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  1. Defenses will catch up in a few weeks once film is studied. Offenses can be defeated. Takes time. Bills defense included.
  2. D is not that important in the NFL anymore. great offense is. I'll trade in a great for a good defense to get a great offense in today's NFL everyday. If you are not scoring 30+ most games , the rules have you going nowhere in today's NFL. so I am good. go Bills. Davis and Diggs huge additions this year.
  3. mark of a good team, good roster. ex players doing well on other teams. 5 years ago , ex bills become ex NFLers
  4. Agree. People need to realize WNY is the just about the smallest TV market in the league. 1 out of 100 people watching that show root for the Bills or have ever even been to WNY. Even if the Bills tear it up, they will be like the Vikings going 7-0 or whatever it was a few years ago. Largely crickets from the national media. The Bills and Buffalo don't sell advertising time. The Giants, Cowboys, Rams and Patriots do. The teams with enormous fan bases and worldwide name recognition and awareness. The Bills' fan base is tiny compared to those franchises. Just sit back and enjoy the fact you have a seat at the table in the biggest sport in the world, can tailgate like a high school senior and sit in the stands for $50. Nothing like it in the NFL. Just win games and they'll pay attention, just not as much as the big markets. That's just life in big time professional sports. Man U hasn't been crap in years and they still get massive EPL press in the the UK, for example. Most people in WNY couldn't give a crap about european soccer , but they know who Manchester United is... that's my point, and advertisers know it too. So they get the action. Just enjoy it. McBeanes are killing it. Trust the Process.
  5. Preseason for the Bills just ended. And we also now we see how key injuries can mess a team up. A few key Covid infections here and there and all sorts of problems could ensue. We'll see on Sunday what they really have, assuming the two LBs are back. Heck, they barely got by Fitz/Gesecki bc time ran out and only bc Daboll / Josh lit up another so so defense. Every game stands on its own, I would not read too too much into these first two games. Bills are fortunate again (similar to having no injuries and a super easy schedule last year) to have had their two easiest opponents in the first two games. Lets see how it goes when the going gets tough. I am optimistic. This is setting up beautifully as they have had the past 18 games to work on things and get the team together and playing/communicating against so so competition (duck rodgers? really? )
  6. Bills haven't played anyone yet. They will be from now on. We shall see.
  7. OK offense, go score 35 and get out of there.
  8. all the northern retirees now along the NC coast. 10's of thousands of them...
  9. It is unbelievably lame. That Pitt/NYG game was painful to watch (and hear and see nothing) . Looked like a 3rd tier high school game. RedZone Channel for me the rest of the year to keep the action level up. Individual games are pathetic viewer experience, IMO.
  10. I can see a lot of guys going down with hamstrings in the 1st 3-4 weeks this year. just not enough practice and games to get the older guys ready. Hamstrings popping left and right
  11. staying Covid free is in the top 3 . a bunch of guys losing 2 weeks time quarantining would impact wins and losses in a significant way I would think as well.
  12. yep the guy needs to be able to be activated on game day if necessary
  13. Every season stands on its own. They were incredibly healthy last year and played against many lower tier QBs. This year could be the opposite. Or they could have a better, more talented team than last year and overcome a normal injury load. Barring a rash of injuries to key players, they should compete very well in every game this year. That should be good enough for 10 wins IMO. This season will be wild once people start getting infected. Who knows what the H is going to happen,.
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