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  1. He self promotes himself all over Twitter... drafttek, draftnik whatever lol I was close ... he was popular at all the Bills message boards for his training camp right ups
  2. He gets paid? Dean is a good guy but he is hardly infallible i figured the draftnik was for fun and volunteer... do admins get paid here?
  3. Buffalo has over 50 private and public art galleries and tons of museums to boot!
  4. Just nitpicking but Allen was a RS Junior not an underclassmen
  5. I’m near the airport and while I haven’t had 1 that big we do get our share come springtime
  6. I AM NOW checking my house on guard thank God I have my puppy with me
  7. He was good at contested catches agaisnt inferior cornerbacks in the MWC its really hard to translate that to the NFL... if he Was a FA I would consider him for a futures deal he is like Brandon Reilly with better hands... but slower
  8. Yea it can. But He’s always been a grinder so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has 2-3 healthier seasons
  9. AJ has played 15 or 16 games 5 out of 8 seasons... he has only been injury plagued the last 2-3
  10. He has some traits that are good that has kept him under contract the last 2 years... he has solid hands and a good work ethic but so do 500 pros The cream always rises in the NFL and he just hasn’t... I think he is a 5th option but at that spot I’d rather have some physical talent His and Joshs chemistry is a + , but tanners NFL game is old school ... his game might of worked in 1996
  11. Because he is slow and doesn’t get great separation he isnt NFL caliber... last year he would be behind Zay, foster, KB, McKenzie, Holmes when he was here... he woulda been behind all them
  12. Can’t beat the Tudor lounge one of my best friends has been playing there every Sunday afternoon for 20+ years
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