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  1. Thank goodness. I was worried we may have settled for Tim
  2. He's a rookie. He may go on one day to be the next Dion Sanders but it wouldn’t be unusual for him to struggle his rookie season. These things take time. Patience Bills fans !!!
  3. Poor Jones. He's going to take a beating behind that joke of an oline in dabolls deep ball offense. Tyrod may give them more of a chance because he's more mobile
  4. I once bought some legal weed from a California weed dispensary. It was so strong I thought I was going to die !
  5. Bring him in for a cheap contract with no guarantees. If he doesn't work out cut him immediately. It's a no lose signing
  6. Perhaps being in the Bills culture would put him on the straight and narrow
  7. I wonder if Dorsey asked for this. I think with all the 2 TE sets and now a FB signing it looks like Dorsey is changing the offense to more ground and pound instead of Air Josh.
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