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  1. Thursday night football is zombie apocalypse football
  2. he can catch, break tackles and is a low mileage back. He'd be a bargain for a 4th
  3. Always hated him and his so called music long before he entered the Bills fray. How does someone making such bad music get rich ?
  4. "Pack your bags, we're going to the playoffs!" He got his bell rung
  5. I'll take winning ugly over a moral victory in a close loss anytime
  6. she looks too well groomed to be homeless
  7. maybe the NFL and ticketmaster will take over beer sales too
  8. well coached teams don't stay exposed like that three weeks in a row
  9. a generation of mediocre football interrupted by a Kurt Warner comeback
  10. we now know we belong on the same field as NE.
  11. I agree. I can't believe how many wins he's coaxed out of these mediocre teams. I'm actually quite impressed by him
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