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  1. Wow... I don't know if anyone ever quoted Keats on TBD before.
  2. But... but... he's really good at waving his arms around to get the crowd going!
  3. Thanks for that sharing that, Riccick. Pat is always a good listen, but man I can't stand watching him. He just comes across like a major douche.
  4. F Jerry Sullivan. It's a shame that he even needs to be mentioned on this board. I wish he would simply go away like other annoying things. (Like a bad case of the s-hits)
  5. Yeah, hopefully he'll have a better fate than William Wallace. (and Mel Gibson, for that matter.)
  6. Sunny and mid-70's down there on the top of the south. Is it bad that I'm having shots before noon?
  7. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It's Sunday morning and I just got up. Going to hit the beach and then come home to start drinking and cooking. Buffalo playoff football is here!!!
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