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  1. I don't think it's bad. I think Hughes has more of the length and size of a shooting guard as opposed to a 3 anyways and I think there could be some options offensively
  2. Read the last line of my post i edited just as you responded I do agree Lyndon was a hell of a player
  3. He just has been hampered by injuries and never really develop fully
  4. The first guy I mentioned was Fab and he was a traditional big man But realistically the last time Cuse was a perennial top 10 team was when we had Christmas, Fab, Jackson and Onawakua All were big men who could defend , rebound , catch a lob and put back a rebound.. we really haven't had that from a 5 in a few years And don't get me wrong I'd kill for a Lyndon type.. he screwed us by leaving after 2 but he was great But Boeheim usually always recruits power forwards decently well
  5. Lydon was hardly a traditional big man , he was a stretch 4 who preferred shooting We need a Fab or Onawaku , or rick Jackson a dude who will rebound and do the dirty work and not get pushed around There is no defensive threat down low even
  6. Thats actually only on runs only... I don't think he has many runs thks says 131
  7. I just went to the advanced statistics on pro football reference and went to the bills advanced rushing stats and it clearly shows Gore has more yards after contact than Allen
  8. Kicking longer fgs than the entire league Sorry he was not an average deep ball kicker and kickers legs regress with age
  9. UB is the ONLY D1 school in the country with 2 1000 yard rushers!
  10. He leads all QBs in the NFL in Yards after contact not all players The advanced rushing stats has Frank Gore with more Yards after contact than Allen
  11. I'm just going to post some nice stats about Boeheims tenure to make us all feel a bit better... SU has the longest active winning season streak in the country at 49... Kansas is #2 at 36 Feel free to add your own to make us all feel better
  12. Umm 105 attempts is double both those guys and legs die with long attempts Me thinks if those guys have 105 attempts from that distance they aren't close to Janikowski And most of those were 55-57 yarders for Jan not just 50. He is a million times better long ball kicker than hauschka. Give houschka 50 more 50 yarders rn and watch him finish 40-100 lol
  13. Most kickers aren't drafted. A select few are taken in rounds 6-7 and then you have guys like janikowski and aguayo Also Janikowski used to try kicks from anywhere over the 50, I can see why it's only 80% He was absolutely a stud tho
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