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  1. If you want up to the minute news, Adam Schefter and Ian Rappaport on Twitter is absolutely your best route. ProFootballTalk will make an article as soon as possible. But the second any news breaks in the NFL, it's posted immediately on their Twitter accounts. Not sure why you'd want other options than the best ones.
  2. If they keep 10? Last year we went into the year with 11. There's no way they go from having 6 DE's last year down to 4 this year. We'll keep no less than 5. I'd say even in the unlikely event we only kept 9, it's way more likely we'd keep 5 DE's and 4 DT's than the other way around when you look at the talent depth at both positions. You're talking keeping Brandin Bryant or Eli Ankou over a guy we took in the 2nd Round just over 2 years ago. And the idea that Moss is safe and Epenesa is questionable is just as crazy to me. Moss was a healthy scratch often last season. And this year they drafted James Cook and signed Duke Johnson with only Matt Breida exiting the team (2 in, 1 out). Wherein at the DE position, we brought in Von Miller and Shaq Lawson with Jerry Hughes, Mario Addison, and Efe Obada exiting the team (2 in, 3 out). Singletary and Cook are locks. McDermott has only kept 3 true RB's on the team every year since he's been here with 1 Special Teams "RB". And he only dresses 2 true ball carriers. So Moss will have to beat Duke Johnson in Camp to stay. Even if he does, he'll be in that Matt Breida/T.J. Yeldon role of "Break Glass in Case of Emergency" RB3 who isn't active on Game Days.
  3. Honestly, it's completely beside the point. You don't cut a 2nd Round Pick after 2 seasons unless the guy is just plain not getting the playbook or has serious character issues. You have to give them at least 3 years. Look at Cody Ford. As bad as he's looked, he got 3 years and he may very well get 4. You don't wash your hands of premium investments on inexpensive rookie deals without giving them every chance to succeed and justify your investment. Epenesa hasn't impressed. But he hasn't been so awful that you can completely close the book on the idea that he could still take steps forward this early in his career. Beyond that, just from a roster standpoint, we only have 5 Edge Rushers between Von Miller, Greg Rousseau, AJ Epenesa, Boogie Basham, and Shaq Lawson (unless you have high hopes for career PS Player Mike Love or UDFA's Kingsley Jonathan and Daniel Joseph). Last season, we kept 6 on the active roster. If they had no faith in Epenesa's potential for growth or entertained the idea they'd move on him from that quickly, they'd have Drafted another DE or added another in Free Agency.
  4. It wouldn't shock me to see them move on from Cody Ford or Zack Moss this summer. AJ Epenesa? No way.
  5. I feel like every couple weeks someone posts a thread just like this.
  6. Although the regime focuses on high character, it's no guarantee that these things can't happen to the Bills. Fingers crossed. There has been 4 arrests since McDermott has been coach: Adolphus Washington (Previous Regime) - 7/9/17 Weapons Charge Zay Jones - 3/21/18 Felony Vandalism Tyrel Dodson - 5/25/19 Domestic Violence Ed Oliver - 5/16/20 DWI and Weapons Charge (Later Cleared)
  7. If you think that Marquez Stevenson is not only better than Jamison Crowder, but worth eating 2.8 of Crowder's 3 million on top of it, you need a SERIOUS reality check. They didn't even use the guy as a WR last season when he was already dressing for the team. They knew he was on the roster and signed Jamison Crowder to 3 million. And then went out and drafted Khalil Shakir and signed Tavon Austin. What does that say to their faith in him? He's reportedly continued to show issues holding on to the ball in OTA's. Like, are you related to Marquez Stevenson or something? Teams do not sign players to fully guaranteed deals and then cut them before the regular season unless there's an injury, some sort of personal issue, or he's just not grasping the playbook. Comparing Jamison Crowder's body of work to Corey Coleman and the flier we took on him in the middle of training camp is a laughable comparison.
  8. There is no "penalty" in cutting them. But you've also just paid 5 million dollars and received nothing in return. There's no point in cutting someone that you've already paid for practically in full.
  9. Howard has no barring on WR. He was given 3.5 million, of which 3.2 is guaranteed. You need to have more than one TE on your team. Howard isn't going anywhere. I love McKenzie. But I think the idea of him starting over Crowder is crazy talk. He'll be used the same way he always has. A gadget player that gets more slot time than your normal backup. Crowder, much like Howard, signed a 2 million dollar deal of which 1.8 is guaranteed. These aren't Jacob Hollister situations (where he signed a 1.12 of which only 150k was guaranteed). There's no point in releasing them. They're already paid for regardless. Btw, everyone speaks of Marquez Stevenson as having some sort of elite, irreplaceable speed. You're all aware that his 40 time at the Combine was 4.45, right? Not saying that's slow - but if you compare to our other guys, it's not the freakish speed that he's given credit for. And honestly, he looks like a player who plays slower than his timed speed on field: Stefon Diggs - 4.46 Isaiah McKenzie - 4.42 Khalil Shakir - 4.43 Tavon Austin - 4.34
  10. Agreed. Some combination of Stevenson, Hodgins, Gentry, and Pau'u will form our Practice Squad this season. The 53 will include: Diggs Davis Crowder McKenzie Shakir Austin Kumerow (ST)
  11. Yes, thank you. I don't think it really matters when they do it. It's a procedural thing that is meaningless when it comes to their chances of making the team or not, as the post I was replying to was trying to allude.
