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  1. I can provide documentation that the more I make, the LESS I spend. My wife, on the other hand.......
  2. I went to two AFC Championship games and a couple wild card games. All wins. That Jaguars game was a nightmare. I still see Natrone Means running by my window giving me the finger.
  3. Don’t blame me. I was there. And it was horrible. I haven’t gone to a home playoff game since.
  4. Rivers is Fitz with a better arm. Not gonna raise the level of performance around him. Longevity is his primary strong suit.
  5. It’s a frigging bicycle. I learned to ride one at 5 years old without any goddamn videos.
  6. It really comes down to what uni they are wearing. Thank God the all red is done this year. White over blue?
  7. Seems like you’re using too much brain power on this. It’s actually simpler to jack the house up and put it on stilts. I’ve seen them at the beach like this. You’re welcome.
  8. Agreed. F her for trying to have a career at the expense of our discomfort.
  9. You sound so strong. I only curl 12 ounces at a time.
  10. If you’re old, there are books about/by OJ (one of my favorites is “Education of a Rich Rookie” with stories of old time Bills players and OJ’s Most Memorable Games by Jim Baker), Chuck Knox, Smerlas, Eddie Abramowski, Tasker, Cookie, Dobler, “Talking Proud” (about the 1980 season), “More Than A Ring” about Don Beebe. I have all these and enjoyed them all. Ron McDole has a new one out that I have on my list to read. If you are a fan of 1960s Green Bay Packers, “Instant Replay” by Jerry Kramer is a great, great classic. There are also some really interesting books on the old AFL (“Going Long”, “Remember the AFL”, “If You Can’t Join ‘Em, Beat ‘Em”, “The Other League”). I also have a couple on Joe Willie Namath who was quite a character and interesting to read about.
  11. I wonder if their instruction manual tells them all about proper feminine hygiene too.
  12. Very sorry for your loss. MY dad passed at age 54 when I was 16 in 1975. My closest tie with him while alive was the Bills. If they ever win the Big One, I will be celebrating with my Dad first and foremost. You will always have that connection to your Dad through the Bills. Enjoy it!
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