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  1. drinking some good french wine then raiding WoW half drunk drinking again another bottle playing BloodBowl 2 and drinking if I can't see my players
  2. no trade with KC for Mahomes ?
  3. I think our defense was mainly designed to stop Marino (and Elway) as they were the main threats in AFC This defense couldn't adjust well against NFC powerhouses Olines.
  4. because of SB XXV this was the 1st game I saw on TV, and I could have turned Giants fan if Bills won it and Giants went to 4 consecutive appearances On this SB XXV I was for the Giants because the announcer said Bills are favorite and they are high on themselves and bickering The year later, I saw them back, and thought well it's their turn now. This was the 2nd game I saw, back in the time we couldn't see much football here in France The rest is history
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