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  1. I really never thought that much about the curse before when it was joked about, but after Sunday I'm starting to reconsider. I can understand losing when the other team is playing better than your team. Yes, it happens. But, how many games have the Bills lost when the execution of a normal routine play was botched? How bazaar is it when the snap between the center and quarterback results in a touchdown for the defense, with seconds left to go in the game. And Wide Right, Tennessee Miracle, 13 seconds, the list goes on. LORD, PLEASE HELP US take this curse away.
  2. There are a lot of subjective calls during most games, but the helmet rule should be cut and dry, either call it in every case or eliminate the rule all together. The tackle on Diggs after the touchdown should definitely drawn a penalty. Diggs had every right to be pissed.
  3. Are there any glaring weaknesses that need to be addressed for the Bills to make the run for the Super Bowl?
  4. I'm sure Carolina would like a 1st round pick from another team. rather than the one that they would get from the Bills. Maybe they would only get a 32nd first round pick dealing with Buffalo.
  5. no, we're not watching the Jet's games, but Sauce can't be all that much better than Elam, Elam has one more interception than Sauce and has made more tackles than Sauce. I don't know about pass breakups, but Elam has been pretty good at that as well.
  6. Great finish!!! Pay Poyer his due. The Bills can't let him go.
  7. Notice none of the TV people are mentioning the possible concussion last week and the possible another head trauma tonight.
  8. Dang, don't you think his arm would get tired?
  9. Agree, and I think that a lot of people liked Blackshear, he seemed to have more speed and more change of direction.
  10. It will be interesting, in the long run, who will have the better NFL career, Moss, Cook, or Blackshear. Time will tell. We are seeing, right now with our rookie cornerbacks, that draft position doesn't always indicate how well a player will preform.
  11. Davis, Sweeney, Doyle, Settle, Oliver, Spector and Lewis
  12. the vikings over the packers, i think the vikings are the best team in that division
  13. In my humble opinion, I believe if polled, OJ in his prime, would have been considered the best RB in the whole NFL. Although great, Bruce, Thurman, and a few others mentioned would probably not have that ranking in the entire league. Today, Josh has established himself as the most talented QB in the whole NFL. So, on that basis, I'd say Josh and OJ would have to be the most talented Bills.
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