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  1. It's the slowest time of the sports year . Half the threads up are rehashes It bills related and it's funny GUARENTEED there are some who haven't seen it Only you and 1 dude is complaining and you both can pound salt. Fred's a legend
  2. The legend of David Tyree certainly is alive and well While he was no where close to a legendary player he is a legend because of that catch and SB victory
  3. It's like the legend of Kiko Alonso Or ko Simpson Or loch Ness monster
  4. You can't really invent a food . I'm sure Blue cheese was being made everywhere But Buffalo as the wing capital have always used and preferred blue cheese over ranch as a dressing It's kinda faux pas to order ranch at a wing joint in buffalo
  5. It's the slowest time of the sports year You can watch that 10000 times and it's funny every time And it's bills related Fitz calling Whaley a spineless ***** ,GOLD
  6. He is honestly one of the reasons poyer gets so many statistics Teams do not try him and when they do he makes them pay He is a stud and I love his versatility Him and Poyer do work great together in pass defense
  7. I would honestly wait out on jumping to the AAC It would honestly stall the football program they've been developing. Let them be consistent MAC winners and have good depth before they jump ship
  8. Treating the transfer portal like NFL free agency is a newer phenomena that didn't happen a decade ago tho
  9. Yes there is a negative UB recruits heavily in Florida and Texas Going to the AAC would put them behind the UCFs , USFs and other and Texas schools in the conference for recruiting They don't have much competition down south in the MAC
  10. He's been in the portal for months Expected since he has been passed on the depth chart by Patterson and Marks It's his SR season Jonathan Hawkins left too It's ok UB has a stable This is what happens when your program starts to turn a corner Big programs want to poach players, at least Mabry and Osborne were seniors and they might have a better path to the draft Charlie Jones hurts
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