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  1. Was getting rid of Diggs with his cap number possible in a year they add three rookie receiver salaries... that's my guess. Love Diggs, thank you for your service, and fingers crossed for the draft.
  2. I guess all that time spent sending emails and game tape to every school imaginable for a chance to play was all for show
  3. They scored less than 1/3rd their points from last week... pretty good.
  4. It's always worth a click even after all these years.
  5. www.ieatcrayonz.com This is his official website.
  6. I'd like to see Groot come into form and develope into a complete player that could ease the rotation of the line. Shaq can definitely set the edge better. We need somebody on the line that is too good to take out
  7. Slash signature epiphone is my favorite I have.ive always wanted a hollow body electric though.
  8. It happened to a work trailer I was pulling a few year back. Scary as hell until it went in the woods and was no longer a danger. I laughed non-stop for about 15 minutes after everybody and their property was safe. Quality control at its finest.
  9. To be fair I always wanted to play for the Bills with my brother too.
  10. If you want to listen to strictly bills football I'd recommend cover 1s breakdowns. Commercial radio is what it is.
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