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  1. There, time to step away from this thread, I think it's run its course. good to see that Rudolph got his coming too.
  2. Awesome, I knew I should have put on my reading glasses before I read that post.thanks man, carry on.
  3. You're really not defending Garrett's actions, are you? I mean I hope I'm really reading this wrong because it looks to me like you're talkin about Garrett being helpless on his back. if you are, laugh my ass off at you! If I did read it wrong I'll gladly retract my post.
  4. I've always gone by The motto that two wrongs never make a right and in this case both parties were wrong and then some more even followed but the two initial parties involved were wrong. One is being punished as he should be for ripping the helmet off and hitting the kid in the head but the other wrong was instigating the attempt to rip his helmet off and get up like he was some kind of badass and going to kick Garretts ass.
  5. are folks actually deflecting what Garrett did in this incident? He was and is certainly guilty of his actions but they also need to consider Rudolph's actions in the incident as well. he certainly isn't innocent and he should have just stayed on his ass and allowed the officials to handle the matter instead of getting up in a rage and swinging around and acting like he was going to kick his ass which was pretty stupid of him to even attempt to retaliate, absolutely stupid. I'm sure the the league will take a closer look at the incident and likely a hefty fine will follow.
  6. I thought some saw watkins as a # 1? well, when he wasn't sidelined with an injury.
  7. my friends kids have kids. yeah, I'm old. I'm a grandfather so I'm cool with being old. as for the gift, as some said, 100 bucks should suffice and a nice well aged bottle of scotch.
  8. the defense of rudolph in this thread is ridiculous. if this were on the street, both would of been taken in to custody. at the least, he deserves a hefty fine for his part. those claiming it was a reaction to the tackle must believe his reaction was justified. he should of just stayed down on his ass and allowed the officials to handle it. that would of been the professional thing to do.
  9. where is that bubble you live in? rudolph deserved some kind of punishment for his part in the incident. obviously your blind to what the video showed as well as the putrid nfl was. he was trying to take garretts helmet off and kicked him in the nuts. that obviously ignited garrett. just as in any fight, both parties are guilty. if rudolph would of just played chicken, say like a tom brady would of, instead of instigating, then I could see where he wouldn't be seeing any type of punishment.
  10. I'm not outraged, if that is what you're implying. I guess I could of put it in to a softer light when stating my opinion on society today. I'm glad I grew up in a different world then today. a time when society was not so offended by things as they are today. I mean, it has come to a time where the disney shows that were before and during my time now have to have a warning so the feelings are not hurt. sad.
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