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  1. How big of a garden do you plant?

    My father used to have a 12x20 garden growing up in our yard He grew tomatoes, spinach, onions , squash. Etc... Had a mulberry tree it was awesome
  2. Most dominate decade of sports athletes

    Gretzky to me is a hard call for a 90s guy. He came into the league in like 78 iirc i know he played till 99 or something but his prime was definitely the 80s not 90s
  3. Project QB's who DID reach potential

    EJ Manuel certainly DID NOT reach his potential Project QBs are like living in the projects... it may be exciting at first but then you realize it’s a ******* handful
  4. Ok I’ll add... Fluid hips allow for quick wiggle Explosive burst with powerful thrust Displays active hands
  5. Fred Jackson wall of fame or not?

    From 2007- 2014 Fred Jackson ranks 14th in the NFL in rushing yards 11th in Yards per attempt 6th in receptions for RB 5th for Receiving Yards Heck of a career buddy! Blessed to have watched you as a Buffalo Bill
  6. Hey Pooj, she's gonna need some conjugal visits

    Living the good life
  7. What does Shady need to get on the Bills WOF?

    Players do not pick an NFL team to be enshrined with. They are enshrined as a member of all the teams they were a part of James Lofton is counted as a Bills HoFr and he was only here 4 years. With your logic he is only a HOF for the Packers
  8. Now that is horseshit... there are tons of very very successful people in Buffalo and the city becoming more downtrodden over 50 years is far from their fault how about all of the politicians and scumbags that have stolen from us... yea Buffalo going down hill is totally all the citizens faults. Joke
  9. WWE/Professional Wrestling

    Sounds like the riff between McMahon and Lesnar was a worked shoot nobody except Vince , Heyman and Lesnar knew he was winning until the night of... not even Reigns McMahon is a promotional genius
  10. Who is your favorite current Bill?

    Kyle Shady
  11. The position of Head Coach
  12. I more concerned with all the funky names parents are naming their children now... Kirill, Addie, Arda, Alivia? Sawyer and Zela? where the heck is Michael and Brian and David i think the parents should be drug tested 😂
  13. All those arguments are nothing new. I’ve heard them all but idk what qualifies as unheralded for a JUCO prospect. Sure not many D1 offers but but I knew who he was and 247 which is highly respectable has him as the 5th ranked Dual threat JUCO QB from his class.. that’s a pretty high JUCO ranking .80 grade Baker Mayfields was .8383 iirc https://247sports.com/Player/Josh-Allen-78109
  14. Did Richie Show up today?

    I feel like you stopped speaking to me for years 😭 and i I was a good Yankee
  15. WWE/Professional Wrestling

    Drink it in Mannnnnnnnnnnn