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  1. The Bills had bad days in 3 of the 4 Super Bowls. It’s in their DNA.
  2. Where are the claims Damar is Jesus? Very disappointing.
  3. I swear McDermott does this every year just so they can draft a DL or DB first.
  4. Back off. I have 15,000 DMs into her and she just hasn’t had time to reply. But she’s spoken for.
  5. The K-Gun was scoring so fast, we were all complaining it put too much stress on the defense. They went to 4 Super Bowls that way.
  6. It’s just a joke about his high affinity to take lots of risks.
  7. If Josh bets like he plays, he’ll be broke in two years.
  8. I thought Edmunds was like 19? Didn't they draft him at about 14 years old?
  9. Where’s crayonz, Hossage and Darth Ice when ya need em?
  10. Hope God is wearing His Bills gear with #3 on it!
  11. Weirdly, the Bills only had one scoring drive over 4 minutes (4:51).
  12. Understood. Just wondering why we never hear it called anymore.
  13. It’s crazy they put up 24 points but only 236 yards and 3.3 YPP.
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