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  1. Keenum terrible. We never should have gotten rid of Fromm
  2. He's a rookie. He may go on one day to be the next Dion Sanders but it wouldn’t be unusual for him to struggle his rookie season. These things take time. Patience Bills fans !!!
  3. Poor Jones. He's going to take a beating behind that joke of an oline in dabolls deep ball offense. Tyrod may give them more of a chance because he's more mobile
  4. I once bought some legal weed from a California weed dispensary. It was so strong I thought I was going to die !
  5. Bring him in for a cheap contract with no guarantees. If he doesn't work out cut him immediately. It's a no lose signing
  6. Perhaps being in the Bills culture would put him on the straight and narrow
  7. I wonder if Dorsey asked for this. I think with all the 2 TE sets and now a FB signing it looks like Dorsey is changing the offense to more ground and pound instead of Air Josh.
  8. I had tendinitis in my left heel above near my achilles. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. He told me he couldn't do much for me. The achilles was not torn. He gave me some anti inflammatory medication and a soft boot. He told me to wear the boot for 3 months. I did what he said and the pain went away. I think if anyone is who is suffering from any tendinitis the key would be to immobilize the the arm (by wearing a sling) or foot for long periods of time and take ibuprofen or an anti inflammatory when the pain flares up. He told me when you used the arm or foot too early, you start the healing process all over again. HTH.
  9. He's a rook. He's going to look like this some games
  10. Mac struggling in Training camp. Mac Jones says he’s feeling ‘shot in the heart’ amid Patriots offensive struggles The New England Patriots starting defense has taken complete control of 11-on-11 drills since the team put on pads on Monday. The Patriots have only had two practices in pads, but Mac Jones and the offense have clearly come up short against the defense, which has locked down receivers and blown up the offensive line at the line of scrimmage. “We have a lot of room to grow here,” Jones said Tuesday after practice. Jones was visibly frustrated following practice on Monday when the offense simply could not get anything going in an abbreviated practice session where backup quarterback Bailey Zappe got more opportunities. And though Jones was in higher spirits on Tuesday, his offensive unit didn’t look much better. So what’s happening exactly? Well, the Patriots aren’t likely to say exactly what is leading to these growing pains. But we know the team is changing its offense and while Bill Belichick said he was streamlining it, the adjustments are clearly much more substantial. Jones confirmed Tuesday they’re using new formations — and smart football minds (like the Boston Herald’s Andrew Callahan) can see those formations are similar to the Los Angeles Rams offense under Sean McVay. New England is also running the outside zone run scheme — in the same vein as the San Francisco 49ers under Kyle Shanahan. Because the Patriots are running a new offense, they are installing it for the first time in pads this week. That means the offense is running scripted plays to see how they look. They’re not at the point where they’re running audibles. “Right now, we’re just trying to run our base plays,” Jones said. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mac-jones-says-feeling-shot-183759614.html
  11. How would you know this ? KC not worried about the Bills ? This is bad conjecture wrapped in speculation coming to a conclusion that is completely amiss.
  12. The key word for the Bills offense should be C-O-N-T-I-N-U-I-T-Y I hope we keep much of what worked and don't change too much. I hope Dorsey respects this and doesn't try to change too much by making it "his offense" by ripping out large chunks and replacing it with what he thinks it should be. Tinker a little, but keep it much the same.
  13. Warren Sapp is a HOF player so we may want to give some credence to what he says
  14. I think Goodell sticks with 6 games. If he ups it, NFLPA will sue and he doesn't want that. He'll probably come out with a statement "While I strongly disagree with the finding, I will respect the judges ruling" or something along those lines
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