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  1. Josh Rosen is going to make an appearance in this situation
  2. maybe he can't coach but he sure can score https://nypost.com/2022/06/28/kliff-kingsbury-vacationing-with-girlfriend-veronica-bielik/
  3. I think Mark Davis is doing this to get back at the league for the Gruden affair
  4. always respected him. Enjoy your well deserved retirement, Romeo
  5. fans will now have to frisk and scan themselves in so that the owners can pass on the savings to you
  6. Woke will ruin everything in its path including the NFL. No one goes to a football game to see RuPaul's drag race
  7. We have to preserve our asset. Cam Newton is done because of too many running plays
  8. If Josh is our short yardage runner again he'll be out by week 12
  9. I will always respect Fitz for his long career and making the most of his opportunity. As I was a season ticket holder during the decade of fail I have not forgotten the pain of losing. We signed Fitz to a lucrative contract and gave him his only real shot at being an NFL starter. It is hard to believe that this is the same team we are today. We were truly a mediocre franchise during this era and it's hard to believe it's the same team. Yes, I will always respect Fitz but that was bad football compared to what we have today with the Pegulas, Beane and Josh Allen.
  10. A very sad ending for a high quality and underrated player. Can't help but wonder if his problems were football induced
  11. If he drank booze at a DR resort, that would be enough to kill anyone
  12. Can't help but think that floating Kaepernick is a revenge play by the Raiders about the Gruden debacle
  13. The Browns will find a buyer when a starting QB gets a season ending injury in training camp or the preseason. Geno Smith is the starter in Seattle
  14. If Bienemy hasn't landed a HC job by now, there's a non-racial reason for it. I respect McCoy for how he acquitted himself as a Bill. He left everything he had on the field and I suspect he did the same at his post Buffalo stops. McCoy wouldn't diss an African American coach for nothing.
  15. I think Lamar is having a personal or mental health meltdown after the beatings he has taken and is likely questioning his future as a pro athlete
  16. He also said Tua has a pretty mouth
  17. Have it sent to a UPS store in a US border town and go pick it up. You won't pay customs or duty and you'll get a better deal on shipping
  18. I guess nothing will change until a 1%er's kids gets killed. Only then will it be an emergency. As a Canadian who has travelled the northeast US extensively, I absolutely love travelling stateside but these repeated slaughters will keep me and my family away. As Bills fans, we're naive to assume something couldn't happen at a tailgate either.
  19. https://nypost.com/2022/05/23/united-airlines-worker-passenger-trading-blows-at-newark/
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