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  1. T-rex arms I've heard of in the context of either an Edge or LT/RT with very short arms. I've not heard of T-Rex arms in the context of a receiver.
  2. Absolutely brutal schedule. Theres no gimmes here. Even the Jets could be tough if Rodgers stays healthy. Only easy game I see is the Pats. 9-8 is a real possibility.
  3. This is an admission by Beane that Coleman won't be able to contribute much next season. Even Brian Baldinger said Coleman has the raw physical skills but he's a project. Looks like Diggs - replaced by Samuel Davis - Replaced by MVS Shakir holds down the slot position. Only 5 WRs active on game day last season and one was a KR - Harty Diggs Davis Shakir Sherfield Harty - KR 2024 Samuel MVS Shakir Shorter KR ???? Coleman inactive
  4. I'm going to get on Twitter and tell Josh he should demand a raise from this cheap ass Bills team
  5. Only 6 wrs will make the team. Only 4 will be active on game day -Samuel -Coleman -Shakir -Shorter/Claypool Coleman better be ready to start
  6. I think most likely based on last year X - Samuel/Claypool Z - Keon/Shakir Y - Shakir/Keon TE - Kincaid will split snaps with Knox at the TE position so will get about the same amount of targets as last season The rest are fighting for backup spots Shorter - Backup the X or Z position Claypool- backup to all 3 WR positions The other guys may not make the roster
  7. The question is moot. Shakir was the starting slot receiver last season and will be the starter this season
  8. If true, this is a brutal schedule. There are no gimme's here except the Pats game
  9. I can't remember if it went wide right or wide left. Wide right = slice. In golf you are swinging the club outside to inside so the ball goes to the right. Wide left = hook. In gold you are swinging inside to outside causing the ball to go left. This is preferable in golf
  10. I was going to bring up the golfing analogy as well. He's developed a hook that can be worked out in TC. But it's very difficult to work out while you're playing
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