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  1. Probably the smoothest game I've seen in the McDermott - Beane era. Short effective passes that didn't expose Josh. Positive yardage on practically every run play. Stuffing Josh Jacobs for negative yardage. Solid pass rush courtesy of great secondary play. Starting to feel like we are hitting on all cylinders.
  2. Yes Brandon Staley is coach quicksand
  3. The secondary is creating great coverage sacks
  4. The Bills need their own testosterone supplement commercial with playcalling like that
  5. Liking the lack of lost yards on running plays
  6. That Trotter would report the Pegula quote when it was reported to him second hand tells me that he is taking swipes at anyone and everything. Even if Pegula and Jones did speak as alleged, I'm not sure what this has to do with the non-renewal of Trotter's contract. Secondly, does Trotter know who he was working for? Does he think the NFL is going to support an exposé of racism among NFL owners? If he believes he has a story of this nature, he either needs to go independent or work for a media outlet that will back him. He needs to realize that such backing will not come from any media outlet that is a partner of the NFL.
  7. That was a stinker of the worst preseason quality. The Bengals, Seahawks and Giants also stunk so I'm not hitting the panic button or reading this as representative of what this season will bear. We won't see regular season quality football till week 4. Such is the watered down football era we live in
  8. I remember the season when Brett Favre was a Jet. He was still Brett Favre and the Jets were still the Jets. As I listen to their Rex Ryan style bloviating, I am reminded that no one has ever talked their way into a Superbowl. Yet, the Jets still try. They brought in Rodgers to distract people from the fact that they, as an organization, are incapable of developing a young QB. Joe Namath and Ken O'Brien were outliers in a sorry history of schmucks. I don't deny that Saleh has built a good defense but you can tell that he has effectively ceded head coach authority to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, like Russell Wilson, thinks he should have GM like powers and brought in his old buddies from GB in Lazard and Cobb. The NFL is not the NBA but the Jets are now Aaron Rodger's country club. Rodgers might be enough to nudge them into the postseason but country clubs don't work as a football business model. I too expect a low scoring game but more because the first three weeks of the NFL are effectively preseason quality football. We have the advantage of organizational and roster continuity. The Jets don't. Bills win 24 - 17.
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