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  1. Well they live in Buffalo. That fact alone would force anyone into heavy drinking.
  2. I like Sammy but you're right he is injury prone
  3. Josh will demand 45M a year x 4 year or 180M deal. If he holds out Fromm will be ready!
  4. I had him on my fantasy team. He was average.
  5. Yes it will be Fromm. Hopefully we have preseason games and the fans will see how great Fromm can be
  6. 50M per year times 5 years puts it at 250M total. Get this done Beane !
  7. Let him go. Its time for Fromm to take his rightful place as the teams #2
  8. Tennis is alot like golf. You have to take lessons to get better. Its not a sport that you can teach yourself
  9. I enjoy baseball season, spring and summer, swimming pools, going to the beach and 4th of July. Spring and summer are a great time of year !
  10. Yes. You only have as much time until Josh signs his 5 year x 50M per year or 250M deal. At that point the Bills salary cap will be decimated. Veterans will have to be released to stay under the cap. Harris is the quick fix we need now. If he becomes our Derrick Henry, that would be a great 1st round pick
  11. Josh needs help in the running game now. Harris could be the true 3 down back that we need. He could be our Derrick Henry. Fixing the oline could take years and we don't have years
  12. Are we talking about a new stadium, a dome with retractable roof ? Or just naming rights on the old stadium?
  13. No. No way. Brady would have stepped on us and squashed us like a cockroach. I'm very sorry
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