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  1. NFL fans suck. I used to post on chiefsplanet, but that place is basically a white supremacist site these days. It’s a really good site for football talk, but damn. Kansas City is a great city, though. Tons of Chiefs season ticket holders are from middle of nowhere towns and have nothing else in life beyond the Chiefs. The city gets overrun by trashy losers 8 weekends a year, unfortunately.
  2. They’ve already paid Hill long term. You might want to retire from making predictions about Mahomes and the Chiefs (or don’t because I like laughing as people fall on their faces).
  3. Should they draft Trevor Lawrence, or would they be better off signing Pat Mahomes?
  4. Good stats in college don’t necessarily translate to NFL success, but bad college stats almost always translate to lack of NFL success.
  5. Evidently you don’t care about high school stats, JuCo stats, college stats, or NFL stats. If you can find one successful NFL QB with worse college stats than Allen, I’d be impressed.
  6. Pat Mahomes is the one who threw 41 TDs and 10 INTs and 5052 yards his junior/final season. Allen is the one who threw 16 TDs and 6 INTs with 1812 yards his junior/final season. If you take Pat’s three most prolific games his final season (Arizona State, Oklahoma, and Baylor) he threw for 1860 yards, 16 TDs, and 3 INTs.
  7. What is left to prove? If 33 total TDs, 11 INTs, and 5200 yards of total offense don’t ‘prove it’ then nothing will. There’s not a team in the NFL that wouldn’t take those numbers from their QB in 2020.
  8. So the Cowboys front office couldn’t build a winner around him when he was making $600,000, but we’re to believe they can build one when he’s making $35,000,000 but not when he’s making $37,000,000? I doubt it. Get paid, Dak. Jerry got $150,000,000 worth of QB play from Dak for about $6,000,000 over the last few seasons. Don’t ask workers to sacrifice for the good of the business (the owners). There’s not an owner in the world who would sacrifice a trophy to pay a player more.
  9. Redskins: Let Cousins walk because they didn’t want to pay him $30,000,000. Traded a second round pick and a 23 year old starting CB to the Chiefs for a 36 year old QB. After that QB broke his leg, they are still paying him well over $20,000,000 a year for two more years. They have also started Case Keenum and spent a high first round pick on Haskins. Coming off a 3 win season, they are among the favorites in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Chiefs: Traded their soon to be backup QB for draft capital and a starting CB who recorded an interception in their Super Bowl win. Vikings: Signed Cousins who has thrown 56 TDs and 16 INTs and won a playoff game. Mr. WEO: Thinks the Redskins made a shrewd deal and that the Dallas Cowboys should follow that blueprint and tie their wagon to Andy Dalton...the same Andy Dalton who got benched last season for Ryan Finley.
  10. Let’s blame the QB for losing to the 49ers. He only went 21-29 passing against the best pass defense in football. Never mind the fact that his team had 21 yards rushing and gave up 186 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. I guess they were wise to think the guy who had 1 playoff win in his 13 year career when the other team didn’t get shutout was about to blossom in his late 30s. You see, Alex was very raw due to poor middle school coaching. He was just about to hit his stride at age 38.
  11. So do you think the Redskins are better off with their current situation than they would have been if they paid KC that money? I sure don’t. Then again, I’ve never visited the cap space HOF. Maybe it’s a hidden gem.
  12. If a team can’t make the playoffs with a QB throwing for 30TDs, 11 INTs, and 4,900 yards while earning $2,000,000, the problem isn’t the QB.
  13. You’re being ridiculous, but that seems to be the default position for QB evaluation here. Kirk Cousins since leaving Washington: 56 TDs, 26 INTs, 7900 passing yards Case Keenum over that same stretch: 29 TDs, 20 INTs, 5600 passing yards Dak sucks Cousins sucks Jackson sucks Minshew sucks Jones sucks Other QBs had better coaching in middle school than Josh (yes, that was really posted here today), so he’s at a disadvantage.
  14. Amari Cooper was basically a JAG in Oakland. The moment he stepped on the field in Arlington, he put up top 10 numbers. He was traded mid season and nearly doubled his productivity when Prescott was throwing him the ball. That’s how much better Prescott is than an average QB like Carr. Nobody but Dak did anything on offense that game. 15 rushes, 47 yards, and a lost fumble was the entire offensive output other than Dak’s.
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