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  1. I'm not saying this is what happened. I'm not victim shaming here. But if I rep'd some of these players - I'd be telling them that they should EXPECT to be targeted. There are people out there that will realize who you are and goad you into beating the ***** out of them. They may "deserve" it. But they know what they're doing. They're *trying* to get beat up. Because they know - it might suck in the short term. But in the long term, they're going to get a BIG civil settlement and become rich off it. Just understand it for what it is, laugh it off, and go home.
  2. They already signed Tyrod Taylor this offseason. Seems kind of pointless to have Taylor and Bridgewater - especially with Watson still on the roster atm.
  3. Beyond a lack of money - we're also coming up against the roster limit. We can carry 91 players into Camp. At this point - we have 71 players on the roster. We have 7 draft picks. We also tend to sign 10+ UDFA's each season. Not to say we can't or won't sign anyone else - but I think veteran FA signings are pretty much coming to an end. Maybe one or two more - but the odds that it's one person in particular that you have your eye on is pretty damn slim.
  4. Omg. You people are starting to make me dislike Kyle Pitts just by association with these ridiculous ideas. He won't fall anywhere near a level worth giving up what it would take to get him. You don't trade 3 firsts - which would be the absolute minimum - for a Tight End. I don't care how good of a Tight End prospect he is, you just don't.
  5. It's extremely unlikely that he ever does. IMO had they not extended the pathway program - this would have been it for him. I know he's an awesome story and he had a couple good runs in the Pre-Season a couple seasons ago. But let's be honest here - if the Bills really saw something in him - his career would have taken the Efe Obada path instead of the path he's on now.
  6. Before I clicked the link I thought "bet this is about Pitts". Not going to happen. He won't make it to 10. Even if he did - you're not giving up what it would cost to move from 30 to 10 for a Tight End. I don't care what kind of prospect he is.
  7. DE and DT Prospects who people believe should have gone higher than we picked them at is A-Okay for me.
  8. From his Wikipedia: ... looks like he'll be competing with Adams again 😆
  9. Also - not for nothing - I remember people saying that Daryl Williams sucked and was a one year wonder we only signed because he was a Panther. You never know how a change of scenery will work out. Trust the process.
  10. They probably still will. Jordan Devey and Trey Adams were on the Practice Squad last season. So even if Hart makes the roster (which isn't a guarantee anyways) - we'd have 8 Lineman on the active roster (if Adams and Devey stayed on the PS) and we usually carry 9.
  11. Geesh - didn't realize we had so many experts when it comes to the Giants and Bengals O-Line over the past few seasons. PFF has him graded as the #51 Tackle in the League. People are acting like we signed him to replace Dawkins or Daryl. He's being brought in to replace Nsekhe, for spot duty, or hopefully to not even play at all. Who knows how he'll do in our system and in spot duty instead of starting. Calm down.
  12. The Giants and The Bengals felt he gave them a better chance than any other Tackle they had at the time for him to start 66 games total. Not saying the guy's great - but for a Backup Tackle - yes, you could do a lot worse than a guy who has that much experience.
  13. Started 66 games and is 26 years old. Could do worse for a Ty Nsekhe replacement.
  14. Real big difference between picking at 12 with a ton of ammo and needing a QB and picking at 30 in pretty good shape pretty much everywhere and not a lot of ammo. Probably a number of guys they like. Maybe a couple he'd be willing to move up a couple spots if the price weren't too prohibitive. But no way are they sitting there with a single "guy" in mind.
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