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  1. Your hero pat mahomes look’n alot more like us slouches laying on the couch talking smack on a football forum than a professional athlete 😂😂😂 * so no feelings get hurt, the your hero comment was sarcasm 😁
  2. Did they interview a white candidate first? 😂
  3. Let Cook COOK!!! Hell of a Game by number 4. Kid is going to be an All Pro!
  4. For context, is this pre-josh allen? Because if we were going on year 20 or whatever without playoffs, and the Bills traded for Watson, i don’t think 90% of the fanbase would care as long as he was winning games….
  5. Kindly confirm or deny said allegations so I know where i stand! Lol
  6. When i saw the thread title, before even opening it, this was the moment that came to my mind! Good job op 🏆
  7. But but but…. If @YoloinOhiodidnt post it, did it really even happen?! 🤔
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