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    There may be something to this 'Process' stuff after all.

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    Josh Allen's initials are the last two letters in the word 'ninja'. Think about that.

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  1. Peace Frog

    All Troublemaker Team

    Marcel Dareus
  2. Tim Graham was okay as the occasional poster here but he kind of reminds me of someone who was a former coworker that is now a manager. They kind of want to hang out with the other workers but really can't because they're on the next level up. Mike Rodak, on the other hand, definitely has a Pats slant to his articles. He's like the guy that wants to be in Bills Mafia but would never jump on a table. He'd only talk about how they don't do stuff like that in Boston.
  3. Peace Frog

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Left Buffalo in 1977 (only followed the Sabres then; it's all dad watched), started following the Bills after they beat Houston in the playoffs in 1988 (and lost to Cincy in the AFCCG) when I was in college, and moved back to Buffalo at the end of the 1989 season. Went to my first Bills game in 1990 against the Jets (TD from Kelly to Mueller, last play of the game).
  4. Peace Frog

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    I left Buffalo in '95, lived in Dallas for 11 years, and have been in SW Washington for the last 12 years. I always wear my Bills gear. If anyone gives me a hard time about it, I tell them I'm a hard core fan and sometimes suggest that they go eat a bag of dirty demon ***** (male reproductive organs).
  5. Peace Frog

    interesting about Matt Paradis

    Almost Paradis, we're knocking on heaven's door. Almost Paradis, how could we ask for Morse. I swear that I can see forever in your eyes....Paradis.
  6. Peace Frog

    Buffalo's Draw for Free Agents

    Playing behind Edelman for less money on a team who's QB might be playing his last season? Yes, he did pick us over them.
  7. I think the Bills trade Zay Jones so they can give #11 to Cole Beasley. Boom!
  8. Peace Frog

    Unreliable Accounts For Bills News and Rumors

    The latest rumor is that Josh Allen is the favorite heading into training camp to be the starter at QB on opening weekend. I wouldn't put much stock in that since it is just a rumor but who knows.
  9. Peace Frog

    Hey noobs...

    This just in: the United States declares its independence from England.
  10. So, essentially, Beane was worried not only about AB being too demanding but also possibly being diseased, so he immediately pulled out? I applaud the man for doing the right thing. This draft is so deep with potentially good WRs that we don't need some other team's headache.
  11. Peace Frog

    Michael Bennett traded to Patriots

    Let's build an offensive line that will negate him.