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  1. Well, they come to WNY on Dec 18 in a game that will probably be at night, so they'll get a taste of their own medicine when its in the 20's at game time.
  2. yeah, I'm going to the Jets game in the swamp lower bowl goal line for $200... that's a $400 tkt at the Ralph..... how times have changed. 1/2 price to see a game in NYC
  3. the Bills play a zone defense, so the the answer simply is " all of them"
  4. yep, this is the final year for several starters. lets go have a great season
  5. Barring a rash of injuries (and I'm not sure they cannot overcome that with the depth that now exists) Bills will be extremely competitive in every game this year. The schedule and list of QBs played this year is vastly tougher than last year, for sure, but the Bills themselves are better this year as well. Looking forward to the season. This team is for real. McBeanes are killing it. Go play the games and we'll see.
  6. the way he plays, quick and bursty, you wonder if he'll ever be the same
  7. Panthers had their shot with Cam and missed. Time to reload via the draft. Heck, go trade with the Redskins for hometown Charlotte boy Sam Howell and give him a shot if you're taking a shot at Mayfield. Howell looking good so far this preseason.
  8. Hodgins. He'll never be a # 1 or #2, IMO. They've been showing him off all pre-season. Could get a 4th or maybe a 3rd?
  9. Go go McBeanes. The draft is the only way they can keep this team in the top tier for years to come.
  10. screw it, cut singletary and moss and go with Cook and Blackshear. there, I said it.. Josh pitch it 50x per game anyway
  11. Exactly!! I was all over that board with the 8&8 Forever handle, with all kinds of long winded diatribes about why the Bills were stuck in neutral, etc. , until the politics got too heavy; I was unemployed at the time if memory serves.. too much time on my hands.. I remember Doomed and Goose very well (and yourself , of course)... thanks
  12. I should revive my old "8&8 Forever" handle. Was so appropriate for so many years. 000's of posts under that name. What was the name of that board that became incredibly political perhaps 10 or so years ago? Can't recall it...
  13. yeah I say keep him.. they kind of need to be going for it the next couple years b4 the roster starts falling apart due to the salary cap
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