaguars or something.
  9. This is why there’s a Hall of Fame. You can have all the physical talent and all the playbook knowledge, but if you don’t have the instincts, you’re JAG. It doesn’t sound like Ed has the instincts to be great.
  10. All it takes is one key injury and he’ll get his asking price.
  11. Finally! June 1st has arrived! Now Beane is gonna sign Dustin Hopkins and F everybody up.
  12. If it’s a performer I’ve seen many times, I’ll check the set list to see what they are featuring on the tour. Joe Jackson is one I always check to see what’s cooking, just out of curiosity. For a bands like Father John Misty, Jason Isbell and others, I don’t care what the set list is - I know it’s going to be good no matter what.
  13. Big Roger Clyne fan here. The Refreshments were just the start….
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