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  1. MLB does a lot of things better. Their HOF/Cooperstown is better than NFL because they only let the greats in. The NFL seems to let everyone into their HOF
  2. Fans and team just need to watch this after playoffs and save their $ hiring a professional
  3. Could be Houston Oilers/titans vs Houston Texans in afc championship. If so, Titans should wear throwback oilers jerseys
  4. Mine: Red Sox vs. Cardinals in WS. Yours? *Yankees and Red Sox in Alcs and cardinals and Mets in nlcs
  5. Cheatriots didn't lose, they just ran out of videotape
  6. Brady and bill b are about to ride off into the sunset. Nfl is going to punish the pats and these two ain’t going to stick around for the fallout
  7. Wearing Fred Jackson jersey today. Yours? #gobills
  8. Coaches like Wyche were classic back in the day. Buddy Ryan, Jim mora, Denny green, Mike ditka, etc... They spoke their mind. Today’s coaches are boring (too pc and scripted)
  9. Bills vs 49ers (Chris berman’s early 90’s prediction finally comes true)
  10. Regardless of whether it was scripted or not, gronk is a poster child for cte, along with Terry Bradshaw
  11. Meanwhile, early reports indicate Bill knew nothing of this most recent incident (yeah right): https://nesn.com/2020/01/nfl-rumors-no-evidence-found-linking-bill-belichick-to-patriots-video-controversy/
  12. Buffalo is going to the super bowl
  13. Read the book “spygate” by Bryan O’Leary. He references this phone (Bill B often goes to it in crisis game situations)
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