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  1. yep, everything being said about LJ now are the same things said about RGIII. and then he got blown up and it was all over. Neither RGIII nor LJ can be a star from the pocket. Josh can be a star from the pocket. LJ's "wildcat " days will come to an end sooner or later one way or another. Take my current backyard, the D.C. area. Kirk Cousins played smart and got a zillion $ contract. RGIII is effectively out of the game. Both drafted the same year, (by the same team, no less) just like JA and LJ. My guess is we will see the same result eventually.
  2. Yeah, just play the game. Everyone picked Cowboys over Bills as well. I am guessing they stack the box against Jackson, taking him away and making him a passer, where his weaker arm will struggle in 20+ mph winds. He's never played in WNY in December. Let's see how he is in those conditions against a pressure defense. Allen can throw the ball through the wind. Not sure LJ can. One of the reasons Allen was drafted by the Bills. We shall see. No more talk. Play the game. Let's see who comes out on top. I am sensing this is a special year where things are falling into place for the Bills. No injuries, weaker schedule, great unified players+coaches. You don't see these things come together in a single season. Watch and enjoy.
  3. wow, amazing how high salaries are for WRs now.. both Brown and Beasley are over 10m? wow
  4. I like Jackson, he is the combination of RGIII's size and speed with Tyrod Taylor's arm. Plus he is with Greg Roman, and we all know what offense he ran with Tyrod. The same one he is running in Baltimore. It works, and although he doesn't have TT's arm talent, Jackson is an even better athlete than TT. So that's that. Defenses will figure out and pen in Jackson, just as they did RGIII and Tyrod . Or he will get blown up like RGIII did. Then,either way he will have to play from the pocket, which he doesn't have the arm talent to succeed, similar to Vick. I don't see Jackson lasting long, but he will be amazing and exciting to watch in the meantime, just as TT and RGIII were. Josh is more of the type of player who will have a long career in the NFL. Big, tall , strong , big arm, can play in the pocket all day if he has to. McBeanes made the right choice in the draft. again. Trust the Process.
  5. He's was drafted to be a big 3-4 defense edge setter in Rex's defunct defense. Ragland was drafted to be on 3-4 inside backer thumper-type. Neither position exists in the 4-3 played now. My guess is he is he'll be offered a fair contract, but will be let go as the 4-3 we play now needs twitching edge rushers. He is too big/slow to be a 4-3 end in the NFL. Its all good. Some 3-4 team will grab him and pay up to have him set their edge in a 3-4. And likely so will finally end all remaining legacy from the defunct Rex Ryan defense. Good riddance. Trust the Process.
  6. amazing how hard players will play when they don't know if they'll have a job next year or at least whether they will be anything more than a backup. they pushed him and he has responded. now they need to decide whether he was just playing for a contract or whether this is the real shaq. McBeanes will make the right choice
  7. Lets just go compete for #10. The process is working. They have a solid locker room full of guys working for each other, solid coaches and front office. What comes will come, but we are seeing the competitiveness and fight that the McBeane's process of sourcing the right kind of players brings. Eg. sitting Singletary for 3-4 weeks (may have cost them a game) was brilliant and is now paying off with 100% play. Sitting Oliver for a couple weeks as he hit the "rookie wall" was brilliant. Grabbing Jordan Phillips and Liguet to push Star was brilliant. Taking one game at a time, love how Josh had little to say other than "getting #9". No hoopla necessary. And they have $80m cap space to sign their own stars who will carry the culture to the next draft class. Love it. It's understated and quiet, but gotta love the process. Looking at 10-11 wins off a 6-10 last year.
  8. Cooper by all accounts is really weird. not sure I want that guy in my locker room. character matters. this isn't fantasy football.
  9. TLDR; but hey nice set of turnovers and nice throws by Josh to keep it close early. This is how the process manifests itself; no splashy shiny toy signings, just drafting extremely well, getting the right FA talent and personality types in the locker room and coaching them up. Eventually, and barring a rash of injuries (being very healthy this year is a big deal no one talks about) , the wins will come. Looks like they coming earlier than we thought. Good. Trust the Process. Its just win number 9, as Allen says. That's the process talking. go bills
  10. You wouldn't know it from the national media outlets. Wow. I realize we are talking the media's beloved Cowboys and WNY is the smallest market in the league, but geez, total crickets.
  11. Ravens. In-conference Home game against the darling of the league, after a 10 day break. That makes sense as a possibility. Winning a short week Road game against strong competition ain't happenin', not with this roster right now, maybe next year; beating the Pats there when they are playing for home field? Ain't happenin', maybe next year when we are stronger. Give me the Ravens, Steelers and Jets games and I am very very happy. Getting all the way to 11-5 would a massive accomplishment with this group at this stage of the process.
  12. We just beat a couple of bad, beat up teams. The Bills simply cannot score enough points at this point in the process to beat either Dallas, Ravens or Pats, IMO. It's coming, its just not this year.
  13. Its not funny, its the course they've set; draft well, draft quality people, coach em up and then re sign their own, the better ones. Fill in with quality people in FA. if you stick with it, it starts paying off eventually. It's all a process. takes time. eg. Cody Ford, Harrison Phillips could be pro bowlers in 2 years, not this year, not next year. Josh Allen could be a pro bowler, not this year, not next year.
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