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  1. Hmm... not the most inspiring highlights in there. I wish him all the best though!
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Yeah, I know it's a highlight reel, but this kid really shows a low of skill and is fast as hell. Great pick!
  3. Jeez... his ENTIRE family have punchable faces!
  4. Although NZ will soon be opening up a "travel-bubble" with Aussie and the Cook Islands, I suspect any other international destinations will be off the table for us this year. That said, as bad as it sounds, we've been loving the fact that there aren't any international tourists in New Zealand. We have the entire place to ourselves! Just last month, I got to go backpacking in Fiordland National Park. The trails were empty, and the scenery was beyond stunning.
  5. I really hope we don't get rid of him. He's a fun player to watch, with some of the best on-field vision I've ever seen. Also, for a smaller guy, he's not shy at all to give the tackler a good "pop" before being brought down. We just need better run blocking.
  6. Gilmore and Mario Williams. I couldn't stand either of 'em after a few years.
  7. I love that they brought up "Sugar-high Josh Allen". Iol! It was a funny segment, but it also also showed how he ticks, with his "chaos" comments. I could not be happier with this guy. Let's go Buffalo!
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