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  1. Lets hope we can sign our own guys and draft well again. That is the mode for this team. As always , all else being equal, most FAs ain't comin' to the B Lo.
  2. Agreed. Not going to get you to the SB, but exciting player and seemed like a good guy as well.
  3. i take back what I said earlier, I am enjoying this latest BB thread; so much built up dislike for them; we all share it, don't we ☠️. need to get it out on a regular basis
  4. yeah I hope Brees just retires, rather than come back and just decline. but remember, these guys had/have been doing this for 30+ years. It is what they are to some degree...
  5. yep. he was clearly playing not for the Bills last year, but 100% in anticipation of FA.
  6. exactly. why is his name mentioned on this board? enough Pats f ing talk, already
  7. Granted I was down with a brutal head cold yesterday, plopping me squarely in front of the tube all day, but I thought the DC game was very watchable. Anyone else have a viewpoint? wow, post crushed.
  8. yeah my understanding is he is a weirdo. doesn't like away games, or something like that.... diva potential. would never work in the b lo
  9. sure let him have the scout team reps at RB and save your RB depth guys for the real games. I like it. Beane able to expand his roster size. smart.
  10. nice point. If you sign Olsen, might as well go get Green as well, to go with the 9 drafted guys and all the youngsters in the locker room. With Zo and Gore probably both gone, need some guidance and maturity in the room.
  11. well, so much for my logical,thoughful assumption he would go to to big media market. git er done. then Josh can throw the high hard one and Olsen will still catch it.
  12. Bills had a really good team in 1982, i believe they were 5-1 when the strike happened. That could have been a very good year. Everything went to crap after that
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