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  1. He had a golden life. When I read these headlines it screams self absorption. They have three kids together and more money than they can spend in a lifetime. What more do you want out of life?
  2. You can't help but wonder if the money ballers aren't calling the plays. Baltimore played themselves out of the postseason on similar decisions last year
  3. Not safe to be out that late in the defund the police era
  4. Very few of the great ones leave before it's too late: Ali and Favre to name a few. Even Peyton Manning looked terrible winning his last Superbowl
  5. The RBS stepped up and showed us something. Great teams need to know how to win ugly
  6. Those Superbowl hangovers last a long time
  7. Never liked the Jets but I respect good football players. RIP and thanks for your contributions to the sport
  8. will always respect and admire him
  9. This was very moving. Thank you for posting
  10. in a strange way, I was more emotionally invested when we were a .500 team. Watching the Bills dismantle the Titans last night was a beautiful experience but winning in dominating fashion is taking some getting used to. I vividly remember the decade of fail Bills choking away many close ones in the final minutes like the Monday Nighter vs Dallas years ago. In any close game from the Mike Mularkey to Rex Ryan era, when you got to the 4th quarter there was this sinking feeling of dread where you just knew we would choke it away. It is those kinds of feelings that are most deeply rooted for me as a Bills fan. Now we are being rewarded for our faithfulness and are the best team in the league. That's a lot of emotional upheaval from era to era but enjoying the good times is an essential part of that as well.
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