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  1. When they win, I don’t care if they’re wearing thongs with Brady’s face on the front. When they lose, whatever they are wearing looks like *****.
  2. So with post 251, someone becomes less of an idiot? I’m inclined to think idiocy is something one is stuck with, like being red-headed, left-handed, or being named Tom. 😝
  3. https://www.niagara-gazette.com/news/ex-buffalo-bills-player-accused-of-pulling-gun-on-pranksters/article_75863372-e916-11e9-97b1-17694a1a3193.html#tncms-source=block-contextual-fallback
  4. Her belly button seems kinda high....but I’m willing to take one for the team.
  5. Maybe this was the same guy that gave me crap for wearing a #15 Kemp white throwback jersey to a game years ago.
  6. “Conor, thanks for stopping in. Look, we need to make some roster moves, so we need to cut you. Once we make our moves, we plan to sign you back on, because, you know, no one is gonna sign you in the interim (coughs nervously)”
  7. I listened to Jeremy tell his story on the WGR vault and although it was heart-wrenching, both my wife and I were amazed and uplifted by his strength of character and attitude about the tragedy. His ability to tell the story without completely losing it was remarkable, as was his eloquence and gratitude. As sad as it was to hear, we were both uplifted by his approach to seeing the good and opportunity to help others in the future. I have always liked listening to Jeremy and definitely have great respect for him as a man and father. God bless them all.
  8. Nowadays it goes: boy, boy, non-binary, and “we’ll let it choose sex at age 8”
  9. Yeah - pissing in troughs. Do they still have those?
  10. It’s all a smokescreen to make Belicheck think we have WR problems and make him ignore our passing game. Some old school 2D chess by McBean.
  11. Did he really say #doitforme?? LOL i can’t believe Jim Kelly hasn’t called or visited AB.
  12. Yahoo app is showing it being on there tonight as well
  13. Because he clearly can’t stay healthy - duh. /s
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