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  1. He does nothing. And both our coordinators stink. And Beane isn’t good at drafting. Once you just ignore all the wins then you’ll realize the Bills aren’t actually a well ran team at all. /thread
  2. Republicans aren’t nearly as cool as y’all make them sound
  3. I’m not 100% against drafting Bijan, but there are exactly 0 teams in the NFL that NEED a feature back
  4. The plan better be to have him add 10 pounds and play MLB, cause drafting someone on day 2 with a plan of them never being a full time starter is inexcusable
  5. How’s this even a question? Given the resources invested in it, the DL has been BY FAR the most underperforming unit over the last 3-4 years. Like it’s not even close.
  6. So Taron had his best seasons when he was the nickel coach and he gets fired after 1 year where his players got decimated by injuries? How tf does this dude get the axe and yet Eric Washington, the dude who is blatantly the worst position coach on the staff, still has a job?
  7. Lots of Jets fans gonna be coping with “Green Bay had a great offense when he was the coordinator”. Yeah and Adam Gase was OC for a great offense he had Peyton Manning. How’d that work out once he didn’t have an elite QB with the Fish or Jets?
  8. That must be why Chase and Higgins both went below their season averages in catches and yards. Sorry but none of the numbers agree with you.
  9. “Not very good” by Tre White standards is still better than the vast majority of starting CBs.
  10. CJGs market value is $14m/yr according to spotrac. If they found a way to free up that much space and then spent it on a safety Beane would need to pack his bags.
  11. Unless the plan is have him add 10+ pounds and replace Edmunds at MLB, I still have no idea why they spent a day 2 pick on Bernard. Dude is likely gonna play barely any snaps on defense his first 3 years.
  12. Day 2 is the sweet spot for getting great value on WRs. Michael Gallup, Courtland Sutton, Terry McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, Michael Pittman, and Tee Higgins all drafted on day 2. Plus Christian Watson and George Pickens had really strong rookie seasons.
  13. Let’s take a look at the Eagles holes this offseason: 1. DT (Everyone except Davis is a FA) 2. DT again 3. DE (Graham, Quinn are FA) 4. CB (Bradberry is a FA) 5. FS (Epps is a FA) 6. RG (Seumalo is a FA) 7. WR (their WRs suck outside of Smith and Brown) Oh and they have $5m in cap space and need to pay Hurts big money in this offseason or next. This is just how it goes in the NFL.
  14. It wasn’t 4 verts and the ball wasn’t supposed to go to Gabe. It was a great play design by Dorsey to get Knox open on the crosser but as usual Josh would rather go for the highlight play than the easy first down.
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