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  1. Americans are lucky to have warm weather retirement options in their own country. Every moderate weather location in Canada is ridiculously overpriced. My wife and I will look at southern Europe. She is Filipina so we will check things out there as well.
  2. For the Bills I have a Kyle Williams knock off. I gave my Takeo Spikes Bills jersey to my Dad Also have Ronnie Lott (SF), Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen (Raiders), Ken Stabler (Raiders), Tim Brown, Randy Moss (Raiders), Jake Plummer (Cards), Kurt Warner (Rams), Brian Westbrook (Eagles), Michael Vick (Falcons) and Hines Ward (Steelers). Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators) No name Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators jerseys
  3. it's becoming clearer by the day that these owners are the most ruthless, ethically challenged scumbags to walk the earth and Goodell is their enabler. All that cheating and the Dolphins still suck! So when will we be awarded the division by default?
  4. if the Bucs hold training camp at a university campus will they play Me and Julio down by the school yard?
  5. My money is also on Mayfield. He has something to prove. The Panthers should start him vs the Browns for the season opener for the epic revenge upset.
  6. I was a season ticketholder from 2006 to 2018. I know the pain
  7. I can't believe Seattle and Atlanta are going into the season with the QBs they have. Nor can I believe anyone would pay their hard earned dollars to watch Mariota or Geno Smith
  8. it's amazing that QBs at this level have to be made to study film
  9. the combination of Taylor and Ryan is going to be hard to stop. Vrabel is a good coach but tying his fortunes to Tannehill is something he will regret
  10. if he doesn't make the team he can sing the national anthem once his voice goes an octave higher
  11. considering how little he's played, Rosen is amassing a nice jersey collection
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