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  1. Tom’s “not one to walk away”. Unless you’re his pregnant wife
  2. Is Jerry Jones the new Al Davis? I found Al likable back in the day. I’ve never found Jerry likable. Jerry, like Al in his later years, has driven his team into the ground (*much to my enjoyment)
  3. Sadly they didn’t mention the Ralph loan to Al
  4. This reminds me of Eugene Robinson, who was arrested for soliciting sex the night before the 1999 Super Bowl. I still believe this distraction was a huge reason the Atlanta falcons lost that super bowl and sadly, I think this incident will be the distraction that causes the chiefs to lose
  5. Another fascinating 30 for 30. Look forward to hearing your take but some tidbits I’m still pondering after watching it (*and I lived through it all): (1) found myself pulling for Al while watching it (2) felt sorry for Pete Rozell by end of it (3) had Al not done this, a lot of cities and their residents/fans would have been spared a lot of pain (Cleveland, Oakland, Baltimore, St Louis, Irwindale CA, Houston, LA, etc...) (4) Oakland and Al should have worked something out (*in reality they will always be the Oakland Raiders) (5) Raiders had some players back in the late 70’s that seeme
  6. When I read this my mind went back to a book that I would encourage you all to read called “the dark side of the game” by Tim green. It was published in 1996 and exposes a lot of this and more.
  7. Detroit won this trade. Goff has talent and Stafford is overrated (in my opinion). The draft haul alone is something the lions needed to begin their rebuild
  8. This all day ☝️☝️☝️
  9. I’m showing my age but this performance is so similar to super bowl 26. I’m just as angry tonight as I was then
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