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  1. fun as in haha. yeah, CBS and you are two peas in a pod, eh? now, I have to ask, will you be looking to gloat if, I did say if, they finish the season on a 4 game losing streak? something tells me you will. I'll just go out on a limb and say no chance they have a 4 game losing streak. don't worry, I'm not a gloat so I wont come back with an I told you so....
  2. a mental case with a 3rd grade level of intelligence. not average 3rd grade level, D + level and rapidly declining by the day... what a moron.
  3. welcome home, to you and all. thank you and all for your service and sacrifice.
  4. might as well go all out and just use the bubble. seems that is pretty much what many are doing through this deal, living in a bubble. I feel the only way to strengthen the immune system is to give a fight. those with the weak immune system whether due to age or illness, those should be protected. the rest of us, battle the virus, build up you immune system so you're prepared for the next wave. callous as it may sound and has been a fact through the ages, only the strong survive.
  5. I'm hoping big Ed learns from his bad decisions, he has potential to be good as long as he sets his priorities straight. being a man of imperfection myself and having to learn the hard way, I wont chastise or judge the young man in any way shape or form. I only wish him the best.
  6. on TB12? is that kind of like the home shopping network? her vitamins have to be good for you, with rice hulls and all in them. give those innards a good scraping out.
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