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  1. Just let a tie stand after regulation during the regular season. In the post season, go to last year’s college rules. Why are are we so averse to a tie? It has implications in the tie breaker rules, so it’s not like the game wasn’t played.
  2. Time to load up the truck and head to Nissan Stadium for some tailgating! Big game today. Go Bills!
  3. I bought my tickets to the Titans - Bills game through eBay. They were transferred through the Titans app. The offer the seller accepted was the total I paid. No hidden fees.
  4. We will be in Lot A grilling, playing cornhole and drinking beer. Go Bills!
  5. If he runs it in tomorrow for the go ahead score late in the 4th, he will throw it out, if he is in the right end zone.
  6. We will be tailgating in Lot A. Nothing big, just beer, dogs and corn hole. And maybe some beer pong if the kids (22-27 years old) are feeling frisky. We have a group of 12 going. Half from St Louis and half from Alabama. Go Bills!
  7. Hope springs eternal. And, yes, I hope we win. however, I still believe we are a year away from taking the AFC East and holding on to it. I hope I’m wrong.
  8. Fact. Giving them the ball to start the second half is like letting them play in their home stadium for that drive.
  9. Who cares? The halftime show is for the casual viewers. It’s on, and I catch a bit of it, but I could care less who does the halftime show. Unless it is Journey, with the lead singer from the Philippines. Then, I’m watching. That kid is amazing.
  10. Not at the bottom and not at the top. Ranking him last is laughable.
  11. Dallas is the only one for me. I do pull for any team playing the Saints, but that’s a family thing, not any real emotions against the Saints.
  12. I drank scoring shots with my wife. And, I drank beer.
  13. What a great day to go to a game. I’m jealous as hell of all who are attending today. I hate missing the home opener. Be loud and crazy! Go Bills!
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