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  1. Same here. Gave the dog a bath and washed his beds & toys, watched some of the Jints-Cowgirls game, made some luxurious French toast and bacon for dinner... and then a notification dinged after 9 p.m. that Nadal won in a five-setter. 😮.
  2. Well, yeah. A lot of the material he did doesn’t have a long shelf life. But e.g. the Juicy Smollett bit is 😄 commentary that the late night guys can’t or wouldn’t do.
  3. So there’s a picture of AB’s new lid. Looks more like a motorcycle helmet....
  4. But then there’s Kelly O’Hara. Nice form!
  5. Wait... you moved to Connecticut?!?!!! It’s like a mad rush to escape this place.
  6. What does Republican-Democrat have to do with it? I laughed my ass off, as ever. It’s not his job to be PC and he doesn’t even have to believe what he says... it just has to be funny. People take offense? Eff ‘em. I think that’s why Dave chose to wear a military flight-suit. He’s going to war against everybody that has a preconceived notion of what comedy is and should be in this era.
  7. I think it all but solidified the theory that Rey is a clone that got out of the warehouse. The cave sequence showed her as one of an endless repeating line of Reys. Palpatine or whoever the dark side leader is had commissioned clones before. And the comic dome time ago confirmed that Palpatine implanted/conceived Anakin into his mother. Not a stretch to be able to commission clones that are force-sensitive.
  8. How soon we forget about astronauts wearing NASA diapers while driving hundreds of miles to confront a romantic rival....
  9. My mum taught us three boys to aim by putting Cheerios in the toilet. After my oldest brother’s recent stays here, it looks as though he needs a refresher course 😒. White guys like... Ben Watson?
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