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  1. I don’t even watch pre-game shows anymore. It’s just a waste of time.
  2. Can I just ask… what the heck is with Torrence stabbing / tomahawk chopping the air a second before the snap? That is incredibly annoying to see on-screen and had me worried about false starts through the game… but… it’s allowed? Didn’t notice that in the preseason games. It kinda gives away the snap count.
  3. Short term requires the guy to have made the final 53 on paper, after which the team IRs him and can sign someone else. IRing him before means he’s out for the season or if given an injury settlement he can sign with another team but not the Bills.
  4. Like Christian Wade, the English rugby player we received an additional spot for during preseason a couple-few years ago. He had some really great runs… and then… never heard from again during the season.
  5. Wow. It helps the historic drought situation of the last decade+ I imagine but it happening feast-or-famine is always terrible.
  6. Just looked it up… Bill Dwyer was in the Penn. State House and had been found guilty a few months prior of a bunch of racketeering, bribery, perjury, conspiracy charges about taking money to award a contract to an auditing firm in California. He was to be sentenced the next day. Some say that the hounding of the press drove him to it, but 🤷🏻‍♂️. That was a lengthy sentence coming his way and his life was basically over so he probably would’ve have done it anyway, but maybe in a different, private way. News can’t / shouldn’t let a guy off easy there’s a chance of whatever. But if it hadn’t happened how he did so publicly, I imagine the coverage would have been quite different.
  7. In J-school, the ethics of reporting on it was that public suicides like this are fair game for coverage… bc quite a lot of people saw it. The case study then was the government official accused of embezzlement in Philly iirc who called a news conference and shot himself in the head on air at the podium. To not mention it at all is a whitewash to something that happened so publicly. That they published graphic description and so many photos including a lot of the sheet-draped remains? Yeah, that is *quite* tough to defend… but I’m also betting the story got a lot of clicks for the same reason people slow down and look over at accident scenes #rubbernecking. Suicide where it was done privately is generally not reported unless the person was a public figure, and even then is not accompanied by scene photos… but for some true rags like NYP it may have less to do with decency and more that they don’t have access to the scene.
  8. You do know they’re printing organs in labs *now*, right? It’s going to take time before it’s a routine thing to replace a heart but surely not 50K years. Maybe 100, and that’s with massive-profit insurance companies & the slowness of public health guideline changes blocking the way.
  9. There was a guy whose autopilot Tesla got into an accident because he went to sleep. He thought the car would be able to do everything. I don’t remember if he died. The thing with this technology is that it is / will be there as the basis / primary system but it still requires & will likely always require a human to be behind the wheel supervising it and making corrections and decisions that AI isn’t / might not be quite programmed to do. Detour, road washed out, debris, accidents, animals in the road, etc. It’s a long way off from what they call the “Level 5” self-driving.
  10. My uncle (a Marine ‘Nam vet) hanged Stern out of a window by his shirt collar when he was in Hartford in the ‘80s(?). It was at an office party or something, my aunt worked at the station and Stern said something to really p— him off.
  11. Bipolar runs in the family a bit on my mum’s side, and my mum was in and out of treatment for it when I was very young, and my oldest brother and, from the sounds of it, his son (11) have it. (Autism — which I have) & schizophrenia also are cluster diagnoses that run alongside with bipolar in heredity.) He hit on good drug treatment for it and they’re looking into for my nephew with aggression and a lot of sleep issues. Thanks for some insight. BTW, diabetes also runs on my mum’s side, and my brother’s numbers were up, and he started Ozempic awhile back and it’s been terrific for him. A1c is down into the 5s, and he’s lost 50 pounds so far; doc says he’s the poster person for it.
  12. On the FB page of Bobby Trosset: Full piece: https://tinyurl.com/2s44vrt7 That was back pre-Internet and 24/7 media with space to fill. Hopefully Angelos continues to feel the heat on his BS.
  13. I believe I saw a headline that said a Yankees announcer also laid in on O’s front office. Broadcasters have to stick up for their own lest other or their own ownership tries to put the screws to them and the job just becomes happy-face jingoism or else you’re canned.
  14. A paragraph on that? Fake Fat Sunny and his long string of aliases who all go on and on in a free association tangent and say the same thing twenty times… is back / has changed names yet again.
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