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  1. As someone who plays a lot of golf and gets a fair amount of elbow issues, golf is usually a lot harder on that lead left elbow. So, I approve.
  2. So, how was this?! I assume the Washington Generals won? 😃
  3. He was back at practice Wednesday. Not sure what is going on.
  4. Go watch highlights of Quintin Morris’s college games. He is better than anyone else we can get in the draft. Just gotta use him more!
  5. Wishing you well, Tom! Will always remember you for this great play!
  6. Agree. Hurts that UNC and UVA losses were basically decided by charge calls too. That said, that was a charge by Edwards. any chance Edwards comes back? He can legit improve his draft stock if he does? Needs to develop an outside shot.
  7. Wish they could have pulled that out. Played UVA as well as they ever had on both sides of the ball. Just a bad charge on Edwards and then UVA hits an absurd contested shot over Hima, and that’s the game.
  8. The irony is that Frazier played on the 1985 Bears with their 46 Defense— possibly the most aggressive defensive scheme in NFL history.
  9. Poor guy. Makes me thankful that Josh dodged a major bullet.
  10. Benny Williams looks like he is done at Syracuse.
  11. True. But you gotta admit that the atmospherics around this entire game stink for the refs. They had a material impact on the game— like their calls and non-calls caused the chiefs to win. So the calls and non-calls better have been mostly right.
  12. I am still shaking my head over the one play where they let the entire thing run for a Cin stop, let the punt teams come out, and then the refs called a do-over for KC. On said do-over, they call a defensive hold for a first down for KC. I mean, can you write a better script?
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