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  1. 1.Titans at Bills 2000 after Music city miracle. Crowd was insane that night. 2. Patriots at Bills Streak ender 3. Giants at Bills in 1993, first game I attended in Buffalo 4. Colts at Bills Nov 1998, Bills blowout hadn't been to a game since 93 in Buffalo. 5 Jets at Bills Sept 99, Sunday night football win.
  2. Gronk is coming back midseason, it's so obvious.
  3. Yes because we all remember when there was no replay that game back in '98 in Foxboro, right Pete? That worked out for you then!
  4. Say what you want but Training Camp is going to be a lot of fun with all these battles (OL, TE, WR, CB)
  5. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/derek-anderson-calls-it-a-career
  6. Been seeing lots of Rams at Cowboys, Thanksgiving but we will see.
  7. Manish Mehta has Bengals at Bills week 3. https://twitter.com/mmehtanydn/status/1118595449638793216?s=21 Also saw week 12 Broncos at Bills , with Bronco sched leak
  8. Now if only the can get rid of all the scalpers who have seats near the benches and upgrade some more ST holders.
  9. Was there, that was loudest game I had been to next to game vs Titans in 2000. Place went nuts after Florence INT.
  10. I don't see it. I read about him thinking hes smartest guy in room so don't know how that would fly.
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