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  1. Josh is a close second but it's gotta be Tre. He's a baller, a team player, and funny.
  2. #1 reason (by no means the only) we lost that game was our run defense. Chubb had at least three runs where he was dragging multiple defenders for an extra ten yards. That's just straight up weak.
  3. I'm just happy that this front office gets 'it' when it comes to drafting talent. Some of those drafts from years ago were either us trying to put lipstick on a pig or making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
  4. After watching Zack Moss's draft day coverage, which showed his disappointment & frustration of waiting so long turn into elation after we selected him, you can just tell that he has a chip of Gibraltar on his shoulder. Dude is gonna be steamrolling defenders. I can't wait!
  5. With a slew of talented receivers that could also be the return man, who knows if Andre Roberts even makes the team.
  6. Watched it at my parent's house in West Seneca. Before that scoring frenzy happened, Denver RB Bobby Humphrey was running all over us that game.
  7. Fred Jackson. The road he traveled to become a Buffalo Bill is movie-worthy.
  8. This is my talent pyramid as of today: Chiefs Ravens Titans Bills Patriots Steelers Broncos Dolphins Jets Colts Bengals Jaguars Chargers Browns Raiders Texans
  9. I flew in from Portland, Oregon to watch this game. Indescribably heartbreaking.
  10. I'll take an A.J. over an E.J. or a J.P. any day!
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