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  1. Going with The Bookies: Bills 27, Ravens 24. Bonus prediction: CBS will show a graphic about how many passes Allen has thrown since his last INT, immediately before he throws an INT.
  2. I’ll blame whoever whiffed on that pass block before I’ll blame an Allen fumble on that play. His arm was in throwing motion. It’s no more a fumble than the pass that McKenzie coughed up in the opener was an interception.
  3. How great is this forum that a random guy posts about going to a random city in the world, and there’s someone on here from that city and lends a hand and offers to watch the game with him? Incredible!
  4. Can’t have someone recording/broadcasting the action without the express written consent of the NFL!
  5. AND they had to practice on the bus during those long 5 day trips to the west coast. That’s why Dubenion only ran streaks.
  6. My good looks haven’t done a ***** thing for me.
  7. He’s our new “Boo-Boo Foot”. I’ve missed that so much….
  8. The teenager in me loved when Levy said “he ripped off a long one”.
  9. Put Jordan Philips in at guard and run a sneak behind him. The Bills O line is terrible in short yardage situations.
  10. Thank God we have Josh Allen as the face of the franchise now. OJ needs to just go away.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Was on the phone with him and about to give my social security number. Glad to hear it’s a scam.
  12. Ha! We were at that game. After the game we were taking a leak in the woods and saw a bunch of papers and cards all over the ground. When we got home my sister realized her purse was missing and we concluded the van had been broken into. We went back to the woods and it was all her stuff we had been taking a leak on!
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