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  1. Dude was openly racist towards white people and posted on social media about wanting to kill them. For the second time on this thread, I suggest you cry more since you don’t wanna stop spewing BS.
  2. Plus the Waukesha Christmas parade attacker (black), the Brooklyn subway shooter (black), and the Boulder king soopers shooter (middle eastern) were all taken in alive. I suggest you cry more.
  3. That’s an easy yes. Elam has the higher ceiling and if there’s any team that knows how to the most out of their DBs it’s the Bills. Combine that with his work ethic/study habits I’m honestly expecting Elam to become the better player.
  4. Spencer Brown easy. He’s the most athletic player on the team and if breaks out our offensive line will be elite. And as we all know Josh Allen with great line play is borderline unstoppable.
  5. He would just say the data is fake or misleading anyways
  6. Really debating whether or not to post some interesting statistics right now
  7. Saying a fetus is part of womens body as if it were a tumor or a parasite isn’t the argument you think it is
  8. “My body my choice” - the people who spent 2 years pushing for vaccines to be mandatory
  9. Just commenting before one the Breece Hall fanatics says “joe Marino is an idiot he didn’t like the Josh Allen pick blah blah blah”
  10. They need to line him up at 3T some on long and late downs. Most of his sack production at Miami came when he was lined up over guards.
  11. Best value (and personal favorite) - Shakir Best combo of talent and need - Elam Biggest impact in year 1 - Cook
  12. Can’t believe we wasted a draft pick on a guy who isn’t even gonna play against the patriots
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