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  1. "Trumpers" are moderates just like every other person that supports mainstream political parties.
  2. Boutta go submit my application for the new social media position they have opening up.
  3. I don't how cheap they'd be but I'd much rather have Hurst or Richardson as the rotational 3T over Butler.
  4. Here's a thread on him with film from 14 different plays.
  5. Phillips was 2nd in the league in run stop percentage after the bye week. He also played 20% of the snaps against the colts vs 50% against the ravens and chiefs. Our run defense looked night and day different in those 2 games. Even if Star comes back 100% I wouldn't be surprised if harry gets the majority of the 1T snaps.
  6. I swear it's like half the people on this site already forgot he went for 5 yards a carry when we actually had decent run blocking.
  7. The All-Star Game thing really is progressivism in a nutshell: -Liberals mad about "racist" voter ID laws -Push game out of 51% black Atlanta -Cost Atlanta $100 million -Move game to 9% black Denver -Denver has same "racist" voter ID laws -"We fixed racism!"
  8. Moss and Singletary stayed in to block on 32% and 17% of their snaps on passing plays respectively. Pass blocking is more important for RBs than lots of people think, but running the ball and catching it out of the backfield are still jobs 1 and 2.
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