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  1. Brandon Beane: 'I think LeSean McCoy can still play' “I’m not concerned. I think LeSean still can play. If not, we would have made the decision to move on,” Beane said speaking to a select group of reporters last month. “He’s very confident, when you talk to him, that he still sees himself up here, and I don’t think you’re changing that. And I wouldn’t want him to think any different. But we’re focused on this year. That’s what we have him under contract for, and I definitely think he’s got enough left in the tank to help us in 2019.” McCoy might have competition around him, but there’s reason to believe Beane’s right. McCoy did have a career-worst 3.2 yards per carry last season. The Bills leading rusher wasn’t even him or a running back, it was quarterback Josh Allen. But while the Bills running backs struggled week-after-week last year, Buffalo did in another area as well. While there’s no solid numbers like touchdowns or interceptions to grade an offensive line on, there is Pro Football Focus. The analytics folks breaking down Bills’ 2018 season graded out Buffalo’s offensive line every week, and for a large chunk of the year, the team’s offensive line graded the team as the second-worst run blockers in the NFL.
  2. you know what thought did baker, thought he ***** and only farted...
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035966/article/state-of-the-franchise-bills-viable-playoff-contenders-in-2019 2019 VIPs Head coach: Sean McDermott. Maybe it's because I'm prone to stick up for a fellow bald guy, but McDermott is one of the most impressive coaches in the league. That might seem weird to say about a guy who has a career record of 15-17. But let's really dive into that, shall we? He kind of shocked the world when the Bills won nine games during his first year on the job and made the playoffs with a team that started Nathan Peterman at quarterback for two games. And while starting Peterman, the quarterback equivalent of a pratfall, was kind of his own doing, he still won a game with him. And winning six games last season might have been an even more impressive feat when you consider the Buffalo roster. So it's fair to say McDermott is getting the most out of his talent. He's almost like a "Top Chef" contestant who is given an egg, a bag of parsley and a bottle of hot sauce to turn into a meal. The dish might not be ready for a Michelin rating just yet, but it's still pretty good. Quarterback: Josh Allen. The Bills paid a significant price for Allen, giving up three picks to move up five spots to select him seventh overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. I loved him during his rookie season, from a fantasy football perspective, because his running ability and athleticism made him unique. But he did struggle as a passer last year. He was last in the NFL with a 52.8 completion percentage among 33 qualifiers at his position. He was second to last in passing yards per game (172.8), TD-INT ratio (10:12) and passer rating (67.9). So, there is room for improvement. Allen did finish his rookie season with his best game as a pro. He threw for 224 yards with three touchdowns and an interception against the Dolphins. He also rushed for 95 yards with two touchdowns. Dude accounted for five touchdowns in that game. This was like when you're playing golf and you birdie on the 18th hole and want to keep playing, even though your overall score was in the triple digits. Three key dates -- Week 1 at the Jets. The Bills open the season with a stretch of winnable games, including staying in their home state to visit the Jets and Giants in back-to-back weeks. And yes, I realize those teams play in the Meadowlands in New Jersey, but work with me here. -- Week 4 vs. the Patriots. As I mentioned earlier, the Bills haven't fared well against the Patriots in recent history. We can dive into that further down. But there is a good chance the Bills could be 3-0 at this point. -- Week 14 vs. the Ravens. If the Bills are going to make the playoffs, they're probably going to need to find a way to win during a three-game stretch that starts with the Ravens and concludes with roadies in Pittsburgh and New England. One storyline people are overlooking: The Bills' receivers are pretty good. I already professed my love for John Brown. He's the only guy on the roster who has posted 1,000 receiving yards in a season (he had 1,003 for the Cardinals in 2015). But the team also signed slot ace Cole Beasley and veteran Andre Roberts. Zay Jones is back after leading the team in receiving last season. And the dude I'm probably the most infatuated with is Robert Foster. This guy should not have gone undrafted in 2018. Foster is the best receiver on this roster. And with some talent around him, he's going to be able to flourish. I feel weird loving on this Bills roster so much with the way they have struggled offensively, but they could be really good. In closing The AFC seemingly starts every year with 15 teams playing for five playoff spots. But the Bills have the talent to compete for one of those spots. None of their offseason moves were super-high profile like getting OBJ or something. But I really do believe the offensive additions were kind of low-key good and this team could surprise people.
  4. I'm just curious, are you familiar with elways rookie season stats? sure, it was his rookie season and he went on to have a pretty darn good career but if you looked at his rookie numbers (47.5% completion rate, 6.4 yards-per-attempt and a 7-14 TD-INT ratio) you may of questioned if he was going to be any good or not? although like many see potential in JA, they saw it in JE as well even after a rookie campain. same applies to JA, his first season was rough so it would be best to allow a season or two or three to pass before claiming failure or success. keep in mind I have not compared him to JE, just pointing out stats that were obviously worse then JA's rookie season so it would be hard to judge him at this early stage in his career.
  5. pass on the tacos but do dig me a double stack whopper on occasion.
  6. question is, how does it really affect your life? it seems it has in some form of the way since you have been so concerned about his condition, career and his life over all. so I ask, why does it bother you so much?
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