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  1. i am so glad this guy is getting shot. He always looked like a legit NBA player.
  2. it is amazing what getting into a rhythm will do for both the line and the backs. Seemed like when the Bills committed to the run last year, they ran the ball really well (SD, NE, Pitt, Mia games all come to Mind). I think we might see some more playcalling focus on that this year to take the pressure off Josh— we can still throw a ton but also commit to the run. That is what GB does.
  3. Good luck, Bojo!! And remember— laces out!!
  4. For everyone who ever started a “what about Aldon Smith?” Thread, it’s time to begin the public shaming.
  5. Looks like Robert Braswell is heading to Charlotte— a middling conference USA program. Another weird move. He seemed to be in line to get major minutes or possibly even start next year at Syracuse. I suppose Charlotte guarantees he will start and play like 30-40 minutes a game?
  6. I care so little about the Eagles and Carson Wentz, and so it’s tough for me to muster up enough interest in what went down. But I do tend to agree with you. Just tracing this guy’s career, he’s not the sort of guy and was in not the sort of position/head space that you wanted to create a QB controversy by picking Hurts. The comparisons to Brady are ridiculous. Brady was well entrenched as a superstar when they were drafting guys like Garappalo, Brissett, Mallett. Wentz was embroiled in QB controversies from Day 1, and was coming off a shaky season. Then he just fell apart
  7. I am not sure why you are trying to demolish a strawman here. I never said that Glass and Hill are the same or just as good. The production speaks for itself. The size and athleticism of each guy though are comparable. Obviously that doesn’t always translate into being a talented and productive football player. that said, there seems to be a lot of NFL teams that think I am right. Teams are still intrigued by Glass’s potential, now even 7 years later and with little production to back him up. Otherwise it makes no sense that teams are still signing a guy that has a 0% chan
  8. Excellent topic. Mr. Miyagi approves. 1) my standard at home is pretty simple— bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin, croissant, or homemade biscuit. Egg is over medium and cheese is preferably American. 2) not exactly a breakfast sammie, but I have been digging recently my poached egg on a hearty toast, slathered in guacamole or avocado, with liberal hot sauce and pepper. My 6-year old loves that one too.
  9. I had a former co-worker that used an auto broker, and loved it. I had thought of hiring my own BIL to do it, as he is a huge car guy, but then decided not to bother him in the end. If it’s only a few hundred bucks and this is someone you can trust, it seems like it is worth it.
  10. This is probably an antiquated practice. But I emailed all the area Honda dealers and told them exactly What I was looking for and got price quotes. Then I just went with the best price. They Will still get you on the trade in. But that eliminates the haggling and pressure sales.
  11. Imagine if there had been no video. He probably would have been suspended on the word of this Spriggs, even with conflicting witness accounts, and probably would have had to have defended himself against at least a civil lawsuit.
  12. I do wish Mr. Glass all the best. He is talented and seems like a great guy. I will say that I have always been amazed at what might have been with him. He seems pretty similar to Tyreek Hill. Maybe not as quick in space, but same body type, fast (or faster), good hands, good route runner. While Hill has ridiculous production, Goodwin has averaged like 20 catches per year during his career.
  13. agree. This is such a misleading stat. Seems like maybe 3 or 4 were legit bad throws/bad drops.
  14. i agree. It is just a really weird move. I wonder if it’s like guys they know from AAU just recruiting them to come to their teams. I would think the decision to transfer would be much more strategic.
  15. This seems a little weird. His PT is really going to go way up over at OK State? I think they have like 2-3 guys that would be ahead of him. Am I off on this?
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