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  1. Koufax didn't pitch game 1 of the world series during Yom Kippur! Balls.. HUGE
  2. I mean the tribe of Judah has kept pristine records for well over 2000 years. I don't think we ever lost who they were. The northern tribes of Israel is a completely different story
  3. I don't personally know if he is a follower. But his one post that he highlighted, specifically mentioned that black Americans who are The real children of Israel, are basically blackmailed and held back by the fake white Jews
  4. This is just the craziest time period to live in.. A pandemic A progressive pope black Hebrew Israelites arguing with Jewish people from the tribe of Judah over who real Jewish people are Oy vey
  5. That was my go to for a decade when I scored a TD Not dropping the ball before the end zone, but casually dropping the ball in the end zone.. and walking away Problem is you actually gotta score first... Jackson actually did that at the all American game in high school too! Never learned
  6. Dwayne Haskins said that And even though it's totally positive, in a time in this country were everything racial is debated , it realistically is probably best to have a name with no racial component What about the Asian units that served in world war II or native Americans , why don't they get a name? Everything could be such a slippery slope in 2020, it's best to just not touch it
  7. Yes Bobby was the first to Rock the g string
  8. Are you calling me the powers that be? I think you're confusing average white people with the people that actually run this world there are tons of white people in poverty with no wealth and no status who are struggling The average white person does not hate black people, does not put them down, and does not keep them from moving forward The average white person is fighting the same powers that be. We aren't making the laws For some reason my phone spells it with the h instead of a c h and autocorrects it But I'm pretty sure both are correct
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