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  1. major

    Why do new coaches overhaul rosters?

    But in most businesses the goal is to win immediately and maximize profits. Overhaul makes both of these difficult for a few years in any profession.
  2. Heard today that Jon Gruden has a two year plan to completely overhaul the raiders roster to bring in his own players. Why do coaches do this (our own included)? I’ve seen this done in my profession as well and it rarely works. I know some answers will revolve around new schemes and new players. But it seems to be more of an ego trip, in my opinion. So why do you think they do this?
  3. major

    NFL worried about Chargers viability in LA

    Chargers should go to San Antonio
  4. major

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Let’s imagine Derek Anderson goes 2-1 over the next 3 games. Do you go back to Allen when healthy?
  5. major

    Draft another QB

    Herbert from Oregon may go #1
  6. After reading this article, what makes you think our bills are going to win in 3 or 4 years? I want to believe #xfiles
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/sabres-fans-done-being-patient-173136033.html
  8. As I’ve gotten older, I look back and appreciate former players and personnel more and more. One of those gems we had was John Butler. He haven’t had a good GM since him. Still amazed he never won a super bowl here or in San Diego. He also passed away way too young
  9. This- we don’t have Andy Reid
  10. major

    Songs that remind you of the Bills

    Tubthumper by chumbawamba
  11. I went into the predator with no expectations and liked it. It was entertaining, but like you said, not a good movie by general standards
  12. major

    Browns are going to the playoffs

    If they had a kicker they would be 3-0