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  1. mvp for me are Bucs #54 and #45 4.15am here, too tired (and drunk) to elaborate
  2. 5.22am.... but WORTH IT ! a small hello from France I'm drunk as ***** had to open a second good wine bottle during the 2nd half time preps to defense and OLine ! so far so good Go Bills !
  3. well I would say : what shiitty way to end a shiitty year IRL
  4. "This site isn't currently available in the EU" *****...
  5. sooo I will have to be up at 2.15am here, meaning no sleep for the whole night I guess this is the price to pay when you have a good team Go Bills !
  6. Bass for me 5.36 AM here, still can't sleep my wife (who doesn't care about football at all) even woke up during the last drive around 10PM local time, running from the sleep room to the life room telling me "omg they just up 3 points they won't blow it, do they ?" Go Bills !
  7. stayed up until kick off it's 5.18am here guys now a little hello from France 🍻 Go Bills !
  8. representing France here... since 1991... It's been a long time guys let see what this year has to offer now
  9. pardon me but I would say... OLine so much time given to Allen
  10. http://www.nytimes.com/article/19921106/angry-cornelius-bennett.png who forgot that one ?
  11. drinking some good french wine then raiding WoW half drunk drinking again another bottle playing BloodBowl 2 and drinking if I can't see my players
  12. no trade with KC for Mahomes ?
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