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  1. Practice Squad guys are generally eligible to be picked up by any other team, so not really "under contract." After the season they can be signed to reserve / futures contract if both sides agree to that.
  2. Hmm. My dad always said to never quit a job unless you've got another one lined up (and if I did I'd better not expect to come live with him.) I guess as long as you know where your groceries and rent are coming from. I always thought you can't get unemployment for quitting a job (which in essence is what happened since you told them you couldn't work your scheduled shift.)
  3. Uh oh, echoes of Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson. is Ryan Fitzpatrick's last gift to Buffalo ***** over the Dolphins a la Flutie?
  4. Yeah. I'd guess it still saves an hour or so when you factor in police escort to and from stadium and private plane, no security, etc....
  5. He almost certainly can contribute on Special Teams: https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/01/who-is-antonio-williams-bills-udfa-rb-scores-twice-in-buffalos-week-17-win.html#:~:text=Williams was North Carolina's Carl,MVP award winner in 2019.&text=Buffalo signed Williams as an,handful of times in 2020.
  6. I'm sure he won't if he feels there is a big drop off. I'm just saying that may not be the case given his history in College.
  7. I wonder if we might see him AND Yeldon activated this week, and have Taiwan Jones sit. I read somewhere that Antonio Williams was his team's MVP on special teams in College, so seems like ST shouldn't suffer too much even though Taiwan Jones is great there.
  8. Before this gets locked, I'll just say I hope this is the first and last time I ever feel anything like respect towards Bill Belicheck.
  9. Freeman's not going to leapfrog Yeldon, this would be insurance in case another back goes down.
  10. I love Marshawn and if it seems like he'd help I'd be all for it, but honestly I doubt he's going to be a better option than Antonio Williams after sitting out all year.
  11. I've been making stromboli and am thinking of doing a bastardized beef / cheddar / horseradish version this weekend with salt and caraway seeds on top.
  12. Hmm, now I'm thinking about a roast beef / cheddar / horseradish stromboli, garnished with salt / caraway seeds.
  13. I've been making stromboli. Can I put Crab in there?
  14. Putting down my deposit for next year today I hope Goddamned Capitalism
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