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  1. Knox will become the #1 TE because of his 56M contract and will take snaps away from Kincaid our rising superstar. Knox will have terrible drops while in the game causing us to lose the game while Kincaid is standing on the sidelines. I'm very sorry
  2. I thought it strange that after the Giants and Bills game, McD and Daboll didn't even look at each other and didn't even shake hands. You can tell they hated each other
  3. The entire NFL world will be against the Bills. The refs will be out for blood.
  4. I'm thinking the ravens and the dolphins followed by the Jags
  5. He is. He's a very cerebral QB who knows the Shanny system inside and out. He's a touch/timing passer who throws the ball to a spot BEFORE the receiver makes their break. That catches the defense completely off guard as they have no idea where the pass is going. Thats why the passes he throws are wide open. The defense can't predict where the pass is going. Brady, Montana, Peyton were passers like that although it may be a little premature to compare Purdy to those greats. Josh throws the ball AFTER the receiver makes the break which allows the defense to converge on the ball. The defense knows where the ball is going. This forces Josh to throw the ball in tight windows with the defense on top of the receiver. This also forces Josh to throw the ball a 100mph to fit it into a very tight window. The weapons argument is a bit silly as all QB's need great weapons. What would Josh be without Diggs, or Mahomes without Kelsey or Burrow without Chase/Higgins ?
  6. Happy Birthday Steph !! Pssst, BTW can you please talk to the coaching staff about keeping you in on 3rd down more ?
  7. I'm confident that Von is an innocent man !! This nothing more than a money grab !!!
  8. Perhaps that is Shorter 6'4 220lbs running a 4.5 We should be able to use him
  9. Giving McD credit for this teams turnaround would be like giving credit to the rooster for the sun coming up
  10. Eagles and Bills on Nfl Network replay now ! Please tune to it !!
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