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  1. Good question, and it depends how you look at it I guess. A few years ago I was shoveling my car out of the driveway after a huge snowstorm. At that moment, a snowblower would have been worth $1000 to me. I can buy one today for $300, but I haven't done it. It's 80 degrees and sunny, so my perspective is different. When the Bills couldn't get any pressure on Mahomes during the AFCCG, I'm guessing most fans would have been willing to pay multiple first round picks for a guy like Mack in that moment. Now that it's the off season, people get a little tighter with the purse stri
  2. Zero chance he’s available, but if he were Beane should pay whatever it costs to get him. That would give him a hand strong enough to make it worth going all in.
  3. So McVay wins coach of the year, but the Saints take a couple of steps back and end up trading away Lattimore. That’s going to be a tough needle to thread.
  4. Made the list of the top 100 players in the NFL. Not bad for a “nickel corner”. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/top-100-nfl-players-of-2021-patrick-mahomes-holds-on-to-no-1-spot-josh-allen-rockets-into-top-10/
  5. There were a ton of talented linemen available late in the first, but they all had the same seemingly fatal flaw that would prevent them from being LTs. Their arms were all well shorter than you want for the position. The difference between Jenkins (33.5) and Brown (35) doesn’t seem like much, but it’s often the difference between being the guy getting pushed and being the one doing the pushing. This will be the most talented line Reid has had in Kansas City by a mile, particularly the interior. Tampa’s still going to be tough to deal with, but the Chiefs will be starting 5 new
  6. Only one of them has had a concussion, and it isn’t Mahomes.
  7. They’re plenty deep at OT. Brown and Niang will likely be the starting tackles. Remembers played RT most of the season backing up Schwartz. Kyle Long could be used at Tackle, and so could Thuney if needed. Reid hasn’t drafted a Tackle in any round since Fisher was the number 1 overall pick, and he’s managed to get decent line play for years. This year they traded a first rounder for a LT, drafted the top C in the draft in the second round, and gave Thuney a record contract at G. Then they drafted Trey Smith at G, signed Kyle Long, Austin Blythe, and have LDT and Niang coming b
  8. He’d be a great fit in Buffalo. The league’s going to have a collective stroke if he lands in KC.
  9. This is the correct answer. The Mahomes contract was a team friendly deal. Josh could sign that exact contract a year later, and it would be a good deal for both sides.
  10. I think it’ll be slightly longer and way more backloaded, but you’ve got a pretty good jumping off point.
  11. Henry has had 850 touches the last two seasons. He is due for a breakdown, and their line isn’t what it was. Chiefs, Browns, Bills, or Ravens in the Super Bowl. I don’t see anyone else with much of a chance barring some blockbuster trade sending Rodgers, Watson, or Wilson to the Colts, Titans, Broncos, or Dolphins.
  12. Is there a thread from when he was originally acquired via the trade? I can’t find one, but it would be an interesting read.
  13. Because of a 2 year old article from before Daboll simplified the offense? Nah
  14. Mahomes crapped himself to the tune of 300 yards, 3 TDs, and no turnovers for a 117 QB rating against the Patriots. Now I’ll grant you that he was confused by the NE defense in the first half, but he adjusted and put up 31 points in the second half. It’s hard to beat a team by 3 TDs when that team scores 37 points. Allen couldn’t get anything going at all until mop up time after it was 38-15 in the 4th quarter. Buffalo didn’t make any offensive adjustments because there weren’t any built into the offense. I remember being on the other end of that during the Marty Schotte
  15. This board is overlooking one of the (IMO) most important factors in that game. Kansas City’s defense knew exactly what was coming, and Josh had no idea how to stop it. Every time he audibled, Anthony Hitchens would reset the defense and essentially point out the play. Buffalo’s offense is pretty simple. I don’t know if that’s a Daboll thing or if he’s simplified it for Josh (more likely) but Spagnuolo seemingly had the perfect defense called every time, and Hitchens had the perfect counter to every adjustment the Bills made. I don’t think it’s a hot take to say that J
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