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  1. how far back in this thread do I have to go to talk about football?
  2. its not a stretch to say that we're a few players and another year of Allen improving away from Titan or 49er calibre football. The challenge now will be to acquire talent when drafting in the last half of the draft. Replacing Lorax, Gore and eventually Hughes are big pieces that might require some Cornelius Bennett type of deal. If we stay in the 9 - 11 win bracket I suspect that these holes will be patched in FA rather than the draft.
  3. as much as I'd like to see Andy Reid win one, Tennessee is a Cinderella team that can beat anyone
  4. will need more "evidence" before weighing in with a would/would not
  5. anything ending in 'tards breaking news
  6. IMO the sports leagues will have to implement technology to replace hand signals
  7. Roger Goodell and the other owners made a conscious decision to sweep this under the rug so that their corporate greedathon can continue uninterrupted
  8. stuvian


    Brave and Firefox with Duck Duck Go as search engine
  9. nice pressure by Seattle
  10. zadarius Smith is a beast
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