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  1. For context, is this pre-josh allen? Because if we were going on year 20 or whatever without playoffs, and the Bills traded for Watson, i don’t think 90% of the fanbase would care as long as he was winning games….
  2. Kindly confirm or deny said allegations so I know where i stand! Lol
  3. When i saw the thread title, before even opening it, this was the moment that came to my mind! Good job op 🏆
  4. But but but…. If @YoloinOhiodidnt post it, did it really even happen?! 🤔
  5. I could be wrong, but at the time wasn’t he like the youngest OC in history? Atta boy! Hopefully he gives his boy Dougie a job. Janitor?
  6. No no no no… Don’t get it twisted, i have been manic ALL day, as far as even getting choked up at one point. Im trying my best to be optimistic i had told myself last night i was going to avoid this place for at minimum a week as I would not be able to handle all of the negativity… I couldn’t stay away, and honestly after reading some of (majority of) the posts today, i CHOSE to look at all of the positives and what we have to build on. I feel like next year we have NO EXCUSES
  7. Josh got his spotlight and he shined… this is huge. May not even realize how big this is. JA17 put the NFL and America on notice….. next season, we will get the benefit of doubt. We will get the national games. The refs are going to give Josh that “extra” protection that we see Brady & Mahomes get. Josh will be able to ask for a flag and they give it to him. Refs will let our line hold just a little bit more than the opposing team to protect QB1. Everyone will want to watch Josh in the playoffs, probowl, super bowl. I am pumped about next year
  8. Its quite difficult to win the coaching lottery. How often does a team find a winning coach? How often does a team rebuild, lose, rince, repeat? Could you imagine being lucky enough to have two successful coaches in a row? What’s the likelihood that would happen? I seriously wonder what the probability of that would be? In the history of the NFL, how many times has it been done? That a team fires their successful coach and manages to hire an even more successful coach? If it was that easy, wouldn’t more teams do it?
  9. I respect your opinion, and like I already stated the game was a coin toss… I feel if we had to play them again next week, we would win… soooo you are ready to move on? With who? What coach available is the one to take us all the way? We know what we have with McDermott, who is it that we hire that is getting us to the super bowl? I will tell ya, looks like slim pickins to me. If they are that great, chances are they are already employed
  10. I didn’t read through 12 pages, barely made it through the first… Are you all delusional? Maybe you are new here, bandwagon fans? Im really tryna figure out if this is a troll post or what it is??? let me rehash the last 20 years for you… WE WERE BOTTOM DWELLERS!!! NO playoffs, for how long? Most exciting time of the year was before the season, draft, free agency, oooohhhh the hope that we felt every year!!! in my opinion Mcdermott is our coach for the foreseeable future. You don’t fire a winner. Unless he really diverts and we have a losing season or two. the Chiefs outplayed us. It was an AMAZING game, and seriously a play here, a play there, a coin toss and we would be discussing the Super Bowl right now my gawd, i was soooo wound up last night losing my *****, im still extremely upset but you have me feeling like the voice of reason here. That game was LITERALLY a coin toss. If we play them 10 times, we win 5…. Move on from McD 😂😂😂
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