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  1. Horns up 🤘 Bulls trying to race out to 4-0 start and grab destiny by the horns
  2. Buffalo716

    UB @ Rutgers 9/22 12N Big Ten TV

  3. I hear what you are saying. Football is a super fast game , especially in the secondary i was a DB and being physical used to be your biggest asset. Now a lot of guys are reckless and can’t lay the boom properly and your right, there already is a strike zone on QBs. You can’t hit them above the Shoulder or below the waist anymore And DBs going low on big TEs has always been the norm. No offense to Gronk but we will go at your kneecap all day instead of you pancaking the sh** out of me. Sorry it tears your ACL
  4. Buffalo716

    Washington Signs WRs Breshad Perriman & Michael Floyd

    Hey if he could be better than some WR on the 53 id be cool ... he can probably catch better than Foster but he isn’t that fast. We already waived a similar WR prospect in Reilly
  5. Again you don’t have to be a head hunter to be intimidating nobody wants Kam Chancellor laying down a shoulder into their sternum at full speed
  6. If you know how to hit properly it’s not a problem You don’t Have to head hunt
  7. Don’t umm me i would never stick up for a child’s abuser. NEVER. But there is not factual evidence Shady does BECAUSE ITS A FELONY TO HIDE CHILD ABUSE. She is required by law to report it. she never said anything about shady abusing their kid while together. So she either held her tongue and that’s not right either or it didn’t happen because if my child was beat I’d report it... if I saw another child get beat I’d report it if he’s guilty , rot in hell.. but I will wait till he’s convicted
  8. Funny because 3 months ago she said that Lesean was a great father and would never hurt their son... sounds like she is flipping stories
  9. It might have been but Between Hyde and Poyer ,Hyde has been by far a more consistent tackler since they’ve been here . and he is a lot smaller than Poyer too either way none of our safeties are intimidating
  10. Poyer is good but slightly over rated and certainly NO Chancellor or Earl Thomas We have Tre and Micah as real building blocks. I said last year Poyer was still upgradable and he is. We have 0 safeties that scare WRs or TEs over The middle we need another 1-2 CBs , a REAL SS that can tackle and let Hyde be a natural FS
  11. Buffalo716

    Washington Signs WRs Breshad Perriman & Michael Floyd

    Hes not good enough to play in the NFL consistently. Tanner was Joshs #1 guy on a poor offensive squad. Somebody has to catch balls and be your #1 He didn’t have a draftable grade and hasn’t shown that he has grown much in his 2 preseasons if we could stick him on the PS sure, but He wouldn’t do anything for the 53 roster rn
  12. Buffalo716

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    You are on to something! can you imagine 70,000+ rocking depends on game day 😭
  13. Buffalo716

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    Dont call me son, pops And I think it’s the time of day you need to change your depends pops 😭
  14. Buffalo716

    Tyree Jackson-MAC East POTW

    He is looking phenomenal rn but scouts will still pick him apart come tape time i dont think he’s ready for the draft yet and don’t believe he will enter this season he needs to clean up his mechanics and consistency. He is also playing in what I would call a spread offense which makes reads easier and doesn’t take many snaps under center they also have the best Line in the MAC. Tyree hasn’t been sacked yet Remember it is a VERY QB friendly system. Drew Anderson looked like a star, actually better than Tyree last year If Tyree can continue his dominance this year and repeat it next he should be a top 2-3 round pick
  15. Buffalo716

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    Dude you were here hours after the game screaming to fire Them both lmao and change your username make up your mind 😭