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  1. So college would only play teams in their own conference. Would nfl do the same with only division games to speed up the process?
  2. What if season started in January and finished in March?
  3. ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit: 'I'll be shocked' if there's football in the fall because of coronavirus. I feel the higher ups in college and nfl know this, but few are willing to say it. Your thoughts?
  4. Tom will be terrible this year (first time he will be playing without Ernie Adams and Bill B. feeding him cheat codes). When another qb plays for New England this year and has similar #’s to Brady, the world will know what most of us have known for years -they are still cheating (*for proof, look at Cassell’s #’s the year Brady was out)
  5. Fixed it: 1. Larger % of TV money 2. Medical expenses covered for life 3. Extra bye (no preseason games) 4. No contact in camp (camp Marv style)
  6. I’m fully expecting a lockout. Too many issues here that won’t be resolved in a timely manner
  7. That franchise is about to burn to the ground
  8. Good good! I can feel your anger. Let the hate flow through you
  9. I grew up watching/loving NFL films and especially their music (with the classic John Facenda narration). I don’t like the Raiders but “autumn wind” is the best of nfl films music, in my opinion. Anyone else have a favorite nfl films song?
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