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  1. If he doesn't get picked up by someone else I think he's definitely PS material
  2. I got it free with my season tickets, it took me forever to sign in on the iPhone app yesterday (I had also tried for a while a few days ago)
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/2022-nfl-training-camps-details-dates-coverage-and-more https://buffalowdown.com/2022/07/22/everything-need-know-buffalo-bills-training-camp/ I think it's pretty widely accepted that training camp is the practices leading up to the preseason, not the preseason itself.
  4. I was at practice today, it definitely didn't feel like a great day for the offense. A couple nice runs by Singletary, one long gain by Crowder, but it seemed like Josh was missing more than we've grown used to. It also seemed like the D-line was in the backfield less than I thought they would be based on earlier camp reports. Probably just an off day (I also had my attention more focused on my kid, so I'm sure I missed some stuff.) Aside from Crowder's long run, the other obvious stand out to me was Araiza, he was consistently making better punts than Haack, although both had more touchbacks than you'd like to see. How is it not true?
  5. I brought my kid today, I was flabbergasted to see a 300 lb man push his way in front of kids. We went over to the other field and my 6 year old snuck his way to the front of the fence for Stefon's autograph.
  6. Last week on WGR I heard an idea for a statue of Fitz outside the new stadium, not as a player, but as a fan. This could be pretty sweet.
  7. Awesome, thanks! How does one get on the VIP side? Do you think if I talk to my season ticket rep he might be able to get us over there?
  8. JW had it as Rousseau and Singletary
  9. I'm hoping to attend camp with my kids next Thursday and had a few questions for those who have been this year - For the 9:45 practices, when should we plan to get there (not sure how long it takes to park, get in, etc...) How long do the sessions usually last? What is the bathroom situation? For my kids - are there opportunities for autographs before practice, or is it usually an after practice thing?
  10. I'm not sure how that's relevant to what I posted? I'm answering someone who said they wish Cover1 received credentials to improve the coverage of other local media. I was saying if they do get credentialed they'll have to follow the same practice rules as the other media (negatively impacting Cover1's coverage rather than improving anyone else's coverage.) Although maybe you're right (if this is what you're saying?) - if the Pegulas wanted to restrict Cover1, the easiest way to do it would be to give them media credentials.
  11. If they do get credentialed they won't be able to post the same detail anymore and you'll see a very similar product to the other media outlets.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a schedule of which practices are in pads available somewhere? Just curious what we might expect for the day we got tickets for.
  13. After listening I don't even think they were that hard on the guy. The one thing I think they could have raised / explained while the guy was on the phone (which has been discussed in this thread) is that the players literally don't have time to sign for everyone, even for all the kids. When you put it in that context, it becomes a lot more obvious that of course they should prioritize signing for the kids.
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