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  1. I live in the Dallas area and surprisingly, there are a lot of Buffalo fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex
  2. Those team highlight films are incredible propaganda. At the end of each team’s highlights, you are convinced they are super bowl bound
  3. Flutie was a winner in college, cfl, and nfl. I’ll always be grateful for the success he helped us to have during his tenure. Never have understood the dislike some have for him on this board
  4. Watched some highlights of Ken Stabler. Josh Allen reminds me of him. He was scrappy, took the hits, ran when needed (when he was younger), and was clutch. Think Josh has a stronger arm than Stabler did. Hope Josh will get us a super bowl win like “the snake” did for the raiders. Does he remind you of Stabler or someone else?
  5. I’m sure they will (and not just Russia). This time I wonder if they will try to sway it towards helping the democratic nominee. If you are trying to sow discord and create chaos, you’d go in the very opposite direction as current occupant. Worked when Russia did this in 16
  6. I’m an independent voter and I think you are probably right
  7. I’m wondering why certain media outlets seem to always be bashing Biden. Seems like they want Pete, Harris, or Warren to be the nominee.
  8. The combination of Roger Goodell hassling us about needing a new stadium, coupled with the Raptors success in the nba Finals got me thinking. Do you think the NFL will ramp up the notion of placing a team in Canada? If so, does that hurt Buffalo in any way, shape, or form? I don’t believe the Pegs will ever move our team from Buffalo; however, I can see the NFL trying to capitalize on the Canadian market eventually and Toronto still seems like the logical location. I just don’t want their current success to hurt our team or city. Your thoughts??
  9. Old roger probably saw the crowds at the raptors nba finals game and decided to put pressure on us to build or else. Roger is a snake. He should be held accountable for concussion coverup
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