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  1. Who knows? But i do know the build up to this game with the music city miracle references all Week was super heightened. I don’t remember it being played up as much the last few times we played these guys.
  2. Because it seemed like he saved it to Run against us knowing about the Music City Miracle—- almost to rub in our faces.
  3. Agreed. I wonder if they are leaving the door open, but aren’t in active discussions. This is a fascinating negotiating posture for this trade. There is an incentive by everyone to do it now, but also an incentive to wait until deshaun’s situation clears up. Tons of risk for everyone.
  4. so obvious. Texans leaking info to generate a market. I bet they are negotiating with like Philly and are trying to squeeze them For more.
  5. Same. i had to take a break from this place and all sports media for a full 24 hours. Now, i’m back, baby!!
  6. agreed. But given all the bad actors that keep getting many chances in the NFL, he will be back next year for sure.
  7. If you notice, all the reports are coming from Houston reporters. I wonder if the real target here could be Philly, or to at least drive the price up and force Miami to close the deal.
  8. I suspect all this chatter is being leaked by the Texans to try to drum up the market.
  9. I think the best case scenario for Watson is he is traded; pays a boatload of money to settle all 21 lawsuits; and then gets hit with like a 6-game suspension or something along those lines. Edit: Ben R got a 6-game suspension for his sex assault allegations (later reduced to 4 games).
  10. I think it is just a product of our success. You see a lot of the good teams every year playing back to back prime time games against top tier opponents. That’s what NFL fans want to see.
  11. This would be less than ideal, but will he even be able to play?
  12. Well, looks like he went out there to die. pretty amazing all of the people reporting sightings of Laundrie recently. It seems like many of them were fully convinced it was him.
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