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  1. I think it all depends where the Bills want Milano to line up.. if they move him back to WLB then I don't think we have our Sam on the roster If he stays at strong side then I think Joseph can get a first look at WILL with possibly Dodson if he stays I think Milano struggled with his consistency tackling because he had to fight through a lot more muck at the strong side and he's on the smaller side for a LBr
  2. That's exactly what it was and why I think they transitioned Zo still had good speed to power and was able to use his instincts to make some plays.. I would like to see an old school Sam tho so Milano can play in space
  3. Of course he is and he's been a good one for us... It's amazing how he kept up his game while aging He DEFINITELY will be missed because he was totally a Swiss army knife.. over the years he's been our Sam , Will , rushing DT , End, up man on punts, gunner on kicks... The dude was a machine
  4. Running the ball and controlling the clock and line of scrimmage HAS ALWAYS BEEN KEY in the playoffs... Most teams aren't airing it out 40 times a game in January This is nothing new and teams that win the LoS usually win the game
  5. In our base 43 this season Milano actually lined up at strong side majority with Zo at weakside
  6. Then who would have been playing right tackle for us this year? Because we lost Ford and ty at points Allen would have got killed even worse if we didn't address it
  7. Im going to give out my bold proclamation and say Shenault doesn't go in the top 20 He runs a 4.5 at the combine and falls down the board He has great YAC skills and is super tough but there are more polished and faster guys . I think he is on the board when the bills pick
  8. I'm just messing with ya bro If we sign Luke as a LBr coach of some sort I'd be down for it 💯
  9. Become a Panthers fan then by the looks of it 👍
  10. 4.22 I believe off my head and I meant 4.4 not 4.3... there might be 2 4.3 guys and a good amount In the 4.4s
  11. Semi accurate because the top half of speed guys are legit burners with Gas speed. Might be 5-10 guys in the low 4.4s even 4.3 maybe
  12. @Hapless Bills Fan The Talley story trying to copy Smith's moves are funny and makes lots of sense Bruce could do things no other human could, he was physically Superior. In high school I thought I could emulate Walter Payton scissor kick... Turns out Walter Payton I am not
  13. Of course that kind of thing he can pick up on... But so could the majority of all NFL coaches I think Luke was a tremendous player physically and instinctually But you really can't give your instincts to other players unfortunately all you can do is try and help I don't doubt that Luke would be good in the film room tho
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