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  1. If you ever find that game TELL ME! I have a lot of games too but that one may not exist. I was there and would love to see the broadcast. Such a fun game and a beautiful day to boot.
  2. “Hard Knox” by Chuck Knox is a good read, but he doesn’t get into the juicy backstories too much.
  3. That game had the most electric atmosphere - even walking around a few hours before the game you could feel it. Gorgeous sunset that evening too. Everything was perfect except for the ending.
  4. The proper BBFS perspective is the season starts, the Bills makes the Super Bowl as a huge favorite AND THEN the game is canceled due to the virus. Apparently you haven’t been a Bills fan very long....
  5. That’s not on Game Pass is it?
  6. David Johnson must be taking a major ego hit. “Hopkins traded for a ham sandwich” Ouch! That’ll leave a mark.
  7. I remember the arguments about whether Watkins cost 2 or 3 first round picks....
  8. Wasn’t he 5th year option about $10M? If so, makes sense the Bills didn’t resign him for those dollars that the Fins gave him.
  9. I find it hard to believe BOB is capable of connecting those dots.
  10. Seems like a very low price for Hopkins
  11. 1968 was the first year I remember following the team closely. Jack Kemp was injured in preseason after a poor showing resulted in the Bills having a full contact scrimmage. The Bills went through QB starters Tom Flores, Kay Stephenson and Dan Darragh before WR Ed Rutkowski had to step in and play QB the last three games. Two of them were pretty exciting with the Bills losing in the final minutes against Denver and Oakland. The highlight of the season was beating the Super Bowl-bound Jets 37-35 fueled by 5 INTs of Joe Willy, 3 of which went for TDs, including a 100-yard return by Tom Janik. I can remember all kinds of details about the Bills and NFL from 50 years ago but cannot remember where I left my car keys this morning.
  12. I just measured and my hand is 9-1/4”. Unfortunately, I’m a sorry 6” in the “baller” measurement.
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