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  1. There's no denying the talent and physical skills of Deion Sanders. However, I lost all respect for him during this game. Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills November 22, 1992 Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 1 2 3 4 Total Atlanta Falcons (4-7) 0 7 0 7 14 Buffalo Bills (9-2) 28 10 0 3 41 Scoring Summary 1st Quarter Atl Buf Buf 4:00 Carwell Gardner 2 run (Steve Christie Kick) 0 7 Buf 8:11 Pete Metzelaars 3 pass from Jim Kelly (Steve Christie Kick) 0 14 Buf 10:25 Andre Reed 15 pass from Jim Kelly (Steve Christie Kick) 0 21 Buf 14:33 Kenneth Davis 1 run (Steve Christie Kick) 0 28 2nd Quarter Atl Buf Buf 1:02 Kenneth Davis 64 run (Steve Christie Kick) 0 35 Buf 14:33 FG Steve Christie 47 0 38 Atl 14:48 D.Sanders 73 kickoff return on lateral from T.Smith (Norm Johnson Kick) 7 38 4th Quarter Atl Buf Buf 3:09 FG Steve Christie 18 7 41 Atl 13:54 Drew Hill 1 pass from Wade Wilson (Norm Johnson Kick) 14 41 Deion Sanders returns a lateral from a Steve Christie squib kickoff for a TD right before halftime to give Atlanta their first points of the game. The Falcons were having their butts handed to them by us at that point in the game but he does his little 'vogue strut' to the end zone as he runs by the final Bills player (Steve Christie) for the score. I don't know why but it just reeked of 'Look at me, look at me!' and as such, I found it quite selfish and annoying. You can watch it in all its nauseating glory at the 4:31 mark in the video below.
  2. I don't think you're getting what I'm saying. However he was with the Steelers will not be the way he will be with the Jets. He WAS a great RB but I'm saying he will be just okay with the Jets. M'kay?
  3. He's also a year older. My point is he may not have taken a season's worth of hits but he's also not in 'game shape'. Just watch.
  4. He missed all of last season sitting out. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls a hammy during preseason and winds up being no better than a 6oo yd rusher for the Jets.
  5. Um, lay off the retadda. The pickle juice is bad for your brain.
  6. It gets old reading someone's smug comments that are dressed in humble clothing. Personally, I hope Ed Oliver sacks Brady so hard that he retires during the game.
  7. Umm, your trolling is indeed a bit on the 'douche-esque' side. Nothing personal, but I'll have to place you on ignore for a while.
  8. Keep this in mind: if Beane keeps drafting the way he does, imagine what our roster will look like in a couple of more years.
  9. Obviously, you would subtract the points scored by special teams and any TDs/safeties given up by the offense. My point is, the defense's job is to stop the opposition from scoring, and our offense's job is to score points. All of the other stuff is fluff.
  10. The #1 stat for a defense, IMHO, is points allowed per game.
  11. Alright, smarty boots...So where were the spiders while the fly tried to break our balls? Hmm? Answer me that!
  12. I'm saying it right here and now: Quinnen Williams will not live up to the hype. He happened to play on a very good Alabama team but he looks 'doughy' to me. I'm not saying he'll be a bust by any means, but I think he'll wind up about the same as Jadeveon Clowney; some nice plays during the games, some nice games during the season, but overall a player that will see rotational duty and not but someone who helps the Jets make it to the Super Bowl.
  13. THIS is why Gronk needs to have his head cudgeled. His natural skills are offset by his thugishness. F him.
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