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  1. honestly I'd like to see more of him. It may be tough, but they did a good job of using all 3 RB's yesterday
  2. Well, he certainly hasn't been a liability at least! His int of being in the right place at the right time and securing the ball really changed the momentum of the game in a huge way
  3. Well, he certainly looked more like Tom Brady yesterday. He even threw a couple into the turf on busted plays rather than risk a negative outcome
  4. He had 2 ints in that game (though they weren't really his fault) The Niners game a few years ago may have been his best performance
  5. Ed Oliver looked like a very good DT in the game. It was a pleasant surprise.
  6. off-script plays are a strength.....the decision making on where he throws the ball is the issue
  7. Allen takes helmet hits every game and no one is ever fined. What a joke
  8. Allen takes multiple helmet to helmet hits per game and nothing is ever done.....
  9. Elam needs to be active for the Miami game. He at least has speed and showed in playoffs he can be physical against Hill
  10. Oliver was a force. Encouraging. Milano Run D Tackling Davis Diggs Kincaid O-Line play COOK
  11. Shotgun every snap, no motion, run plays are horribly designed
  12. I can see a performance similar to when the Colts were here. Jacobs 225 and 4 TD
  13. This is another example of social media ruining society
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