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  1. Ruff / Ruffles. @Gray Beard & @ExiledInIllinois, his tail is docked, which is traditional for the German shorthaired pointer because they are a hunting breed and it prevents injuries to the tail in the field. He still has his dewclaws, though, which is odd as those usually get taken too and are much more susceptible to injury. Have NYS legislators ever seen those kind of injuries? 😡. Done when they’re 2-3 days old the pain is nil / minimal. Injuries due to routine dog activities when preventable steps can be taken are excruciating.
  2. This is what our vet said is the benchmark. When their interest in food is nil, it’s a sign that things are nearing the end. I’ve been through two as an of-age owner, and my current boy just turned 10 and is slowing down. Condolences, Turk.
  3. Condolences and prayers offered. We lost my mom just over 5 years ago to cancer of the pancreatic region (at a node from which it spread). She had decided to be mostly at home though there were a few hospital stays for issues. I handled meds including morphine for the final few days when she went downhill quickly, dosing as the doctors said, and we finally had hospice person come the final night so I could have what turned out to be a two hour nap (I literally hadn’t slept for the previous five days; wasn’t able to even with meds). My oldest brother wasn’t there when she passed and I think he still beats himself up over it for going to work instead of coming. But in many ways, it was probably for the best for him, with ptsd issues from long military service. It’s rough not having had contact and to say last goodbyes and I love yous due of all things to technical issues. But no doubt — NO doubt —she knew she was in your heart and you were in hers.
  4. I saw an article the other day that reported that The Child doll cost $5M to make. 😲
  5. I’m a Red Sox fan and I have to agree. If the reports are accurate that Cora instigated this setup in Houston and introduced whatever in Boston (there’s more investigation ongoing for that), I’d probably push for a 5-year ban. No wiggle room for this stuff. So disappointed in them / any manager or players that knew and used it and did nothing. 😡 With the past history of videotaping, Goodell had better figuratively throw the book at the Pars* organization. If Belichick does not get at least a year suspension, it’s not justice. I don’t give a hoot if they can’t find anything that he ordered it. In the NCAA they call it “lack of institutional control” in punishments where the coach isn’t implicitly involved... but that s/he hadn’t done anything to ensure the kind of act didn’t happen. WRT Belichick et al and 🎥, there can be absolutely NO reason an employee can do this and BB sidesteps punishment.
  6. As someone who is on the autism spectrum, I would say that if a developmental disability is a possibility here, you need to be very direct in saying that everyone in the office needs to be doing their jobs and really do not have time to talk. If you want to deflect blame from yourself, you can possibly say that the corporate / head office has noticed on security cameras that ... blah blah blah productivity blah blah blah and I’ve been told that blah blah blah and that if it doesn’t stop everyone in the office is going to get in trouble. Passing the buck up the ladder takes the blame off of y’all and puts it on a faceless entity. But please do recognize that this might come as another hit to what may be a limited social life and a history of ostracization. Does she have family members in town that you could talk with to explain the situation so that they can then further explain and enforce it with her? Are there any local or regional activity groups or volunteering (e.g. senior care facility, if she likes to talk so much) that you could point her to and maybe follow up on her involvement in?
  7. Patently obvious. But for whatever reason, it simply hasn’t been an area of emphasis by him or the coaching.
  8. Whatever Josh Allen is going to do in this offseason with Palmer, et al. he’s gotta put some emphasis on his grip or lack thereof on the football. Yesterday’s fumble came at a key point and the replay showed that the defender didn’t even touch the ball, it just dropped out of Josh’s hand like the hot potato of metaphor. The looseness with ball security has been an ongoing issue this season. He gets in trouble, gets pressured and becomes clumsy with his grip. That may be the Number 1 issue that he has to work on that is a weakness entirely his own, imo.
  9. No doubt. And unless he reproduced asexually, that would seem to be exactly what he did. —— In another area, a pretty sound hypothesis about Snoke’s origin, since certain things were shown in the opening scenes. How cunning and apropos! https://apple.news/AcNz5z9CARdC7hxa3_y59jg
  10. Some quick hits of backgrounding from the forthcoming(?) TROS encyclopedia. TROS plot holes answered by visual dictionary Interesting bit about the Jannah character’s possible parentage from Lando, whose child after ROTJ was taken by the First Order.
  11. Like dev, I don’t necessarily disagree with the points. But this is the intro material that builds character/s for what will hopefully be a long-running series. I prefer the simplistic run-down of: Mando is a jaded bounty-hunter in a moral-relativism world who finally faces an ethical quandary. He must take jobs where he’s putting himself at risk (what you call naivety) because he is now being hunted by his former employer/coworkers and can’t pick and choose. That slaver ship doesn’t run on hopes and dreams. Baby Yoda is hardly a McGuffin plot device. Mando / Din Jarryn has been tasked with returning BY to his home planet / species. After such a long time of knowing nothing about the Yoda-species, there is now insight and more on the horizon. Space western: £#€¥ yeah!!!! Old scores to settle. Desert planets. Shootouts. .... There aren’t that many types of story about justice, which is essentially the question at the heart of SW (light and dark, lawless outer rim and ordered, organized federation) and the quest for a balance. Malcolm Gladwell appeared on Jos Rohan’s podcast recently and they discussed the topic, centered around police procedural dramas but can be extended here... where Gladwell points to four main story types: the Western, The Eastern, the Northern, the Southern. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/joe-rogan-and-malcom-gladwell-posed-a-mind-blowing-theory-about-crime-shows.html/
  12. JJ confirmed that Finn wanted to reveal that he thinks he’s force-sensitive and that it was not about anything romantic. Kinda wish they had settled that on-screen, but not a big deal. Maybe in a deleted scene in extras.
  13. I dunno about this, but... it’s close.
  14. Wow. This series has been a great addition & and breath of fresh air to the Star Wars universe. Shouldn’t be surprised that the former / final(?) imperial leader of Mandalore has the Blacksaber, as that’s where the Clone Wars series left things. Awesome! Dave Filoni &/or Jon Favreau should take over for Kathleen Kennedy.
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