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  1. Josh’s mesh point is not nearly as clean / smooth as a number of other QBs and it seems like defenses can react to it faster.
  2. Same, considering that Buffalo-Miami is a same-division game of the Pats*, so there is some competitive interest. Denver-Pitt just doesn’t seem like a great matchup or one that people in New England will watch or care about.... but... whaddo I know?
  3. Got them some game experience & reps that they missed w/o preseason 👍🏼.
  4. I’ve been a little smitten with the gal in the Geico ‘we have aunts’ commercial. Alexis Jacknow. We Have Aunts
  5. Odd that we went with all-white socks, which I don’t think I’ve seen before, rather than either the blue or white ones with stripes.
  6. Game was called fair. No real complaints besides the first FG miss that was iffy as it went directly over the upright... but *shrug*. Josh got two roughing the passer calls, one a shot near the head, and another on a hit at the ankles / knee a couple seconds after the ball was out that had the potential for soft tissue injury 😠.
  7. That’s less than I was expecting. 👍🏼 But good for him getting security.
  8. Merry Natal Anniversary, Karen!
  9. I would second this. I only visited for a short time, but the Smokies are beautiful and the people seemed really nice... even to someone wearing a UConn Huskies t-shirt.
  10. I got an authentic throwback customized with my own name and #15 a few years ago. Pricy and a bit of a wait, but it’s quality material that will last. Recently have been trying to rehab an older Kelly era authentic. The screen printing had some peeling off after it had a trip in the washing machine (Note: Always hand-wash!!!!) Ordered some number and name letters from a company MVP Sports Lettering out of Colorado via eBay that seriously, seriously disappointed in customer service: it took like 3 months and they only responded and shipped the order when I filed a complaint and requested my money back, the lettering was terrible and not to specs (3” x 1” rather than 3x 1 3/8. and the difference is glaring, and it was not the red-outlined lettering like on the ‘64 throwbacks that I requested). I’ve contacted them about getting the proper name lettering but don’t expect a reply. I’m now stuck and wondering whether I try another lettering company out of Montreal. Once bitten, twice shy.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088LPKZPJ/ref=cm_sw_r_oth_api_i_YFVoFbAEND408 This is an alternative that I’ve kept on my list for when I get around to it. Customizable. Sewn numbers and name. No black trim ??. (You can elect not to have to have a chest workmark.) I’d be most concerned about how true their sizing. I’m kinda lanky and their adult small of a 46, if it’s akin to the Nike size 46, would be like a tent on me.
  12. It’s my birthday, too! Nice to share with Marv. But it’s Tom Brady’s, as well....
  13. I’m remembering a show scene where a character put up a cardboard cutout of himself for a group video conference. Was it George Costanza? Sounds like something he’d do....
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