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  1. Miyagi, my good friend, that sounds like the old BANANA IN THE TAILPIPE:
  2. He definitely greases the tracks for oncoming pass rushers.
  3. YE OLE remembers the block well… week 1 of 02 season. It was Jason Ferguson that Drew just absolutely decleated
  4. Miyagi, my good fellow... you are spot on per usual! We must not let memories of THE CHROISEN ONE die... for posterity sake.
  5. What's good, gents? What's good? YE OLE just got off the phone with St. Doug and he said "Obviously, McDermott... obviously."
  6. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Mitch Money is like a flame thrower out there, FACT!
  7. What's good, gents? What's good? In retrospect, JA17 would be the #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft 100 times out of 100, FACT!
  8. Then every week we can hear the gents in the booth explain “The fans aren’t booing… they’re actually saying ‘ROUUUUUUUSE’ heh heh”
  9. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Bill Belichik without Brady: 61-72 Dave Wannstedt: 82-87 Rex Ryan: 61-66 Wayne Fontes: 66-67 Norv Turner: 114-122-1
  10. Beerball, my good friend, you are spot on per usual! YE OLE would not be at all surprised to see Mitch play at a high level within THE MCBEANE MACHINE!
  11. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Remember that time Da’Rick started showboating in practice and Marrone had to drop the hammer and was all “Son, is this going to be a problem with you?!” Obviously Doug wasn’t having that on the team… obviously.
  12. 1ManRaid, my good friend, it was probably the same joker who had Allen ranked 9th: “5. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills Highest ranking: 2 | Lowest ranking: 9 Age: 25 | Last year's ranking: Unranked” I ask you gents… what kind of MAROONS are working over there that would take 8 QBs ahead of JA17 and turn around and take 7 WRs over Diggs?
  13. What’s good, gents? What’s good? BillsFan619, you are spot on per usual, my good fellow! Over half the league has a coach who has been there 2 years or less. Astounding churn rate!
  14. Come on McBeane… make it Ertz so good! Sometimes Knox don’t catch like he should. Make it Ertz so good!
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