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  1. So he lands in Cheektowaga and needs helicopter to stadium? Guess his ego needs stroking. What's it a 15 min drive with police escort.
  2. I have to mention again, roster would be in much better shape with Kroft starting season on PUP, that backfired.
  3. Shefty said season ender, hip surgery. I wonder if they will trade for someone
  4. The part about the babies heart beats they put in the teddy bear I couldn't handle.
  5. This has to be a record no time outside left to start 4th
  6. NFL Network has become ESPN lite. I only watch Good Morning Football on there now. That awful post game highlight show with Deion Sanders is the worst.
  7. I knew when Kitchens was hired with vitually no head coaching experience it would be a problem.
  8. I'm sure. He loves to hang out with awful people like Alex Guerrero and Jim Gray.
  9. Fitz last rodeo hopefully for him. I think he would make a good announcer on tv
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