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  1. Matt Moore < Garbage Plate. If the Kaep lawsuit were still active this game would have been some primo evidence.
  2. Running for their lives Josh or Fitzpatrick both stink It will not matter
  3. Hahaha, I came here to post this. He'd take some french fries too, but no one's offering that either.
  4. I think we need a new "This way of winning is unsustainable" thread
  5. My grandma saw him at Schwabl's.
  6. Are all the guys complaining about a wasted second round pick forgetting to give credit for signing Duke without spending any draft capital?
  7. Quick, what's the best way to bet on the over for David Carr interceptions?
  8. I think the NFC helmets are better, that's why Antonion Brown is a little confused. you don't know krayonz
  9. Let's see who can play longer, Gore or Brady
  10. Is there a tackle out there they think is going to come in and play better than McDermott this week?
  11. I don't know, I think he could be ready by December and the playoff push.
  12. ...and all the folks with sticks up their asses. who cares?
  13. He wasn't a passer, he was a running back at the time when he got hit.
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