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  1. The Jets passing game coordinator just was killed a few weeks ago right? Total speculation, but I wonder if the organization is behind at all just from dealing with that.
  2. He's a professional athlete, not a curmudgeon posting on a message board.
  3. I disagree, he looks exactly like all my kids school photos from Kindergarten to 2nd grade, where they are thinking "who is this person and why do I need to smile for them"
  4. I have to close out the generic pop-up thing every once in a while, I haven't really paid attention to if it's just when I'm switching from the news page over to the forum. It seems like a small price to pay for this great free site.
  5. I'm bringing my 8 year old (will be almost 9) to his first game, how kid unfriendly is this tailgate?
  6. for me it's Home Run Throwback. Wide Right is terrible, but I can't call a missed field goal a "Play", and while it was a makeable field goal, it wasn't a gimme.
  7. There's a first time for everything, right? It almost gives one hope for humanity's future. (JK I'm not that naive.)
  8. I am hoping he, Epenesa and Zimmer all improve on last year and the D line shows some significant improvement.
  9. If someone is saying we need more depth at CB I'm not going to argue, but to me when someone says "Marshon Lattimore" depth is not the word that comes to mind.
  10. Sure, it's possible, but IMO the CB question gets asked a lot more than it should and the pass rush question hasn't been. Looking at our draft tells me the FO agrees.
  11. "The CB Situation" isn't really a thing. Most anyone we put back there is going to have trouble unless our D line plays better than they did last year.
  12. Yeah, I know 1/24/2021 Last Game 9/12/2021 Next Game 231 Days In Between
  13. Cause everyone came in and questioned my numbers...
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