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  1. You sound like that made-up New Jersey guy that posts here a couple times a season. His posts are usually funny though.
  2. I'm sure many here will disagree, but I think the 1980 Winter Olympics totally destroyed the charm and character of Lake Placid.
  3. When will Jerry Sullivan announce his career change about becoming a Used Car Salesman?
  4. I'm putting this all squarely on Beasley. It's a real shame.
  5. Guardians? That's seriously the lamest nickname I've ever heard for a sporting team.
  6. No way. I'm counting on Motor to have a big year. Let's go Buffalo!
  7. Yup, I'm with you on this one, although I always preferred her "fun-loving, naughty" cousin Serena. Yes, Please!!
  8. The amount of "incredible plays" in that video just blows me away. I still find it hard to accept how great he is, and that he's ours! Let's go Buffalo!
  9. That dude in the middle kinda looks like Waldo, wearing a different shirt.
  10. I consider the South Island of New Zealand, "Bills Country"! Not many/any other NFL fans around.
  11. And yet we have members here, basically applauding the Hot for Teacher threads. Weird.
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