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  1. The story has gone national. The press has seized on the term the "Austin Bills". https://sports.yahoo.com/report-austin-bills-texas-city-190123663.html
  2. The sports firm representing Pegula will work with local government to put a tax hike on the ballot to fund the stadium. If it's voted down "The Sports firm" will theaten to leave Buffalo. This same thing happened with Atlanta and San Diego. San Diego voters voted down the tax hike multiple times
  3. I think Jones could be good. In college he threw the deep ball with alot of touch and accuracy. He's a smart kid too. Newton probably starts the season but if they go 2-6 or so, Jones will be inserted into the starting lineup. He'll struggle at first but could go on a run towards the end of the season. I don't see the pats challenging the Bills until next season
  4. No. No team will want Daboll. In fact if the Bills underachieve this season he could be fired
  5. I wish the Colts would trade for Fromm. He's actually a better QB then Trubustsky
  6. Fromm !!! Stevenson will make the team. There will be no doubt about it !
  7. So during the Civil War, the union troops marched into North Carolina for a major battle with the confederacy. Instead of encountering stiff resistance from the confederacy, many confederate troops instead of fighting just turned tail and ran. Yes, they deserted their positions handing NC to the union with almost no resistance. Later the confederate generals reflecting on the crushing defeat said "We should have put put a little tar on the heels of the confederate soldier so they would stay and fight instead of running off like cowards". The name stuck and
  8. Looks like unvaccinated players are going to be much lighter in the wallet. "According to ESPN.com, the league will fine unvaccinated players $14,650 for each violation of the league's COVID-19 protocols, such as not wearing a mask in areas where it is mandated to do so, or attending a crowded, indoor event. " https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-will-fine-unvaccinated-players-14650-for-violating-covid-protocols/
  9. I'm wondering what they could have been arguing about. Which team is less horrible?
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