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  1. Very true Thankfully I don't think Josh was coached up too much on how to give fake interview answers I think he's very straightforward
  2. He average over 100 yd per game at the juco level. Wyoming wanted to have a quarterback for 2 years not kill him It was clear to me he would be a massive running threat Precision is definitely something that you can work on and get better with. They have hundreds of drills, with footwork and body mechanics, and muscle memory makes a huge difference You can't just get a howitzer like Josh Allen
  3. I knew the kid was a world-class athlete. His legs let him survive his rookie year And he needed every bit of athleticism and determination that he has
  4. I don't think that is not that he wasn't a running threat. He broke his collarbone his first year at Wyoming running They didn't really run any read options for him his next year, and he only ran off improvisation His Juco running stats are insane
  5. Some of the throws that Josh Allen made on Sunday. The third and 20 pluses.. are a reason why arm strength is not overrated Arm strength was John elways best attribute. Brett favre's best attribute. And is the reason Josh will become a superstar With all the drills, you can teach precision. You cannot teach natural arm strength and release speed like Josh Allen has
  6. What people missed is what people miss about all great athletes Their desire to win and improve at all costs
  7. I really haven't read much into the injury so you might be right. I just figured he was being rushed back
  8. Of course we are only assuming.. but that is what I would think Coaches are trying to get him to play sooner than later to help them win games, and he probably wants to shut it down for a couple months and get back to 100%
  9. Of course oak Hill would have been great for him He still has a season left and right now his health is the most important thing
  10. https://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/2020/09/a-conversation-with-syracuse-basketball-recruit-dior-johnson.html "I'm coming"
  11. It's because of his injury. He went home because he can't play right now, up in the air if he'll return But he's coming to cuse He said the other day he's 100% coming
  12. Honestly another thing to look in with these new stadiums Is volatility in this country This country is on edge and on the fritz, there has been rioting constantly for months, and nobody knows when it's going to slow down Maybe looking into a stadium when the times are a little bit brighter, is a better idea No need to rush, a billion dollar venture
  13. The kgun wasn't named after Jim Kelly... So A- gun really wouldn't fit the narrative
  14. Bill belichick has been doing this for 15 years He always tinkers with lineup's for the first five six weeks before settling on one
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