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  1. Same for the Jets. They’ve played the ravens, the browns, the bengals, and now they play the steelers on sunday.
  2. The Dolphins really lied and put Tua’s life at risk just so they could beat the Bills in a relatively meaningless week 3 game
  3. Nobody’s “diagnosing” or “investigating” anything. They’re discussing, which is the whole point of a message board. To discuss things.
  4. Lamar is relying on Mark Andrew’s like crazy right now, who has a 36.5% target share so far. For reference, Diggs is at 27.5% so far this year and Kupp (who had 191 targets) was at 31.7% last year. They should just double him every play and force Lamar to throw to these other guys that he obviously doesn’t trust.
  5. I’ll take the under, Ravens pass rush has been dog water and now Justin Houston is hurt
  6. In the full clip it looks more like Dawkins just got smoked
  7. Tre White, Josh Allen, Tremaine Edmunds, Ed Oliver, and Greg Rousseau all needed experience too. That didn’t stop them from being rookie starters. Yes, Dane Jackson in his best career game was slightly better than a rookie in the first game of their career. And since then Elam has been better than Jackson ever was during his extended run as a starter last year. “*insert player name here* will win the job when they win the job.”
  8. Here’s a list of all the elite/“feature” running backs that have won a ring in the last 15 years. 1. Marshawn Lynch Thanks for reading.
  9. Levi Wallace also looked good in the Bills defense, but he was still very replaceable. Elam has been just as good as Dane/Benford and offers wayyyyy more upside.
  10. I thinks it’s possible Dane starts again once he’s fully healthy, but Elam would be the first 1st round pick of the McBeane era to not be a starter his rookie year. If Elam keeps playing the way he did the last 2 weeks and gets into a rhythm, it’s gonna be hard to justify sitting the guy you drafted to be a the future at CB2 for a JAG.
  11. The bigger mistake was not dropping 3 deep into coverage
  12. Are we really trying to compare 13 seconds to a backup safety getting burnt by and elite WR with 4.2 speed in week 3? The “third and 22 debacle” will never be a thing.
  13. Let’s go Daboll and F the cowgirls
  14. I’m thankful my favorite teams OC would never get heated like that 🙏
  15. Lewis can’t play on the boundary and Siran Neal sucks on defense. ST only.
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