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  1. Oh, you mean the day they need to confirm the date and times of the game contractually?
  2. I'm waiting to see who else is hurt before I make these decisions
  3. The premise of this thread is ridiculous for the following reasons - As others have pointed out, you don't really need to make excuses for 8-3 The size of the bubble (indicating quality of player missing games) is a lot more important than just the number of games lost - losing Hyde and White for half the season or more is a lot different than losing, and in terms of teams in competition, the Bills have one of the biggest bubbles The graph doesn't give any indication of players who are playing through injury (and therefore playing at a lower level than expected.) Gabe Davis, Tremaine Edmunds, Jordan Poyer, Ed Oliver, Mitch Morse, and don't forget Josh Allen (just a few.) And again, yes, lots of players play through injuries, but it's clear to anyone watching that we seem to be a bit snakebitten this year in terms of the quality of players who are not at their best due to injury. Look at the actual scenarios and games we have lost, and it is clear that multiple injuries and missing key players (and depth players behind them) have been key in at least 2 of the 3 losses. Yes, every team loses players, not many can say they have lost as many pro bowl level players as we have and are still in competition for the #1 seed.
  4. If he was ready he could come off IR any time... A player can be reactivated off IR once during the season after sitting for a minimum of 4 weeks. He's not coming back this year because he's not going to be physically ready, not because of any IR rules.
  5. Is ice better or worse than turf for the ACL?
  6. I read them, they just don't make any sense. How is it wild that someone who seems to have retired is not on a roster?
  7. I am thankful I sold my Browns tickets before the news of the storm hit (seriously hope everyone is ok tho)
  8. Almost as good as what I'm giving (pre-scratched losing lottery tickets)
  9. I don't know that I said it here, but I know I thought it. I'm not convinced yet that it's not true - Let's see him play a full season with Tua and see if teams aren't able to keep him a bit more in check.
  10. If they had been given another chance and scored, is the outcome any different? They got a TD one play later, the time off the clock would have been the same. There were some officiating mistakes yesterday, but nothing that really altered the outcome of the game. There was the Gabe Davis catch that should have been reviewed, but also there was pass interference that pretty clearly should have been called on the play right before the game sealing interception.
  11. Well now in the next "why did we lose (karma reasons only)" I'm pointing directly at you Italian Bills.
  12. It scratches a very specific itch, but it's the kind of itch you don't want to be dealing with too often
  13. It's not that we're not bothered, it's that we understand that even the best teams rarely go undefeated, and we still feel like we are one of the best teams.
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