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  1. Only a few episodes through it, but I am loving “the queen’s gambit.” I believe it is a stand-alone 7-part limited series.
  2. I think Romo will win this one. But the one guy that has been growing on me lately has been Jay Feeley. He brings a totally different perspective and doesn’t seem wedded to his talking points.
  3. I am wondering if Duke can be converted to play RB. Can I get a like here?
  4. I don’t know. There was a gaping hole today for Moss (and then another for Singletary) that I recall. Both guys hit those holes, were slow through them, and got mauled for minimal gain. I feel like there have been more holes and lanes there than we think (maybe not a ton— because, I agree, the oline hasn’t been great), but our RBs need to run with more power and decisiveness too.
  5. I have never really considered Lockett to be a tier 1 receiver.... until tonight. His two insane TD catches were just that— insane. On the deep ball, how did he get and keep that body position with Peterson like 1 inch from him the entire time— and then concentrate and haul in that ball.
  6. I actually think Moss is a slightly better version of Singletary. But I still think we need a Better back (someone bigger, stronger, faster to the hole). I was never a fournette fan, but watching him a little today, that’s sort of the guy we need. The guys we have aren’t featured backs.
  7. yup— same. Can’t shake it, even being removed from WNY for over 20 years.
  8. agreed— though I am not sure anyone can replicate Wilson’s deep ball accuracy. Holy cow.
  9. Yeah, but not from 41 yards. That’s not a gimme!
  10. Seahawks were selling out too to stop the run. I actually thought the cards would do a little boot leg pass there. Could have seriously walked into the end zone.
  11. I have no idea why you try a 41-yard FG!! They had multiple chances to get closer. Could have made it a chip shot. I would love to see the analytics there.
  12. Wilson to Lockett— both those guys just make insane pin-point plays. The execution is phenomenal.
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