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  1. His skills are unsustainable outside of the New England bubble because the New England bubble is a cesspool of cheating. I’m telling you, any qb could go to NE and be successful in a system where they know the other team’s game plan
  2. Please revisit this during the season when Cam Newton and Stidham are putting up Brady #’s in New England while the real Brady will suddenly resemble Nathan Peterman. I can hear the excuses already from the media types: “Brady is just getting old”. When they should be saying: “Brady isn’t cheating anymore”
  3. Translation: they don’t radio plays to me in my helmet like they did in New England after the snap. I’ve always wanted to see Tom on another team. He will suddenly look like a 6th round draft pick and will have more INT’s than TD’s #cheater
  4. I should have marked my original post as sarcasm, but once the train left the station (Taking it seriously), it was fun to just sit back and watch😄
  5. USC is virtual as are most of the major schools. Therefore I guess they will be only ones on campus. Guess that’s their bubble strategy
  6. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has to share. What a wonderful 🌎
  7. Dismissed makes me think of better times😱...
  8. Pegulas must be drilling in search of the ark. The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste in entire regions. An Army that carries the Ark before it... is invincible.
  9. I’m sure the players will feel safe if kickoff is right on schedule (*just like these two guys)
  10. Found the name. Just insert a football where the basketball is and win win
  11. Its rough - know plenty in that situation
  12. So no contact with their family from September thorough January. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how that sounds
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