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  1. IIRC, last season at some point, Belichick was talking on the corded phone labeled “ERNIE” and literally threw it with force toward the stadium wall. I think it hit one of the cargo carrier things. Wonder if their relationship soured.
  2. Done with it... so far. ‘They’re’ saying there may be a third dose needed later this year for continued protection & variants. There’s anecdotals of long-haulers getting better after getting the shots. While I’m here... So far, only injection site soreness to report and some wrist ache on the same arm.
  3. Got my first Moderna jab this afternoon. Arm is feeling sore now ~4 hours later.
  4. 🤨🤔 Not quite understanding. Mr. Abramoski was an athletic trainer. That’s more of the medico side of things, nothing to do with preparing equipment e.g. trainers need to clear injured players to return to practice / games. To be clear, I wasn’t insinuating that equipment guys having a tough time with decals wouldn’t be any kind of reason that a helmet wouldn’t be used. ... The weird bump-outs and different modeling on helmets in more recent years makes me wonder whether teams / Nike will be forced to reduce the size of helmet logo decals or what kind of work-around they come up with
  5. NFL releases 2021 Helmet Testing Lab Reports Overall positive news that there are now some better testing options for players and a removal of three that no longer test within the moving-target of acceptable limits. New position-specific models have been introduced by VICIS and all graded in the dark green recommended. One is a lineman model that has built-up areas where DL & OL have more impacts. Let’s get Mitch Morse, especially, into one of these! The design, however, is not very conducive to decal application. Will be interesting
  6. This is a mole hill, not a mountain. Beane gave Diggs a bump-up in salary after the trade, iirc. And it seems like the deal they did last month to clear some cap space was just about moving numbers around, not a reduction. But I think everybody knows that this, of all times, probably isn’t the year to be demanding more scratch. Cap will be jumping starting next year. Recalibrate then.
  7. I belong to a UniWatch FB page and the general consensus there is that this was a solid update. They didn’t need to do much. Nixed the white side panels and the contrasted collars that Nike for some reason makes 3-4” wide. In an ongoing trend, the shoulder numbers have disappeared. Would’ve been nice to see a white pants set that have the orange and black stripe (not just a black outline). Removed the 3D effect attempt on numbers that just looked bad. A number of teams could benefit from a few minor tweaks and simplification. It’s when they go for a fuller redo that Nike &a
  8. Maybe especially after the NHL ref got caught on a hot mic that a penalty he called was small-time but that he just wanted to give that team one.... Reffing in EVERY sport needs to get more consistent. Such a 💩y thing where make-up calls, most-favored-player/team status, and terrible judgment calls can’t be questioned (and when PI was reviewable, refs gave everyone a HUGE 🖕🏼).
  9. I developed a coke (big C) / soda habit during college. My teeth would really show it in cavities and my cousin, who was my dental hygienist was like... If you don’t stop I’m gonna kick you in the ass. Mostly cold-turkey for a couple of years, but losing the afternoon caffeine hit kinda hurt. It didn’t do anything to me at the time wrt weight gain (I’m 6’1” and was about 165 all the way through uni), but now it might. And it’s a rare treat or if someone in the fam is having an upset stomach / bloating; that’s actually what coke was first developed to treat. Also a former nail biter
  10. Other than the ‘because he’s a major celebrity’ reason... maybe it’s HIPPA-related and they can’t? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I really don’t think that’s part of the Competition Committee’s area. When the one-shell rule was ‘revealed’ to the media, it was with the then Tampa Bay coach saying that the Bucco Bruce Orange creamsicle set would not be worn in an upcoming game, as had been planned prior in the offseason / ramp-up to the season in ~July, when these uni schedules have recently started to be officially released by teams. I expect that call was made by a safety committee in conjunction with the docs involved with CTE studies. The UniWatch’s Paul Lucas & Sports Logo forum’s Chris Creamer started
  12. It’s almost like “Yesterday.” This one’s been on my mental movie queue for awhile. Need to finally get to it.
  13. You must have missed maybe the most crucial line of the movie, then.
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