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  1. major

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Our team is not fine Clark, she’s dead
  2. Peterman after Chargers game
  3. major

    How many Corey Coleman threads do we need?

    We have more threads on Coleman than Peterman had int’s against LA #justsaying
  4. major

    How many Corey Coleman threads do we need?

    Starting to see why Astro took his notes to Facebook
  5. major

    Question about 90's Bills

    I wanted us to keep going every year to the SB (still do). Felt the best about Super Bowl 28, but that fumble changed the whole mentality of our team and down we went.
  6. major

    Bold NFL Predictions for 2018

    The NY giants win the nfc east
  7. major

    Reminder: Bills 2017 team highlights tonight

    These puff pieces (highlight films) have always made me laugh. You can watch any team's previous highlights and truly believe the team you are watching is going to the Super Bowl next year. It's propaganda at it's finest
  8. major

    The Herd- AFC east predictions

    He said because of Sam darnold
  9. Cowherd had this prediction today: Pats (10-6), Jets (8-8), Dolphins (7-9), Bills (5-11). He added that he likes our coaching staff but expects us to be 1-7 to start the season and said of course Allen feels no pressure, it’s Buffalo. He also said he feels Allen will be a bust. Wasn’t flattering but he’s never flattering when discussing our team
  10. Can we revisit this topic this season when we have Peterman at starting qb and ivory at rb 😱