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  1. I need to retract "available 365" and thought about it only being available (online) during the cookie sale week(s)?
  2. thanks for the link, I will be loading up on a variety. they're going to realize as much as it has been tradition to sit outside a store and sell or door to door which creates social interaction that it will likely show through these online sales they will make a killing. they will keep tradition I'm sure but the internet sales will encourage them to make online purchasing available 365?
  3. fortunately that game (which I haven't watched the replay, likely wont) is dust in the wind. the only positive they may gain out of that loss, is the opportunity to learn from it and make the necessary steps to succeed going forward. that next chance I believe would be this year even given the unfortunate state we as a nation (and world) are in, just unknown until we get to the other side of this. they have been making some good moves, so far on paper. draft (when/if) will add even more to a young team that now can contend for the division. I wouldn't count a brady-less pats team out as long as bellycheat remains, but chances look pretty darn good the bills can once again contend for the afce crown. ...and have a better opportunity the get past the first round of the play-offs and further? been a while.
  4. Anyone think they would have beat Dallas in Dallas on Thanksgiving last season? I like that schedule turn out.
  5. I wont criticize franks production. I believe the more important role was mentoring to singletary and I respect that more then his production.
  6. if prepared right, it's actually not bad. now these were western ny squirrels so a big difference from the ones here in fl. I wouldn't eat anything wild here although some eat wild pig. I was just kidding about eating them but if this continues, who the hell knows, I may have to resort to something here in the wild?
  7. I used to really dig those too but unfortunately my health issues no longer allow it. I would cook 2 of them and dip sliced bread with peanut butter in it, a meal in itself. cupboards are bare here, may have to go knock off a squirrel or two for supper.
  8. red rocker was better solo imo diamond dave was the only lead singer for me when it came to van halen. I really did not listen to them when sammy came aboard and definitely didn't when they had cherone fronting the band.
  9. besides sitting here watching paint dry, I'm working on my cultivation skills...
  10. you're really a bills fan? seems for the most part, you're a bills basher. I know, you're just so unhappy with your so called team you feel the need to express yourself. welcome to the off season folks, I'm sure old 1972 here will keep you all entertained the next few months. see you in april...
  11. he may not be the super human some have made him out to be...defense is shutting him down! lets see that miracle comeback
  12. yet here you are anyway. couldn't resist could you. I like some of the commercials, budwieser always had some good ones. hadn't caught a bud commercial yet, may of missed it?
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