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  1. Now I knew there are a few crazies in the NFL, but this takes the cake.
  2. These were just a few of the bold predictions by The SportsDrop. SportsDrop is a site that has a lot of articles that are written for debate. Like a bunch of guys in a bar arguing things like the 10 top tight ends in NFL history or who will be the team that has the worst 2019 season. Naturally, this is all speculation, but if they speculate that the Bills will win 10 games this season, I'm OK with it.
  3. I realize this is a long shot speculation, but I think he is just a perfect replacement for Chris Hogan. He's got good size, 6'3". Better than average speed, ran a 4.57 sec. forty at the combine. And he can catch TD's, he had 35 in a 3 year college stretch. It looks like the Bills don't want him, but from what I 've read about him, he has a never say die attitude and will push himself to do whatever he needs to succeed. Brady will love him!
  4. Damn, are you saying it was alright that Bills fans cheered when there own QB got hurt.
  5. The Bruins down, the Red Sox next , and then the Patriots.....
  6. I too was at that game and was driving out of the parking lot when Hooks caught the pass.
  7. I hate to admit this , but I was at the game when Rob Johnson got hurt and thousands of Buffalo fans cheered when Doug Flutie ran out to finish the game. I'm sure most were Flutie fans and wanted him to be starting anyway, but it was awful that they were cheering when he ran out onto the field and Johnson was being helped off the field. Very disturbing!
  8. Wasn't his last reception a TD and he broke his leg on the play and that was the end of his NFL career?
  9. I think he can catch balls thrown by a QB that played at Wyoming.
  10. Obviously there are many factors that go into deciding which WR's make up the final roster, but I thought it might be interesting to look back at their college careers and the success they each had. Having the most receptions was Zay Jones 399, Andre Roberts 285, Cole Beasley 255. Cam Phillips 223, John Brown 185, and Victor Bolden 170. Having the most Yardage Receiving, Jones 4279, Roberts 3743, Brown 3380, Beasley 2959, Phillips 2856, and Sills 2097. Most TDs scored Roberts 37, Sills 35, Brown 34, Jones 23 , Phillips 16, and Beasley 14. Of course, you have to consider, Duke Williams and Nick Easley had only 2 years of stats, Sills, McKenzie, and McCloud had 3 years of stats. Some had better QBs than others and some teams passed more than others, but there are a few things that stand out 1) Zay Jones caught a lot of, lot of passes for East Carolina, without a lot of drops. 2) Sills had great numbers for just 3 years and 3) Andre Roberts can be more than just a kick returner. He was a damn good WR at The Citadel.
  11. How long will it take for the Bills' coaching staff to get this team to jell? With so many new players from trades, free agency, and the draft can we expect that all these moving parts will operate together at the level they need to compete? We know they have talent, but will it take more than a few months to get this talent to win?
  12. We all have different expectations about the final WR roster. I am predicting if Sills and Williams don't make it with the Bills, they will be snatched up by other teams.
  13. I'm hoping both Duke and Sills make the team!
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