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  1. I’ve never understood this logic. You may be as likely to get hurt from being hit in the pocket as you are being hit scrambling. So what? This isn’t an either/or proposition. Scrambling QBs aren’t exempt from getting hit in the pocket. They still take those hits, and then they take hits outside the pocket.
  2. You’re joking, right? The TEAM had 291 net yards. Daniel Jones had 301 net yards. It’s literally the exact same method OP used...because it’s correct. He didn’t subtract sack yardage from Josh’s yardage total but did include the negative yardage when showing the team’s yardage. Josh Allen stats: 312 yards passing, 57 yards rushing, 369 total yards Team stats: 306 yards passing, 98 yards rushing, 404 total yards 369/404 = .913 (91.3%) <— Literally the exact number the OP cited. Daniel Jones stats: 279 yards passing, 22 yards rushing, 301 total yards Team stats: 262 yards passing, 69 yards rushing, 291 total yards 301/291 = 1.034 (103.4%)
  3. Nope https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/view/offense/stat/total/table/passing/sort/netTotalYards/dir/desc https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/player/_/view/offense/table/passing/sort/passingYards/dir/desc https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/player/_/view/offense/stat/rushing Sack yardage lost is credited to the team, not the individual player.
  4. That’s not correct, nor is it the way OP calculated his stats. I’m using the exact same method he did.
  5. Daniel Jones had 301 yards. The Giants had 291. He literally had 103.4% of their total offense.
  6. So your position is that the lack of the run support is evidence that Daniel Jones had it easier? Jimmy G. must have been incredible against the Packers in the playoffs. I mean, clearly the entire defensive game plan was designed to shut down the passing game of the 49ers. Impressive mental gymnastics. Josh has no running support from his running game? He’s a one man team! Jones has no support from his running game? He’s playing on easy mode because clearly the defense is playing the run. Josh gets 100+ yards of rushing from his RBs against the Steelers and throws for 139 yards and 1 TD? Future superstar! Jones gets 7 yards from his RBs against the Steelers and throws for 279 yards and 2 TDs? No upside, not impressed. Tannehill should have been MVP last year. Clearly opponents weren’t geared up to stop the run at all. Otherwise, why was Henry so effective. CMC must suck. Otherwise teams would game plan to stop him and he’d have fewer yards.
  7. Allen had 139 yards passing against this defense last season.
  8. They had the 2nd pick in the draft when he was hurt and made the Super Bowl the next season.
  9. Their RBs were out rushed 132 to 7. His team is trash, and he made a game of it.
  10. Jones has made some dumb plays trying to do too much, but I like his guts. The team has 7 yards of offense besides him. He’s accounted for 301. Dude’s got 279 yards passing and 22 of his team’s 29 rushing yards. What is he supposed to do?
  11. Jackson was 20/25 for 275 yards, 3 TDs and no turnovers. He’s magnificent.
  12. Blaming Daboll for Josh’s limitations is ridiculous. Josh is effective as a passer when teams have to account for his running ability. He’s not a surgeon who can slice and dice a team from the pocket. He and Lamar are going to live and die with their ability to run. When the Bills pass, they’re playing 11 on 10 because defenses have to spy on Josh. If you’re expecting him to be Mahomes, you’re going to be sorely disappointed no matter what plays are called.
  13. They are playing to his strengths. If you don’t like the plays that were called then you don’t like Josh. He’s not Russell Wilson. Asking him to play like Wilson would be setting him up to fail.
  14. Just wait until the Jets bring out their second stringers after halftime...
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