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  1. The other reason I went with Butler is his familiarity playing with Addison. If you watch a lot of Addison's sack highlights, you'll see Butler setting him up. I think that's a big reason Butler was signed. McBeane rightly preaches Continuity as a key to success.
  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say DL1 is Hughes, Oliver, Butler, Addison. DL 2 would be Murphy, Phillips, Jefferson/Oliver, Epenesa/Jefferson. I think the DL is solid. I think Edmunds, Milano, and Klein is solid. But I have concerns about the depth underneath them.
  3. Surprised they let King go over Nick Easley or even Duke himself. With all of our WR's returning from last season and the additions of Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, and Isaiah Hodgins - i'd be shocked if Duke or especially Easley made the squad. They must feel pretty comfortable rolling with 5 CB's and Dane Jackson being the 5th.
  4. I had myself pretty much convinced he was opting out. Had myself believing we could still compete with Norman, Wallace, Johnson, and Logan Ryan. But with Tre now staying?
  5. I'm thinking 4 will hit and then we'll have to wait until the media gets the list or lackthereof of players that were designated to COVID or Opting out. Beat reporters have been tweeting those out daily within a couple hours after the deadline.
  6. Not any official announcement from the team, no. But once the Bills daily Opt Out and COVID designations hit the wire - Tre's name being on the list or not being on the list will be news everywhere and fairly quickly.
  7. We'll know fairly quickly after 4 PM. The media gets the official COVID Placements and Opt Out designations daily not soon after league days end. Bills reporters have been tweeting daily whether or not anyone has been added to either list almost as soon as it's filed.
  8. They signed King to replace E.J. Gaines spot when he opted out. King is primarily a Special Teams player and had nothing to do with White. If White opts out, they'll have to bring in someone with experience.
  9. Talib is 34 years old, coming off an injury, and has played a total of 13 games in the past two seasons. Carr is also 34 years old. Kirkpatrick is coming off hyper extending his knee just last November. Let's be honest, if White opts out, there's no one who will be able to step into that true CB1 role. All we can do is put the best combination of flexible CB's as we can out there and trust in our DB mastermind of a coach to make it work. Hell, maybe sign Ryan AND Carr. But I can't wrap my head around the idea that signing Ryan would be a bad move for a lacking Corner situation.
  10. Who do you suggest then? He isn't strictly a nickle corner. He plays all over the field - including outside. Norman also has flexibility. And I have no doubt McDermott would make it work as a system. And looking at what's available, i'd take Ryan as a strictly outside corner over any strictly outside CB that's out there.
  11. I'd imagine they'd keep him on the opt-out COVID list for the year and then cut him in the Offseason. Maybe they'll bring him into camp. But he certainly won't be given the kind of opportunity he had right now.
  12. While i'm sure he had his reasons, he didn't play a down of football last season. Opting out this season would mean that he'll be 2 1/2 years removed from playing when he tries to comeback. Maybe he'll get invited to a camp next year. But I can't see teams being very interested in an almost 30 year old journeyman Corner who hasn't played a down in almost 3 years.
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