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  1. major

    What Are You Top 5 Super Bowls

    1. Super bowl 20: Bears/ pats 2. Super bow 25: Bills/giants (still makes me sad) 3. Super bowl XLII: Giants/pats 4. Last year’s super bowl: eagles/pats
  2. When I see the old super bowl highlights I realize how far the super bowl has fallen. It used to be more about football and less about half time show or commercials. Sorry to sound like the old “back in my day” guy
  3. I remember wanting reich to start against Miami in that years afc championship game and in the super bowl against Dallas. I love Kelly, but we were on a roll with reich and I felt we should have stuck with the hot hand. Thanks for this thread
  4. Doesn’t sound like a process guy beating others up😄
  5. major

    AFC Wild Card: Colts at Texans 4:35 ESPN

    Meant to write- thanks for the share
  6. Don’t forget that Big Ben also raped someone. He should have been out of the league years ago
  7. I got an all LA super bowl : Rams Vs Chargers with Chargers winning it all. Yours?
  8. This is Mark Davis we are talking about. He will keep gruden the full 10 years
  9. I pulled those from his mock drafts
  10. I too thought it crazy when I heard Mayock had been hired as raiders GM. Thought it would be fun to see who he would have drafted in 1st round had he been our GM the past five years. Here you go: 2018/Josh Allen, 2017/Reuben Foster, 2016/Robert Nkemdiche, 2015/no 1st round pick, 2014/Zach Martin
  11. Was cleaning out the closet today and found my old Collins jersey. Where is he now? I know he last played in 2010, but I’ve always wondered what happened to that dude after that. I remember thinking he was the 2nd coming of Jim Kelly #oops
  12. Anyone watch the Texas Bowl between Baylor and Vandy last night? I hope the RB, Vaughn, from vandy declares for the draft. We need him. If not him, what other RB’s do you see on our radar?
  13. I believe it will be the LA chargers vs LA rams in super bowl. If that does indeed happen, I will be very upset that we didn’t hire him