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  1. I put a couple of large bets on Buffalo 2 seasons ago for them to go over the win total and to win the division outright. Started hanging out here during that season. I read the Chiefs board but don’t post. There’s some good football talk, but it gets drowned out by alt-right extremists who can’t discuss a Left Tackle’s performance without turning it into a political poop slinging contest. 🤮. Shame because it used to be a great board. This is a better place for football discussion, so you’re stuck with me. Also, we’re your biggest hurdle to reach the Super Bowl, and you might be our biggest hurdle, so most of the conversation is relevant to my interests. I try to keep the trolling to a minimum. Some days I’m more successful than others.
  2. I agree, and the Bills aren’t even my team. Enjoy the ride, guys. You’ve got a really good squad that played a mediocre week 1 game.
  3. What happened in the game to make you think screens would work? Pittsburgh wasn't blitzing. They were getting home with their front four and dropping 7. Screens don't work against that.
  4. They were in a very similar situation on the following drive. They ran a more conventional play on third and 2 from the Pittsburgh 43. The play was there, and Allen threw a sidearm please to Beasley that looked like a first baseman throwing a grounder to the third baseman during infield practice. Coordinators are ALWAYS at the mercy of how players execute.
  5. I get your point, but it's made with hindsight. 3rd and 2 is a long way for a sneak, though and the play was there. They decided to get aggressive and take a shot at a big play. Josh didn't execute. The following drive, they had 3rd and 2 from around the Pittsburgh 45. They called a WR screen to Beasley that was perfectly blocked. Josh threw a sidearm ground ball that was maybe the worst pass I've ever seen. Two similar situations, two different play calling strategies, two misses by Josh. That's not a play calling issue. That's operator error. Josh is too good of a QB to miss those throws. Yesterday was a perfect example of a good QB having a bad game against a good defense. I get defending your QB, but it's okay to acknowledge the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Josh played his worst game since at least the 2019 season. If he played even reasonably well by his standards, Buffalo wins comfortably. I fully expect that to be the worst game he plays all season. It will need to be, because most teams won't be dragging a corpse out to play QB the way the Steelers did. In any event, it's a long season and the Bills are playing in a weak division. If he lights it up on October 10th, then nobody's going to remember what he did yesterday. The one seed is still on the table, but the margin for error just got smaller.
  6. It was 4th and 2. The graphic on the screen was wrong. The play was there. Josh waited way too long to throw it and then threw a duck. I don't love the call, but the play was there. (There's also a good chance that McDermott called that play. That's one that you have in your back pocket long before the game starts just in case the down, distance, and field position all match up.)
  7. Daboll is a perfectly good OC who becomes the whipping boy around here every time players don't execute. In the playoffs, he got dragged for that wheel route that Singletary dropped because "he shouldn't have called a play to a guy who can't catch". Today he's the scapegoat because Josh underthrew the flea flicker and overthrew a WIDE OPEN Sanders. BD did his job yesterday. He schemed players open for scores. You aren't going to get many chances like that against elite defenses. Daboll didn't miss those throws. Daboll didn't fumble multiple times, and Daboll didn't give up a blocked punt.
  8. The talk about blueprints is way overblown. There isn't a defensive coordinator in the league who doesn't know that being able to drop 7 into coverage and still dominate with your front four is a recipe for success. Being able to pull it off is another matter altogether. This is a classic case of Jimmies and Joes vs Xs and Os. Yesterday, Pittsburgh executed better. Josh missed some throws that he has to make against great defenses, and he continued to display horrible ball security. He's a hell of a player, but teams can absolutely get inside his head. It happened against Kansas City, and it happened again yesterday. Josh made some great plays, but he left some on the field as well. The only genuine concern I would have about the game is that it was at home. QBs get rattled in the NFL, especially week 1. That it happened in front of a sympathetic crowd is a little alarming because 70,000 drunks screaming at him would have made things a lot worse. That said, this is nothing new. We've all seen him go through this before, and he's always managed to bounce back. Buffalo is going to win the division by multiple games. The only thing this loss really hurts is their chances to get the bye.
  9. Don't be surprised if you see him October 10th.
  10. Davis makes plays his measurables day he shouldn't be able to make. Impressive
  11. Kansas City. In the two games between the teams last year, KC was better in all 3 phases. I don't see how you can now say the Bills are suddenly the better team when the last time Buffalo laced them up they got slapped around and claim objectivity. The Bills swept 3 teams last year. Not one poster here would predict any of those teams to suddenly be better than Buffalo. The Bills are absolutely title contenders, but trying to pretend that the Bills are better than the Chiefs because of what happened during the Superbowl is silly.
  12. Downtown stadiums are great for baseball and terrible for football.
  13. He is a fine backup in his current situation because he's had a full off-season to study the playbook. Nothing he's ever done suggests that he could take over a 6-2 Green Bay team if Rodgers breaks his collarbone and go 4-4. There are better options for a team in that position. Rivers or Fitz would be great options. Trubisky isn't the guy who comes to anyone's mind when looking for a guy who can learn the basics of brand a new offense in a week. He may have higher long term upside, but that doesn't matter to a team looking for a plug and play guy as a bandaid.
  14. Why would Mitch be a good option for a team in that situation? That team would want someone whose walked into similar situations before. Foles, Fitzpatrick, Mariota, Dalton, etc. would all be better options and cost basically nothing. Even if they have less potential overall, they can handle walking into a new team and getting up to speed quickly. Mitch hasn't exactly shown himself to be a quick study. He's a good fit for his current role.
  15. That's way, way more than anything would give up for MT...which is literally nothing.
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