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  1. Gents, let’s hope we don’t see one of those vintage “43 is the Mike!” games from the Jauron era
  2. What’s good, gents? What’s good? Coach Sal is THE WHIP, FACT!
  3. JA17 is going to have to author some real aerial poetry tonight, gents!
  4. Indeed gents... Brees just doesn’t seem to have it anymore.
  5. So if it’s the case that these identified close contacts could still test positive up to and past the game on Tuesday, should these players be suspended for this game?
  6. What’s good, gents? What good? This report by Judy Battista is interesting. They’re saying that if any close contacts come up positive the game will still go on. So is it the case that by Tuesday those players would be past the maximum incubation period?
  7. Caveman, my good fellow, you are spot on per usual! If this trend continues and these guys were out practicing together, who’s to say that the Titans won’t still be in the midst of this next week as well? How many weeks can one team just make up if the rest of the league is playing?
  8. What’s good, gents? What good? YE OLE isn’t really in favor of forfeit either... but there is a reality to what does the league do if the Titans can’t have a game for multiple weeks and the rest of the league continues? If multiple teams end up in this boat you could argue the league might just shorten the season, but if it’s just the Titans at this point, how do you justify that?
  9. RichRider... truer words could not be spoken. YE OLE tends to agree vis-à-vis forfeiture. Even if the league dropped the hammer on the Titans now and called a forfeit, what would happen if a Bills player tested positive later this week? Then one could claim the game would’ve had to be rescheduled anyway. The league built in a ton of flexibility roster wise in terms of IR flexibility, extended practice squads, and so on. However, it seems they are short on solutions to get the games played. It doesn’t matter that you can call up a small army from the practice squad, because in the event you need to, the circumstances dictate that the game is canceled anyway.
  10. Hammersticks, my good fellow, you are spot on per usual! It appears the only option at this point, short of an outright forfeit/cancellation. It will provide a tremendous advantage coming off a bye with the Chiefs traveling on a short week. One would think the league would avoid it and try to move that game perhaps to Sunday, but it would be hard to imagine the league losing that Thursday prime time slot as well. It seems the league will have to pick one of a number of strange options to navigate these waters.
  11. The Titans are supposed to play the Ravens Week 11. It’s a difficult puzzle, gents!
  12. What’s good, gents? What’s good? YE OLE seems to recall a time when our very own Bills had two hall of fame WRs lining up on Sundays.
  13. it is interesting that apparently they don’t see Stidham as even a primary backup after all the talk of him being capable of starting. YE OLE suspects whether Hoyer or Stidham plays, this game won’t be particularly close.
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