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  1. That’s not what he said He literally said the suburbs of most of these places have more than the city of Buffalo I literally disputed that in 10 seconds In fact he said the suburbs of most of these places are probably three times larger than the city of Buffalo which is just not true So I don’t know what you’re talking about
  2. And I guess a actual rematch with a winner would be a good ending he’s been hot
  3. No he got a no contest eye poke vs Leon Edwards neal was a decision loss
  4. There’s a lot of good fighters and he’s been winning over ranked opponents ofc he has a valid resume
  5. No because St. John’s will be on probation in 4 years He’s the sleaziest coach in college basketball Very good but sleazy
  6. Thank politicians not the people of Western NY
  7. Just To be fair You said the surrounding suburbs of these cities mostly have three times as many population as the city of Buffalo Which is just not true at all go bills! I would watch them at Buffalo State Stadium
  8. Ummm Kansas City has 500000k And their stadium is 100% not downtown seeing I was there last season Buffalo has 280, 000 people in the city …. And another 300,000* in the surrounding suburbs… well over 1,000,000 metro Absolutely not 3x less than the city of KC lol… In fact… Kansas City smelled, Food was overrated The people were the only good thing Rather be in Buffalo
  9. Nothing to substantial Just that his progress has been astonishing the last few seasons but still not NBA level where he wants to be so he won’t be drafted … but another year of progress and Jesse has NBA upside which is intriguing over a euro career red would have a great acc squad
  10. I don’t think he’s the perfect fighter … he has holes but his pressure is relentless … he has cardio for days , tough as nails … he’s a volume guy not a cracker but that’s frustrating to fight I don’t think he’s a pushover
  11. Hearing rumblings Jesse edwards MAY return
  12. Khamzat is going middleweight And Leon Edwards wants nothing to do with Covington because he can work
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