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  1. A second Concussion in less than a week can kill someone. Him having that kind of response is terrifying. People should go to jail over this.
  2. Good point. I don't know about Dane, but Benford got surgery yesterday and will definitively be out for a few weeks at least.
  3. I'm all for Rhodes coming in. Though I wonder who would get released looking at the roster right now? Baylon Spector? Brandin Bryant if either Ed Oliver and/or Jordan Phillips is ready to come back?
  4. Why? We have zero injuries at Defensive End. And why would we want to remove him from a starting position when he wouldn't start over Von Miller or Greg Rousseau? It's way past time for people to let go of Jerry Hughes.
  5. Less than a week ago today there was legitimate concern that Dane Jackson would never walk again. Now we're at a point where we're saying "enough is enough"? Geesh... Tre cannot even begin practicing with the team until next week at the earliest. With the bye week coming up after that, I'd be shocked if they rushed him on the field Week 5. They're way more likely to start working him in to Practice for Week 5, give him the Bye, and then have him return Week 7.
  6. I got news for you - ANY team that goes into the game minus their Center who's one of their top Lineman than loses their RT to heat illness, their backup Center to injury, and their RG to a head injury is going to be in a bad spot. The Line was very good the first two games and it's not like we have a bad Offensive Line with a Pro Bowl LT, a Pro Bowl LG, and one of the top Center's in Football. Your argument is moot today.
  7. Ed Oliver and Dane Jackson. No Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, and Dane Jackson and 2/4, quite possibly 3/4 of our Interior DL (since Settle didn't get a full practice in all week) is a LOT to overcome. And I hope I'm wrong, but the activation of Greg Mancz seems to allude to me that Mitch Morse is probably out as well. Hope there isn't any others.
  8. That's assuming Settle is playing. Considering he never got a Full Practice in the whole week, he could very easily be out as well.
  9. Good for him. We've got Devin Singletary, Zack Moss, James Cook, and Duke Johnson. We're more than set at RB. Willing to bet if there were an injury to one of the top 3 RB's, they'd have called up Duke Johnson first anyways.
  10. You cannot tell me that this is anything but a troll post and/or that you're not someone who just enjoys being a contrarion.
  11. They aren't going to worry about Edmunds replacement until they have to replace him, if they do. And as for Martinez, he was reportedly released for not getting along with the new Giants regime. That new Giants regime being Beane's former right hand man Joe Schoen who he is still very close to and Brian Daboll. If there were issues behind the scenes, Beane is aware of them and if he was an issue to Schoen, I doubt Beane would want to take him on or be the one to offer him a life raft.
  12. The use of past tense in "hosted" instead of "are hosting" is interesting. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but to me it implies he left without a contract. Wonder if Kern is just playing hardball in negotiations and they're still keeping their options open. Because it would appear to me that if Kern is out, Martin is a no-brainer.
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