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  1. May she rest in peace. When the Bills win the SB we can raise a toast in her memory.
  2. of his 14 years in the league, 4 were with Buffalo. He should be told it could be worse. In the CFL they add your name to the Tarp of Honour.
  3. deeply impressed with Clappy's playcalling and getting pass rush production out of Rousseau and the rest of the front 7. Frazier's scheme was passive by compare
  4. There is an intensity and attention to detail that wasn't there last year. We are finishing tackles and getting consistent sacks and turnovers without Von Miller. We are not having negative yardage offensive plays like before. Josh is intelligently sliding on run plays. We seem to have enough fresh legs at RB that should reduce wear on Josh and force opposing teams to account for our ground game. I like how we're playing heading into Miami.
  5. this looks like a good time to brush up on Hamlet Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy
  6. Niners ripping Giants Daniel Jones https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/49ers-players-anonymously-rip-daniel-jones-for-his-play-in-giants-week-3-loss-question-qbs-huge-extension/
  7. Chicago has other problems too https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/nfl/article-12550717/Chicago-Bears-searching-100k-worth-lawn-mowers-equipment-stolen-Soldier-Field-chaotic-week-Windy-City-team.html
  8. I think he outsmarted himself by having Patricia coach offense last year. If I was Kraft that would really irk me given the results. It looks like BB is chasing Shula's record but that will require at least 3 more seasons if my math is right. I don't think Kraft would fire BB publicly if he was going in a different direction. BB's legacy is hanging in the balance if he can't win without Tommy.
  9. stuvian

    2023 Concerts

    saw Iggy Pop last week. Great energy
  10. Probably the smoothest game I've seen in the McDermott - Beane era. Short effective passes that didn't expose Josh. Positive yardage on practically every run play. Stuffing Josh Jacobs for negative yardage. Solid pass rush courtesy of great secondary play. Starting to feel like we are hitting on all cylinders.
  11. Yes Brandon Staley is coach quicksand
  12. Cook looking like an every down back
  13. The secondary is creating great coverage sacks
  14. The Bills need their own testosterone supplement commercial with playcalling like that
  15. Liking the lack of lost yards on running plays
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