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  1. I just thought it was a funny video I really didn’t think it would cause a tizzy
  2. It’s absolutely legal Singletary has to fall on the ground to give himself up and then the play will be over It would be illegal to carry a downed player in the end zone… But just as offense can push the pile forward Technically the defense can to
  3. While Ralph Wilson stadium has the worst weather out of any stadium But he punted good in Denver so I’m sure he could punt good here
  4. Well I did instantly I did put the caption instantly when asked
  5. It’s a fan reaction video after a loss Have you seen this place after a loss? Have you ever seen bills fans meltdown after a loss? I’m pretty sure you could Expect some language Without me having to say it But I added it
  6. I thought he looked familiar I have heard of him … he has a great dictation for comedy
  7. pure comedy how the **** can you get drunk on pills ? Lol
  8. He hasn’t been on the field enough to get into a groove to show anything In week two in limited time he had 11 for 53
  9. There Is absolutely a learning curve to being an NFL running back Learning protections is one of the hardest things to do in football… All the nuances If you can’t protect the quarterback you’re not getting on the field That is the biggest learning curve for all young running backs
  10. The NFL endzone extends horizontally past the pylon Hence why You can catch a ball that is technically out of bounds but Since you are and it’s behind the pylon it’s a touchdown A runner extending for a first down in the field of play Can extend while going out of bounds But once the ball is out of the field of play that’s where it’s Marked It looked clearly a half a yard short
  11. I am sure he is But in a league of whatever it takes to win His Teammate’s sure as hell can’t say he’s not doing whatever it takes Even if it means sacrificing his dignity
  12. Did you see Clemson defense interviews? They admitting to groping players for years It’s weird but it’s not so uncommon that it’s unheard of … Because when you get 80 kids there’s always a couple weirdos Every locker room I’ve been in from middle school to college had at least 2 grab assers and that’s the truth
  13. Well it honestly a player to player situation Weird ***** is different to other people… For most it probably is punching and grabbing under the pile For some people like Christian Wilkins it’s molesting… And the entire Clemson program had a history of it It’s not the norm… But I’ve been in enough locker rooms know it’s actually not uncommon… unfortunately there’s a reason football players were always called grab assers And Christian Wilkins is the reason why
  14. Whatever it is what it is If you ever played any high-level competitive football you understand weird ***** goes on in the pile but The refs gotta understand that Allen Only reacted because something happened They only catch the guy who’s getting even
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