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  1. Oliver doesn't have the size or length to be a true 5 technique in a 34 .. true five techniques are 6'5 295+ lb types like JJ watt or Calais Campbell Nor is he a two Gap defensive lineman in the NFL
  2. I've read multiple studies on new stadiums and the impact on their economy The majority of studies done by respectable colleges or institutions all say there's a negligible impact on the economy You build it because you want a football team.. not because you want to revitalize the city
  3. Ahhhh , honestly I've been out with friends tonight and had about 10 whiskey Cokes No wonder I didn't comprehend that correctly lol
  4. All four starters on the bills defensive line we're also for first round picks technically Jerry Hughes first round with Indianapolis Greg Rousseau first round with Buffalo Star first round with Panthers Ed Oliver first round with the Buffalo Bills Boom 💥
  5. You've hated vantrease but now call him a top player for MO Listen it's been a rough season but universally there was almost nobody in college football who said it was a bad hire.. they also said he would need a season to get his stuff installed
  6. Where Else would you find dolphins fans? Certainly nowhere else in the country lmao
  7. He did thrown alot of picks but he wasn't surrounded by Great talent here He definitely elevated the WRs around him... He was the only QB who could get Stevie the ball .. made Scott Chandler viable He definitely was not the reason for being bad... Nobody is saying he was Pro bowl quality here
  8. I think Fitz has played on much better team since he left the bills And I think he played on crappy offenses here and made them actually decent Fitz was throwing to undrafted Donald Jones, undrafted David Nelson, undrafted Scott Chandler, And still moved the ball and scored points... I don't think he became any better when he went to the Jets or anywhere else Just had better talent around him
  9. Josh is a coaches dream ... There have been many physically talented football players who fell short in a lot of other aspects Study , preparation, not accountable, lacks drive or attention to detail Physically, Josh Allen is absolutely a prototypical quarterback who looks like he was built in a lab... 6'5240... Rocking arm, great athleticism and ability to escape the pocket... Can drop a football anywhere on the football field Then you have all the little things that were holding him back from reaching his great potential... Inconsistent footwork at Wyoming, which led to some scatter shot throws he never developed his lower and upper body in sync , cuz his arm was so strong he never needed his lower body... Which also created inconsistencies in his throwing platform Coming into the league his base was off... He had all the tools, his upper and lower body just were not working together And I don't know if I've ever seen a quarterback, put it together as well as Josh Allen has... And it's all a testament to the hard work of Josh Allen The amount of touch he's learned over 4 years... If you go back and look at his Wyoming tape... Is asinine Going back to pre-draft.. I called Josh a thrower of the football , not a passer.. The scouting difference is in the advancedness of the quarterback Throwers tend to be all arm, high velocity, low trajectory, ropes Passers , while they have the ability to thread the needle... Display higher advances of touch, timing and placement And the amount of improvement Josh has made on his passing ability is crazy... And I think it shows how he has not even reached his potential yet Because he's still learning how to play QB
  10. Absolutely beautiful And with all the talk of the adults wondering if they were possibly not diagnosed as a child it's possible But the real strong clues of autism like the original poster said are nonverbal cues... There's a lot of people who are socially awkward but not on the spectrum But If you didn't speak till you were five , that's a strong clue that you're probably on the spectrum
  11. I saw the stones 2 weeks ago and they played sympathy for the devil But I remember that myth
  12. I really wouldnt put too much long-term stock on what is happening this season They literally had to install new systems in 2 months.. almost unheard of at that level.. while losing some key players There's a lot of people who thought they would struggle this year because of that... Next year mo has no excuses
  13. Again cancel culture people, absolutely will not see a difference between things that happened in wartime or peace If they heard he scalped a native American Indian chief he would be next on The chopping block There Is not a doubt in my mind they would come after him next And I'm as pro military as you can get.. this is just what would happen
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