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  1. SU getting a visit with 2021 5* Guard Kennedy Chandler https://247sports.com/player/kennedy-chandler-46058292/
  2. Saw this like an hour ago and wanted to post it but didn't lol Tre is my favorite Bill rn
  3. Wow! Saw Ana Popovic last winter at the Tralf music Hall in Shea's district She was smokin hot and super talented
  4. Jeez that is terrible hapless and yes of course I waited til I got home ... It just really pissed me off and I called it too lol the dude almost caused a crash then I saw his plate and my first thought was ... He's going to Duff's lmao Sure enough turned right in and that made me laugh a bit lol But last summer I got cut off and almost ran through a building I was hit so hard... I don't get it On the day I question you about it!
  5. Lol yea stupid thread I get Just wanna know people's opinions of reckless drivers... I got ran off the road last year by a reckless driver and almost went through a building because he smoked me so hard
  6. No i got home and am pissed that he almost smoked me! To get into Duff's chicken wings lol The drivers on the roads now are ridiculous!
  7. By a Masshole speeding to Duff's... They aren't that good! Diarrhea can wait! God I hate the Red sox Why do so many people have to drive so recklessly these days?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/2019/10/nba-gms-jerami-grant-one-of-most-underrated-acquisitions.html%3foutputType=amp Grant is becoming quite a good NBA player
  9. @LabattBlue I personally will back whatever happens when it happens and I apologise for being testy but I don't get why people think it's a downtown lock That's what the media and stuff is pushing heavily. Realistically it doesn't guarente any kind of boom to the economy or anything else.. its just the new hot idea to gentrify buffalo But buffalo already has a uniquely beautiful vibe to it and it doenst have to be every other city. It can be what it is, and it's perfectly fine without a stadium downtown Should it happen , I support the Bills so I would give it an open chance
  10. I get it can happen but I pray it isn't for a while There are sooo many variables and I personally will always drive over take an Uber or a self driving car lol What about the girl that runs in front of the car chasing a ball? Will it be able to pick that up and stop ? Or is she screwed because it was a half second late
  11. : I'm not one to talk like that usually so I apologise:
  12. And don't question me with your salty attitude just because you don't believe me I never said I was the end all be all... But I do ask around my City, something you clearly don't do and took offense that I have Curmudgeon is what you are Not one of the friendly neighbors for sure
  13. I live downtown ,I talk bills with EVERYBODY.. Ive been asking this question for years Are you a Buffalo Ian? Because you act like you don't believe me but that's what we do, we talk all sorts of bills I literally talk to strangers about the Bills everyday . I finish every sentence during Bills season with go Bills, to random strangers on the streets That's Buffalo, city of good neighbors
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