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  1. Gents... our defense is THE WHIP and has suffocated all opposition that dare take the field. But, YE OLE will tell you to a man, that Fitz starting this game just made us a little more nervous.
  2. With Baker struggling so much last night, one wonders what Frazier/McDermott will cook up for him when he faces our defense.
  3. Rocbillsfan1, my good fellow, you are spot on per usual! YE OLE loves the fact that they are attempting to incorporate the concept of quick snapping the QB sneak, as we’ve seen the Patriots* run successfully ad nauseam. However, the execution has been far from crisp. Especially in that situation, it would’ve been nice to see them split everyone out wide and then quick snap and let Josh fall into the inevitable gaps left in the defensive front. Now YE OLE is a real armchair OC here, so take it with a grain of salt, but there could also be a variation where Josh could split everyone wide and step back into shotgun. He could then step under center and quick snap/plunge forward for several yards when the defense is really spread out and off balance. You could even start camouflaging it like Josh is coming up to communicate a protection/alignment or whatever and have some sort of check to quick snap and dive forward whenever presented with a gap between the C/G or wherever.
  4. This is THE GROUND AND POUND right here, gents! Gore is, indeed, THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH, for the Titans D.
  5. He was doing yeomens work as a gunner during preseason, no?
  6. Let’s cut to the chase here, gents. Over/Under... Duke catches 4 TD passes in his regular season debut against the vaunted Titan defense... and GO
  7. What’s good, gents? What’s good? It occurs to YE OLE that this may be a huge overreaction to Josh’s performance on Sunday. There’s also a huge overreaction to Brady looking old and washed up as many have stated. Brady in the 3 weeks prior was averaging over 300 yards a game and had 7 TDS/0 INTS. At the end of the day, both Brady and Allen were chewed up and spit out by defensive units that are giving up nothing. We’ll never know, but as many have speculated, it looked like Allen was getting ready to pull a rabbit out of his hat in the 4th quarter per usual. In all honesty, YE OLE can’t even side with the school of thought that he needs to slide there. That play happened in the 4th quarter of a game where no points were being scored. He had a 3rd and 8 and we had some momentum heading into Patriots* territory. As much as it sucks, that’s probably the situation where you want him to have the green light to get to the sticks by all means necessary. Now, the underlying trend to take away from this is we outgained the Patriots* 375-224, had twice as many first downs (they had something like nine three and outs???), won T.O.P. Now YE OLE understands that the scoreboard is the bottom line, but this game read like a script from how we could have a chance to beat the Patriots* ... get a bunch of turnovers, block a punt and return it for a TD, injury to the starting QB, etc. Except it’s the Patriots* who needed all of those things to barely hang on, despite getting outgained by a wide margin, doubled up on first downs, etc. YE OLE mentioned this after week 1 against the Jets. For us to even be in these games after all of the turnovers and odd safety/punt block/missed fg’s etc. means we are the dominant team outside of those disruptive events. While everyone is preoccupied talking about Allen looking lost and throwing picks (and that does need to end)... this team is looking more like a 12 win team as opposed to an 8 or 9 win team trying to luck into a wildcard.
  8. Say... any of you gents remember Moorman's first year here? There was a similar situation where the gunner was left completely uncovered and Moorman totally tipped his hand (they even had a unique close up angle of his face before the snap and his eyes were about to pop out of his head)... needless to say the whole thing ended up blowing up, per YE OLE's memory. All of that to say, that uncovered gunner throw to the sideline isn't always a gimme and YE OLE doesn't really want to see BOJO attempting such a feat, especially after seeing his handiwork on the impromptu fake FG against the TItans last year. But, if that protection was right, we probably win that game. Even another 21 yard BOJO SPECIAL would've been better than an automatic 7 the other way.
  9. Perhaps we can resurrect the T-Henry HB pass if we get down on the 1.
  10. Gents, there’s a long way to go to hash out this 2018 QB class. They’re all going to have some ups and downs from week to week, but there’s one thing that is pretty clear. If anyone truly believed Allen would be capable of developing an accurate short to mid range game he would’ve been the top pick. His physical ability is far and away superior to any of these other guys, but we were all told he would be air mailing balls into the hospitality tent a la EJ on a regular basis. He’s not completely there just yet, but it sure looks like he’s getting drastically better at things that all the draftniks and analytics folks mocked him for. If he proves to be able to continue hitting these efficient type passes underneath, while still being able to run around and throw lasers all over the field, he’s not really going to have any limitations. The ceiling for this guy appears to be absurd... and the floor seems to be ticking up a little more every week. At this point we’re all just waiting to see if he hits his ceiling and how quickly he gets there. If he gets there while this defense is still in tact, we may not just be battling for a wildcard.
  11. YE OLE has not followed Carolina as closely as he should (given that we seem to be Carolina North these days). That said, YE was shocked to read that this game made for the 8th consecutive start that "Carolina" Cam Newton has lost, dating back to week 10 of last season. Granted, there's probably more issues going on with the Panthers, but one can only imagine the scene around here if Josh Allen lost his next 8 starts. The folks would be out with pitchforks saying things like "What we have here is a parody of an NFL QB trying to lead a parody of an NFL team." Hopefully we've turned the corner from all that jazz, gents!
  12. 87 my good friend, YE OLE has also had this issue. If you open their website in your browser their on demand is loaded and up to date. You can also click on the iTunes/Google Play link and they will download to your podcast app. This seems to be working and up to date as well.
  13. The MILFHUNTER speaks the truth, gents! YE OLE was far more encouraged by the first half offense than many seem to be. They were moving the ball up and down the field with relative ease by utilizing the short to mid range passing game. Some of the bounces that went against us that played into the miscues are not going to happen every week. IF the offense continues to come out and push the ball the way they were able to against the Jets with short-mid range passes, Allen is going to be very difficult to defend. People around the league won't take notice of this game, but it's quite telling. For a team to go on the road, go -4 in turnover margin (last play of the game notwithstanding) including a pick six, and take a safety, and still come out on top is not insignificant. For all of the talk about the Jets letting one get away, they only lose that game under those circumstances if they're completely outmatched. We have typically been on the other side of that equation for 2 decades (ie the Dallas Monday Nighter).
  14. Whilst avoiding being productive at work, YE OLE has taken time to ponder this fiasco at great length today. While this whole brouhaha has become the source of many punch lines today, there seems to be a scenario here where Antonio is genuinely suffering from a serious condition as displayed through his increasingly unusual behavior. Some have even speculated it may date back to the Burfict cheap shot a few years ago. It’s definitely been entertaining to see how this dumpster fire is going to end up for the Raiders, but hopefully Antonio gets the help he needs if he’s truly gone this far off the rails.
  15. Schopp’s outright arrogance is the only thing that exceeds these ridiculous takes he comes up with. YE OLE liked listening to Schopp years ago, but he obviously decided at some point that this is his schtick and it’s extremely hard to listen to. As for AB... it’s entirely possible this guy never plays another down of football anywhere.
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