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  1. stuvian

    LeSean McCoy

    he can be a contributor but not a focal point any more. If he cannot accept this we should,as a courtesy, attempt a trade with a team he'd like to play for. Failing that, outright release.
  2. this from Landry football: The Bills offseason work with quarterback Josh Allen will be to improve his ability to recognize the check down option better. Allen completed an NFL-low 10.1 passes per game within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage in 2018. The league average for the 32 starting quarterbacks was 16.5 completions per game on “short passes,” within 10 yards of the line. Allen also had the lowest completion percentage on short passes. The Bills rookie completed 75 percent of his throws within 10 yards of the line, which isn’t quite as good as it sounds. The league average for starting QBs was 81 percent. There are many reasons the Bills’ short passing game was poor in 2018. And there’s no doubt Allen has plenty of improvement to make in his accuracy. But in theory, it’s not hard to imagine Allen’s accuracy improving by some degree simply by taking more “easy” completions. Six completions a game, in fact, should be there for the taking, because that’s what the average starting QB is getting. IN film study, you can see that defenses are playing Josh a little bit different than they play some other people, whether it’s a deeper safety, or the corners bailing off. The Bills offensive staff led by coordinator Brian Daboll can help him out by taking what the defense gives them in way of verticals. The Bills did not try to be a horizontal, possession-passing offense for most of 2018. That’s not necessarily best suited to a rookie quarterback. Allen’s big arm is a deep-passing threat to the defense, and the emergence of Robert Foster helped the deep passing game improve the second half of the season. In college, Josh Allen didn’t have a lot of the checkdown throws. Now, some of that is maturity on his part, which he understands. It’s finding those outlets when it’s not there downfield. That’s just part of the growth process. The Bills love his aggressiveness. He thinks he can make any throw, and he can physically, but sometimes that’s not the smart play. I think that’s what Josh is learning. That’s natural. He’s so competitive that he wants to pick up that first down now, and sometimes it’s OK to take the swing pass for 5 yards and get it to second and 5, instead of a harder throw 18 yards down the field in a tight window that has a 50-50 chance and now it’s second and 10. The Bills, in fact, had the fourth-fewest pass attempts overall in 2018 on throws within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. The Bills averaged 14.8 a game. Pittsburgh led at 23.7 a game. There are other offenses that do check it down a lot and it really boosts those guys’ completion percentages. That’s not been the Bills plan to this point, but look for that to evolve more this coming season, Of course, winning and scoring is the mission of an offense, not leading the league in short passing – or dinking and dunking. Only one of the top eight QBs who completed the most passes under 10 yards (Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck) made the playoffs. But six other playoff QBs, including Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, New Orleans’ Drew Brees and New England’s Tom Brady, ranked between ninth and 16th. Brees completed 18.2 a game, Brady 17.3 and Mahomes 16.9. The ability to work the short passing game only opens up other areas of the offense, so it has an impact of the offenses’ ability to score points. The first order of business for Allen is to begin the process of refining his footwork and throwing technique. His feet are often undisciplined and too wide. This creates an ‘overstrided’ position, which prevents his hips from getting over his front knee, resulting in high, all upper-body throws. This overstrided position at times makes him a ‘low-elbow’ thrower. Allen’s accuracy percentage was a league-low 33 percent on “underneath” throws. Those are specific routes defined as longer than screens and swing passes but shorter than intermediate crossing routes in which the receiver needs to be led with the pass. And that 33 percent isn’t the actual completion percentage, it’s the rate of accurately delivered balls, essentially into the frame of the receiver. Only two other QBs were under 50 percent on such passes (both Eagles QBs, Carson Wentz and Nick Foles). On the plus side, Allen’s accuracy percentage on “stick routes,” essentially intermediate routes, on a line with the receiver facing the QB, was 71 percent. That was better than the league average of 68 percent. Another indication of the need to improve the Bills’ possession passing game is how long Allen held the ball (3.2 seconds on average) – the longest in the NFL. Of course, part of that figure stems from the fact Allen has more ability to extend plays than most QBs. But when Allen got rid of the ball in 2.5 seconds or less, his completion percentage was 75.7 percent, near the league average of 78.6 (and adjusted for drops, throwaways, etc.) When Allen held the ball 2.6 seconds or more, his completion percentage was second worst in the league, at 53.5 percent (with the league average at 68.9). Improving the receiving corps by getting a couple more players who are good at getting quick separation from defenders will be one thing the Bills can do to improve their short passing game. Another year of experience for Allen should help, too. A big part of getting good at hitting checkdowns is recognizing very early in the down that the underneath pass is the best option. That early recognition, something veterans like Brees and Brady have mastered, increases completion rates and maximizes yards after catch.
  3. stuvian

    latest craziness

    a promotion to assistant stripper was in the offing but for this incident
  4. stuvian

    Sports radio - national and local

    I can't listen to local radio anymore. Just too nauseatingly homeristic. We've had a lot of drama surrounding the Senators: the owners, players and wives and our local media wouldn't report on it for fear of being blackballed. I had to read about in British and American papers. I think Disney has ruined ESPN. I listen to Paul Finebaum and a little Stephen A Smith. Most of my sports listening is Mad Dog on Sirius and Scott Ferrall on CBS
  5. stuvian

    latest craziness

    does bottle service in nightclubs. No trash like Toronto trash
  6. attention whores don't come to Buffalo. When was the last time he played a full season?
  7. we have reason to be calm. We have a franchise QB with a GM and coach working in tandem. I thinks its the best front office since the Polian/Butler days. I still think McDermott is going to keep us contending once Allen's established.
  8. stuvian

    Charles Clay Released

    one of our worst ever overpayments
  9. stuvian

    Hot for school nurse-- Maryland edition

    definite no
  10. I'd like to pick one up as he has been the one stalwart throughout my years as a season ticket holder. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg and would rather not go through Roger Goodell's greedathon channels. Welcoming your recommendations
  11. stuvian

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    the fact that facial recognition tech thinks women of colour are men is ripe for satire Tawanna Brawley 2.0
  12. stuvian

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    the Broncos had all the juice in the world to take a QB last year
  13. stuvian

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Harbaugh tried to reach you but the line was busy
  14. stuvian

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Assault

    perhaps he meant to report an insult, not an assault
  15. stuvian

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    never saw the big deal with her but would I ? Sure