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  1. the insanity knows no bounds. I realize that Jerry Richardson's statue had to go but he's no Jo Pa either. I totally get why the founding Redskins owner Marshall's plaque had to go. Other than Art Rooney there probably wasn't a founding NFL owner that didn't have "antiquated beliefs". I was never a huge Ralph fan but it would bother me immensely if he fell fate to the woke mob. I support the cause of BLM but don't like the methods. History is what it is, prejudices and all.
  2. Allen's healthier than Newton. He'll play 14 games at minimum assuming a full season
  3. only to a bucket list destination that had its cases under control
  4. meanwhile the fapping industry stays strong
  5. The NO Saints in the Hurricane Katrina year
  6. those games should be free to season ticket holders
  7. his podcast is nothing but him screaming and swearing trying to pretend he's a millennial. Rather sad
  8. hopefully they'll run stats for Covid transmissions. Have a fun drinking the overpriced beer through a mask
  9. if he can stay healthy they'll contend
  10. The OP needs a reality check. We beat powder puff teams to make the playoffs. We hit on zero long passing plays for most if not all of the season. If anything, McD has rescued us from embarrassment and obscurity.
  11. just read about his descent into dementia. Sad
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