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  1. Punt God. Can't wait for him to nail one thru the wind.
  2. The draft is bad. I tune in for a hour or so every to see a Bills pick and to confirm that fact
  3. Yep, game is played on the field. You haven't done it until you've done it. All these power rankings and rhetoric are just that, rankings and rhetoric. McBeanes are absolutely killing it in building a high level roster, but the games are still played on the field, not on fan sites and media platforms. Go Bills.
  4. Jets are improving, so be careful how cavalier you are dunking on them. If Zach Wilson turns out to be decent, they could be a problem along with Pats and Phins. Bills fans getting their heads out in front of their headlights again. No surprise there. After 20 years of crap, some gloating certainly justified. Everything is looking good; Let's just go play the games and see if the Bills gold plated roster stays healthy and on the field long enough to win something. Winning the offseason is for losers. Go Bills
  5. restructuring requires basically paying now most of the future salary payments and spreading the cap hit over 4 or 5 years going forward. it all works as long as the player is on the roster, still motivated (remember he has most of his contract $$ in his pocket already if restructured) healthy and producing for those 4 or 5 (or more years). If anything happens to health, production and the player is anything other than traded, the whole unrecognized contract value hits the year the player leaves (other than getting traded). So we'll see how it goes. the Bills' highest paid players have been healthy and productive, as long as that continues (and the cap continues to increase) kicking the cap can down the road works. high stakes game. go bills
  6. yeah, this will be the final or next to final season for the core group of 10 or so guys we recongnize as the core of the team. hope they get it done as this may be the last season we see them together it would seem...can't pay everyone 20m per year. Beane betting the farm on the next couple years; hope is works out. go bills
  7. great. let's do that and skip the PSLs and the burden on the community, who will get very little use out of a new stadium, or the current one for that matter this ain't LA. Buffalo is not getting an outdoor Super Bowl in February. An outdoor stadium will be useless 8 months out of the year. It all seems negative to me. Not seeing any positives out of this.
  8. Guess I need to get to more games in the next 4 years... that's the Bills window anyway. Erie County can choke on the 15 event per year, big albatross , after that. Still not buying that a tiny market like WNY benefits from a $1.4+B stadium ,relative to the cost. For example, I don't see the NFL banging on Green Bay to build something new. How is it that Green Bay gets away with it, but WNY needs to cave in to the NFL to the detriment of the average fan, the county and the state?
  9. yeah, guys like Tyrod Taylor , Jalen Hurts and Tua (even the smurf in Az.) have all the smarts and savvy , just don't have the arm strength and size to get their teams thru the payoffs.
  10. terrific Chad, thanks. lets just go play the f ing games and find out, pal
  11. Beane will manage Diggs. That's his job. He is the manager. Get through one more season b4 Josh's new contract makes things more challenging,. I just don't think Diggs will be rocking the boat... doesn't seem like that is him. Plus I imagine Beane has an understanding with him. It's just a sense I have since Diggs should have been complaining a while ago when he was catching 120+ balls but he wasn't ... Who knows. We are entering salary cap management la la land. Seems like anything can be managed within the cap, as long as it keeps increasing. We all need to tune our TVs to NFL football for everygame , all day Sunday, Sat, Thurs, Mon. even if you're not home.. keep those ratings up !! Keep that TV deal $$ increasing! Your roster depends on it! We need YOU!
  12. AFC will be more competitive than its been since the 90's. Who knows who comes out of the AFC. Key injuries to key players will make the difference knocking some teams out that would have been there otherwise. To simply say the Bills are #1 is just being homers. What a shock, posters on a Bills fan site pick the Bills. Sigh. They have kept pace in the AFC arms race but still need to play games against most of the top teams. We shall see. Go Bills. Should be fun to watch for sure.
  13. Draft is super deep at the WR position. This was the year to do it if there ever was one.
  14. Sat next to him by chance and chatted him up a 5-6 years ago at the Redskins annual "Kickoff Luncheon" here in the DC area. Really nice, respectful kid; was a rookie sweating out just making the team in spite of a hamstring injury. Well spoken, Duke grad and it showed. Humble. Really liked him. I can see why he has succeeded. Will be a good process guy. Not a Diva like Beas, and has some quicks and skills. McBeanes still just absolutely killing it. Trust the Process, Go Bills.
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