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  1. ....and Robert Kraft has 10x the money and the best he can do is a handy from an Asian grandmaw?
  2. Make sure there’s plenty of life preservers to go around.
  3. I like to compare him to Tyrod. Because it shows how much better off they are.
  4. I bought that book in grade school too. Loved it so much I found and bought a used copy about 10 years ago
  5. How many teenage girls are you following on Facebook?
  6. Unless, of course, “painting a fence” means something completely different in hooker-speak
  7. Since I got married, it’s definitely not my foot.
  8. They should have done this back when they were wearing those crappy dark blue jerseys in the early 2000s.
  9. I think that’s just how Genny Cream smells.
  10. Right, your wife raises chickens. Is this some some kind of.......yolk?
  11. Doctors are clueless about drugs and effects. I broke my ankle a few years ago and my ortho told me I would need pain meds for a week afterward. I told him I was in recovery for addiction to pain meds. He said “I think you’re really going to want them”. Well, duh.
  12. You may not know that 12-Step recovery is based on finding a spiritual solution to addiction. The 12 steps are based on finding a Higher Power or “God” to give over control of one’s life and to get one’s “house in order”. Pike’s grandfather was a Baptist minister and Mark Pike was always one to lead prayer circles at midfield after games. It’s natural that Zeke Pike would gravitate toward a ministry as part of getting his house in order. Although there are many that give religion a bad name, there are many, many more that turn to spirituality/religion to cope with life. It doesn’t make them infallible, or make them impervious to having problem employees or addict children. Enabling addicts and troublemakers is, in my experience, a completely separate issue from following a religion or being spiritual. It can be an affliction in itself, codependency is one example.
  13. “Utah lawmakers raised the state’s minimum marriage age to 16 in March.” whaaaa? Raised to 16??
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