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  1. Taylor named the starter Vs. the Dolphins

    get off your high horse. idiot
  2. Taylor named the starter Vs. the Dolphins

    isn't it though. makes it real easy to justify such a claim.
  3. Freddy Jackson leading the charge this Sunday!

    idiocy : something that is extremely stupid or foolish : an idiotic action or statement. the true definition of this post.
  4. Taylor named the starter Vs. the Dolphins

    you're asking a lot from that character.
  5. oh, so that's how you see it. dumb statement. yeah, we've all had those, including you!
  6. Taylor named the starter Vs. the Dolphins

    he'll be healthy next week. if taylor ***** the bed, which is a good possibility, the kid will start the last two meaningless games.
  7. You calling Chandler#81 dumb? I said "little" faith he gets the job done. meaning there is still a chance but I'm not counting on it. why do you keep bringing up last season? never said he would never have a good game again, your words. I don't see him having one in the last three though. he may have one in another uniform as a back up, so there may be some hope left that he does? I'll gladly accept being wrong but the proof is in the pudding and taylors last two home games were horrid, again leading to my lack of faith. my right to think so and dumb to you or not, I'm sticking to it.
  8. last season is just that, last season. this season he has sucked the last two home games, sucked. you want to prop him up based on last season, have at it. as far as "who cares what I expect", don't. I don't care what you expect as well. last I knew I'm entitled to my opinion whether you agree or like it, it's mine and I'll post it.
  9. Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapasso This season, Jay Cutler has 3 games with a QB Rating of 110 or higher and 4 games with a QB Rating of 75 or lower 11:02 AM - Dec 15, 2017 10 BUF NOR L 10-47 * 9 18 50.00 56 0 1 33.6 2 6 3.11 0.61 3 27 9.00 0 0 13 BUF NWE L 3-23 * 9 18 50.00 65 0 1 35.6 3 25 3.61 1.11 3 32 10.67 0 0 both home games. he had one game higher than 110. 3 BUF DEN W 26-16 * 20 26 76.92 213 2 0 126.0 4 16 8.19 9.73 8 13 1.63 0 0 2017 Games those last two home games were horrible. hence not expecting him to do well sunday.
  10. after his last two home games, why wouldn't he? I have very little faith he gets the job done and rightfully so.
  11. Favorite Christmas Song

  12. Meanwhile at Finheaven, feeling good about Cutler vs Bills

    Different country, same result: Bills fall to 0-8 TORONTO -- Jay Cutler threw two touchdown passes, including one to Earl Bennett late in the fourth quarter to give the Chicago Bears a 22-19 victory Sunday and keep the Buffalo Bills winless through eight games this season. Chester Taylor also scored on a 1-yard plunge for the Bears (5-3), who came out of their bye week to end a two-game skid. Tim Jennings had an interception early in the fourth quarter, with Chicago trailing 19-14. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went 31-of-51 passing for 299 yards and a touchdown to Roscoe Parrish with two interceptions. Fred Jackson also scored for the Bills (0-8), who are off to their worst start in 26 years. The game was Buffalo's third regular-season game in Toronto as part of a five-year deal. The Bills have lost all three. highlights
  13. Would you rather be New England or Cincannati?

    definitely Cincinnati.
  14. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    sliced or wedge
  15. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    pickles or relish