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  1. How about you just ignore the post? Your not wanting him to come here personally doesn't change the fact that he visited Buffalo and is weighing whether or not to come here.
  2. Or they thought he'd be available sooner than the Playoffs and they aren't interested in that. Or they wanted to see him work out and were turned off by him not wanting to do that. Or they played a dumb game and leaked out info in hopes of him dropping his price and it blew up in their face. Or they saw the writing on the wall that it wasn't going to get done and they wanted to placate their fans that were expecting it while trying to make the Bills or Giants look dumb for signing him. This is Dallas and Jerry Jones we're talking about. I'd never say "well if Dallas is out, so am I". Ultimately, if we are still in this - then I'd say you shouldn't take what Dallas is saying at face value. I'd trust our doctors over whatever Dallas is unscrupulously leaking to the media.
  3. I take it you didn't watch what he did for LA after he left Cleveland? Also... Baker Mayfield.
  4. He's left Dallas without a contract so it looks like it's anyone's game.
  5. There's still 5 more weeks in the Regular Season. One could easily quantify 5 weeks as "several".
  6. No, they released Stevenson freeing up a second roster spot on the 53 and then signed C.J. Brewer. There's still a spot left from placing Von Miller on IR as Alaina said in the second part of the tweet. Wonder who leaked this out? Dallas banking on him wanting to come there and trying to get him to lower his price or the Giants or Bills?
  7. He has left the building. Only chance I think we have is that Dallas comes in with an offer that is less than or similar to ours. Which I doubt with the way Jerry has been talking about him in the press.
  8. It was originally reported OBJ would be visiting on Friday, but I'm assuming he's actually visiting Saturday because no one reported his being here.
  9. I think if that were the case - there would be no visit scheduled. They've been talking to him quite a bit. Though ultimately, I think he'll sign with Dallas. Especially if they offer him a multi-year deal which I don't see us doing. Best shot we have is that Dallas offers him less than he values himself at and he realizes his best chance at a contract he'd like next offseason is to prove it with a good QB at the end of this season. I don't think John Brown's addition says anything regarding OBJ. We only have 4 healthy ready to roll WR's on the 53 right now and the best we've had to bring up the past couple weeks from the PS is Tanner Gentry. Jamison Crowder and Jake Kumerow are on IR and we lost Isiah Hodgins. We require more than just one WR addition.
  10. Really want him to come here. Especially with Jamison Crowder and Jake Kumerow on IR. But I think it's ultimately going to come down to money and a team investing in him beyond this season - which I don't see us giving him.
  11. I don't know how I'd rank them individually on a Top 10 list of all time Bills - but I'll say without hesitation Allen to Diggs is the best QB/WR combination this team has ever had and it might not be close.
  12. Down Morse, Rousseau, and Edmunds and losing Von and Dawkins midgame on a short week on the road against a team on a 3 game win streak - I'll take a win any way we can get it.
  13. Ed is that f'n dude. Fans were expecting Aaron Donald following his college career and being a top 10 pick and dog him for not being that. But he is very good and deserves another contract.
  14. I said before this season started, the only thing that can stop us is injuries. We lost Micah Hyde for the year. Every single week we're down key players at key positions. Now we'll be extremely lucky if Von's not done for the year. Cannot win a Championship like this.
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