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  1. Yeah, I'm with you on this one. To be honest, it gets a bit tiring having the camera show these same fans every flipping home game. Don't get me wrong... good on them for supporting the Bills, but sometimes it just looks really forced, which in turn makes it kinda sad.
  2. All very true, but that was also a big measuring stick that they would use to beat the snot out of us two times every year.
  3. Just say "No to Hochuli." That last name has been the bane of many NFL fans for too long.
  4. I'm currently on a dive trip on the Aitutaki Atoll, and there's no tipping here either. As it should be.
  5. In a former life, I used to live in the Portland OR area while this guy was the biggest wanker on the airwaves. Why anyone would listen to him, much less "actually listen to him" blows me away. Is the "Cowherd" the name of his fans? Maybe someone should suggest, "Cow Mafia" now that our team broke his top-10.
  6. Boy, I'm soooo wanting this guy to succeed. He totally gets it. Let's go Buffalo!
  7. So, I went on this little expedition yesterday. (Still on the island of Rarotonga, in the middle of the South Pacific.) There was a younger couple there on their honeymoon, who live near where I used to live, so we struck up a conversation. When they heard I've lived in NZ for the last 15 years, the guy began asking me all of these questions about how the game of rugby is played. I could answer the vast majority of them, but after a while, I kinda stopped him and said that "American Football" is still my #1 sport and that I was a member of bills Mafia a Bills fan. The guys wife looks up at me and said that her best friend used to date Trent Edwards in high school. Friggin' small world.
  8. The last time I was back in the States was a little over two years ago. My old crew got together for some well-needed debauchery, with some of them flying in from out of state. It was a real eye-opener. The ones that remained living in the region are still exactly the same and still even talk about the same stuff. I love them all dearly, but man it was depressing. Get out there and see what this crazy world is all about!
  9. Yeah, even though I'm a world away and 30 years removed, I still stay in touch with my NY friends. In fact there are core friends from all of the places I've lived that I still keep in touch with. Just last week I received an email from one of my workmates from Xerox (1989!) that wants to come down to NZ for a visit.
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