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  1. nucci, my good friend, you are spot on per usual! Just YE OLE's two cents here, but perhaps the owners are throwing out such a ridiculous proposal to change the landscape at the bargaining table. 10 years ago it seemed that the 18 game schedule was a given... Polian was even quoted at the time as saying it was a fait accompli. With the players taking such a hard stand against it, it really seemed to go from fait accompli to a nonstarter. While this proposal technically addresses the players concerns regarding extra wear and tear, it's complete nonsense to force teams to strategically put together preseason type rotations on any given week for meaningful games. If this ever happened, the league would quickly erode the product it has built over the years. This proposal may, however, at least open the door to negotiations on this front once again and come up with some sensible way to get to 18 games via larger rosters, no preseason games, etc. as nucci so sagely laid out.
  2. House, my good man, truer words have not been spoken. You are spot on, per usual, my friend! YE OLE has spent the last few decades now, watching the games, listening to sports radio, reading message boards, etc. It always ebbs and flows as to what the true path to success is in building a championship team. For the last several years everyone is all in on the so called "franchise QB" being the magic bullet. If we go back a few more years it was "Well you can win with Trent Dilfer, you really need a strong running game and a defense." Granted, the rules of the league have changed in recent year to favor the passing game, but we just saw a slugfest of a SB where 13 points won the game. We've seen that Aaron Rodgers + bad coaching is unsuccessful and this year we'll probably also prove that "Some guy who knows Sean McVay + a rag tag roster" won't work either. If you want to win, you really need 53 good players and good coaching. For the first time, in a very long time, it seems that we may cut players out of training camp that will be coveted by other teams. This is a step in the right direction... it seemed that the Jets may have also been making progress until this latest fiasco. Which is probably also good news for us.
  3. My good friend Pancho... may you Rest In Peace. You are already tremendously missed and will always be remembered fondly. The memories you made from the lives you touched to your participation in these last couple of drafts will live on in BillsMafia lore for all time. I’m confident in saying that you will be one of the first things we all think about the day that the Lombardi Trophy comes home to Buffalo.
  4. Very sad to hear the news about our good friend Pancho. I know many prayers from the Mafia are being sent his way. Let’s continue to pray that Ezra and his family find peace and strength. And let’s hope Pancho takes a miraculous turn and knocks out this miserable disease.
  5. House, my good fellow, YE OLE concurs! Ansah had one inexplicably bad year in 2016, but aside from that has been good for 8-14.5 sacks a season. His sack numbers are more impressive than those of Hughes. If this injury doesn’t hamper him moving forward this could be a real impact player.
  6. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Just YE OLE’s two cents, but this WR group isn’t bad at all. Both Beasley and John Brown have been productive 2/3 type receivers on good teams. Zay caught 56 balls and 7 TDs last year. Foster looked the part of being a cut above all these guys in the last several weeks last season. Worst case, these guys are average.
  7. Here's the way YE OLE sees it, gents... the all important question of naming this unit really hinges on whether or not McBeane lands Clowney. What is the status of this unsubstantiated rumor these days, anyway?
  8. YE OLE recalls one day in training camp when it was reported that Da’Rick caught a pass and started showboating. Obviously, Marrone wasn’t having that sort of thing... obviously. So he scolded Da’Rick and was like “Is this going to be a problem with you?!”
  9. Senator, my good friend... how goes it? Yesterday, when Gruden/Mayock and "Gentleman" Dave Gettleman pulled their shenanigans leading up to the Bills pick... YE OLE was having flashbacks of guys like Troupe, McCargo, Whitner, Maybin etc. And then YE gave a tip of the cap to their respective fan bases, as if to say "Sucks to be you, gents! Sucks to be you!"
  10. Yav has returned for his pound of flesh, gents! On the flip side... what are the odds we can land DK at 40? Will he last? Will TRADER BEANE leverage his late round “capital” to move up?
  11. The way YE OLE hears it... McBeane really likes this Oliver fellow, but the pundits really ebb and flow on whether this chap is going to make it to 9. In the event he doesn’t last until our pick... what do we think the odds are that TRADER BEANE could execute a dazzling array of trades down and up that could net both DK and a TE like Noah Fant?
  12. Teef, my good friend... we must be measured in our criticism of Mr. Cornette, lest he go upside our cabbage with one of his tennis racquets.
  13. Chanticleer, my good friend... just where would this defense rate with the likes of Hughes/Star/Eddie Oliver/and this Frank fellow on the front four?
  14. Tremendous news here, gents! God Bless Pancho Billa!
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