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  1. yes, I was a season ticket holder for several years.
  2. Josh, I just got my #17 Jersey!!!😀😀😀
  3. I think that Josh gets the "extra" , like Lamar and Kyler because of his running ability and his heart for the game.
  4. What I think is that you're pretty dumb because you're missing the intention of the thread or I'm pretty dumb for not expressing myself clearly. My intent was to say that there may not be much of a difference between a QB that has a 64-65% completion average and Josh when you consider all the other factors of the game. If you disagree with that I guess I am the dumb one as you say.
  5. I guess many of you see some QB's with a completion average of 65% and say that's good and see Josh's average at 58.8 and say that is terrible, but that is only a difference of two completions a game. And Josh more than makes up for that difference with the other aspects of his game. That is winning games. By the way, he led the whole NFL in come from behind victories. Stop bashing him. He is a winner.
  6. In 16 games Josh completed 271 passes in 461 attempts for a 58.8%. If he had 2 more completions per game, that would give him 303 completions for a 64.3% average, which is in the range of most NFL quarterbacks. Yes, there are some QB's with higher completion averages. For example, Drew Brees led the NFL with a 74.3 completion average, but his completion yardage was 2,979 yards, less than Josh's 3089 yards. It looks like Brees and a few other QB's are throwing a few more screen passes or dump off passes than Josh threw. Plus you have to figure in drops. All in all, I'm not worried at all about Josh"s accuracy issue, In my humble opinion, it's not an issue.
  7. I would like to see Ross Tucker on MNF . He's somewhat like Romo , he knows the game, the players and what to expect.
  8. I would imagine, we as fans, have inflated expectations of our favorite players and maybe have a blind eye seeing their real talents and how they compare to their competitors. Right now the team seems really solid, really ready to assume control of the AFC East. Do we still have weaknesses?
  9. Wish we made that deal. Speed, speed, speed!
  10. Joe was a great Bill and a great guy. I remember the time after a Bill's game ( I'm sure it was a win) , I took my son ( who was about 10 yrs. old at the time) out to the parking lot where the players came out and they would sign autographs for the kids. Well, we spotted Joe sitting in the back of his suv signing autographs. My son asked him for his autograph and Joe says "sure" and signs my son's program. Then Joe asked my son if he played football. My son said "yes, I'm the quarterback for my Vince Lombardi team." Joe said, "Wow, you better give me your autograph, you might be famous, someday." So my son signed his name on a small piece of paper and gave it to him. That was awesome. My son was beaming all the way home.
  11. I find it very humorous of the responses to this thread. First of all our draft picks are 54, 88, 128,167,188,207, and 239. What are the odds that from these picks we are going to get two players that can step right in and contribute to a playoff run. Very, very slim. The intent of the thread was from that angle. If you think the money is not right, or we don't need those particular players. OK. But when I read, that you don't think that in your opinion this thread should be allowed or entered, I really wonder. Wow. We really have inflated egos. Don't we. .
  12. Would that be a bad deal for the Bills or would that make the Bills one of the top teams in the AFC?
  13. The Bills trade up to get a RB, Swift or Taylor!
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