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  1. Kevin Everett Jersey Got it right after he was injured (so thankful he recovered)
  2. Which former player would you like to ask a question to? And what would that question be? I’ll start: Ronnie Harmon. Question: why did you drop that pass in the afc divisional game agains the browns?🤔
  3. Gas prices are rising
  4. My wife once told me she wanted a coke and a candy bar from the store. I said you can have one or the other, but not both. Still haven’t lived that down
  5. This is a difficult question. I’d say the raiders and chargers. Soft spot for original AFL teams that started with us. And as many have said: Fitz
  6. Muggy as anything outside, but fun game day experience. Very loud though. Went to bills/saints game there back in 99 when flutie and Johnson torched ditka’s saints.
  7. Reading this book (below). Got me thinking, will fans returning in mass to stadiums this season affect certain teams overall play? Last season was fascinating to watch with most stadiums being empty or near empty. Curious to see which teams play better or worse in normal setting. Do you feel fans returning will affect team play?
  8. I think he wants to host jeopardy more than playing football. If New England gets him 😡
  9. Mitch to Sammy Watkins for the td (in preseason)
  10. Tom’s “not one to walk away”. Unless you’re his pregnant wife
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