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  1. region 5 wnys, native. jumping the cliffs into lake erie was good times, way back in the day.
  2. r.i.p. never really watched love boat much but I remember and liked his character on the mary tyler moore show.
  3. that was who the OP was asking about, I don't think it should/would of been worst in history. it was entertaining for sure, I remember the play live on tv. hilarious, gifs everywhere. 'bout like the attention thigpen got bouncing the ball off his face. 🤣 most are claiming wide right and when you look back, it was heart wrenching but it was grass and scotty was not good on grass as far as distance so it was asking a lot with a lot on the line. it hurt. my worst. miracle city debacle. still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  4. as for more modern era bad plays. the bills have 3 mentions in this list. Ranking the NFL's 10 Worst Plays in the Last Decade Bills Decide to Not Touch Kickoff, Give Up Touchdown Stevie Johnson drops potential game-winner, appears to blame God: Not only did the Buffalo Bills wide receiver commit one of the most egregious drops in NFL history when he was wide open and couldn't haul in what would have been a game-winner in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010, but he doubled down by taking to Twitter and seemingly pinning it on God. (He did follow up with somewhat of an explanation.) Josh Allen's dangerous lateral in the 2019 playoffs: After picking up a first down on a scramble late in a recent postseason tilt with the Houston Texans, the Bills quarterback made a baffling decision on the fly by inexplicably trying to lateral as he was being tackled. He was saved by tight end Dawson Knox, who batted the ball out of bounds, and Buffalo still drove for a game-tying field goal. Still, it was one of those moments that caused the nation to jump and scream collectively. texans game was tough but knowing now how JA and the team bounced back, it was a good lesson to learn going forward.
  5. this thread was about player swapping. I support the bills organization as a whole. starting at the top with the GM. the team. I recall not long ago we had a stoned GM that thought he could build a dynasty, drafting bust after bust at the QB position, a drought that lasted 17 years, that was sad. then came along beane. McD and the culture change began. then they drafted number 17. many were down on the pick, a few thought they picked the wrong josh. I was even skeptical to a degree. the last 3 seasons of development and last season in particular with he and the team sweeping the division and reaching the afcc, sold me. I support the team. I support JA and no hypothetical scenario about swapping with another teams QB, one who some seem to bow to like some god at the position is going to change that. JA is my choice. GO BILLS!!!
  6. seems you have a hard time knowing the difference from emotional and just pointing out you bowing on your knees for mahomes and those who, like myself would rather have JA as our QB. so far, you have shown in this thread you would choose mahomes over JA or at least it looks that way. emotional. 🤣
  7. two different breeds of QB. JA fits buffalo perfectly. I'll pass on mahomes. never really understood what they get out of these hypotheticals other then, to just pass time?
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