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  1. plus they get a nice locker room cancer Bills fans need to be thankful they have McBeanes. they wouldn't go near that guy
  2. This is Great! thanks! Anyone remember ice filled cases of OV Splits handed over the bar at Brunners on a Thursday night? I do ( i think i can remember that far back)...
  3. Wife and I in town this weekend to visit 90- something moms. Prob can't get away to sit in my old seats at the Ralph, but prob could get out to a saloon to watch. Any suggestions of new places to watch? thanks. 8&8 Forever (AKA, ProcessTruster)
  4. Trust the Process, but the OP makes a point. Go win some games, things might fall into place this year. Way too early to tell. Keep the popcorn popping. Go bills. Will be in town this weekend to visit two ailing moms (mine and my wifes) . What is the best WNY bar to watch the game now , get some wings, you know, the usual?
  5. in the NFL ,as long as you stay clean and don't become antonio brown, if you can play you can play, so he will get his shot. Gotta love a big WR with great hands. we shall see
  6. Rex is such an opportunist and self promoter. Gotta hand it to him. He makes a fortune at it.
  7. relax. It'll be next year, after another draft and FA period, and after Allen's second year, before the offense catches up to the defense in terms of talent and effectiveness. Still have questions on the O Line and WR, and Allen is obviously still pretty raw. For McBeanes, this is all just a process of roster upgrade after roster upgrade. Will take a full 3 years. This is year 3. Next year is the year, IMHO. This year, just get to 10 wins and get in the tournament again. they ain't winnin' anything this year. at this time last year, you all wanted to fire the whole lot of them.. keep your pants on Trust the Process.
  8. McBeanes doing good work as usual. They will turn the 5th into another starter. Trust the Process.
  9. Correct. IMO, having listened to the jabs for the 35 years I've been down here in No. Va. , when the Bills demonstrate greatness on the field, the narratve will shift to how bad the area is. There is no hope for the media narrative to improve. The market is so small, no one has ever been there that did not grow up there, there is simply nothing to write about. If the NFL re started today, WNY wouldn't get a sniff at a franchise. Just enjoy it. Don't look for Buffalo to suddenly be cool in the eyes of anyone.
  10. Trust the Process. these guys know what they are doing. Character guys who can play. Screw ups need not apply.
  11. Commuting to work will be h-ll today. Pooping, moaning and car wrecks everywhere.
  12. yeah, wearing jerseys is questionable and a give in to the NFL and profits. $150 jerseys do nothing but feed the NFL beast. wear clothes.
  13. Zay doesn't strike me as a "money" player. Nice player, just not a "$$" player. Duke seems like he might be a fighter. We'll see.
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