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  1. 1> don't watch preseason football. It is garbage and tells you very little. 2> bills had an above .500 roster and were playing at a .500 plus level at the end of last year, in real games, so a lift this year should come as no surprise 3> remember, most other teams have gotten better as well 4> turnovers lose games and a rash of IR - type injuries end playoff runs, so those are always factors Lets get to the end of next month and see how the Process is progressing. If a bunch of key guys are going doing down for the year, it usually happens in the first month of the season. After that, the IR type injury stuff settles down. Then we can judge if this group is better than the one that exited 2018.
  2. Cam and the Panthers had their SB shot and missed it. time for others to have theirs
  3. you have to assume Murphy will be healthy enough to give them 10-14 strong games this year. Get 10+ healthy games out of him and we should be good. when healthy, he is very good.. watched him with Redskins here in DC, he can be a force
  4. yeah the whole #2 defense ranking is a garbage stat.. 6-10 is the stat that matters yep, clean pickets are no gude
  5. With all the injuries on the Oline, you may not see any cuts there at all, more like your locks going on IR. and the season along with them. if your Oline is a mess, your season won't be not far behind
  6. If the O LIne is a mess, you can kiss the playoffs good bye right now. I did not know Morse's extensive injury and especially concussion history. If he and other O Line starters go down for extended periods , then the whole off season FA goodwork is lost and so is the season. Unless you have a HOF QB, a team in today'sNFL cannot survive its O Line being decimated by injury.
  7. Agreed. Charles Clay was a game changer when healthy as well. He was never healthy. Result : his NFL career worked out exceedingly well... for him.
  8. yeah it'll probably take the Giants 20 more years to figure it out, just like the Bi..s..... wait
  9. same. cancers on that team gonna show up big time as soon as they lose a couple, happens every time a team goes big in FA with divas
  10. I would imagine Coverage in the CFL is weak, leading to bad habits in the WRs that NFL corners exploit. Can't think of many CFL guys who make it in the NFL, esp WR.
  11. No. We have return guys now and WRs. I don't see him making it.
  12. yeah, just update the Ralph. Can't be that hard.
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