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  1. Allowing phone calls from prison again @Jimmy Spagnola
  2. To take some stats into account. The bills also completed about 35% of their chances on 3rd and longs Football players are paid to play, and coaches are paid to draw a play that will work The league average Converting third and long this year was 20%. The bills were worse than average but not some statistical outlier 34% is worse than average but not a crazy statistical outlier. We have four years of our defense on film
  3. First, In the world of sports, I don't think there's anything more rat like than a bandwagon sports fan Second, it's no secret that tons of people in Buffalo like absolutely nothing about Boston. From the bruins to the Patriots to some of the people lol If you grew up in Boston and you are Bills fan for 30 years all aboard. If you were a Tom Brady bandwagoner and now you want off, the bills don't need you
  4. I think they still have that segment once a day at the end. Where riali does The errors
  5. We've had no run game most the season and it's been all on Josh. Our offense hasnt been balanced. Of course in a adverse weather game with no run game you're not going to score lots. But Josh was like 22-36. He was efficient and the game didn't call for him to have to put up more. Sometimes that's football in Buffalo in January
  6. The NFL really is a week to week league. I expect Josh Allen to torch the chiefs pretty well even if he didn't in the regular season. And again both teams play in adverse conditions in any stadium. and when that weather happens Allen is better equipped than any quarterback
  7. First most teams don't have a CB core that the ravens do. Even in those conditions yesterday allen's putting 300 on most teams. Allen throws more intermediate balls than most QBs in the league, bottling up the "short stuff" will still get you ripped up 15 yards downfield. Allen wasn't limited to 5 yard passes, and if you actually sit on it hard, he will absolutely rip you outside the numbers 12-18 yards downfield
  8. It also derails the other team's long passing game. And Allen can mitigate it better than any quarterback in the world. Brady played outside in New England 20 years and he has every record basically
  9. So a ferocious defensive performance isn't entertaining? Maybe you should watch the big 12
  10. He's more than a decent player. He's been severely underappreciated here In this defense playing slot for McDermott is a very hard job, and he does it exceptionally well. When he goes down the bills replace him with three different players, to do his job Three players to replace one person's job. He's absolutely better than decent
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