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  1. Of course, McBeane may have a surprise or two in mind, but what would surprise you if they a drafted a ________________.
  2. Yes, were all disappointed, but if you've got to be excited about the future of our Buffalo Bills in the years to come. I firmly believe Beane will get things done to make the Bills a better team and I am still proudly wearing my Bills hats and shirts everyday.
  3. There's a big difference of ages of the remaining playoff QB's between the AFC and the NFC. Baker Mayfield is the oldest AFC QB in the group. He and Mahomes are 25. Josh and Lamar are both 24, with Lamar just turning 24, the youngest of the group. On the NFC side, Goff is the youngest at 26, Rodgers next at 37, Brees at 42 and Brady 43. What a difference. When Brady was playing his first NFL game, Lamar was 3 and Josh was 4. I'm wondering if this difference in ages of contending QB's between the 2 leagues is telling something or is it just a coincidence.
  4. Why do we have to compare Josh to anybody? He is who we wouldn't trade for anyone else. Yes, at this point in his career, he has made a very few mistakes, which he will correct as he continues to gain experience. To me, his greatest asset is his will to win. He is a fighter, he doesn't accept getting beat. If he has a weakness, he will work like hell to get better. Plus all that, he has a cannon for an arm and accuracy that has drastically improved. And on top of that he's elusive in the pocket and enough strength and speed to be a dangerous ball carrier. Plus, he's a team leader, wel
  5. It will be the Bill's lose and the Texan's gain if Frazier gets the gig. His defensive philosophy of "bend but don't break" has worked pretty well for the Bills. Also, he seems to get the most out of his players and you rarely hear of any disgruntled players on his defensive units.
  6. Beat Roethlisberger 30 million per year, beat Mahomes 40 million per year, beat Rodgers 50 million per year.
  7. Both Bills lines were beaten. The O line couldn't stop the Indy rush and our D couldn't get near Rivers. Josh's mobility saved the game.
  8. they're playing Indy's game. Bills start playing your game that got you this far. Open it up.
  9. I want the Bills to take it all. Win the BIG ONE. But, that said, if they get beat, I don't want them to lose to any team other than Kansas City or Green Bay. If they are better right now, so be it, but I don't want them to lose to anyone else.
  10. In Florida, will probably have pizza and wings.
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