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  1. Gabe Davis is playing well this season. Even if he were playing like he was last year, I question whether Chase Claypool would have been an upgrade over that Gabe. I don't understand the constant talk of needing another WR still with how Gabe is playing at the 2 spot right now. We've got Diggs (maybe the best WR in football) and Davis on the outside performing well. Kincaid is coming on with each week as more of a slot WR, alongside Knox playing well at TE. Cook and Murray catch balls out of the backfield. And Sherfield and Harty have done some good stuff when called upon off of the bench. And we still have Andy Isabella on the Practice Squad if we need to call someone up. Hell, i'd probably take Isabella having a whole offseason with the playbook and the offense over a cold Claypool. Our pass catchers are very solid right now. If someone gets hurt, maybe you make a call. But we really don't need to be spending draft assets and allocating future cap for a WR as things are right now. I don't know how you can watch the last 3 games and think we're hurting for offensive production and need to make moves.
  2. And this is why you make the deal when we did. People were ripping it to shreds when it happened. But he always had the skill and talent level to perform as he has. Something was missing. Whether it was Frazier's D or feeling like he wasn't secure after his rookie deal - who knows. But we paid him at a level that was fair for how he was performing. Now that deal is looking like we got him underpaid.
  3. Yeah, he returned to the game which led to me breathing a huge sigh of relief. When Tre went down I thought "we could survive this if Benford wasn't getting X-Rays done right now". I thought he was out long term. Him returning was massive. With the way the rest of the D plays, I think we'll be okay with Benford on one side and Jackson and Elam swapping in and out.
  4. It's so much easier to say "trade for a (insert position here)" then it is to actually make a trade. A player needs to be available and even if he is, more often than not the team holds on to them. Who is available at CB that could make a difference? I don't know of anyone that's been talked about at the CB position.
  5. If Benford was out for a long period of time, I'd be thinking the same thing. But since he returned and appears to be fine, it's not as dire as I originally thought when Tre went down. We went into this season with really good depth at CB. Hell, many fans were suggesting we should trade a guy in Training Camp. They're going to roll with Christian Benford, Dane Jackson, and Kaiir Elam (with Taron Johnson on the inside). Here's hoping Elam being a healthy scratch had more to do with Benford beating him out at CB2 and McDermott preferring the experience of Dane at the last outside CB active on Sunday's than it does his actual ability (or assumed lacktherof). And there isn't going to be a CB available on the market that they are going to prefer over the guys they have had in house. Teams don't trade stud CB's often. When they do it's usually for a BOUNTY and involving a guy that they know they won't be able to re-sign.
  6. Absolutely massive to see Benford back out there. I thought he was hurt long term too. Hopefully he can stay healthy and the light turns on for Elam.
  7. Not this week. He's inactive. Gonna have to be Dane Jackson and Cam Lewis the rest of the way today.
  8. Late to the party - but this is why no matter what is said or done in the Offseason, you deal with whatever comes with Stefon Diggs. Always drove me up a wall watching people say "trade him" or "just shut up and play or leave". WR's like Stef don't grow on trees. Would we rather not have to deal with drama? Of course. But if it's deal with the occasional media frenzy or not have him - you take it and like it.
  9. The game plan is clearly to give them short to mid but eliminate the long game. And they're just taking it and driving right down the field and punching it in with Achane. There's no Defense games and then there's what's happening today. Game feels like it's going to be like 60-53 at this rate.
  10. Defensive End is one of our deepest, if not the deepest position on our roster. With Leonard Floyd, Gregg Rousseau, and AJ Epenesa playing as well as they are and Von Miller on the horizon. Even if we were loaded with cash, even if Chandler Jones hadn't been arrested - trading for another DE makes zero sense.
  11. They traded for him this offseason and he's had 3 games with the team. In what scenario does a team give up what they gave up for Moore and then trade the player after 3 games? It wouldn't happen. That GM would look like a crazy person. Even if there were a WR like Moore available, I don't see any way Beane is giving up a 1st Round Pick for them with the amount of Free Agents we have after this season and the amount of money we have (or rather don't have). We're going to need that pick.
  12. Hey thanks @Sierra Foothills - I was looking for this post 😆 You were saying @ScottLaw?
  13. It's been real quiet from people who declared him a bust. Kinda wish I had the time and patience to go through my notifications and find the guy who was telling me he's just a bad football player and couldn't possibly develop.
  14. Nah, Kingsley Jonathan will be toast. AJ will probably get less reps, but he'll still be active and here.
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