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  1. If I had a nickel for every time a woman said that to me…..
  2. The real question is whose Mom is hotter? Zach’s is tough to top (and I wish I meant that literally).
  3. Just seeing if we’re paying attention…
  4. I appreciate the effort to compare measurables, but it really has no bearing on whether Greg will be Maybin or Bruce Smith.
  5. Wait! Do we get a check from SDS if we up our post count? Yolo must be a millionaire! I gotta get in on that action.
  6. Maybe vomiting is a symptom of COVID.
  7. It’s his private property and he should be able to set whatever rules he wants. And if vaccinations are required to attend the games, it really shouldn’t be an issue.
  8. Adulteress? Misogyny. It’s a known fact adulterers lie 82% more than adulteresses.
  9. This. Covid gets a bad rap for everything. I’m pretty happy that it’s kept my family away for 14 months. 🤣 As for the draft, it’s so good to not be hoping the Bills will “win the draft” and get the coveted “A” grade from Kiper. If they come away with a few guys that we keep for a second contract, it will be a success.
  10. I remember OJ winning the rushing title in the last game against the Redskins. Larry Brown was out for the game and lost the crown because of it.
  11. Mark my words. I’m calling it now. A 17-game season will never be approved.
  12. That’s odd - I always feel better after a #2. Im 62 and got my second Moderna shot and that night and all the next day felt like I had the flu - aches, chills, headache. The second day after, am feeling fine.
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