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  1. The only issue I have is that if it's "no man's land" - then why would anyone want to trade up to get to "no man's land"? I suppose there's a scenario in which someone wants a QB. But I feel like given the crop this year, that's not all that likely. I understand what's being said and I agree. I just think we're probably just gonna have to stay put and take the one Beane likes the most.
  2. "So this interest in McKay is interesting" is some good stuff.
  3. Sal's mock of staying put and taking Ed Oliver in the 1st and N'Keal Harry in the 2nd or bust.
  4. No more veteran backs this year. Draft a guy in Rounds 2-5 and that's that.
  5. Don't read too much into FA follows on Social Media. Remember when LeVeon Bell started following Shady and Gore a couple weeks back amidst "rumors"? It's generally them trying to get another team to think they might go elsewhere. Or perhaps in Spain's situation, maybe he met some people in his visits that have him wanting to keep in touch going forward. Seems like everytime this happens - it's meaningless.
  6. If they identify either Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, or Josh Allen as a player that fits what they're looking for and are comfortable with the price tag - i'm willing to bet most of us will be too.
  7. Most people have him as the #3 DT behind Quinnen Williams and Ed Oliver. Williams isn't gonna happen, but Oliver might. Everyone's excited for him, at the moment. I think Wilkins feels like a 'consolation prize' to most Bills fans right now.
  8. I remember reading the reason we moved on from O'Leary was that Beane preferred long armed TE's with a large catch radius. If that's the case, that doesn't bode well for Hockenson:
  9. Looking at Hock's arm length, hand size, and wingspan; didn't Beane make a point of wanting TE's with a large catch radius for Allen? I thought that was the go to as to why Nick O'Leary was let go.
  10. As a Rochester resident, I can attest - she is terrible. ... but who gives a crap who's announcing the pick in the SIXTH round?
  11. BillsFanatics latches on to ANY Twitter Bills rumor and relays it as fact. When it falls through they blame whoever started the rumor. This Ogbah thing is a prime example. The rumor was posted on the Instagram page stories section of @thefbanalyst. Because they have 76,000 followers - that's good enough for BF to claim: And not that there's a rumor by a single account without a checkmark and less than 100k followers....
  12. I've lived in Rochester, NY my whole life (I turn 35 this year). I was dressed in Bills gear by my parents from the time I was a baby. They're the "home team". It's never been a choice for me. It's family.
  13. I don't know if it's fair to say the guy was embarrassed. It sounds more to me like a guy who gets hammered by fans of other teams on a regular basis and is giving the ole' "yeah, yeah - I get it, whatever". I understand that feeling completely. You're not embarrassed. You just know it's a losing battle trying to debate Bills with ignorant bandwagon fans of winning teams. So you just get programmed to cut them off before they start in because you just don't wanna listen to it from someone else.
  14. I don't think we'd be moving Dion Dawkins to Right Tackle for a year or two of Donald Penn. And I don't think Penn wants to play Right Tackle. So....
  15. 1.) Nick Bosa 2.) Quinnen Williams 3.) Josh Allen 4.) Ed Oliver 5.) Jawaan Taylor 6.) Montez Sweat 7.) Rashaan Gary 8.) Devin White 9.) Christian Wilkins
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