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  1. does this make Adams to the Jets official? https://nypost.com/2024/07/16/sports/davante-adams-to-the-jets-is-a-done-deal-espns-dan-orlovsky/?itm_source=parsely-api
  2. The league rules say only one crazy redhead per team. Ours is Clappy
  3. Always liked Shelley. There was no one quite like her. RIP
  4. Keon Coleman drinks raw molasses in January
  5. nice to see beer commercials not featuring men with breasts
  6. We had a respectable pass rush in the first few years of the Clappy - Beane regime. There were no stars. Just a bunch of lunch pail guys getting 9-11 sacks a year. After we brought in Von it seemed like the rest of the team stepped back waiting for him to do something. Miller's best years came alongside Bradley Chubb and Aaron Donald. As a lone sack threat Miller is pedestrian. So we need to do something at pass rush until Rousseau and Epenesa find their game. That said, I don't like the idea of chasing vets on the downside.
  7. My favourite all time player is Marcus Allen. No one moved quite like he did. He was a better QB than most of the Raiders washouts too. After Raiders madman Al Davis tried to ruin him he had a renaissance with the Chiefs and Joe Montana. He was classy in everything did except his unfortunate friendship with a certain OJ Simpson. If you ask me who the best football player of all time is, my answer is Marcus Allen on offense and Rod Woodson on defense.
  8. anything written by SI may as well have been written by AI
  9. We live in an age where every text, email and online post can be used against you. I will never believe that Gruden dressed for Halloween in a KKK costume but he should have been more aware for such a public figure
  10. will take till week 6 to sync up with new WRs
  11. seeing the Giants on Hard Knocks will be like seeing the Kardashians on Masterpiece Theatre
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