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  1. Judah to Georgetown?! That would be rough. with the portal, it is really a game of luck and attrition. All the elite teams have a stable of good upperclassmen they seem to be able to hang onto (UConn, Houston, Purdue, UNC). Not sure how they do it.
  2. I was in a dynasty league for several years. It was an auction league, with a cap and the ability to sign players to long-term deals. To your point, it is only fun if the owners are all very engaged. It helped that we all knew each other, and so there was a lot of trade talk over phone and email. I enjoyed it, but I became too busy and decided that I couldn’t commit the time. Are you playing on a specific site?
  3. I have honestly seen enough of Taylor. Copeland should be starting in his place, and getting the lion’s share of the minutes. Taylor has struggled in every facet this year, and offers less on the boards than Copeland can give us in more of a 3-guard lineup.
  4. where have you been? I figured you had given up on this team!! what a game by Bell!
  5. With the current state of college bball and Syracuse sort of being meh, I get very little enjoyment out of it anymore. It’s like watching AAU games. Just a collection of guys coming and going through the program. I don’t think they are even on the bubble. Not sure they can get there either.
  6. 1) Young Indiana Jones. I think it only lasted 1 or 2 seasons Back in the 90s. 2) The Sing-Off. This was on about 10 years ago. Maybe had 3 seasons. The best reality TV singing competition out there— all acappella groups. That’s where Pentatonix was discovered, if anyone knows them.
  7. Agreed. He is not. I would be worried about going near any of those SF skill guys (Aiyuk, Deebo) who are a product of their very specific scheme.
  8. they could have had Vince lombardi Coaching and Lawrence Taylor on the edge, and Mahomes would have still shredded them in the clutch!
  9. agreed. Re starling, he has been playing lights out. Really awesome to see.
  10. To be fair, if they were healthy, they were a top-3 unit, even without Von being healthy. We saw a glimpse of that in the first Miami game, before Tre went down. So the spend did produce the results.
  11. Huge win against UNC! Guys really played well on offense and did enough on defense to get it done. I will add that I don’t think this team could play any better on offense— took basically a perfect offensive game from JJ, Mintz, and Bell to pull it out.
  12. after seeing him with the Steelers this past year, I am convinced he is not an NFL QB. I actually think he will have a hard time signing anywhere.
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