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  1. We have some really cool birds down here in New Zealand, that I love to watch. One of my favorites, has to be the Bar-Tailed Godwit that are just arriving back on our shores, on their migration all the way non-stop from Alaska. They spend the (southern hemisphere) summer here, and then fly to China before heading back across to Alaska. One was just tracked flying over 7,500 miles, non-stop for 11 days until it arrived up on the North Island. It's extraordinary to think about these little birds flying day and night across the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, only to arrive here, and blend in with the other birds without much fanfare. The local cathedral, here in Nelson, actually rings the church bells, when the Godwits arrive each year. One of natures true wonders. https://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/123190590/godwit-may-have-set-new-world-record-for-nonstop-migration-marathon-to-firth-of-thames
  2. That's very sad to hear. I had some good times while listening to his music. God bless, and thank you, Jerry! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izltIPgftfE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgh8LSIP4Bk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgh8LSIP4Bk
  3. Mate, I've been waiting for over 15 years to spot a Bills fan down here. Still waiting, but when I do, I'll probably give that poor guy/gal a big ol' bear hug and buy them a pint.
  4. I never had a ghost experience before, but I was sure freaked out by a Ouija Board experience that I had in college. Those Ouija boards are Bad Things man, Bad Things.
  5. I hope the league drops the hammer on these clowns. Other teams players and families shouldn't be put at risk, because of their stupid behavior. At the very minimum, they should be made to forfeit the game.
  6. God bless you, Johnny.
  7. Do you actually read what you write, or do you just like typing words?
  8. I think he's a lot more like a young Elway, but without the horse-face.
  9. Ah, crap! God bless you Eddie!
  10. While usually being one of the funny guys in the office, I'm also known as the one to cut through the BS and speak the truth, even if it's hard for some people to hear. Just the other day, I had to play hardball with our Mayor. (long story.) I work in Engineering for local gov't, here on the Top of the South Island, and had a couple issues with the Mayor in Nelson. (She went around my back to talk with my manager, without my consent.) Anyway, at the beginning of the meeting, I was sure I was going to get kicked out of her office... at the end of the meeting, she said she wanted me to come back to work for her organization because they needed more staff that speak the truth.
  11. You may not have this brand of tires in America, but down here there's a cheap brand called, "Kumho"." That would be fitting too. That said, where the heck do they source these things? Yuck!
  12. I wonder if they've come up with a creative way on how to use the back wash water. Yikes!
  13. Yeah, click the link. The guy spent 16+ years drinking Budweiser to do this job. There are additional photos in the story. (You can even see some Bills memorabilia in his TV room.) Strange, but very impressive!
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