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  1. Baker Mayfield and Daniel Jones were pretty hard on the eyes.
  2. This video is fantastic. Wish we would've got that game over the Panthers vs Giants.
  3. If I put Juju in my flex over Sutton it would make this game even more interesting to watch. But then it would tilt me towards cheering Chiefs. Is it bad to not dislike the chiefs at this point?
  4. I can't be the only person that thought this was an angry run watching the game.
  5. Just imagine when Tre is back. That's what I left the game with. If the #1 lockdown CB is back and in form towards the end of the year and for the playoff sheessh
  6. I would say go with Pollard. I usually try to stick with the RBs that are going to get the most touches. If it's ppr Gibson and Pollard should be fine. If Kupp starts strong you could always flip him for an upgrade at RB and decent wr 2. Breece Hall being a rookie is the only thing, once we see we will know. I've also got Roquan as a IDP. Hope he plays out of his mind.
  7. Who else is there to choose from? Flex at best week one for me. On the team I have him on I'm going playing Chase Edmunds at rb2. Pollard has upside with a potential shootout but expect Zeke to get the bulk of the work. I'd lean more towards Pollard in ppr vs non-ppr.
  8. While it's a bummer he is out it will really put the rest of the secondary to the test. The depth at corner is going to be tested from game 1. The safeties provide a lttle cushion. If Benford and Elam can show consistency and Dane Jackson steps up it will make me have even more belief into the future of the team. In an ideal world this is what happens and Tre comes back and puts the defense over the top with his lock down abilities back to 100%.
  9. I'm willing to bet they have packages with him lined up at receiver. Can't wait.
  10. I mean 85% of pre-injury form. Hoping for the best from our stud CB. No way they put him on the field if he isn't ready
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