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  1. Gents, the moral of the story here is... when it is time for nuts to be cut, you want McBeane wielding the cutters.
  2. What’s good, gents? What’s good? When talking voyages of yesteryear... YE OLE has always been partial to THE FANTASTIC VOYAGE.
  3. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Is it possible that the two best QBs in the AFC EAST both play for the Bills?
  4. 3 firsts? If the Bears are serious about Wilson they need to be UNLIMITED...
  5. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Is JJ “Kilo” Watt bringing the electricity to Buffalo in 2021? What’s the word?
  6. Gents... Talley is right per usual. There is no better description of what happened last night... FACT!
  7. Now let’s see if DaBull can dial up an 8 minute ball buster here gents!
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