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  1. BillsFanForever19

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    I've lived in Rochester, NY my whole life (I turn 35 this year). I was dressed in Bills gear by my parents from the time I was a baby. They're the "home team". It's never been a choice for me. It's family.
  2. BillsFanForever19

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    I don't know if it's fair to say the guy was embarrassed. It sounds more to me like a guy who gets hammered by fans of other teams on a regular basis and is giving the ole' "yeah, yeah - I get it, whatever". I understand that feeling completely. You're not embarrassed. You just know it's a losing battle trying to debate Bills with ignorant bandwagon fans of winning teams. So you just get programmed to cut them off before they start in because you just don't wanna listen to it from someone else.
  3. BillsFanForever19

    [Vague Title] An top OL just became available. Wow

    I don't think we'd be moving Dion Dawkins to Right Tackle for a year or two of Donald Penn. And I don't think Penn wants to play Right Tackle. So....
  4. BillsFanForever19

    Who's your top 9? (QBs excluded)

    1.) Nick Bosa 2.) Quinnen Williams 3.) Josh Allen 4.) Ed Oliver 5.) Jawaan Taylor 6.) Montez Sweat 7.) Rashaan Gary 8.) Devin White 9.) Christian Wilkins
  5. BillsFanForever19

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    Yeah, I think this one should be closed. Flimsy from the get go, not a fit in our defense, and quite clearly just mistaken identity with the actual Pats player we signed, OT LaAdrian Waddle.
  6. BillsFanForever19

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    I'm not opposed to Buffalo drafting him. I'm just opposed to it happening at 9. If they take him following a trade down to around the 20-30 range or if they traded up from the 2nd - okay.
  7. BillsFanForever19

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    - He's not even close to one of the top 9 talents in this draft. - He might not even be the best TE. - He was pretty pedestrian at the Combine. - He's just as raw of a prospect as DK Metcalf without the impressive measurables (Redshirt Sophomore). - Tight End is like Running Back. A top 10 pick used there would have to be a freakish talent.
  8. BillsFanForever19

    A trade down is now off the table.

    I don't see how that matters to the point the OP is making (that with the amount of guys we have, we won't be picking up more picks for more bodies).
  9. BillsFanForever19

    A trade down is now off the table.

    If this were the case, you'd never see the Patriots trading down. Which we often do - even after they win a Super Bowl with the roster they have. The best teams often cut good players. Sometimes even draft picks or free agents from that very year. And it's a good thing. It means they had good competition/depth across the board and were able to weed out the very best fits for their team. This is a luxury we're not used to around here. As a matter of fact, we're generally one of the teams going after the good cut players. So the idea of having an abundance of players seems wasteful to some. But if we were to have too many free agents and Draft Picks - that's a very good thing come Training Camp. So, no, it's never off the table. Especially when you consider we may want to pick up picks in later years. Or may need to recoup a pick/picks that may be traded away for a player in the coming weeks.
  10. BillsFanForever19

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    Beane just said Ziggy will continue on his visits
  11. BillsFanForever19

    Predict the next Bills UFA/Trade signing

    Hopefully, Ziggy Ansah tomorrow.
  12. BillsFanForever19

    Schefty with high praise for Tyree Jackson

    They have a test at the Combine that gauges the velocity of a thrown football. Tyree Jackson scored a 54. Which was 3rd amongst even his own class. Will Grier topped out the 2019 class and scored a 59. Last season, Josh Allen scored a 62. Fake news.
  13. Knowing Gettleman, getting a replacement for Safety Landon Collins was probably of high priority. Judging by what Cleveland paid, they probably wanted: - 2019 1st Round - Pick #9 - 2019 3rd Round - Pick #75 - SS Micah Hyde Then we would have had to give him a big new deal like Cleveland will be. ... I think I might have still done it, personally.
  14. BillsFanForever19

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    I wonder who will be our two starting Guards with the additions of Jon Feliciano and Spencer Long to go along with Wyatt Teller 🤔
  15. BillsFanForever19

    Bills one of 6 teams in on Leveon Bell

    We've reportedly never been in on Bell. Outside of him - there isn't really anyone available that would be a big reveal.