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  1. He has to score first But yeah I'm on team Bjork.
  2. Wow, I don't expect them to keep that up all season but it would be amazing if they do.
  3. The way I'm reading this is that Allen was a source, and in a trade off, Schefter basically allowed him to review the story in case there was anything incorrect or misrepresented. I don't think anyone would be surprised that Schefter is operating like this. I feel like Deadspin's old motto - "Sports News Without Access, Favor, or Discretion" was a direct shot across the bow at Schefter and guys like him.
  4. With the sorry group of offenses we're about to go against, I have a feeling his DROY stock is only going to go up. Not sure if he can overtake Micah Parsons or Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, but he should have a shot. After Tenessee we have a bye, then it's: Miami Jacksonville NY Jets Indianapolis New Orleans New England Tampa Bay Carolina New England Atlanta NY Jets I have a feeling our Defense will finish the year first in most categories, and it may not be close.
  5. I originally read this as "Comedians to be allowed into US..." They'll still have to jump through a loot of hoops with testing (I think on both sides) but glad there's at least going to be an option.
  6. I'm sure some are. Others who are cozy with the league (rhyymes with madam plefter) might get a scoop about the emails from a league source with a little ask to steer away from the WFT trainer angle.
  7. I haven't heard the Washington trainer actually mentioned since the Gruden emails were leaked.
  8. My guess is this started from Washington Football Team, although I wouldn't be surprised if Goodell was involved to some extent.
  9. 100% this is being leaked 1. to distract from that investigation and 2. because he personally insulted people in power and makes a perfect patsy.
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