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  1. Miguel Cabrera 5 year stretch of ---- .324 103 RBIs .328 126 RBIs .344 105 RBIs .330 139 RBIs .347 137 RBIs
  2. The traveling would be too much for UB Athletics. The schools are not grouped in a conglomerate and are spread fairly far apart Good conference but I don't think the kinks would work out
  3. When I was a wee little tyke and dominating little league games my gym teacher , who was an ex NFL player, Gave me a bag full of his old sweat bands and wrist bands and such Always thought it was strange even at 6 And they were jets colors 🤮
  4. QB Kyle Vantrease was redshirted last year so he is only a RS sophomore West Seneca product Matt Myers was redshirted so he is a RS FR Local RB Dylan McDuffie also redshirted so he is also a RS FR and looks to be good when his number will be called
  5. UB may not have the stadium but they have the facilities They have a brand new multi million dollar facility built with indoor stadium and state of the art equipment I still don't think they should go to the AAC
  6. He isn't advertising his own stuff and it's bills related. That be like starting a thread on a Bills sale at Walmart or Wegmans with some good deals I'm sure there are lots here who would like some game work gloves or some jerseys
  7. There are also only 64 top 2 round picks a year. There are at least 200-250 UDFAs per year in camp. So the odds are in there favor, especially if you add it up over 5-10 years The draft used to be 10-12 rounds and good football players haven't disappeared... The 8-12th rounders became priority UDFAs
  8. He may be raw but his skill set was developing By the end of the year he was running a variety of routes and even went up and caught a back shoulder ball for a TD. It's been a while since we had a WR pull in a back shoulder fade in the endzone He 6'2 with great size and speed. If he can work on rounding out his game he can be dangerous
  9. Can't stash a guy on IR during TC. He can't he activated
  10. She really woulda been disappointed cus if I went 3-3 I really woulda got the Brady jersey to burn 😂 Or sell in eBay hahahahah
  11. It's super cute man! And of course I gave it to her after teasing
  12. There are kids playing HS football rn who got through concussion protocol in 1 week I've seen it
  13. I know Bills fans love longshots but he isn't making the squad this season Yes he's an athletic freak but he's so green to the game he can't even take a proper hand-off Both are plays can be a glimpse of the future but it was against 3-4th stringer's that he is physically better than Let him acclimate and how a great chance at producing next year
  14. Just leaving rn. The last day of the 180th Erie county Fair So angry , had the chance to win a Tom Brady jersey with 3 football tosses through hoops in a row.. was gonna get the jersey and burn it! Went 2-2 to start and my last one dinged out! Now I'm left with a stupid giant dog! My GF was not happy when I said its mine and to get your own!
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