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  1. Donnie Freeman finishes at number 6 in the ESPN 300 ******* Stud! And Elijah moore is one of the best shooters in the class Lumpkin at center with 7 footers backing him up... We got by a lot of accounts now... One of The best high school power forwards in the country
  2. Milano made that transition during his freshman year of college He didn't even play one full season as a safety... Just a few appearances as a 210 pound kid So he was safety size
  3. I think there's a difference between your true love and first love as u also said Why the hell would you be getting down on your knee and proposing to a woman that you didn't love? And Terry was married before.... So Kim may be his true love and love of his life but absolutely not his first... Because the dude already loved another wife That was more my point that he's already been married... So definitely not first love Plenty of people find soulmates later in life
  4. I thought I was the only one betting on Saudi Arabian backgammon I'll take the house 😁
  5. Terry peg was 20 years old when Kim was born I highly doubt she was his first love.. more like I'm 45 and see a hot 25-year-old and I'm rich so why not see what happens Terry was basically 40 when she became legal aged... Terry did what a lot of millionaires do and married a much younger woman
  6. Josh Allen would be the biggest fraud ever Literally since day one before he ever stepped onto an NFL field he said he wanted to play with one franchise forever ... Hid biggest thing is loyalty And talks about how much he loves Buffalo... The children's hospital is named in honor of his grandmother It's one thing if he leaves when he's 37... Leaving in his prime... He would have a smear campaign against him And they would probably drag up every single little incident that ever happened... And Josh certainly doesn't want to go through the ringer.. and they would drag him through it because they are so petty You're talking about the face of an entire city... Before Tom Brady the Patriots were not a proud franchise The Buffalo Bills on the other hand... And our fan base...
  7. Possibly been a while... I know YHWH was the unspeakable name
  8. I thought adonai was "my Lord" And the Hebrews replaced the word, That can never be uttered.. the true name of the Lord... With Adonai And used adonai in synagogue ritual
  9. Football is a business It is what it is .. I certainly won't lose any sleep over it And I think Khalil is a very talented young man
  10. Yeah but in a smaller league right? He's 6'7.. That could certainly fly in a mid major.. but I don't think he could play center in the ACC
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