  12. It means nothing. Just a salary cap technicality thing. We've done it before with someone who ended up on the 53 though it escapes me as to whom.
  13. You said "an upgrade is needed". They felt Tavon Austin IS the upgrade or at least the guy for the competition with Marquez Stevenson. There's no point in sh-tting all over him and the position until we see what comes of it in Buffalo.
  14. Glad to see you came to your senses. Hodgins was a "Futures" return. He's a Camp Body and will be brought back on the Practice Squad, if he's lucky.
  15. It's not going to happen. People wanted another Returner. They looked over who was available and decided on Tavon Austin. They're not going to bring in another WR/KR just because you don't like the guy they chose. The roster is at 89/90. If someone else is brought in, it will be at another position.
  16. That's not my point. You feel he's not the right guy for the job, is terrible, and has no business being here. And that's fine. My point is that feeling is trumped by the Bills brass' feelings. They signed him and brought him in. They obviously don't concur with those thoughts. It's him or Stevenson. And if you've looked at the job Stevenson did last season, I don't know how you can be positive he gives them a better shot. Austin hasn't been doing much in the way of Returns over the past few years, as evidenced by your numbers of 158 returns in his first 5 years compared to 32 over the past 4. He was used more as a gadget player over that time. He feels he's healthier now than he's been over that time and feels confident doing it again. I'm not saying he's going to be an All Pro. But it boils down to him or Stevenson. I think you'd be foolhardy to say Stevenson is head and shoulders above him and has a 2/3 chance of winning the job.
  17. That's fine that you feel that way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But unfortunately for you - the Bills brass doesn't feel the same way because that's who they chose to bring in and compete with Marquez Stevenson. Austin claims he's been unhealthy the past few years and finally feels 100% It could be lip service, but he has reportedly looked good in OTA's and has a lot of supporters in the WR room. And I really don't think he could be any worse than Stevenson looked last year. Long story short - you may not be a fan. But he definitely has a better chance of sticking than you're giving him credit for.
  18. Being signed to a "Futures" deal, removed from last year on the Practice Squad, following being cut after Training Camp doesn't scream to me "McB" having some great faith in him and keeping him around because they see something exceptional in him. Do you feel the same way about Tanner Gentry? They released him after Training Camp, brought him back to the Practice Squad, and retained him on a Futures deal just the same as Hodgins.
  19. I never said this means it wouldn't get done. I simply said this notion that it doesn't effect anything in terms of the negotiations and numbers is false.
  20. My post that you replied to was saying that it's incorrect to say Fitzpatrick's deal has zero effect on Poyer. Re-reading your post, you say it's "not comparable". But in the very same post you admit that his number "bumped" from 12 before Fitzpatrick to probably 15 after it. That would be Fitzpatrick's deal having an effect on Poyer, don't you think?
  21. I don't get why this is so hard to understand. YES. He will not be slotted at the top alongside Fitzpatrick. But Fitzpatrick raised the top end of Safeties deals. Meaning that those underneath him will also raise higher than they were. This happens at all positions. It's called a market reset. It's why teams lost their mind when they saw what Deshaun Watson got paid. It's why WR numbers got insane, even for the guys that weren't at the top. Even if Poyer wants 65-75% of what Fitzpatrick is being paid - it's still more than 65-75% of what the highest Safety contract was BEFORE Fitzpatrick's deal. To say it has no effect is simply incorrect.
  22. 6 months into a doctor preferred 9 month recovery? That would be begging for a re-tear. He won't be practicing until the end of the Pre-Season, if we're lucky.
  23. How? Kumerow was specifically re-signed this offseason as a core Special Teamer. He has years of real game experience there and they valued him enough to give him a new contract. Hodgins has shown zero Special Teams prowess and has no regular season experience, regardless of what he shows in TC and Pre-Season. Combined with Diggs, Davis, Crowder, McKenzie, and Shakir who are etched in stone and a battle between Austin and Stevenson for the return job - there is no place for Hodgins. None. Zero. Zilch. I don't even know what makes you think Hodgins has even a remote chance after we cut him last season where there was more of an opportunity to make it and he was healthy as opposed to now. I am completely BAFFLED by there being more belief and support in Isaiah Hodgins this year than last year when we flat out cut him out of Camp. What is all this faith based off of? The one game we elevated him from the Practice Squad where he had zero catches? A media reported impressive mini-camp in 2019? I just don't get it.
  24. This popular fan idea of McDermott's core Special Teams players like Taiwan Jones, Tyler Matakevitch, and Jake Kumerow as being a job anyone can do and valuing what they bring at their "true position" over what they've shown on Special Teams comes up every year. Every year Taiwan Jones is replaceable. And every year he's here. McDermott values guys who he feels excels at Special Teams. Kumerow has become one of those guys. If they felt he was as replaceable there as you think, they wouldn't have bothered to give him a new contract.
  25. That number would have been based on the top end value of all Safeties before the new top end deal. The market has now been reset. It bumps up every contract underneath it. That's how contracts work in the NFL. It's naive to think a market reset doesn't reset the entire market.
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