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  1. Batty, my good fellow, you are spot on per usual! YE OLE, does recall a time when someone around here came up with Mitch “The Horse” Morse. It was never as apropos as when that magnificent beast was galloping alongside Lil’ Dirty Saturday night, paving the way.
  2. PIGPEN, this here’s the Rubber Duck, and I’m about to put the hammer down.
  3. This OL play is something else gents. Jamie Nails and Marcus Spriggs would be an improvement at this point.
  4. nucci, my good fellow… you are spot on per usual! Now if Josh comes out and is like “The guy should’ve been blocked, I don’t know what the hell Dion was thinking there!” then we’ll have something!
  5. Well gents… that felt like a vintage Dick Jauron coached fiasco.
  6. It’ll be interesting to see how the league handles a situation like that. That game in Miami last year wasn’t broadcast for a good stretch as well due to a power outage in the stadium if memory serves. In those cases they just shuffled over to another game. This being on MNF won’t afford that. Tough situation for the league and ESPN if it really hits the fan and affects the broadcast.
  7. There was no better segment in all of football than THE WISDOM IF SOLOMON… really got into the meat and potatoes of what was about to unfold out there.
  8. AJ’s skill set is definitely different than Milano and Edmunds, but he brings a sort of violence to the game that is unique. After that awful start he had filling in early last season, he has been terrific in the role they’ve designed for him. He gets in the backfield and really lays the wood.
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