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  1. I mean there is a host of reasons. He was Pittsburghs coordinator of pro personnel, another successful team thought highly of him He Also said football is a sport humans shouldn't be playing.. maybe when you work in football you shouldn't make a statement like that
  2. First who gives a flying **** about PFF... And If you are an actual fan of football you know Tre Whites name. He just was an all pro
  3. NC State had a great defense . And Henry Ruggs was the 3rd leading WR at Alabama and will be a top 15 pick
  4. I just want everybody to know that for the 21st straight year I have circled the wagons and entered the 2020 NFL draft I have contacted all 32 teams PLUS the swedish pro league and I really think this is my year
  5. Most times drafting a corner in the top 10 Is flawed. Unless it's literally a CANT MISS guy like Patrick Peterson and he even had a better rook year as returner than CB... Leodis was also from Troy.. tough transition It's literally the toughest position to play on defense and usually has a high learning curve. Far from a safe position Though I did love the Gilmore selection
  6. Mckelvin was the clear cut #1 corner. His physicality, speed , and traits were all damn good and teams wanted to hit on a lockdown guy And he had all pro return ability He never turned out 100% like they wanted but he definitely became a very steady corner over time, with some good ball skills
  7. And he doenst need a wind-up to generate any velocity. He has a compact , crisp fast release. The throw to Brown you are referencing was a legitimate big time throw that 95% of the league doesn't even attempt He threw a dart in between the cover 2 which takes serious arm strength and precise accuracy to a big time part of the field
  8. The biggest advantage to having a huge arm ISNT how far you can throw it. It's the zip you can get on the ball in the 10-25 yard range Allen needs to clean up alot of footwork but what you cannot teach is the laserbeams he fires at the intermediate level. They are precise and they are super effective because the velocity he generates gets the ball their in a hurry
  9. With the 63rd pick In the NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select noah igbinoghene , CB, Auburn Highly touted WR prospect turned CB, igbinoghene while raw has shown very good ability at the CB spot. His athleticism, burst and physicality are all plus attributes and has shown the ability for a very good press. Awareness of routes in zone has greatly improved and is just touching potential The Seattle Seahawks and @bkep32are on the clock
  10. He certainly should have been in the conversation and could've done some damage against Darnold I just think the voters were locked in Tre absolutely deserved it
  11. I don't think Tre would have won regardless. The national voters had their minds made on Gilmore by November
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