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  1. Life literally hasn't seemed real since Saturday Nobody can believe that this happened to our home
  2. Let us know if they answer you I'm sure they could make a bunch of money to give back Everybody wants one
  3. I'm not going to claim you don't know.. we've already talked about how you spent a lot of time there But I still spend five days a week on the east side and I know that there's a big transportation problem My friend has a restaurant on the east side and not one employee has a vehicle... It's like that in a lot of neighborhoods on the east side I fully understand your point how there's 60-year-olds in Cheektowaga without a car... I'm sure they have problems too But the problem on the east side is getting brought to light because of this tragedy
  4. You're not thinking about all the 50 60 70 year old people who don't have vehicles and can't walk 2 miles Some probably can't afford an Uber But they can walk 3 minutes down the street to the tops.. that is very real in the neighborhood The people with a car are not the ones with a problem... I just left the East side rn, lots of people don't have cars Those are the people who are in a bind
  5. Just spoke to a woman who works at the tops ... In small communities , this is a place of gathering... Everybody knows everyone I couldn't begin to find the words ... But we will get through this with love
  6. Still spend five days a week on the east side It's definitely a sad time... This is when we come together as a city I have no doubt that love will overcome all the hate
  7. The city of buffalo is a special place The east side is a special place I spent years and years and years of my life over there I have no doubt love will overcome hate
  8. There is a whole thread on that ... It will be split based on the people you ask Anchor bar - historic .. good not the best Duff- Really good , some people will say best Lots wills say Gabriel's gate People will say nine eleven tavern The biggest consensus might be bar bil 33 speakeasy has great wings too
  9. OJ is on the wall because he's such a fine human being 😎
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