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  1. great read. Will check out the youtube samples in the days ahead
  2. the estate settlement sounds like it could get ugly
  3. the great ones are dropping like flies
  4. what Sunny wants Sunny gets
  5. will never criticize a player for leaving the game healthy
  6. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/marshall-faulk-allegedly-sexually-harassed-nfl-network-employee-article-1.3692550
  7. those texts he sent that caused his dismissal from the NFLN were HOF worthy though
  8. I really liked him in Philly and thought he was a difference maker who won games a mediocre Eagles team should have lost. The nagging question for me is why did he fail so badly once he left Philly? He was terrible in Washington and Minnesota. If had succeeded on more than one team I'd consider him. I am not a fan of Aikman in the HOF either. Kerry Collins could have won 3 SBs on those Cowboy teams
  9. After viewing the evidence the judge issued an order citing the legal principle "de minimis non curat lex. " The law does not deal with trifles
  10. Memes will never be the same
  11. Howard is hit and miss but I love having an alternative to the local political whining and shilling
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