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  1. I will be there with three other Bills fans.
  2. Eight or nine wins. And I am ok with that if we avoid blow-out losses and the team (specifically Josh) continues to show improvement. I expect a couple of comeback win drives will end in losses due to Josh being in his second year.
  3. Grew up in Alabama, and as you can imagine, there was little to no coverage of the NFL in the 70’s and 80’s. I didn’t watch the NFL at all. College roommate in the late 80’s was from Western New York and a huge Bills fan. Spent my college Sunday’s drinking beer and watching the games with him. After college, I still found myself watching the Bills and drinking beer on Sunday’s. It was then that I realized I was a fan. Never looked back. My wife, son and nephew are all huge fans. Had seasons from 2001-2011, but let them go when I quit traveling for work and started to actually pay for airfare and hotel. We still make it to a home game every year, and if the opportunity is right, we will go to an away game. Looks like that opportunity will be in Nashville this year.
  4. I enjoyed the inside stuff the Bills put out last year, even if it was their slant. So yeah, I hope they do it again.
  5. The only “pub” the Bills need is the kind that comes on Monday morning after winning on Sunday. Win, and all the negativity slowly goes away.
  6. Pat Kirwan on moving the chains (NFL Radio on Sirius) is pretty good about Buffalo. He calls things as they are. He’s probably my favorite national personality.
  7. All the AB crap aside, this would make an awesome t-shirt.
  8. I inadvertently got on the bandwagon in 1990 (long story, but being from Alabama, the NFL is second fiddle). I converted my mother, my wife and my nephew. Of course my son is a Bills fan. We had seasons for a decade, and there is never any question about our fandom. I think what makes us all stay Bills fans is the fans. Being beaten down together, we all know the sorrow and misery each of us has endured over the years. We’re kind of like the step child of the NFL, and we take great pride in it.
  9. It depends on the loss. If it’s a game we could have/should have won, I’ll be a grump-ass for an hour or so. Otherwise, I just enjoy the rest of the football day.
  10. Wow, straight to insults. Shows your views lack substance and any ability to withstand criticism. Again, I never defended anyone or any position. You, on the other hand, can only attack one side, while blindly defending the other. You are the epitome of the brainwashed minions of both the Democrats and Republicans. When will everyone wake up and realize both sides are playing us like a fiddle for personal power? They don’t give a f*ck about you or me. Further, they really do not care about our country
  11. WTH does Clinton being a “private citizen “ have to do with anything? Go to your safe space and live in your echo chamber of like minded individuals. I never said anything positive about Trump. In fact, I was negative about both sides. You, on the other hand, can only see one side of the coin. The coin those in power present to you. You are unable to see for yourself. You only know how to bark what your party tells you to bark. SMH.
  12. Actually, everyone on the Hill is a crooked son of a b*tch. If you think one party is pure as snow, you have serious issues with the truth. But so many people want to sling mud to fit their political agenda, and fail to find fault with the their party. Give me a break. The two party system is the problem. Not left vs. right.
  13. What thread should it be under? One of the Mock Draft threads, or one of the Allen is Better than His Stats threads?
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