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  1. "This is a surprising conclusion," Olson said. "It shows us that conditions on some exoplanets with favorable ocean circulation patterns could be better suited to support life that is more abundant or more active than life on Earth." Exoplanets could have better conditions for life than Earth, study says
  2. I'm blown away by how so many people go to concerts nowadays to just hang out and talk to each other. I don't. I go for the musical experience and want to hear the damn songs!
  3. We just had a really weird one roll through here about 15 minutes ago. (Top of the South Island, NZ) It was a 5.2 and was centered about 20 miles away. I was standing in the kitchen with my wife and dog when we all heard a deep, short rumbling sound followed by what felt like (an above-ground) shockwave pass through. My wife was sitting down and felt a bit of shaking, but the above ground feeling was a first for me. Has anyone else ever felt that before?
  4. 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
  5. If you kick your dog, I hope it bites your bloody leg off.
  6. Cool! Fun Fact: My brother made some of the optics that fixed the Hubble. (Owned his own one-man shop in the Rochester area.)
  7. Just wondering why you think Sill has a leg up on him. (not saying you're wrong.) I haven't heard many positive TC reports about Sills.
  8. The wife and I just spent a fantastic few days exploring some new beaches along the West Coast of the South Island. Wow. We even spotted a few penguins coming back in the evening from feeding all day.
  9. Funny, I was thinking the same thing about Jack White.
  10. I'll also recommend Muscle Shoals. The story is incredible. Another good one is Supermensch:The Legend of Shep Gordon. Again, incredible story.
  11. You know... this thread topic used to be a fun place to share goofy stories. Now? Not so much. Thanks 4mer.
  12. Fun fact... I was born at the same time that the moon capsule splashed down. July 24th
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