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  1. I believe it will be the LA chargers vs LA rams in super bowl. If that does indeed happen, I will be very upset that we didn’t hire him
  2. major

    Most Famous Bills Fan you ever met

    Elvis (John)
  3. major

    Bills claim WR Isaac McKittrick from Seahawks

    Instant classic🤘
  4. major

    Silver Lining: Pryor is a Bill

    Pryor be like...
  5. major

    Finally the end for peterman???

  6. major

    The biggest myth on the Process/Rebuild

    It seems like we’ve been rebuilding since 1997
  7. major

    The Bills ran a play from Tecmo Super Bowl

    Hooray tecmo. Let’s go sign Bo Jackson
  8. Could be worse: Trump could be our owner and Omorasa our head coach #perspective
  9. If chad had illegally entered our houses, I can imagine most of us would have welcomed him in and told him: “wish we would have drafted you”
  10. major

    Why do new coaches overhaul rosters?

    But in most businesses the goal is to win immediately and maximize profits. Overhaul makes both of these difficult for a few years in any profession.
  11. Heard today that Jon Gruden has a two year plan to completely overhaul the raiders roster to bring in his own players. Why do coaches do this (our own included)? I’ve seen this done in my profession as well and it rarely works. I know some answers will revolve around new schemes and new players. But it seems to be more of an ego trip, in my opinion. So why do you think they do this?