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  1. There was a mud game at the end of 1980 when Fergy first injured his ankle I believe. It was in San Fran and the Bills won to clinch the division. Pouring rain and mud and it came down to a Hail Mary attempt by Montana.
  2. That was against San Diego the year before I believe
  3. That scoreboard was very cool in that it showed instant replays. Pretty advanced for its time.
  4. Same here. Never lived that down with my buddy.
  5. Fox has the late doubleheader this week. They aren’t going to show the late Miami-Denver game against that unless it’s part of the teams’ territory, or for cities with a Fox early game.
  6. Two things about that play/video: 1) Frigging Boettger looks like he pushed Smoke and made him trip. 2) Beasley looks like a little kid when he gets hugged by Allen.
  7. I just remember seeing cars on blocks with no wheels left while walking through Best Street on our way to our car. Not exactly Hammer’s Lot in that neighborhood.
  8. Weren’t some of the Bills saying in training camp that McKenzie couldn’t be covered one-on-one? Sure hasn’t shown it.
  9. Just sent you a message. Game is up now I believe
  10. I can’t believe you quoted yourself. smh
  11. Flutie going around left end for the winning TD against the Jags in 1998. Jags were undefeated coming in and it was a wild finish. Was at the game and it was bedlam.
  12. If Josh doesn’t throw for 400 and put up 40 points - I tell ya, I’m done with this team.
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