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  1. PRBills

    Hot for Teacher: South Jersey style

    Would have settled for "the D" huh?!!! 😲
  2. PRBills

    Oregon to vote on legal shrooms

    One low dose of mushrooms can treat depression for up to 3 weeks... Natural and much safer then prescription depression medication... I am all for this
  3. PRBills

    Cash, do you still use it?

    Green dot cards
  4. PRBills

    Cash, do you still use it?

    With todays technology, you could probably bury it and mark it using a gps app on your phone. Lol
  5. PRBills

    Cash, do you still use it?

    Oooh that sucks, i would not be happy if my employer only offered direct deposit. You should have a choice, its your money. But with that said, if that was the only way to get paid I guess i would have to get an account...
  6. PRBills

    Cash, do you still use it?

    Call me paranoid, i dont have a bank account or a credit card... I still believe in the old shoe box stash. If I have to use a card for online purchases and what not i pick up a prepaid card.
  7. PRBills

    Merry Christmas

    And merry christmas to you
  8. PRBills


    Soccer ball
  9. PRBills

    What’s your definition of a pot head?

    Making your post at 4:21, obviously preoccupied at 420
  10. PRBills


    Thurman Thomas, Pat Lafontaine & Joe DiMaggio And a hockey stick signed by the entire 88-89 Sabres
  11. PRBills

    Matt Barkley extended for two years

    I was hoping this would happen, very happy for him & the Bills. Great move, quality back up.
  12. PRBills

    Full Moon Lunacy

    Doesnt push me over the edge, but i get extremely energetic & happy... It started around the 19th this month, probably last untill the 25th or 26th
  13. PRBills

    What's your Christmas outfit for 2018?

    This year, work clothes... Cant pass up double time Not gonna get into what I wore last year lol
  14. PRBills

    Any “unique” sandwich ingredient combinations?

    Im disappointed, 3 pages of unique sandwiches and not one single "would ya" reference or sex joke?!