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  1. If KC is healthy and it does not rain cats and dogs (which is the prediction), Bills will need to put up high 30's to come out on top. I'm thinkin 41 - 35 KC. Its all about who can get 3 or 4 stops. On a sloppy track with both teams healthy, KC for sure. My heart says Bills, but my head says KC. We shall see. Go Bills ! Make me a liar.
  2. Completely agree. Marrone called B-llSh-t on the situation, got no answer and pulled the ripcord and got out of disfunction city. My respect for him went up a few notches for having the brains to see the disfunction and put the opt out clause in his contract.
  3. yes. the all whites with the standing bison are the best uni by far and away. wonder if we ever see that combo again??
  4. If the Bills break the bank on Josh now, pretty sure can't keep them all. We need some cap space analysis on this board stat. Does anyone know what Beane is up against if he has to spend $40m of his cap on Allen next year? That is the real issue here.. cap management. This will be by far the largest off season issue.. how much of this roster can be kept?
  5. Really depends to some degree on who they look to lose in FA . Its all about pass and defend the pass in this league, so pass rushers and O LIne could be key in the 1st for the Bills, depending on if Daryl Williams or Matt Milano are cap casualties, for example, due to Josh's monster contract trashing the Bills salary cap. Running backs are pretty much a dime a dozen in todays NFL. Especially for this team.
  6. Not a fan. No idea where it came from. But who cares, NFL fandom has become a bit of a circus show anyway. I focus on the game, not the fans.
  7. Disagree. I say light 'em up. They'll be doing it to us. Time to take the gloves off.
  8. Yeah, I'm a hundred years old so I remember it all. Bills were The Power in the AFC in the early 90's, plus the AFC was pretty weak at that time. So the Bills would blow through lighter-weight AFC teams (Phins, Raiders, Oilers, Chiefs) in the conference playoffs and then collide with bigger, stronger NFC teams with just as much firepower and meet their match. Eg. Redskins simply overpowered the Bills in the second of the 4 SBs.. wasn't. even a game. Parcells simply outcoached Levy in the first, played keepaway and won. Both of the Dallas games were won bc Bills turned the ball over lik
  9. All part of the drought. Broadcasters haven't been in the stadium in Dec/Jan for 20 years. You forget. For all of us current or (me) former season ticket holders, every one knows the wind mostly roars from left to right the entire game, more and more the later in the season you get. I was explaining to my 20-something son how it works and by the end of the 3rd Q, he's like ".. righhhtttt, I get it now). Allen over throws by 10 yards going left to right, same thing for the Balt backup guy.. those were probably good balls without the wind. I've seen well struck right to left FG attemp
  10. TL,DR Lookin like a team of destiny. Can't see 'em gettin past the Chiefs, but I've said that about 3 times this year and been wrong each time. Go Bills. Just enjoyin the ride at this point in the Process.
  11. Still hard to imagine we get past the Chiefs, but hey they were not favored by most to get past the Ravens either. They were one near turnover from getting back into the last KC game. They will compete, that is for sure. go Bills.
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