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  1. he kept it clean and funny. A real craftsman
  2. Ontario is bigger than most European countries and as such the Bills cannot claim it exclusively for their own. That said, the Bills can reasonably claim the Niagara region, St Catherine's and Hamilton. There are too many bandwagon fans in Ottawa and Toronto for the Bills to claim these cities exclusively. Ottawa is composed of many ex-Montrealers who fled separatist Quebec with Patriot loyalties. Ottawa and Montreal still have loyal CFL fanbases. Still Bills fans loom large in both Ottawa and Toronto. As you go west of Niagara Falls
  3. is this a good time for my left foot jokes?
  4. This move wouldn't feel very process like but it would signal that we are in win now mode which we should be. I thought Knox made some important plays in post season and am not writing him off yet. Still I would have thought if we were to do anything in FA it would be at pass rusher. I like our draft picks but pass rushers usually don't blossom right away
  5. soon to be an NFL Film, "A Football Cooler Life"
  6. Glengarry Glen Ross Blue Velvet That Championship Season Fitzcarraldo Apocalypse Now Taxi Driver Ghost Dog
  7. I'm starting to wonder whether there is a correlation between low teacher pay and the frequency of these incidents
  8. there have been a lot of gay men who have been NFL players. Very few came out while playing
  9. He and Antonio Brown need to go into wrestling
  10. these new holding rules are really strict!
  11. The Titans offense has always been dink and dunk going back to the Steve McNair days. I don't see this bearing fruit with a QB as ordinary as Tannehill
  12. Gil can't get through his own top 100 without a nap
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