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  1. Yes September 4th and 5th You need to buy tickets
  2. It's not my angle. It's NFL statistics https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AdamDa01.htm 98.1 yards per game https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AdamDa01.htm Diggs - 95.9 It's an NFL statistic not my angle. I never Said I'd rather have Adam's
  3. Davante Adams didn't play 16 games His yards per game was higher than diggs
  4. Here's how I would wager Buffalo as America's team You can go to all 50 states, and find thousands of transplants from Buffalo All 50 states have bills backer bars , Bill's message boards are the most active in the NFL.. There's a lot of people like ice bowl who consider the bills their AFC team And we are red white and blue
  5. I grew up working in Buffalo pizza places and most did not use Frozen Unless there was some crazy deal on the Frozen wings 33 speakeasy Bar bills Duffs Gabriel's Gate Good top 4 no order
  6. People do that.. but I've had every single Madden game of all time I've tried doing that.. and it does not hold up after long Say you're playing Madden 19 and Madden 20s out.. the second you play Madden 20 at a friend's house or something, you can never go back to 19 Year by year to the naked eye it doesn't look like much changes.. but if you play the newer one for a while, you literally can't go back to the old one Just to test it out.. I literally just took out Madden 21 and play a game of 20... Just not the same Even if on the d
  7. I'm not backing away from anything.. I don't look stupid because I copied the video title.. it said suspected agent You're grasping at straws Second I posted a lot of videos of capital police letting in protesters.. opening doors and taking selfies A lot of capital police were complicit.. A real armed insurrection would include thousands of men wielding weapons, indiscriminately killing... The majority of people in Washington DC that day did not storm the capital or do anything violent.. it was mostly peaceful protesters, with a han
  8. I don't think you understand the premise.. it doesn't matter if the guy was as undercover FBI agent.. hence suspected What's really important, is that the crowd of people rebuked him.. a group of violent anarchists would have listened He got rebuked because it was a bunch of peaceful protesters.. that's the key of the video.. he got rebuked
  9. It takes two to tango. Always has always will Josh makes a lot of people look good though.. He's an all pro, Superstar... So I'm confident he would be really good without diggs.. we would just have to be a different type of offense Diggs and Beasley absolutely played with the best quarterback they ever have in their life last season
  10. They still have by far the most talent.. but they don't play the team game of basketball Which is why all these squads who actually have good chemistry can beat them.. team USA plays like the NBA.. one on one ISO And that definitely doesn't work at a world stage against teams that have a playbook and execute
  11. Literally the same guy from the video I posted trying to incite violence he was 100% an inside Man... he was not there to protest
  12. Clearly the majority of protesters were not violent anarchists When an inside man tries to stir up violence to storm the capital... he gets rebuked, and called a Fed .. a group of violent anarchists would rally behind him Because the majority were going there to peaceful protest.. Its already been proven that Capital police let in people at points.. why couldn't they have plants in the crowd to stir up violence? It's a tactic that's been used around the world forever. Blame your enemies
  13. If this virus was engineered in a lab.. we should be at war No ifs ands or buts.. 100% we should be at war.. and they know if it was manufactured or not And today the coronavirus still only kills way less than 1% .. and mostly already old or the sick under 17- 331 18-29- 2424 30-39- 6974 40-49- 18534 50-64- 94632 65-74- 132993 75-84- 163531 85+- 177322 Brunt of deaths clearly between 65 and 85.. with 50 to 64 a good pocket.. and neither of those ages are young If you're under 40 and healthy , you
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