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  1. I am anticipating that due to the lower cap and the number of teams that are cash strapped, we will actually see more guys try to take short 1 and 2-year deals, to wait until the market re-sets. That may make the Bills a more attractive destination. Come to a winning team for a few years to then hit a homerun on a huge deal in 2 years. my hope is we are targeting some of the stop-gap type of free agents.
  2. i think we are mostly on the same page. I just want to avoid a reach. If Etienne is there and he is BPA, take him. I think you will find the successful teams at the bottom of the draft stay true to their draft boards. But based on where we are drafting, we can’t afford to reach on guys. That said, my separate (though related) point is that you shouldn’t reach, because you can find good RB’s elsewhere, including as even UDFA’s. There are a lot of RB’s diamonds in the rough.
  3. Isn't it funny to have post-season pressers like this? In the past, there would be 15 minutes of technical issues, an empty podium, and then they would shuffle in, and we would hear who might get fired and how they could improve on a 5-win season.
  4. In my view, CEH is just a guy, and proves my point about RB’s not really being worth drafting high. chiefs have CEH—1st round pick—who looks pretty solid, but they have a guy in Darrel Williams who is just about in the same league, and he was undrafted. that said, I am not opposed to a RB. What I am opposed to is moving off the order of the board to pick a RB in the 1st with a big name when we can probably get an upgrade either later in the draft or in FA. That was the Bills MO for years, reaching to get splash RB’s like Lynch, Spiller, and McGahee. I don’t like the strat
  5. It is a total waste. RB’s are a dime a dozen. People need to understand that when you draft around 30, the philosophy also changes. you really have to stick to your board. Oftentimes you can get one of the higher rated interior linemen or ILB or safety around there. The Bills can’t be reaching for gadget guys or niche players.
  6. Twin peaks will suck you in. In college, my buddies and I binged it— it was so memorable. I have thought about re-watching.
  7. I agree that Tre had a bad day. He seemed to be playing in no man's land the entire game. Not far back enough at times, and not close enough at times. I can forgive deep balls that are completed to Hill. But, in this game, Hill would catch a 5-yard pass, and then Tre (and others) couldn't tackle him. He would take simple 5-yarders and turn them into 40-yarders. If we got beat by Hill, I would prefer to get beat on higher-difficulty deep balls.
  8. yeah, it’s a joke. All we heard about for years was needing to get Spiller in “space.”
  9. This sounds like me ten years ago arguing why we needed to keep fred Jackson over marshawn lynch!
  10. I was watching the game highlights today from the Bucs/Chiefs game to see how they defensed Brady. it was pretty similar. How did Brady handle it? Check downs. Gronk and Jones had huge days on simple crosses and dump downs. I think those were there last night and josh didn’t take them. I also think the little crosses to Knox were there all night— but were rarely called. Once, I think. The chiefs can’t cover those very well. Other teams target their LB’s and Sorenson in coverage on those.
  11. Um— you do know rosy cheeks is a symptom of mumps? Unreal.
  12. I feel like I remember Pettine sending a delayed blitz on a Hail Mary when he was with us, and it was brilliant. Super effective—QB couldn’t get the pass off.
  13. it’s called the “Bile chick heritage classic” per the thread title. I am not sure if it is connected to the “josh has yellow coloring” thread.
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