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  1. good to be wrong. no need for eating crow as I did say "if" they lose not they will and I hope they prove me wrong, and they did. good to see the steelers lose.
  2. they need more then the W. what matters is you are not looking like a sb contender. just an average team struggling to beat your division rival which they may do but so far not giving them much justice as a hopeful contender.
  3. one loss? okay, if that is how you see it. the way I see it is it was more then one loss. it was conference loss, which is a negative. it was a home loss that likely affects homefield (if you make the playoffs) also a negative as it could come down to the tiebreaker? as for emotions. I don't get over emotional anymore. too old for that, has a negative affect with my blood pressure. but I do have a good idea what it looks like when a team that finished as it did last season and had all the hype during the offseason to be a sb contender favorite and comes out, at home, in front of a full crowd and lays an egg. no, I watched that game like everyone else and my vision saw a team and a QB that did not look like a sb contender. their opponent did though. the way I see it, if they lose today, against a division foe who they swept last season, we're in for a long season. I also believe their chances of going to the big dance will drop even more and there is a chance they may not see the post season at all? I'm sure my post will piss of a few off here but it was the my gut feeling I had last week and still have it going in to this game. that said bills 19 fins 23 I'm hoping like hell they prove me wrong, especially JA .
  4. I may of seen some nasty things in my time here in life but this just might be the worst. that is utterly disgusting.
  5. well, hate to say it but they have the team and offense to do it. personally I think harris is a beast and stopping him obviously will be key in keeping the points down. dropping 54 on them though would be sweet.
  6. be nice to see the same score 30 years later.
  7. I didn't have the experiences some here have and my heart goes out to those close to it and forever affected. even after 20 years it still has to be tough. hell, I started to watch that netflix series last night and it not only brought a tear to my eye but brought back that anger I felt that day. that was a tough day. over whelmed. surreal. was 39 years old, turned 40 the next month. was at work and someone had said a plane hit the wtc. just as others thought I too thought it may of been a small plane. started watching the live coverage and the next plane hit, right there live on tv. I went numb. unbelievable. had a classmate who was an officer in the military at the pentagon. he survived but was in real bad shape and even after rehab and healing he will never walk right or be the same again. it affected all us, Americans. we all wept and we all will never forget 9-11.
  8. lost some greats so far here in 2021. sad to see charlie make the list. r.i.p
  9. 10 to 1 says they wont trade him for anything this season. they might, might take offers next season, might?
  10. drops happen. toe taps and tds outweigh the drop, imho
  11. I guess Kumerow's toe tap at the sideline wasn't good enough and makes the bad night list.
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