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  1. I honestly burst out laughing with the bears assessment " You are barely hanging on. Mental stability is at an all-time low" lmaooooooo
  2. There are children on these boards man! Children! And @teef @Royale with Cheese
  3. Tremaine was top 5 for tackles for loss for linebackers in 2019 though (real LBrs not edge) That was my point he actually did make plays around the line of scrimmage in 2019 And it really looked like the injury did hurt him last year
  4. In 2019 he was top five for NFL linebackers for tackles for loss.. pure linebackers not olb edge rushers The injury definitely affected him last year, but he's shown that he can live around the line of scrimmage Preston Brown was the king of tackling people 10 yards downfield.. Tremaine is still way ahead of him as a football player
  5. Running back is just a tough position to play at a high level in the NFL He has some good traits. -smooth runner - deceptive speed - runs behind his pads -sturdy frame - finishes runs -good ball security But his deceptive speed takes a hit at the NFL level.. he is a bit tight in the hips.. so he bends his runs.. preventing him being a true one cut runner His pass protection leaves a good amount to be desired , which will keep him off the field on third down.. and when things break down he doesn't have much creativ
  6. I've had the pleasure of watching every snap of his career.. And it's nice to see him getting some draft buzz Hes definitely ramped up his production the last two seasons, and he has a nice closing burst with some dip and great length He's kind of a tweener, but he's played with his hand in the dirt majority.. he could be a good developmental 3-4 outside linebacker but will need to improve his strength to play end I personally thought fifth sixth round and projects as a solid backup
  7. I count 11 actually interceptable balls dropped The rest are nothing you can say would be a pick for sure , and a lot of them are like really tough plays that are not made most weeks https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thebiglead.com/posts/patrick-mahomes-sets-ignominious-nfl-record-01etk0gzzcf5/amp This article says Pat mahomes breaks the record with 16 dropped interceptions... They can't even get their own stats correct who has the most dropped int And notice nobody's writing an article about Josh Allen's dropped interceptions from last season...
  8. I mean for what it's worth I've been calling Josh a superstar on this board for 2 years 😂 And ed has been a very good young DT.. he is primed to breakout
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/04/what-bills-josh-allen-did-in-2017-at-manning-passing-academy-that-wowed-archie-manning.html%3foutputType=amp I remember when this happened and this really put Josh on the radar All the regional scouts in the west were getting BLOWN UP regarding this small town kid slinging the rock in a downpour I had a friend there that day who said Josh would be the #1 pick and a superstar... That he's never seen the ball come off somebody hand that way And when I saw Josh live... After being
  10. When you were forced to sit out a season, it absolutely made you think about the best decision for your career Wes johnson, and hughes both had to sit.. so both really had to be sure transferring to Syracuse was best for them... Obviously for them it was For lots of players it's not
  11. If you actually don't slam them. The impact is actually a lot stiffer on your back You want that table to crash really hard and that actually helps the impact.. I've seen when people try to slam through the table and it doesn't break... And they're in a world of pain
  12. The one time no sitting rule has made it a quick not well thought out idea for a lot of players Some of them are just emotional because they didn't play much and make rash decisions
  13. Damn I had 10k at under 1© and I cashed out like.10
  14. That's happened to every outfielder alive at some point lmao
  15. I mean it takes time to gut an organization you can't do it overnight. You also need to assess people that you might want to keep... Whaley was prolly one of those guys to assess Jim monos, player personnel director, fired, Kelvin fisher, director of amateur scouting, fired Half of our scouting staff fired Bringing in joe schoen as assistant GM Malik Boyd as new director of pro personnel Bringing in dan morgan as director of player personnel Firing brandon and also bringing in Brian Gaine Can'
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