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  1. In your opinion. I would agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong. My point was no matter how physical Tennessee is known to be, it had nothing to do with some of our injuries from that game.
  2. If you look closely, some of the injuries had nothing to do with the Titans. Hyde's injury was from a routine tackle. I'm thinking any neck issues he has may have been there before the game. Phillips pulled his hamstring by running; sort of self-inflicted. Jackson's injury was from Edmund's tackle; friendly fire. I didn't catch how Poyer, Knox, and Morse got hurt but it happens. Next man up! I don't expect any sympathy from the Dolphins but you can find 'sympathy' in the dictionary somewhere in between 's**t' and 'syphilis'. Squish The Fish!
  3. Our depth is better than a lot of teams' starters. Go smash'em.
  4. (Hat tip to Billy Stephens) Youtube video showing Von Miller's greatness. Good stuff. Von Miller
  5. I was thinking something along those lines. Herbert kind of reminds me of a cross between Rivers and Bledsoe.
  6. Herbert and Mahomes have rib cages. Josh has a roll cage made out of steel and justice.
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-steelers-fear-that-dpoy-tj-watt-tore-his-pec-in-win-over-bengals-224801222.html
  8. If we get the #1 seed, then get used to it.
  9. I hear you. I like my wings but do get tired of chicken all the time. Last season, my wife and I tried Buffalo shrimp and fell in love with them. I usually get the large pink Patagonian ones that are frozen, raw, and already peeled and just cook them in boiling water with Old Bay seasoning. Then, we'll dip them in the Frank's & melted butter and serve them with a bunch of celery, carrots, and Marie's Bleu cheese dressing. You don't get the greasy heartburn after the game like you do from the wings. Almost forgot: lots of Labatt's Blue.
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