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  1. Because when I think of problems on this team, I think lack of quality WR's 🤦
  2. Lol at you saying I won't be getting the vaccine and that you'll be at the Dolphins game. Hate to break it to ya pal, you won't be in the stadium.
  3. No, you really don't. It's completely cut and dry. There's no margin for loopholes of any kind. Just two options. You can not like it. But it doesn't change a thing. You sound like a petulant child who's never been told 'no' before. You're not above the rules. You're not a special snowflake. Two options, do what's asked. Or don't. That's your choice. But then you don't get the privileges that come with doing what's asked. And again, it's a PRIVILEGE. Not a RIGHT.
  4. I don't care who or what you believe in. It's not an exemption. Going to a football game or any event is not a religious right. It is not a constitutional right. It's a privilege granted or veto'd at the discretion of the owners of the business. You can choose to abide by what's asked of you and attend or refuse to do what's required and not attend. Those are the only options. So tired of all you people who think rules don't apply to you.
  5. Guess you'll be catching the game at a bar or something because you're just going to be turned away at the gate.
  6. Then we have a problem. Because I could have easily seen McDermott switching back to Moss if neither contributed on Special Teams. But if McDermott considers Brieda essential on Special Teams as a replacement for guys we lost there like Daryl Johnson, Dean Marlowe, and Andre Roberts then I don't see him making the switch back and foresee Moss taking the Yeldon role full time barring injury.
  7. I said it all offseason - Pittsburgh in Week 1 was a scary matchup. The wheels fall off for them and Ben about halfway through the season consistently the past few years. But the first half of the season (especially the first few games) they're generally a monster. We couldn't make mistakes or be poorly coached if we expected to win and we did both. Thankfully, it's just one game. If we don't pick up the next two games then it's time to panic.
  8. The one he lost was a blind side sack strip. It happens to everyone. Mario did it to Ben in the same game. Not a whole lot you can do when a guy you don't see coming smacks the ball while you're holding it in one hand trying to get a pass off.
  9. Breida didn't start over Moss for his Special Teams. I'm guessing McDermott wanted to try some speed in the backfield. But speed does little good at RB without shiftiness or the ability to break tackles. As for Jones, he was the lead blocker on McKenzie's 75 yard return and played gunner. Our deficiencies on Special Teams wasn't in that department. Like it or not, McDermott from Day One has always had a RB dressed for Special Teams. He doesn't believe in using 3 people toting the rock at the same time. This week he went with Singletary and Breida. Hopefully in the future he'll choose Moss instead.
  10. Nick Wright disliking Josh Allen and the Bills by proxy is a gimmick. He knows everytime he does it, he'll get a bunch of views, Twitter responses, and exposure from PO'ed Bills fans. Don't play the game.
  11. We didn't have John Brown most of last season. And when we did, we still didn't have his speed because he was never 100% for us. So don't look at it like John Brown v. Emmanuel Sanders. Look at it as last year's WR core + Emmanuel Sanders.
  12. He had multiple offers and chose the Jaguars? Were all the other options Practice Squad spots? 😆
  13. Agree with them or not, McDermott and Beane have said for months they're very comfortable with Tre, Levi, and Dane on the outside with Taron and Neal at the Nickel. Their actions (or lack thereof) in Free Agency and the Draft (passing on Melifonwu in Rounds 2 and 3) proved that. We generally only keep 5 CB's and I don't see anyone out there right now that I'd cut someone on our depth chart for. Even if there were, they'd be behind the 8 ball trying to learn the playbook and build chemistry midseason. We won't be bringing anyone else in. And I'm not as concerned about it as many of you are. Our CB situation wasn't awful last year. And we've brought back everyone that was here, even on the Practice Squad. The only difference is Dane Jackson promoted from the Practice Squad to replace Josh Norman and Rachad Wildgoose taking Dane's place there. Everybody take a deep breath over the Corner situation. We're in a better spot than many teams in the league. Especially when you consider Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer round out the Secondary.
  14. Considering all three posts were posted the same minute, it wasn't a purposeful "pile on". Just a matter of a number of members posting the same thing at the same time.
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