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  1. How long before the Bears trade us Edmunds for a 4th (and they retain 50% of his salary)
  2. I did a search and haven't seen this posted anywhere. The Bears season has been absolutely disastrous, and now it looks like their DC is in legal trouble. https://www.bleachernation.com/bears/2023/09/20/halas-hall-alan-williams/
  3. https://x.com/dirtbagqueer/status/1703851077148254508?s=20
  4. I knew this was going to be about the hole
  5. maybe? It's not like it's a 12th guy on the field. They have always had to block him, they just weren't expecting him to be coming in that way.
  6. comeback player of the year candidate right now
  7. Yeah, he is a genius, luckily they lost to a non conference opponent. All part of his master plan.
  8. This is obviously a PsyOp to distract from either Terry's comments or Josh's bad game (or maybe both!)
  9. I have absolutely noticed in games before where when Josh takes a hit to the head (I remember seeing something similar in the Houston playoff game) that sometimes his play gets drastically worse. It's certainly possible.
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