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  1. Only 7 offensive lineman now I believe with Ford out. They may have to bring one up from PS if they want to dress 8, so they can dress 48 instead of 46.
  2. Something needs to change. And not just two players off practice squad
  3. Jon needs a PR rep. All he had to say was, "I really underestimated what a great city and sports town Buffalo was. I am happy they are staying where they are and I still have dreams of becoming an NFL owner"
  4. And the number of better players that either are left of roster or game day inactives, but a priority in Special teams and the coverage units are still bad. You also have a kicker that can kick it to the moon and still do short kickoffs.
  5. Offense had no pace. Even first drive was very methodical. I feel they needed to play faster. Also no Duke Williams he had game winning TD last year, would have liked him to get a call up instead of LB Smith from practice squad.
  6. They went last year vs Ravens for 2 when they didn't need it too.
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