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  1. we shall see. game played on the field, not in Vegas... but yes, assuming they stay healthy at the key positions, should be a good one for sure
  2. Chronically bad ankle it appears. Pass. I want healthy bodies at any price.
  3. yeah, but Josh Allen was a hit, when the experts thought there was no way. so McBeanes got it right at the most important position in the game. I'll take a couple misses in exchange for that hit.
  4. Jimmy's probably the biggest Bills booster bar/restaurant in Northern Virginia. Been there many times. Great spot. B Lo foods done well.
  5. they are emerging right now in my NoVa backyard... gonna get loud here pretty soon...
  6. Yeah, he'll be like AJ was last year... too light, strong but not NFL strong , but with a year in a pro weight and diet regime he'll be ready to add value in year 2. Don't look for much out of him this year. NFL O lineman will be manhandling him a bit his first year. All good.
  7. Frankly, I'm pretty sure (barring significant injury problem(s), which trash everything), I expect the Bills offense in most games (esp the home games) to light up opposing defenses this year to the point where it "won't really matter much" what the D does. It'll be the Dane/Levi show at CB2. It's a zone look anyway, don't need world class players to play DB in McDs scheme as long as the safeties are there. I expect AJ to come in bigger and faster and get after it this year. Josh will give them leads to work with. Should be fun to watch (with a full crowd)
  8. Portnoy's extensive charitable work earns him a pass for whatever this thing is or whoever is involved... nuff said. can we get back to football?
  9. move to political section b4 this goes any further
  10. Covid really thinned out this years draft. Next year will be so rich that starters will come from UDFA pool next year. Not concerned at all. Bills very fortunate to go into this last draft with a roster already set.
  11. Why? If you're vaccinated, no reason why you should not be able to attend fully. Show your proof of vaccination, and you're in . Follow the science. Do the math. If you're vaccinated, you are no threat to anyone or to yourself.
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