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  1. Hmm. I’m not quite sure if this thread is just one non seqitour after another or if it is indeed about shaving utensils, but I can share that I bit the bullet this evening and ordered a Braun series 9 shaver on the Zon. ~$220 after a $120 discount. The old series 3 was simply not doing it anymore, even after getting a new shaving head for it. The white whiskers are coming in with verve and I read on reviews that the 9 does a very efficient job on those, with higher power [Tim Allen grunt here] and five blades. That’s the propaganda, we’ll see in a week or two what the real story is.
  2. I went to high school with a gal who is now a fitness model and is still a good solid 9/10 at early 40s and got some attention some time ago for trick-shot videos of throwing footballs into basketball net from like 50 yards, and I think some golf things iirc.
  3. Hell yeah. The article was kinda vague on what the interior space will be used for, but I imagine there’s going to be a large gambling devoted area similar to what the Pegulas et al have described for our new place. Gambling just seems to get butts in seats. I’ve never really understood the allure, an AP stats course hammered it into me that gambling isn’t a great use of money, nor have I ever really had enough money to just 🔥💰 / 💸.
  4. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/05/11/sports/gillette-stadium-breaks-ground-225-million-renovation/ A 22,000 sq. ft. HD video board at the former open end and what looks like concourses / atrium space that will essentially finally enclose the field. Artist rendering:
  5. Someone else replied the same, but the league has shown us that there are times a contract doesn’t mean anything. I don’t think Poyer is the type who would hold out of training camp or beyond, but he was one of the very few who didn’t show up for the voluntary mini, his wife seems to be in the extremes of high-maintenance, and given a new agent we don’t know exactly what his thoughts are. So it’s a little up in the air at this point. Just was saying that the possibility exists.
  6. Depending on how disgruntled he gets… possibly Poyer. Would kinda hate to break up that safety pairing, but there’s Neal and Johnson behind him, yes?
  7. Two stretches of three straight on the road? Geez, I hope not.
  8. Wouldn’t be upset at one of the TEs we were looking at. I just don’t think we’ll be able to afford to pay Knox next off-season.
  9. There are some sellers on eBay who make tackle twill numbers & NOB lettering, that are adhesive when ironed… but really have to be stitched for permanency. I did a Red Sox jersey from a blank with my own last name — because I can’t be traded or sign with another team — and it came out great. Sewing it all on as well as some extra stuff was $70 (I think I got gouged there but 🤷🏻‍♂️). If you know someone who can sew that makes it all the more economical and anyone halfway talented can make it look no different from factory finish. I got a crash course in sewing a few months ago from a neighbor, using my mum’s old and sturdy Singer sewing machine, to make a repair on an LLBean dog bed that had a wear hole in one spot. And screw anyone who says this is being “cheap” because it’s literally part of the three Rs ♻️. Fashion & textile waste is a sizable % of landfill. Make do and mend, as the old phrase went.
  10. Same with the Red Sox. I live in northeast CT but my mum’s side was / is from WNY so I’m a Bills & (casual) Sabres fan. I had just gotten (back?) into watching baseball after graduating from the U and 2004 was just an AMAZING postseason for Boston. I was not nearly as invested as folks who had suffered through so much sports heartbreak. So for me that was a yay rah rah / woohoo experience rather than weepy tears of joy. The other World Series championships since have been great too, but yeah, they are less emotional. When I hear the replay of Joe Buck’s call of “CAN… you BELIEVE it!??” that’s pure nostalgia now. And almost 20 years ago itself, now. Wow. It feels like that just happened. Otherwise, UConn has any number of college basketball 🏀 national championships, women’s more than men’s. TBH I have watched the women’s far more than the men’s games over the years. I sat right next to Sue Bird and like half the women’s team in a French culture gen-ed class in their perfect year of 2000. So that was cool. Again, just a woohoo experience. My mum worked at the U and would watch a lot of the womens’ games with a neighbor down the street, and they have now both passed from cancer, and I like to think they’re still watching from above, so I now sometimes get a bit 🥹 when I think of that. How would / will I react at a Bills SB win? I have no idea. It’s probably going to run the whole gamut of emotions. Been a fan since 1990 started with watching the SB XXV with my older brother who introduced me into it and made me a Bills fan too, which was only reinforced when I eventually did summers at the family farm in WNY helping hay etc. and would watch preseason with cousins up there.
  11. Yeah, I think that’s the overwhelming / standard way that graphic designers do that. TonyP, just to be clear, you’re looking for one where the buffalo is headed into the flagpole? That would be like putting in a newspaper photo (I did copy editor / layout focus in j-school) or a FB picture that looks toward the left — off the page — and that just isn’t done as it looks extremely odd for visual flow. … In this case, it would be that the buffalo is free to run to the right, rather than the flagpole blocking its way. … It’s almost akin to asking / wanting the US flag to have the blue field of stars on the top outer edge when facing right; a lot of people are sometimes confused when they see the flag 🇺🇸 inverted horizontally on police / military uniforms when that badge is on the right shoulder, but it’s because the field of stars are always supposed to lead the way. As Simon suggested, if it bothers you that much, grab a grommet set. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. To say nothing of the construction businesses’ and workers’ taxes.
  13. In 1892 & 1904, MLB teams had 154 games. There were fewer here and there in between maybe due to the number of teams that folded(?). But if they were playing that many way back then, 162 games in the modern day with faster transportation and training & medical, then I see zero reason to contract the season like that. Baseball lives in tradition and that’s a big part of its appeal, at least for me. It’s kinda a catch-22 for all the reasons cited. If I’m Kershaw and a fan, I’d probably be upset / disappointed, but… 🤷🏻‍♂️. It’s a judgement call at this point of the season and given the givens. I would’ve let him continue because how often does it happen.
  14. In my mind, I think they added it — and did the neck striping just red and a large white in the first of many versions of the collar — just to make it visually different from the Kelly era jerseys… so people would be more inclined to buy the new ones. I believe it also coincided to when they painted the outside of the stadium black because the white had gotten so dingy-grey. In my mind, I think that’s how they connected the two… which is a very 💩 reason, aesthetically speaking.
  15. Same. As a person who did a bit of graphic design & color theory stuff in college classes, it’s always a nit for me when teams have outline colors on their numbers but then the name on back (NOB) is just one color. We have the red outlines for the NOB on the 64-65 throwbacks and they are wonderful. Between that and the black trim, I got a white throwback jersey — with my own last name because I can’t be traded — several years ago. Been looking into getting some twill fabric to make the sleeve stripes like our current away jerseys but without the black.
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