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  1. Good year to not need a great draft. That's my view. Go Bills. McBeanes are killing it. In a bad draft year, they went and parlayed their culture into signing all their FAs! Trust the process
  2. Not sure on this. All I can say for sure is that for the first time in at least 20 years, I can say definitively, in April, that the Bills will be more than competitive against every team they play this coming season. No doubt. Not a team on the schedule that is an L. Nope. that feels amazing.
  3. I agree. The only way to get the under 40s vaccinated is to provide an incentive. If some grandma dies of Covid bc of transmission from someone at a Bills game, Poloncarz wants no part of that I would assume, and that makes political sense I suppose. The alternative I suppose is no fans at all until Covid is eliminated. Which will never happen,BTW (elimination of Covid). So, ....
  4. its because Giants/Cowboys will draw about 5x the audience given the size of those fanbases. its all about the ad revenue and eyeballs my friend
  5. the home opener will be just electric this year... a normal 1pm start would be great against an AFC East opponent. Nice , full stadium. Magic , really. I kind of hope they open up on the road in some kind of road game to make the media happy, but come back for a traditional 1pm start at OP. Just sayin'. . I need to figure out how to get to a game in Sept or Oct. Haven't been in 5-6 years. any ideas?
  6. Just my opinion based on a set of market realities; revenue outside football won't be meaningful, or very relevant to what the PSL or ticket prices will be. new stadium, new pricing. simple as that. MLB isn't coming and really big events likely will not generate meaningful revenue from such a small market , plus wrecking the football sightlines with a multi sport stadium won't happen. A $billion stadium cannot possibly be a smart investment. Go the Lambeau route, just make what's there better. Keep the vibe, its what makes the fan/player/community experience w
  7. so $3,700/8.5 home games per year (ignore preseason; they are joke) comes out to over $400 per game per seat? that is crazy expensive. that is what Bills fans will have to look forward to. So for a family of 4, that's almost $2,000 per game. No thanks.
  8. Renovate the Ralph. A billion dollar stadium will drive ticket prices sky high and bring PSLs into the picture. the area cannot afford that, the whole vibe will change forever
  9. Putting scrapbooks together of newspaper stories/photos in the late 60's (the Dan Darragh/Max Anderson/Dennis Shaw years)... in those marbly stiff black and white notebooks, scotch tape and newspaper articles..hand written captions. I barely remember them. I was maybe 11 or 12. Is that crazy or what?
  10. Fins will be very good for many years to come. they are playing it smart. No chasing shiny FA objects. if they draft well (and they have a good draft history) they will be right there for years. AFC will be very very competitive ... Jets have a real coach now, will have a good QB, and have many pieces already. Pats get all their Covid guys back, plus added a pile of FAs, so they will come flying back as well. Nothing will be easy in the AFCE. Last year is not a predictor of this year. Should be fun to watch. Go bills
  11. I pay little attention to football in the offseason. so many other things to do. besides I've learned that every season stands on its own and maintaining a highly competitive roster year after year, solid coaching is what you want, then the season plays out how it plays out. Knowing the team will be highly competitive in every game no matter the opponent is what feels good to me. the wins just happen when you follow that process
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