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  1. Let's think here - last season we carried 7 WR's on the roster. We usually keep 6 and the extra spot was for Kumerow's ST's. Even if we were to try to squeeze in OBJ as part of 6 man squad and you want to keep Crowder - Diggs, Davis, McKenzie, Shakir, and Crowder make up only 5. Surely, you wouldn't pass on OBJ for Tavon Austin, Isiah Hodgins, or Marquez Stevenson, right? And you could even keep one of them on the roster until OBJ is ready in November. I don't see it remotely blowing up anything.
  2. We've been patient with him? You are aware we released him last season after Training Camp and he was only here on the Practice Squad, meaning anyone could have claimed him at any time - right?
  3. As a Special Teams player? Because he made the squad for that last season. He was the 7th WR on a roster that always kept 6 max for that reason. If they felt he was so replaceable there, the Bills would have just let him walk after last season. Instead, they gave him a new contract. I get the feeling you're once again referring to his play as a WR and completely disregarding Special Teams. To your end of arguing for bottom of the roster WR's who won't be active on Game Day over core Special Teams players.
  4. Yes, but you are making the assumption that Hodgins is as good at Special Teams or there's another player on the team at another position that is. This mentality is demeaning to our core Special Teams players. Comes across as "anyone can do it". And not just anyone can do it and do it well.
  5. To the fans/majority of the posters on this board? They're worthless. If you don't provide anything beyond Special Teams prowess - you're just wasting roster spots that could be used on another WR or RB that won't even be active on Game Day. To Sean McDermott? An integral part of his teams. So much so that Taiwan Jones and Tyler Matakevitch were amongst the protected vets that were inactive yesterday. He's often gone on record to say that if you value what else ST'ers provide over what they provide on ST's, that you're going to short change your ST's and that's how you get burned. I'll give you one guess who's opinion matters. Side Note: I find it a weird dichotomy that posters are of the mind that anyone can play Special Teams and advocate for their being cut for bottom of the roster skill position players on a yearly basis while also worshipping Steve Tasker.
  6. Need to see him with the 2's to start the game before we say he "MUST" be kept. He looked good against the UDFA's of the Colts. But these are people who may or may not even make a Practice Squad somewhere.
  7. I think Keenum is a better QB than how he looked today. But that's not the point. The point is Fitz is turning 40 years old and retired coming off surgery for dislocating his hip. That's an insanely brutal injury for a 40 year old to come back from and surely led to his retirement.
  8. Case Keenum is a better QB than what he's been showing today. Frustrating to watch.
  9. Watching Araiza's hold back in slow motion, it appears he had to pick it up off the ground and he still got it set right for Bass. Him being the first to hold is probably a bigger deal than him not being the first out to punt.
  10. Meh. He would get destroyed on that first play against a real defense. Looks slow. Other videos show him not throwing on wide open WR's. He could develop into something, but right now I'm not watching these clips and thinking he's "going to be a problem".
  11. McKenzie plays in the slot, OBJ plays on the outside. McKenzie has no barring on whether or not OBJ will be signed. He was fine in LA on a winning team with a quality QB. Looking at how Cleveland is/was being run, how Mayfield was playing, and how he reportedly was behind the scenes - I'd say he was justified in forcing his way out.
  12. If you watched him play for LA last season, especially in the Super Bowl - why wouldn't you? When you look at this depth chart, you see an abundance of slot WR's. While Diggs and Davis are a more than solid 1-2 punch, there isn't much, if anything, outside of them. They aren't going to be on the field for every play and God forbid one of them gets hurt. If a talent like Beckham wants to join up and you can do it, why wouldn't we?
  13. Everyone says doing work before 9 months post surgery is playing with fire. He had his surgery 12/10. That would have him returning to practice 9/10. They aren't going to just throw him straight into the starting lineup on Game Day. He'll probably need a week or two of Practice. So I see Week 3 as the absolute soonest he could possibly come back. Probably closer to Weeks 4-6 to be safe.
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