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  1. Huge difference in the offense with him on the field. With the oline breaking down, its just a quick dump off to Cook and he's explosive with the ball. A shame they keep taking him off the field.
  2. Has anyone thought about just unplugging his headset ?
  3. This is very disappointing to read by FB
  4. Critical drive and cook is only in on one play ?
  5. Cook in on only one play that drive. Do the Bills not realize that cook is an additional receiving target ?
  6. Completely baffling. Critical drive and cook is on the sidelines
  7. No timeouts for the Bills because McIdiot used them all up !
  8. Josh please don't throw another int before half. Just run out the clock
  9. Quite possibly one of the strangest cuts I've ever seen. To cut a playmaker like AJ for the worthless Von
  10. Allen hurts the team with throws like that. Just throw it away !! No shame in punting !!
  11. We need a TD here to out our foot on their necks ! Keep cook in the game and stop taking him out !!!
  12. Josh !!! Just carried 10 chiefs on his back !!!
  13. Georgia passed to cook all the way to the national championship
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