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  1. Injured, expensive shiny object. Pass. Trust the process.
  2. well, he , along with the Alabama LB whose name I've already forgotten (he's in KC now) were bigger, slower, boomers drafted into a completely different defense to play completely different roles than they are asked to play in a Les Frazier / McD high penetration, quickness emphasizing 4-3 . So, IMO , no way Lawson is kept unless he magically morphs into a edge rusher by growing 20 lbs of fast twitch musculature, which he won't . Lawson is a great reason why you need to find and stick with a solid GM/coaching scheme combinations for at least 5 years. It takes 2-3 years to rebuild the roster (esp defense) to fit the scheme. If you don't have the right players to fit the scheme, offenses with great QBs and OCs will absolutely find the mismatches and exploit them. and you'll lose that extra 3-4 games a season that keep you out of the playoffs. my two cents. trust the process
  3. definately a unicorn. perfect body for the long jump... must be a bunch of 20 year olds with a better shot than him at this point tho. But track guys are always going to be track guys
  4. yes it is. no chasing shiny objects (players or coaches), build through the draft, have courage and get a little lucky. McBeanes know what they are doing. Now injuries could trash it all , but so far , so good
  5. good for them. the curse is in now. now they have no chance at all. The Ol-ine will go down with multiple surgeries month 1 and that will be that. book it.
  6. The Bills are so far out of the national media at this point, I would contend most average general sports fans of all ages (not saying she's one of those, she seems to be an NFL fan in particular) don't realize there is even a franchise in buffalo. Kind of like a general sports fan in florida probably easily overlooks the fact there is an NHL franchise in Arizona, or Calgary. that kind of thing. the Bills are a non-entity from a general media standpoint. as if they don't exist. McBeanes are working on that. Trust the Process.
  7. we he certainly got this board's attention. mission accomplished from his standpoint. Minutes of life you won't get back for board members.
  8. that kind of money really turns me off to the game... I'll follow and all, but that is ridiculous.
  9. I trust McBeanes and they liked Peterman a lot for a long time. Kid needs a good O Line and WRs who can play, neither of which he had much of in B Lo. We shall see.
  10. Bills don't deserve any respect yet. They were by far the worst team in the league a short 9 months ago. I was at that Baltimore opener. The process continues. Respect comes from lots of W's. Winning the offseason only matters then. They haven't done that yet.
  11. I wonder how many UDFA QBs have made NFL active rosters their rookie season ... man that has to be a very very small number
  12. to win 2 out of every 3 games against any team not the Pats would be a great step forward. so that means 9-7. tough to see 10 over all wins or making the playoffs when you start every season 0-2 in your division. Bills would need to split the Pats games to make the playoffs and get to 10 wins. I don't see Josh Allen beating Brady this season after looking so bad against them last season. Bills look like a better than .500 team, and definitely on the rise for 2020. One more good draft and FA period and with continued stability at OC and DC and and they should be ready to contend for the division. Trust the Process.
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