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  1. I believe it had to be tied to criminal charges. Once those were off the table, so is the exempt list. At least that’s what I recall reading in an interview with Rog.
  2. No! A thousand times no! It’s what gives the OP that special “something”.
  3. This all sounds like a face-saving attempt to deflect from NBC ash-canning him.
  4. ….and it’s not fair. Ask @eball he’ll tell you.
  5. SH likely has a bot that purchases the TM tickets before completing the sale. If the purchase can’t be made, you get a “someone else got your tickets” message.
  6. My mother used to make us eat salmon patties for dinner. Don’t even talk to me about frickin tuna fish.
  7. What happens if you list your tickets on SH yourself, for half of the extra premium they are adding to your TM price? Will the website explode? 🤯
  8. I’m gonna take a victory lap on this one. Those kids wanna be part of Bills Mafia. Glad to help the cause.
  9. Aren’t third rounders the hardest ones to work out and always the last to sign?
  10. Nice job corta; you went above and beyond trying to give us all a voice with your opportunity. I’m no longer a STH and never will be again, but you represented my impression of the general consensus here.
  11. I don’t see how this is good news. I mean, if the Bills are so popular elsewhere, why do they need to Google search them? It’s much more likely the high search rate is along the lines of “What the $&@$ is a “Buffalo Bills” (spoken in Russian accent).
  12. Fifteen years from today: ”Fox Sports is pleased to announce that Josh Allen will be the Lead Analyst and Corporate Client Ambassador, replacing Tom Brady. Brady has fallen on tough times as his TB12 supplements have been found to cause sterility and insanity”.
  13. Why is he in Miami for this? Lancaster Speedway is right here.
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