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  1. I thought they cut Vlad Ducasse but apparently they just gave him a new number.
  2. I bet you say this to all the other teams, you cad!
  3. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Either you drink the coffee with the ***** in it, or you scream “This coffee tastes like *****!!” Not a good look, either way. 😝
  4. “Big Man on Mulberry Street”. Heard it on the show “Moonlighting” and bought my first and only Billy Joel album. Wait, also got Songs from the Attic after that.
  5. Sounds like somebody needs a hug....c’mere big fella!
  6. My wife feels the earth move about once every two months. If she’s lucky.
  7. Dave Mason “Certified Live”
  8. Been a good week. Jade Bird, Father John Misty and Jason Isbell at CMAC. FJM was such a surprise - 9 piece band, horn section and they killed it. I only know about 3-4 of his songs but every single one sounded so good. Jade Bird - how does a 21-year old Brit get on that tour? Talent - she was really good. My 4th time seeing Jason Isbell and he always does a great job. Missed Amanda Shires though. Also saw Toad the Wet Sprocket at Homer last night. Fun, intimate venue and the crowd was into it, as always at that place. Highlight of the show: the PA cut out halfway through the first encore song. No vocals, no instruments. The crowd finished the song a cappella. The name of the song when everything went wrong? “Something’s Always Wrong”!
  9. There’s 32 teams. Not everyone can be in the top 15 in revenue. We’re in the top 30, and let’s be Talkin’ Proud about it, dammit.
  10. ....and Robert Kraft has 10x the money and the best he can do is a handy from an Asian grandmaw?
  11. Make sure there’s plenty of life preservers to go around.
  12. I like to compare him to Tyrod. Because it shows how much better off they are.
  13. I bought that book in grade school too. Loved it so much I found and bought a used copy about 10 years ago
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