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  1. I think that in the first three games they showed they were the better team in each game, but only played well enough to win to make them close games. It's like they're playing to the level of their competition. I'm hoping that they will step up their game playing against the Patriots. They will need to do that against the Pats. They've shown by their play that they have the talent, but they have to sustain it. No let up. No mistakes, GO BILLS!
  2. One of Myles Garrett's body slams, like the one he put on Trevor Siemian, should just about put an end to Brady's plans on playing until he's 45.
  3. it's official---- Singletary is out against the Bengals.
  4. Put him on IR and activate DUKE!
  5. We have a tavern down in Florida, McCalls, that is only for Bill's games on Sundays. It's wild, loud, and crazy with loads of crazy Bill's fans.
  6. Just wondering. Would a guy like Duke Williams make more on the practice squad or more playing in the Canadian Football League?
  7. Sills may be skinny. but he did score 35 touchdowns at West Virginia.
  8. I feel for the WR's wanting to make a final good impression and having Jackson firing wayward missiles. Good Luck.
  9. Watched the Eagles-Ravens pre-season game with Ross Tucker ( who played a few games with the Bills) as the color analyst. You can tell he was well prepared as far as being able to discuss the rookies as well as the veterans. He was also good giving insights that only an ex-player would appreciate or would see as a mistake. I think he was very entertaining and could be headed for more nationwide popularity.
  10. Pats starting center has been hospitalized with blood clots and "will miss significant time." according to Rotoworld.
  11. I was happy to get the Bills D and Josh as my QB 2,
  12. If the game is on the line, with seconds to go, do you want Allen passing to Zay Jones? If you're OK with it, I guess he should be on the roster.
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