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  1. Regardless of any specific need (RB, DE, OL, etc.), we should draft for value with the 32nd pick in the draft.
  2. Your poll should've included 'Love it!' as an option. Just saying.
  3. Unfinished business, you say?
  4. I think you'll see a lot of max protection schemes from Daboll, kind of similar to what he employed against Miami in week 17.
  5. Last week it was baby beef on wecks and Genesee. This weekend it will be crabcakes and buffalo shrimp, with Genesee, of course.
  6. If he keeps calling for Josh to run between the tackles 10 times a game, I hope he does get another job.
  7. Am I the only one here who is NOT going to watch post game highlights? That game wrecked me inside a bit. Bring on the next opponent! 🐃
  8. One of the reasons is because of Gabe Davis' warmup dance. He's dancing like I Dream of Jeannie.
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