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  1. Happy Birthday Steph !! Pssst, BTW can you please talk to the coaching staff about keeping you in on 3rd down more ?
  2. I'm confident that Von is an innocent man !! This nothing more than a money grab !!!
  3. Perhaps that is Shorter 6'4 220lbs running a 4.5 We should be able to use him
  4. Giving McD credit for this teams turnaround would be like giving credit to the rooster for the sun coming up
  5. Eagles and Bills on Nfl Network replay now ! Please tune to it !!
  6. Keep in mind that the Eagles had no timeouts so to set up for the final kick, the Eagles were running around like a Chinese fire drill. That is until McD rescued them with a timeout
  7. Who was the guy that hired Dorsey ? We should fire that guy.
  8. Should have had a spy on Hurts. Thats a McD failure.
  9. Does anyone know why Diggs came out so much on 3rd down ?
  10. When did a third step become necessary? It's like they make up rules on the fly
  11. McIdiot called a timeout on their FG attempt as time was running out in regulation. Why ???
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