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  1. These are professionals who have been trained their whole lives to lead grown men at the forefront Any coach worth their salt isn't going to air it all out.. you're going to be getting mostly coach speak You have to ask them the correct way to get the response you want
  2. Pretty sure cheektowaga Chad is already on this board
  3. 16-1 ATS in the thread Does anyone else bother keeping their record which was part of the original premise lol sharps vs marks
  4. Yea that's like 1 step away from fraud and trying to get into accounts
  5. I have a pair of isotoner gloves that I'd kill for you to sign
  6. I mean I've coached and scouted for a long time and I certainly like listening to other coaches and their ideas But minimal effort and YouTube usually don't go hand in hand You need thousands of subscribers usually.. which means putting in hours of content and work I certainly don't think it's as simple as post a video boom .. 500 dollars
  7. In an age where sexuality is open I find that odd to hide that much This is not 1980s Whitney Houston .. she would be praised for coming out
  8. I don't think there's much supplemental income in there Unless your name is Jordan Palmer or Ryan Clark.. baldinger... unless you have an NFL name next to you Most people you see on Twitter and YouTube are amateur scouts and coaches... Basically doing it for the Love of the game The cover one guys can do it, cuz they aren't full-time regional scouts or varsity or College coaches ... They made it a job.. and still can't get credentials If You're the head coach at canisius you don't have time for a YouTube channel.. you're preparing a game plan for a top team in Ohio.. going to practice and watching film... Having meetings with other coaches If you have the patience to start slow... And put out good content for fun... For three or four years... Build a subscribers list and a reputation... There may be long-term benefits , including income stream But it's certainly a long term project that YouTubers turn into a full-time gig Because part time isn't enough usually
  9. Its 2023 tho Nobody cares if Taylor Swift is a lesbian.. in fact she would probably sell 20 million more albums Why would she need to hide that.. it makes no sense
  10. I don't think they make that much money They don't even have Buffalo press credentials You're way better off coaching then trying to be an internet football guru
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