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  1. Derrick Thomas tomahawk chop on the QB to force a fumble.
  2. Conveniently edit your post? I removed your reply to Bills2ref and must have removed the line above it. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my error. Additionally, I would put Chris Hogan on that list. I feel he was a decent receiver that contributed to the Pats success; if Brady didn't trust Chris, he wouldn't have throw him the ball. My point to the original question of is Brady or Belichick more responsible, I say Bill, without a doubt. Anything the Pats dynasty has accomplished has Bill's fingerprints all over it. Think of Bill as The Emperor and Tom as Darth Vader. As good as Brady is, he would not have the same success on a different team. Belichick could get almost as good production from another decent QB. Imagine Bill with Big Ben, Andrew Luck, Pat Mahomes, etc....
  3. Here. Take a look for yourself. And their trades are also worth mentioning. Randy Moss. Chris Hogan. etc,...
  4. Belichick, hands down. Bill's defense, drafting, coaching staff, and in-game coaching decisions have just as much to do with the Paytoilets' wins as Brady's offense.
  5. I lucked out. I was sitting in the corner of the endzone about halfway up, visitor/scoreboard side so I got to see most of the scoring. That was a crazy game.
  6. You can always change your first picture to a gif.
  7. 1. Bills vs Jets 10/21/90 - My very first game ever attended. Game winning TD pass from Jim Kelly to Jamie Mueller as time was expiring. What a first game experience! 2. Bills vs Dolphins 12/23/90 - My second game ever attended. Frank Reich leads the Bills to the AFC East title with a monster game from Thurman. The goal posts came down! 3. 1991 AFC Championship game vs Broncos - My first playoff game attended. It was a defensive slugfest but we came out with the victory. 4. 1993 AFC Divisional playoff game vs Raiders - Coldest game I ever attended. With the windchill, a nasty -32F 5. 1992 AFC Wild Card game vs Oilers: The Comeback - Attended this game with my dad. The most memorable game I ever attended.
  8. I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I think Jarvis & Kiko in the same game. Too bad Jarvis left Miami.
  9. The only players I would've liked to have see gotten injured by us would've been Bryan Cox and Gronk. Currently, the only one left that is still playing that needs an injury from us would be Kiko Alonso.
  10. Indeed, they tried. I think this season is our best chance with the team we will be fielding compared to seasons past.
  11. It's our record that's in jeopardy so maybe we should stop them from tying it. Just saying.
  12. Bruce was the better pass rusher. Reggie was the better run stuffer. Reggie was the better overall DE.
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