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  1. It would have made geographic sense. Absolutely. But it wouldn’t have been right in any other sense.
  2. Yes, but the Boston market is usually blacked out from a CBS game in the same time slot when the Pats* are on FOX. Promo, do you get WPRI, the CBS out of Providence? The Bills-Ravens was on there yesterday, and I would bet they’re carrying the marquee matchup, given this slate. Hartford CBS will carry the Jests, I’m certain. Slight chance Providence does too because it’s Jets-Dolphins as an AFCEast division game.
  3. It may just be my eyes, but Cook has just looked SLOW when he’s gotten the ball (mostly in the garbage time vs TENN). This is both in hesitation and in how fast he’s running out there. SLOOOW.
  4. What would be the deal with PITT starting Trubitsky? He has familiarity of our system, seeing it in practice all last year, but we have familiarity with him. Is that a wash?
  5. It might take the legal system of another country to finally DO something about this clown. This is what happens when people with severe behavior issues never get checked because they can throw, catch, kick, etc. an inflated ball. Thrown out of college? Wah. Slap on the wrist of probation in FL. Send him to prison for a few years and see what he learns.
  6. Not the Bills, but Northwestern Univ. (near Chicago) released renderings of their new stadium today. The new Ryan Field will cost ~$800M and have a capacity of 35K, which is a downsize from the current field’s 47K. Looks kinda similar to what is said to be the design for us, with the awning over most seats. Are we going to have to go to three tiers to fit 60K? (Also, fer chrissake, 204KB is the biggest image size allowed here and it kinda sucks to have to do the photo-compress app three times before it’s small enough. 204KB is insanely small & crappy quality these days. Sorry to vent, but…)
  7. What happened to Cam Lewis and Siran Neal?
  8. How soon we forget Korey Stringer. His family created a sports science center at my alma mater UConn after he died of exertional heat stroke in 2001 after a Vikings training camp practice where the heat index was 99* (and reached 110* that day). How the league can continue to schedule mid-day games in Miami & Tampa (tho, yesterday’s game there had a 4:30 start) in the early part of the season just takes a poop on the notion that they care about player safety.
  9. The final play. McKenzie juked for an extra yard for 8 seconds instead of just dropping to the ground. We would’ve had time for the spike a the FG try.
  10. Also McKenzie not just dropping to the ground after the last catch, rather than trying to juke for an extra yard for 8 seconds. If he doesn’t do that, we have a FG try. His situational awareness leaves a lot to be desired. Probably why Dorsey was pissed in the booth.
  11. Besides the common sense in having multiple egresses off the field, this is another reason to have separate entrances for the visitor and home locker rooms in the new stadium.
  12. How about giving Jordan Philips the carry ala Refrigerator Perry? Sorry, that haiku thread is getting to me.
  13. What’s Tenn wearing? On edit: They’re white on white.
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