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  1. So our defense finally plays a real qb...ha
  2. Antenna works, that was a pretty cool open for preseason!
  3. I just think they are going to split the first two games on the road. Winning back to back on road is difficult.
  4. Duke Williams looks like a body double for Eric Moulds.
  5. Called to cancel DTV. Had some credits fall off and was able to get 55 off for 12 months, 7 off HBO for 6 months and 16.50 off Sunday Ticket Max. been with DTV since 2000. Helps if not in a contract too or will not give you many discounts as all. Also told them not happy that still can't get CBS as DTV has dispute with Nextstar
  6. When i first called i Said cancel and then got thru to loyalty department.
  7. Have had Directv since 2000. Was able to get 55 off for 12 months, 7 off HBO for 6 months and 16.50 per payment off Sunday ticket Max. No contract.
  8. The Captain! Its Yacht Rock Season!
  9. These games are going to take forever this year with all these PI challenges. Preseason takes 3.5 hrs imagine what regular season is going to be like.
  10. For anyone that doubts whom Big Baller Beane can deal, look at the names he has traded: AJ McCarron, Marshall Newhouse, Kevon Seymour. Teams tend to panic especially with injuries in training camp and preseason. So I wouldn't be shocked if Ducasse got dealt and possibly another move.
  11. Easy, money is funneled into his TB12 group,which has a facility right at Patriot Place next to the stadium.
  12. He should sit out the season for that awful documentary.
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