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  1. Lots of blame to go around, but the Defense has to stop one of those 2 point conversions. A top defense has to make a stop on one of those. As a whole the D let up 5 out of 6 two point conversions last year.
  2. Didnt Hoyer have like an amazing game when he was on the Browns, a Thursday night I think it was. Brandon Weeden it was even better
  3. Everyone please turn on Sports Hub now to hear Scott Zolak meltdown!!!
  4. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya
  5. If I had to guess and have read you would play a game vs NFC. And every year would alternate one year AFC would host 9 games and then NFC. And then if you host 9 only 1 preseason game that year. So owners get their 10 dates . I read the networks dont want 2 byes as they claim it dilutes their product. Too many byes and matchups aren't as good I dont get that because they still are top rated products each week.
  6. Will go soccer/NBA route soon and have ads on jerseys/helmets/field. I'm cool with it if it takes some more commercials away.
  7. I think game/clock management just takes game reps. I was impressed with end of playoff game and having Boroquez spike the ball, it seemed they have went over that exact situation.
  8. I went to SB 27 and people behind me just bought tickets to see Michael Jackson.
  9. Corrente lol what a joke he is in your championship game
  10. Not impressed at all with noise level there at all. Maybe it's way stadium was built.
  11. Why is Reid always deferring. This game like last years Afc championship makes no sense.
  12. O Brien doing O Brien things
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