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  1. WTF happened to this thread?? There certainly was justification to start a thread about something like this happening. The OP wasn't judging, just reporting the news involving the family of a current player. Too bad it was hijacked by f-wits.
  2. Very sad to hear this. Like many of you, she was a childhood crush of mine, who never seemed to age. God bless.
  3. Jerry Sullivan always has been, and always will be an insufferable douche-bag. That's all you need to know about him.
  4. Hmm. Maybe this years draft wasn't as good as I thought.
  5. Is that the place in Webster? Man, I love fresh apple cider. I so miss it. Here in NZ, we have apple orchards all around us, but the only cider they make is hard cider. (I enjoy hard cider, but miss fresh apple cider from good ol' upstate NY. 😀)
  6. On a more positive note... Mrs. Bad Things and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary! Flying away on Monday to celebrate.
  7. Happy birthday and God bless you, Marv!
  8. You're right. Our borders have been closed for the last few years and now that things are opening up, the government has raised the standards for incoming immigrants. I'm glad we got here when we did. (In 2005)
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