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  1. Rivers has never won a meaningful game. He's padded his stats tossing the alley oop to HOFer Antonio Gates. The Bolts RBs are just average. Other than Bosa, I am not well acquainted with their D but they are playing well for Lynn.
  2. stuvian

    SNF: Vikes at Chicago

    Asking our scouts to drive across town was asking too much apparently. Ditto for Gronkowski
  3. stuvian

    Mariota re-injures elbow

    Their playcalling hasn't changed much since the Jeff Fisher days
  4. stuvian

    SNF: Vikes at Chicago

    Trubisky throws into double coverage a lot
  5. Sorel is a great Canadian company
  6. stuvian

    Mariota re-injures elbow

    Is he scrambling too much or is he just not durable?
  7. Lynn's doing a great job with mediocre talent. He should be a COTY candidate
  8. stuvian

    Mariota re-injures elbow

    He's just getting pounded every year. I'd be surprised if he plays much past age 30
  9. stuvian

    SNF: Vikes at Chicago

    The Bears must think it's Halloween with those orange pumpkin jerseys
  10. stuvian

    Jags Game discussion - what say you?

    I think my tickets for this game aren't worth toilet paper on the secondary market
  11. we could run the table but I don't see the Pats dropping that many
  12. wasn't Dan Campbell a TE for us once?
  13. stuvian

    Hot for Teacher: Virginia style

    definite no
  14. stuvian

    GoFundMe Campaign for Homeless Man a lie/fraud

    soon to be a major motion picture