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  1. I've been streaming music with "Tidal hi-fi" for a couple years now and absolutely love it. (Some of their "Master quality MQA" files are amazing on a good sound system. Forget about Spotify and all the other low quality streaming services. You only live once... enjoy quality music! https://tidal.com/
  2. I cannot believe anyone who has been watching and following our season would come to the conclusion that injuries have not affected us. That's ridiculous.
  3. I'm looking forward to watching his endzone dance again. Welcome back, Smoke!
  4. "I'll take it"? What would happen if you didn't take it?
  5. My point? I've been here long enough for you all to know that I rarely have a point. 😁
  6. You talk like you've been in the locker room. Also, if Eric Wood is throwing Tre under the bus that's pathetic. Have we all forgotten the way that he had to retire? It was a disaster. https://deadspin.com/report-eric-woods-retirement-delayed-due-to-bonus-mone-1822526483 I think Eric should just STFU.
  7. Wait a sec... so we're laughing at Jets fans because of how they're acting after a loss? Look at this board and see how a lot of Bills "fans" are acting after a Bills win. It's honestly really pathetic to me.
  8. I find it really sad that so many fans can turn against one of our best players that's trying to come back from an injury. For some of you, it should be "Bills Mob" instead of "Bills Mafia". Soft.
  9. Yeah, Poyer really flashed on a lot plays last night, but don't forget about Milano. He's the man!
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