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  1. you're really a bills fan? seems for the most part, you're a bills basher. I know, you're just so unhappy with your so called team you feel the need to express yourself. welcome to the off season folks, I'm sure old 1972 here will keep you all entertained the next few months. see you in april...
  2. he may not be the super human some have made him out to be...defense is shutting him down! lets see that miracle comeback
  3. yet here you are anyway. couldn't resist could you. I like some of the commercials, budwieser always had some good ones. hadn't caught a bud commercial yet, may of missed it?
  4. I suggest keeping any dog away from a 2 year old child but who ever owned that mutt should be held accountable. I mean, I hate to question intelligence here but a pit bull (or any large dog that can potentially kill or maim) around and close enough to kill a child. no, not too smart and they will now have to live with that hell. I wont get in to any type of pits are this and pits are that. those little mutts can do some damage but a pit, that's another story. I know I would never own one and I have seen what they can do. 1500 pounds pressure in that bite and a jaw that locks once its gripped on its victim. I was at a 4th of july party years ago, weekend camping out in the country and everyone brought their dogs and for the most part all animals were well behaved and kept close to their owners. but, some idiot let his pit run loose and it snatched on to a collie and had it by the throat. needless to say the pit met its demise with a .45 to the head. not a pretty site and the owners, a couple, were asked to leave and believe it or not did not put up any type fight over the killing of their mutt. the collie survived though after attention from the local vet. no, pit bulls are a breed that needs to be muzzled and on a lease when around humans and anyone with half a brain should know better then to have them around children. I don't believe a french poodle would of killed that child.
  5. apologies if already posted. don't know my way around down here so I thought I'd just leave it here...
  6. far too young...r.i.p cancer sucks
  7. all time why? plainly put, he sucked. honorable mention holding a close 2nd why? obvious reasons are obvious.
  8. can't blame him. I would not of been happy either the way he was let go. I'm pulling for the 49ers but if kc wins I'll be glad to see him get a ring.
  9. some old players just wont hang them up when they should. this is a time when rivers should just ride off quietly in to the sunset.
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