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  1. After the clarification above re the protocol, it’s clear to me that the Union had the power to can the UNC, But likely has no say about the dolphins doctor. While the team doctor is the one to ultimately blame, it is probably on the dolphins to fire him— which I am guessing is coming next.
  2. When the schedule came out, the first 6 games were always going to be the hardest stretch. I was thinking if we survived to go 3-3 for that stretch, we would be in good shape. Before the season, I was thinking we would be 1-2 at this point, with losses to the Rams and Titans and a win against Miami. Obviously, the opposite happened! The way all these teams are now playing, I can see us losing to Baltimore, but beating Pitt, KC, and GB. It’s going to be a tough stretch and I expect the Balt, KC, and GB games all to be tight ones— but we should come out okay.
  3. Dolphins kinda should hide behind this. If this independent doctor is saying Tua was fine, you would think the dolphins would just rely on that. I am curious how this works though behind the scenes— does the team doctor just defer to the independent guy? Do they examine him together and consult with each other?
  4. we lost last week because of the heat. It clearly affected our red zone execution. The offense was gassed. We lost last year against New England because of the high wind. The rain is going to be a factor. And it doesn’t impact each team the same. It impacts us more because we rely almost exclusively on the pass than the Ravens. I am not saying we can’t or won’t win. But the coaches need to understand that it will affect the game, and game plan accordingly— ie, by figuring out how we are going to run more effectively. We are going to need our middling group of RB’s and oline to generate some push and solid runs.
  5. I am a weather nerd. I like how all the “I am too cool to worry about the weather” cool kids poo poo the weather! We have seen over the last few years now several games decided directly because of the weather. It definitely matters, especially since we are such a pass happy team with very little ability to run the ball. According to at least one article I read, the presence of even light rain decreases passing production by 12%. There is no question that it is going to rain during most, if not, the entire game tomorrow. What that means is that we need some good ball security, and we will need to be able to actually run the ball. I am hoping we will see more Jet sweep action and wide zones with Cook. We aren’t going to be able to batter it up the gut against these very good DT’s of the Ravens.
  6. Y’all dogging on Moss, yet he had a 43-yard run last game?! 😄
  7. Agree. The running team benefits from the rain. we are really going to need to commit to the run, and grind out some yards on the ground. They are going to need to stick with it.
  8. not this early in the game— not sure how the points will be scored for a full half still. I am not a fan of going for 2 until You absolutely have to
  9. their QB is bridgewater. They are going to be trying to just get points when then can.
  10. If I am Tua and the players union, someone is getting sued. And how did they not put him in the protocol this week?
  11. That’s what you have to do against the dolphins. They are begging for you to test those matchups. I would just keep throwing them. If you win on one, it’s over. Very high risk defense.
  12. Dolphins fans come complaining about another “dirty hit.” This guy gets knocked out of every game I have seen him play in.
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