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  1. I guess I'd like to bet on that over/under of 6.5 for the Bills. I gotta believe that they will go over that.
  2. I don't know if this topic is allowed, but if it is, I would be interested to hear how you do it. Are there "safe" online sites that can be trusted? Are there scams that you have found or heard about? I know some of you will be very critical of this, but I'm sure others are interested too.
  3. Happy Birthday Thurman, The Bills were extremely smart to get you in the 1988 draft with the 40th pick. It was their first pick of the draft. Other RB's selected before you were Gaston Green by the Rams, John Stephens by the Patriots, Lorenzo White by the Oilers and Ickey Woods by the Bengals. plus a dozen or more other players who did not last long in the NFL. Wow ! What a plus for the Bills. You became an important part of Bill"s history that all true Bill's Fans enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you, and have a great day.
  4. LOL, even Bellicheat had Tom Brady go out for a pass Now talk about fantasy.
  5. I'm daydreaming about these two young QB's with cannon arms , on the field at the same time, not knowing which one would be QB or TE or WR or RB. Imagine the possibilities.
  6. So many people complain about the mediocre quality of free agents the Bills acquire, but when a better than average player becomes available ( especially playing a position of need) I can't believe why a lot of you are saying things like "he's really not good", "too much money", "wait, we'll get a better player next year" . What are you waiting for? I believe every player you can get that is much better than what you have is worth it to make your team better.
  7. John Breech of CBS Sports suggests that it would be a logical trade between the Texans and the Bills. The Bills would get Clowney, but give up its first round pick in 2020 and Lawson.
  8. I hope they keep Beasley, Brown. Foster, Jones, Williams and Sills. I think that gives the Bills a good range of abilities.
  9. Unfortunately, when you don't have receivers with the talent of Antonio Brown and OBJ or a few others, I think you can benefit by having a couple of 6 foot plus receivers with a height advantage over the DB's trying to cover them.
  10. Right now we have 4 wr's in the range of 5' 8-5'9". Beasley is 5'8", Bolden 5'8", McKenzie 5'8", McCloud 5'9". 5 wr's in the range of 5'11" - 6'0". Brown is 5'11", Roberts 5'11", Easley 5'11", Phillips 6;0", Scott 6'0" 4 wr's in the range of 6'2" -6'4". Foster is 6'2", Jones 6'2". Williams 6'3", Sills 6'4" Obviously, talent, motivation, etc. are the most important considerations , but can you keep 3 or 4 of the 5'8" on the roster?
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