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  1. Read the book “spygate” by Bryan O’Leary. He references this phone (Bill B often goes to it in crisis game situations)
  2. If they are that shady at away games, what kind of shenanigans do you think they use at home games (bugging locker rooms, turning off opponents headsets, etc...)?
  3. Nfl covered it up the first time and destroyed all the footage. I don’t trust them
  4. I think goodell and the league knows that if this comes out, it’s steroids/baseball type of scandal that will take years to repair. Instead, they cover it up (much like they did with concussions). It will come out though- see Astros
  5. The pats (Ernie Adams and Bill) continue to bend the rules (more will come out in the years to come: see Astros player spilling the beans from two years ago). I’m sure spygate never ended. It’s simple math: you can’t be that good for that long (almost 20 years) without something going on. It’s mathematically impossible to have that long of a home winning record, division championships, and Super Bowls. League knew this and covered it up the first time. Let em burn 🔥
  6. Ripping out Dallas’ heart in national tv was incredible. Soon, Buffalo will rule the world
  7. I just hope all the cowboys players give them the biggest hugs (pre and post game)
  8. The pats gave the cowboys the flu. Their cheating antics have gone too far
  9. This question is making my head explode like those martians in mars attacks
  10. Saw Dan back on his shows this week after long absence. It said he was gone due to a pre honeymoon trip and personal matters. Anyone else think these two explanations sound fishy? I’m going with Espn suspended him a few months later for his political rhetoric instead of right after it happened. When you bump the suspension, no one is paying attention, hence no bad PR. Win for espn and win for Dan
  11. Still trying to figure out why Disney didn’t build Hoth or tatooine instead of galaxy’s edge? That would be like warner brothers making fantastic beasts zoo instead of hogwarts. Disney has really screwed up the Star Wars universe and fan base
  12. Rivers throws last night reminded me of crap you see at flag football games played at local parks on weekends. I think his window of playing in a super bowl was last year
  13. Chicken and mayo at chick fil a is better, but pickles and bun are better on Popeyes sandwich
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