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  1. The AFC is Kansas City, Miami, and Buffalo in that order right now. This looks like the best Chiefs team I’ve ever seen despite a week 1 fluke without Travis Kelce and Chris Jones. They’ve put together a top 5 defense, and it’s the youngest defense in the NFL. Miami looks incredible when they’re clicking, but the Patriots played them very close, and the Broncos quit. They’re incredibly scary and nobody will want to play them if Tua stays healthy. Buffalo is exactly what I thought they would be so far. They’re a veteran team that was a finished product from day 1. Their biggest challenge will be staying healthy and fresh given that they’re the oldest team in the league. The NFC is Philadelphia and SF. Philly has no weakness. They haven’t been blowing anyone out, but they’re 3-0 and similar to Kansas City, they look like a team that has another gear that they’re not planning on using until the games really matter. San Fran plays beautiful football. Purdy looks like a really good QB, but we’ll see if he’s a guy who can go win a game when rather than just be a really good game manager. Unless Cincinnati figures it out, I just don’t see anyone else who is capable of winning it all. That said, it’s a LONG season and teams look vastly different in December than they do in September.
  2. Does “ever” include 391 yards in 3 postseason games?
  3. And he had 7 TFLs on the season. Edmunds had 2 in week 1 alone. Edmunds played well against GB. Don’t know what else to tell you. Again, sorry the fact that he doesn’t suck causes such grief around this fan base. Not sure what he ever did to malign so many Bills fans but whatever it was, I’m sure Terrell Bernard will do better.
  4. I literally just watched it. That wasn’t on Edmunds. Not sure why it means so much to so many on here to pretend that Edmunds is some disaster of a LB. He’s not.
  5. He's got 24 tackles and 2 TFLs in two games so far. That's not exactly terrible.
  6. It's good value to take Buffalo +140 and Miami +105. Almost zero chance you lose both, IMO.
  7. Dolphins are basically even money to win the division according to Vegas. -105 from Fan Duel and +105 on Draft Kings. Bills are close behind at +140 and +110 respectively.
  8. Tomlin lives for these types of games. He knows what he’s doing.
  9. Cooper’s game reminds me a lot of Diggs except that Stef is 10% better at everything.
  10. Burrow, Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Mixon, Hendrickson, and Reader is a pretty impressive lineup of stars. Compare that to taking away Josh, Diggs, and Milano from the Bills (maybe throw Von in there if he ever comes back healthy). Maybe I just don’t understand what you’re getting at because they’ve got depth of top end talent that very few rosters can match. I don’t know how many teams have a 7th best player who would bump someone off that list.
  11. He was already slated to count $202 million against the cap over that four year stretch. There’s nothing particularly newsworthy about this unless you frequent accounting message boards.
  12. Yeah. Much easier after next season. $4.1M hit to save $12.5M. Next year would only save a little over $6M. He's not worth his full salary, but he's worth $6M.
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