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  1. The Bills trade up to get a RB, Swift or Taylor!
  2. According to NFL .com Marlowe returns to the Bills.
  3. I'm really confused with Duke's status with the Bills. He was a healthy scratch during 90% of the season and then during the most important game of the season, the playoff game with the Texans , he was one of JA's main targets. To me something about this doesn't make sense. Maybe, somebody can enlighten me.
  4. I guess I'm thinking differently. I would take the best RB in the draft, Swift with the first pick. Then take the best 2 WR's left in rounds 2 and 3. Get DL, OL, And LB help through free agency.
  5. The Bills had the Texans on the ropes. The Texans were reeling, We were up 13-0 and we are down near the red zone. Instead of playing the way they had been playing, The play calling got conservative. They put in Gore. Seemed to be happy with settling for a field goal. Again they did it in the second half. IMO it was a major reason they lost the game
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