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  1. boy what is this board going to be like if a bunch of injuries hit and they go 8-8.... yikes
  2. boy people are really getting way out over their skis this year. they better deliver a 10+ win season or else the sky will be falling
  3. wow, 24, just a child, really. lay off the hype, let the kid play
  4. and your problem with this is what again?
  5. yeah, like 3/5 of the O line goes on IR in September... that's what I call "something's wrong".. that'd do it yeah I get that its a fan board with lots of season ticket holders, but with that schedule and last year being an injury free fluke occurance, people are way out over their skis at this point
  6. no offseason, no OTAs, will not help his progress. he'll be better than last year, assuming the O line is healthy , yes. how much better, hard to say. heavy travel schedule, better opponents than last year. we will see. every season is different. Bills fans need to be careful about reading the press on this team too much. lets just hope there is a season to watch
  7. they won't , we will need to beat them. pretty simple formula. Just win the division, that is the goal. get a home playoff game or games. anything can happen then, this team travels pretty well
  8. Pats have to play the same very tough schedule we play this year, so I'll take Josh over Stidham in that situation. Stidham will see defenses the likes of which he has never seen in live action and we'll just see how he does. Josh is ready now, Stidham hasn't even played a game yet. Not very concerned.
  9. love the Haynesworth comparison. I am in D.C. and what a joke he was after Snyder paid him to come to the Redskins.
  10. hey peeing in the sinks was the way 30 years ago
  11. The offensive roster is much better this year, plus Josh is fixing his flaws, plus the playbook is familiar, so production will increase. All part of the process. Will he be Johnny Unitas? probably not. Lets just go win the Division and go from there.
  12. those guys were drafted to fit specific roles in Rex's 3-4 defense, Shaq as the run game edge setter 3-4 end, Ragland as the big banger inside LB. Can't remember what Washington was drafted to play, the first two were for a defense that was completely ripped out when McBeanes came in. Ragland was suddenly way too big and slow to play LB in McD's 4-3, so he was shipped to KC's 3-4 (that worked out pretty well for him) and Shaq was no 4-3 pass rushing end, although he evolved enough to get a big FA deal. So it all goes back to the hiring of Rex, which was about the worst thing Pegs could have done.
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