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  1. bands who expect the audience to sing the song for the singer piss me off royally
  2. I read the Daily Mail or as I call it the Daily Trash. I have Baltimora's Tarzan Boy on my phone. I read the homophobic, racist and anti semitic comments on the Zero Hedge message board I research each and every conspiracy theory and endorse most of them I bought the 1st Devo album most troubling of all, when no one else is in the car I put on the Sirius techno station BPM
  3. everything's bigger in Texas including heart attacks
  4. we will not clean sweep the Jets and Dolphins but will split with NE. We will beat the Eagles, Cowboys, Broncos and Skins but lose to the Browns and Titans.
  5. the offseason is just long enough to give idle sportswriters time to conjure fake news on every team
  6. congrats on your longevity and fidelity to the Bills
  7. we are no longer a country club. McD is our best coach since Wade Phillips
  8. Following the shadows of the skies,Or are they only figments of my eyes?And I'm feeling close to when the race is run.Waiting in our boats to set sail.Sea of joy.Once the door swings open into space,And I'm already waiting in disguise.Is it just a thorn between my eyes?Waiting in our boats to set sail.Sea of joy.Having trouble coming through,Through this concrete blocks my viewAnd it's all because of you.Oh, is it just a thorn between my eyes?Waiting in our boats to set sail.Sea of joy.
  9. I pull that chestnut out whenever an NFLer passes away
  10. looked like there was some moron there with a laser pointer. Hope he got tossed
  11. I see that he's been downgraded to dead on the injury report
  12. Blue Velvet That Championship Season Brideshead Revisited Jackie Brown Superfly Shaft
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