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  1. Kelce is literally in the conversation for one of the best TEs of all time Kincaid is awesome but lets give him some time to grow
  2. I feel like if we'd had him 2 years ago we'd have had a superbowl by now. Great add!
  3. I know this is page 7 now, but I still felt the need to join this thread and question WTF that was about! I live in Scotland and have never played football but could have adjusted to that in Payton/Wilsons position, which they did. The Broncos seemed better prepared generally for those couple of plays. All more HC than OC
  4. I did not get that call at the time and still don't! Where were they on the field at that point? I can't remember what the 4th down or incompletion game situation would have been
  5. I live in the UK and think this is a terrible idea. Hope it never happens!
  6. @BritBill what did Thurman say about the Four Falls? I'd be interested to hear
  7. If he could somehow be back for the playoffs that would be a huge boost. I'm not optimistic though, based on McD's initial comments yesterday.
  8. Great post BB, which captures alot of my feelings about the London game too. I loved meeting you all on Saturday (as did my Eagles friend Ed) and we'll fondly remember the conversations over dinner. The stories of the origins of our Bills fandom were amazing - particulary going back to GunnerBill and MattM's fathers both being there for the original 1960 season! I also loved the game experience, the Bills Mafia takeover and general atmosphere at the stadium. We were also lucky enough to meet Pinto Ron twice - what an incredible man! However, the injuries cast a heavy shadow and I can't help but think that the whole London thing must be a poor and unwanted experience for the players. Back in Edinburgh now and have photos of the dinner from in this album of the Saturday here. I wasn't able to upload directly, so hopefully this link works: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3E54DvQSdvuun6k17. Thanks again for organising the dinner BB! It was a real highlight of the weekend.
  9. Amazing to meet you guys tonight! I had some good pics of the dinner, which I'll share once i work out how....
  10. I've lived in UK for 44 years and have never been to Bath or Stonehenge I don't know how much of London you've already seen, but there is so much cool stuff you could spend a full week exploring the city. I'd be tempted to spend a day doing that instead of the trip, and get the train to Gatwick from London bridge. The train only is 30-40 mins compared 1.5 hours driving.
  11. Hi BritBill, can you count myself (Graeme) and my friend Ed (the Eagles fan!) - in for the curry booking please? Looks great. We're coming down on the Saturday from Edinburgh.
  12. Floyd looks like a badass. Great value FA pickup - especially in keeping us going while Von is recovering.
  13. What a few weeks he's had. Absolutely superb. After being injured pre season too! The dude seems to have instincts
  14. Hi, is a meal here on the Saturday night happening? I'm a Scot who will be in London for the game, with a buddy who is an Eagles fan (a surprisingly good guy), and we'd be keen for a curry and to meet up with folk. We're also going to the Millwall v Hull match in the afternoon, so will hopefully survive that in one piece!
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