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  1. 😮. How does she have four kids and her body isn’t completely trashed?
  2. The Rams were given dispensation to wear their throwback blue/yellow in the Super Bowl vs. the Pats... likely because the sets they were stuck with from St Louis (they were waiting on the new LA stadium was completed to do a redesign) looked like 💩. IIRC, the Saints also wore their beautiful Color Rush set a couple of times in the playoffs. I’m hoping & expecting that we’ll be wearing the blue jersey & white pants.
  3. I’m not a fan of Andre Roberts taking KOs out of the end zone with such frequency. Not only is there the odds of not even making it to the 25 — like on a couple yesterday — but always the potential for holding penalties which back you up into a terrible series of bad field position. Roberts REALLY screwed us over to start the Tenn game this year and everything after imploded as well.
  4. On that punt, on that last replay they showed, it looked like it DID hit the Bucs’ player’s hand warmer that was on his back side.
  5. Rivers certainly went to the right team for his abilities & his drawbacks given their OL.
  6. If John Brown bumped McK out today, it wasn’t a good call. Smoke got snuffed.
  7. Our long national nightmare is over. https://deadline.com/2021/01/caillou-canceled-pbs-parents-happier-1234665631/
  8. And again, we lost with the same vs. the Jags in the 10-3 WC game. #BadMojo #10/10WouldNOTRecommend
  9. As long as it’s not the white jersey -blue pants combo that’s lost us the last two playoff games. But with the very similar color schemes, I would forgive a blue-blue or even the reds just so Josh et all have better visual distinction.
  10. Whatever for the time slot. What I’m worried about is that we’d better not be wearing the white uni & blue pants like the last two WC losses in the McD era. It’s a bad luck combo.
  11. Strong power rusher. Don’t know if he looked better due to MyYami running for the buses, but he deserves a longer look in practice.
  12. Mmmm. No. The first picture is of the blue socks. The second is the blue socks worn really low so the stripes are virtually hidden. They’ve also worn all white and all blue (no stripes) this and last season. It appears that the captains or Josh himself (UniWatch says uni selection is sometimes left to the QB solely) don’t like the sock stripes. And Kim Pegula may have some influence as well. But... THESE are the white striped. No block of blue right below the pants. I don’t know when they wore them last. But the ones you’re calling white striped above are NOT the white striped...
  13. Errr... it looks like it’s the blue striped socks. Not the white.
  14. Other than the non-call on the Pats* OLman who held Addison on the play when he backward-bumped into Cam in the backfield, then Cam ran it for the TD, I think the refs called a fair game. On Tre’s DPI where he clearly did not agree... yeah it was definitely DPI on the replay. Not much yellow and they let the guys play 👍🏼. Some refs just seem to want to get their faces on teevee and get flag-happy, like the Broncos game. I just wish the league could get it together and make calls more consistent.
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