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  1. I'm gonna say Ford because he has the most room to improve out of all of last year's rookies who will see the field a lot this year.
  2. Mahomes and Jackson winning MVP back to back as sophomore QBs (even though they're only the 2nd and 3rd to ever do it) has made people impatient. Now people think that if a QB isn't elite in their 2nd year, they're already a disappointment.
  3. Allen Year 2: 5.71 ANY/A 4.3 TD% Manuel Years 2-4: 5.12 ANY/A 3.3 TD%
  4. Time to lock/delete this old thread, it's now obvious that Steve Smith really knows his stuff.
  5. QB - Chiefs WR - Buccs RB - Browns TE - Eagles OL - Saints DL - 49ers LB - Seahawks CB - Patriots S - Vikings I split the DBs into 2 groups cause having almost half the defense in one position group seemed kinda dumb.
  6. Here are breakdowns of all his throws from 2 of those 3 games (couldn't find anything for the pats game). If you actually took the time to rewatch Allen's games instead of just parroting stats you saw online without context, you would see that his actual play on the field far exceeds what's reflected on the stat sheet. Also literally nobody has ever said that Allen is currently a great quarterback. Even the most die-hard Bill's homers know he's still a work in progress.
  7. Find you a woman who cares about you as much as @TwistofFate cares about completion percentage
  8. You keep saying analytics are on your side, yet you havent actually explained how they're on your side. I'm not familiar with any advanced analytics that have said players can't improve. And as for the strength of schedule part, it remains to be seen how good the pass defenses we'll be playing are. Our schedule from this past season was one of the easiest in terms of record, but we did play 7 games against teams who finished with a top 12 pass defense.
  9. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing#average-intended-yards According to league's next gen stats, Allen had an average intended air yards of 9.4 yards, which puts him tied for 4th highest in the league along with Russel Wilson. So yes, he's definitely not a check down QB. As for the accuracy part, I don't think anyone who actually watched him this year thinks his accuracy and anticipation on the short and intermediate stuff was an issue. But his touch and placement on downfield passes that required him to put a lot of air under the ball were pretty awful for the most part. If our team had dropped passes at the same rate as the rest of the league, he would've hit that 60% completion percentage people always talk about.
  10. Yeah we should avoid upgrading RG because our RT is worse. I like it.
  11. My guess is 12-4 with losses to the Chiefs, 49ers, Steelers, and 1 of the 6 divisional games.
  12. When we picked him Kiper said on the broadcast that he's got a "big leg" and "he can hit it from 55 or 60 [yards] with no problem"
  13. I never said we need to upgrade him. This whole thing was in response to someone saying "I don't understand why people wanna upgrade Feliciano", and me saying that it's probably cause he's not that great.
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