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  1. Bad Things

    How much snow does everyone have?

    No snow to report on the Top of the South Island. It's beautiful summertime right now!
  2. Bad Things

    Buffalo is about to go up in Smoke

    Oh, now I get it. You were being sarcastic when you came up with your username.
  3. Bad Things

    Buffalo is about to go up in Smoke

    New York State isn't a cesspool, for Pete's sake. I was born and raised there. Also, WTF with the baby killing thing?
  4. Bad Things

    Buffalo is about to go up in Smoke

    Huh? Is this really what things are like back NY/ America right now, or are you just a nutter? Nothing coming out of the US surprises me anymore. As for the weed thing.. good!
  5. Bad Things

    Cardinals tweet their support of Right Josh

    Hard to imagine a more "punchable" face than this.
  6. Bad Things

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    I'm a Bills fan. Of course, I'm going to be disappointed! Duh!
  7. Bad Things

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    I expect Trent to be playing for another team next season.
  8. Bad Things

    Can someone explain Grammy song of the year to me ?

    I always thought Donald Glover was great on "Community" and know that he's been having a successful music career, but... man is this song pure unadulterated crap.
  9. Bad Things

    Don't pet the wild pigs in the Bahamas

    Yeah, never go near any wild pigs. There's a great local story from back in the '90's. A group of runners went out for their Sunday morning run, up the Maitai Valley towards the dam. When they got up there, they saw an aggressive boar on the other side of the river. Next thing they know, the damned thing is swimming across the river to attack them! They gave chase and were scrambling up the bank when out of nowhere, the dam caretaker (Trevor) comes charging up in his truck... runs up to the boar... jumps on the friggin' thing and wrestles it down to the river, where he drowned it. The man is a legend. Since that day, the local running groups put on an annual event, where the prize is the Trevor Ruffell trophy which was made from the boar's jaw and tusks.
  10. Bad Things

    RIP Red Cashion

    God Bless you, Red. First downnn!
  11. Bad Things


    Look at the other headlines on that page.
  12. Bad Things

    Beyond Blue and Red: Josh Allen - Full Episode Posted

    Yup, just plain awesome. I friggin love this kid.
  13. Bad Things

    "Parks and Rec" vs "The Office"

    "Somebody making soup?"
  14. Bad Things

    "Parks and Rec" vs "The Office"

    The Office, hands down. Parks and Rec was a decent show, but really became annoying when Leslie got into the political thing. Then, it just became annoying.
  15. Bad Things

    Jogger kills Mountain Lion Fort Collins CO

    Yikes! I hiked/biked these very trails many dozens of times when I lived there. Wow.