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  1. Stop living in the past. We’re on to 2021….mumble, mumble, mumble..
  2. I admire your ability to discern who has genuine mental health issues and who is acting like a dick.
  3. I have an authentic “game worn” #15 blue home jersey worn by Kevin Drake of the Bills. Got it off the Bills website in the early 2000s. Kevin was a 2000 practice squad WR that never saw the field, as best I can tell. But he had a jersey with his name on it! Maybe it is actually “practice worn. He’s a prep school football coach in Alabama now. It is the traditional royal blue and the only stitching is the Puma emblem. Everything else is painted on.
  4. Really enjoyed reliving some special moments from that season. Great job with your recaps. Thank you. Also, how far back have you done these recaps?
  5. Interesting concept. Some good players there but unless 8-8 wins the division, I don’t see them being on top with this group.
  6. People. Friggin hate em.
  7. (….frantically searching for the 1999 thread on Flutie vs Johnson….)
  8. You’ve awakened the sleeping giant
  9. Those may have been the Jills’ finest uniforms
  10. Actually, tundra is a misnomer in this case. I’m sure @ExiledInIllinois can speak more eloquently on the topic however.
  11. Gender Fluid would be a great name for an alcoholic sparkling water.
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