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  1. ProcessTruster

    Poor O-Line play is league-wide problem not just Bills

    Having the same coaching staff as last year will help.
  2. ProcessTruster

    Charles Clay Released

    Good NFL career. got paid. then body crapped out on him. time for him to fade out. The thing I don't like about this is he played hurt when he should have stayed out or the coaches should have seen he was hurt and benched him a couple years ago
  3. ProcessTruster

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    yes. Trust the Process. MCbeanes know what they are doing.
  4. ProcessTruster

    Mock Draft Watch

    do teams ever draft the guys the mock drafts predict?
  5. ProcessTruster

    Brady makes deal with the devil

    another godless 20 or 30-something... add him to the list.. i look around church on Sunday and see nothing but 40+ ... I guess we're the crazy radical outliers now 😇
  6. ProcessTruster

    Trying to decipher Beane.

    boy offseason is slow
  7. ProcessTruster

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    Agree. T White will be expensive. Remember McBeanes have a philosophy of paying their own. LBs , DBs all need to get locked up. Plus, No home town discounts in BLo. Will be very expensive to keep guys from listening to their agents and blowing out for LA or NY or FLA. Not sure who needs to get paid, but be assured a pile of $$ will be saved up for them. Having said that, I see several solid FAs getting paid to come to WNY this off season.
  8. ProcessTruster

    GM for a minute.

    Agree. Spend $$ on OL. OL stirs the drink in the NFL. No OL, no winning.
  9. ProcessTruster

    RG John Miller - stay or go?

    New OL coach will watch all the tape , see him in mini camp , etc. and make a judgement. OL guys are hard to come by, so be careful b4 you start shooting everyone in the offseason
  10. ProcessTruster

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    I'd give a 2nd for him. The guy is freakin great.
  11. ProcessTruster

    The future of the AFC is KC, Cleveland... and Buffalo!

    you have to think Indy, KC, Cleve, Bills at least are in the ascendency (is that a word?). My guess Houston has or is about to have cap issues. Chargers and Steelers will be there bc you cant hit the QB and they can play forever.
  12. ProcessTruster

    Hogan will be gone?

    yeah good for him. such a good choice he made. same for Woods, Watkins, Goodwin, that whole receiving crew needed to get the h-ll out of B Lo and they did it and are so much better off for it.
  13. ProcessTruster

    Super Bowl game day thread

    Patriots just please lose. Just lose. Simple as that.
  14. ProcessTruster

    Is Rob Gronkowski a first ballot Hall of Famer?

    i guess so . don' t really care, frankly