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  1. loose, loosing? or lose, losing? either way, drinking and posting don't mix well. I see nothing historic at seasons end but will go as far as to say they will be better then 6 wins and no less then 10, possible playoff berth? 2020 may be the season for historic finishes?
  2. Tied with Jim Kelly for the most playoff wins by a quarterback who did not win the Super Bowl, with 9. The record for most playoff wins by a quarterback before eventually winning his first Super Bowl is held by John Elway, with 10. Wikipedia still don't see him earning a gold jacket.
  3. 5 things to know about Buffalo Bills rookie Ed Oliver Many among Bills Mafia were surprised that Ed Oliver, a player many considered to be a top-five pick, fell to the team at No. 9 overall. After dominating AAC competition at the University of Houston for three seasons and ranking as their best recruit ever as a five-star, the defensive lineman found himself in Western New York, on a team that will use his services well. 1. He’s raw, but he should make an impact day-one At this point, we know Oliver is an athletic marvel, and he was used correctly at college, yet remained productive. But, he’s raw. He needs to learn how to disengage blocks on a more timely fashion, and his only pass-rushing move appears to be a bull-rush. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be effective early on. Oliver should make an impact for the Bills as an interior run-stuffer immediately. His unusual combination of power, quickness, and flexibility will make him a match up nightmare for offensive guards and tackles alike. Frankly, his run-stuffing should be able to translate well immediately.
  4. don't worry, it WILL be unfounded worry on your behalf.
  5. most likely to bust...Ed Oliver, defensive tackle, Houston...yeah okay dave holcomb, I'll really take your word for it...yardbarker, LOL
  6. sorry, had to laugh ^ rarely order one, simply to ***** expensive. although by the time you get all the ingredients, you've dropped over $20 but homemade is the way to go. as for the outer crust, hell, the whole damn thing is important to me, I don't waste a crumb. love to brush garlic butter on the outer crust and shake some asiago on nair. love me some pizza
  7. Miami Dolphins Sign Former Buffalo Bills DT Adolphus Washington Published 3 hours ago Defensive tackle Adolphus Washington has signed with the Miami Dolphins, his fourth team since the start of last season. Washington was a third-round pick by Buffalo in 2016 and started 21 games in his first two seasons.
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