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  1. i think the media despised small market team part will continue no matter what they do; that's never going to change. the nfl needs to sell the TV deal to the networks for max dollars; the Bills have no place in that effort. this will always be the league of the big markets.
  2. yeeeee p. not sure lots of winning does it either, but would like to find out
  3. the process has been underway for over 2 years. I simply continues. trust it
  4. and is obviously being addressed in FA. Please pay attention OP.
  5. jared cook = shiny object look the other way is the smart reaction
  6. BPA . PERIOD. Trust the Process. No shiny object chasing please
  7. wait until LA gets their new stadium and even more of the opposing teams fans can come
  8. I'm taking the under. Diva teams never do very well. the media builds them up and starting in September they will tear them down
  9. teams will load the box to stop Bell , and Darnold is not Big Ben and the Jets WRs scare no one. Bills just plain getting better, and as the poster says, that's is what matters. And they are not finished. Trust the Process.
  10. Allen will be fine. He seems like a trubisky to me. probably breaks out in 2020. Also, last time I looked, there are 22 players on the football team each game. you may want to consider that. geez
  11. good they can blow their cap on the shiny object. this is a passing league. they still don't have any WRs who scare me even a little
  12. Never lost sight of it. They said this was their plan 2 years ago. Love that they are getting quality guys while keeping cap space to sign T White and other of their own guys they like thank goodness. no blowing the cap chasing shiny objects. good.
  13. Trust the Process. McBeanes know what they are doing. all part of the plan
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