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  1. Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Khalil Shakir, and Isaiah McKenzie are the only WR's under contract. Considering McKenzie was healthy scratched down the stretch, he may or may not even be here. So they're going to have to address the position heavily regardless. Whether that means they'll be looking to get someone as a #2 above Gabe or not.
  2. Oliver is much like Edmunds in fans minds. He's not a bad player. Personally, I think he's underrated. But being good is not good enough for fans. They point to his Draft status and what others have become in the same Draft to justify that he's no good and should pack his bags. It's ridiculous.
  3. There will be another Tackle brought in as David Quessenberry is a FA. But Beane and McDermott seem to have faith in Brown and blame injuries and lack of a Training Camp for any lack of success fans see. So I don't see them bringing in someone to outright supplant him. Just another guy like Quessenberry (and it wouldn't shock me to see them bring back Quessenberry himself) that would be good depth and/or competition to him in Training Camp.
  4. 1.) If he's a "JJ Watt type of player" - he won't be there at 28. 2.) If we Draft a 3rd Defensive End in 4 years with our top pick (not including also our 2nd pick in 2021) - I think the fan base would revolt. Our first 2 picks need to be WR and O-Line (unless one of them is addressed in FA or the Trade Market).
  5. I'm sure we'll sign *a* tackle. David Quessenberry was on a one year deal so we'll need to replace him. But given our cap situation, I don't know that either re-signing Edmunds or getting a stud OT is an option. As Beane said, we won't be major players in Free Agency with the lack of space we have and the amount of bodies we'll need to re-sign or bring in, having 25 Free Agents this offseason. I see another Quessenberry level Tackle coming in via FA and/or a Draft Pick between Rounds 2-4 and a competition with Spencer Brown. Would be nice to get a stud plug and play via FA but I don't see it happening with what that costs.
  6. I didn't like the pick to begin with as Bernard was not on anyone's radar as a 3rd Round Pick. When you "reach" for someone on Day 2 - you need them to show why they were worth it in fit or style. He absolutely didn't. As for WR - the good news is at that point I had Khalil Shakir as the best available WR on the board. And we were able to still get him at the top of Round 5. I remember telling myself "well, if you switch out 3rd and 5ths - it looks a lot better". Unfortunately, it's pretty obvious we should have went with Dylan Parham there, who went the very next pick and shouldn't have been there in the first place and started all 17 games for the Raiders.
  7. Hines on a restructure. If he refuses a pay cut, you cut him. If that happens, you look at what Singletary is asking and if it isn't too much, re-sign him. If he is asking too much, get a comparable RB in FA opposite Cook. Draft a RB regardless. If you're without Hines and Singletary - one would have to be Drafted high.
  8. There's only 8 defenders in the picture, so obviously the other 3 are playing deep. That's something that's driven me nuts though watching Bills Defense the past few years. They are consistently playing at least one CB 8-10 yards deep. They just give teams 1st Downs at will if they accept what is given. The "bend but don't break" approach sometimes prevents the long ball. But it puts the team in Goal Line situations far too often bc the opponent can just march down the field.
  9. I made a post about this yesterday: But ultimately, I see us in a tough spot right now. We have 25 bodies to either re-sign or find replacements for, while over the cap, picking low in the Draft with only 6 picks, and also needing improvements at places where we do have the bodies. Going to need to be really creative, hit on all picks, and find diamonds on the rough.
  10. There seems to be a lot of hate for Ed Oliver. But he was performing well on a consistent basis before Von Miller went down.
  11. What's your plan to replace Oliver or are you fine with just rolling with Daquan Jones, Jordan Phillips, and Tim Settle?
  12. Jordan Poyer and Tremaine Edmunds get all the attention as far as our upcoming Free Agents go. But taking a look today, I was a little taken aback at the amount of bodies that we will have to bring back or find replacements for: QB: Case Keenum RB: Devin Singletary Taiwan Jones WR: Jamison Crowder Cole Beasley Jake Kumerow TE: Tommy Sweeney OL: Rodger Saffold David Quessenberry Greg Van Rotten Ike Boettger Bobby Hart Justin Murray DE: Shaq Lawson DT: Jordan Phillips LB: Tremaine Edmunds Tyrel Dodson (Restricted) A.J. Klein Tyler Matakevitch CB: Dane Jackson (Restricted) Cam Lewis (Restricted) S: Jordan Poyer Dean Marlowe Jaquon Johnson P: Sam Martin It's simple to say we let most of them walk for being JAG's or whatever. But for everyone we let walk, we have to get a replacement to fill out our roster. And depending on where you look, we're sitting at either 3.5-8.5 million over the cap. Just like the "let 'em walk" crowd - I've heard we can cut a number of players to create cap space. But then those bodies will also have to be replaced. We also only have 6 draft picks this offseason (1 1st, 1 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 4th, and 2 5th's), once again picking low at 28 - given our regular season record. The long and short of it is, Brandon Beane is going to have to get REALLY creative this offseason to fill out the roster. I see so many people say "we need improvements (here or there)" and "they can make cap space whenever they want". But it's going to be very difficult to fill out the 53 with improvements and good depth across the board. He's really going to have to hit on all our Draft picks, find some diamonds in the rough, and get lucky on some Undrafted prospects as well.
  13. And Micah Hyde (and his backup) And Von Miller I truly felt White going down cost us a trip to the Super Bowl last season. When Hyde went down early, I feared it would be the same story. When Miller went down, I knew it was over. When it comes to winning a Super Bowl and competing against the top echelon teams in the league - you can't expect to do it down KEY players. That said, I still expected a better game today.
  14. I mean, I think we all can see the writing on the wall. But Jay Glazer saying "expect them to move on from Zach Wilson" isn't exactly confirmation. He's just pontificating like all of us.
  15. I'd doubt the Jets are just going to let him walk after the year Zach Wilson has had and if you're White, why would you want to take a gig in which you have no chance to start? Dude's got Bridge QB or Training Camp competition written all over him.
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