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  1. You're asking if I/we would date a woman who has been accused of squeezing her ex-boyfriends genitals until they bled? What, are you bloody nuts??
  2. Yeah, the more I learn about the guy, the more impressed I am. The concert footage that I’ve watched is simply first rate. The funny thing is that his stage persona (sharp suit, sunglasses) and his “every day” persona couldn’t be more different. He comes across as a totally down to earth, average (nerdy) guy. Plus, he’s from upstate NY, which is pretty darn cool. (You think he could bring me a box of Zweigle’s/Labatt’s when he comes down here?)
  3. We'll be seeing Joe Bonamassa in Christchurch in a couple weeks, which I'm really looking forward to. Good concerts are far and few down here, so thought I'd take the chance on going to this one. To be honest, I don't know much at all of his music, but some friends have shared some really impressive concert videos of his. Has anyone here seen him before?
  4. Congratulations on retirement, Arthur! Not to nit-pick, but the hit that Moats put on Favre was not Favre's last game. If I remember correctly, the hit re-aggravated an injury to Brett, making him miss the following weeks game. This broke his streak NFL record of consecutive games played.
  5. Bruce Smith all day, every day. Bad Things, man.
  6. Legend RIP Interesting to see that both Leon Redbone and Dr John died within a week of each other. IMHO they were both very different, but still cut from the same cloth.
  7. Looked around online and found this... https://www.banpitbulls.org/where/where-are-pit-bulls-banned-internationally/ Where are pit bulls banned internationally Argentina Parts of Australia Parts of Austria Bavaria Belarus Parts of Belgium Bermuda Parts of Brazil Parts of China Parts of Canada Denmark Ecuador Finland France Germany – Pit bull type dogs are banned in 15/16 German provinces. Guyana Ireland Israel Italy Parts of Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Malaysia Malta New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia Singapore Spain Switzerland Turkey The UEA Ukraine United Kingdom Venezuela ** No countries except Canada and the US allow the importation of pit bull type dogs. **
  8. Exactly! That stupid horn is annoying even for TV viewers, I can only imagine how bad it would be, being there.
  9. If you can't drive as least as fast as the speed limit, pull over and let cars pass you!! I'm trying to get to work here! Oh... and speaking about work... why can't I bring my dog to work?? She's a GREAT dog. Quiet, won't crap inside and can sit right beside me in my office. Heck, she's probably smarter than half the people here! I want my dog!
  10. Listening to One Bills Drive right now while driving around the top of the South.
  11. Can anyone tell me if there's somewhere to watch this show online? We get The History channel here, but this particular show isn't on the schedule.
  12. I could not be happier with Josh. All in!!
  13. The Shammy! What a great place to eat. Buck Pond was always our "go-to" campground when I still lived in NYS. I love that area of the ADKs. I went back there a couple years ago with my brother and rented this great little place on Osgood Pond. The owner took us to The Shamrock a couple of times. The biggest food portions, I've ever seen!
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