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  1. Probably the beers driving it up. A family of 4 at a Bills game can easily drink two cases before halftime.
  2. No data to back it up, but I would guess professional ticket brokers contribute far more to inflated prices than fans who are season ticket holders and sell enough games to break even for the season. I don’t mind at all buying tickets from STHs as opposed to brokers who are definitely out to maximize profits.
  3. By the same token, I’m grateful that people resell. In the past, you had to grab tickets as soon as they went on sale. Now I can decide the week of the game if I want to go. I’ll pay a higher cost, but the flexibility is worth it to me.
  4. I’ve decided to honor my Native transgender heritage and am now known as Rainbow-WotAGuy
  5. I often read that teams don’t play man against the Bills because the DBs can’t afford to turn their back on Josh. So perhaps teams are playing more zone which leads to fewer DPI/holds.
  6. “Here’s the rundown of all of Cannon’s kids: Along with Legendary, Cannon shares six-month-old Halo Marie with Alyssa Scott; 12-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey; 3-year-old Powerful Queen, 1-year-old Rise Messiah, and 7-year-old Golden Saigon with Brittany Bell; 3-year-old twins Zion and Zillion and 1-year-old Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon with Abby De La Rosa; and 1-year-old Onyx Ice with LaNisha Cole. He and Scott lost a 5-month-old baby to brain cancer in 2021.”
  7. I was told it’s where they are fabricating the piss troughs.
  8. So what I’m reading here is people don’t want to use sites to get the games for free because it’s “illegal” (it’s not illegal to use them btw), so they pay a subscription service fee and then get a VPN to run an end around the service limitations on viewing? Oy vey!
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