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  1. Maybe they can win the I’m Super, Thanks for Asking Bowl.
  2. Diggs’s production leaped with Allen because his targets went from 94 to 166. Allen’s obviously a much better QB than Cousins, but Stef also saw 80% more targets.
  3. You’re not wrong, but what does it mean in terms of evaluating his decision as a GM? Let’s assume that there was a pool of players Beane had graded identically. He then traded back 4 spots and allowed KC, SF, Dallas, and Baltimore to pick from that pool first. Those are some of the best front offices in the business, and KC clearly had a strong opinion that one of those players stood out amongst the rest. Settling for whomever those teams didn’t want doesn’t seem like the best way to get the top player from that pool.
  4. For those who think Dallas should let him walk, where would you rank him amongst this list of every QB drafted in the past 5 seasons who has been even remotely viable: Kyler Murray Daniel Jones Drew Lock Gardner Minshew Joe Burrow Justin Herbert Tua Jalen Hurts Jordan Love Trevor Lawrence Zach Wilson Mac Jones Justin Fields Brock Purdy Kenny Pickett Sam Howell Desmond Ritter Bryce Young CJ Stroud Will Levis Anthony Richardson The only one I would say is definitively better is Burrow, and he’s constantly injured. Stroud looks like a stud, and Love might be soon. I think Dak is just as good as Lawrence, Tua, Purdy, and Hurts. So you can sign him to a huge deal or you can hope to find a QB in the draft even though half the drafts won’t have one as good as him, and half of those who are will be gone before you’re ever on the clock.
  5. Is it that time again? One of my favorite traditions here is watching everyone pretend that a star QB is crazy to ask for a huge contract that he will obviously never get only to be shocked when he gets it.
  6. The Chiefs have agreed to forfeit every game he’s ever played in.
  7. That’s going to be appointment television. Texans are -1.5 currently.
  8. Billl

    Matt Araiza

    Those dots you’re trying to connect are incredibly far apart given the seriousness of the accusation you’re suggesting. You’re saying that the front office drafted someone who they knew was accused of SA, and you base this on the fact that he was the third punter drafted instead of the first or second?
  9. Literally laughed out loud at that one.
  10. I’d take Allen at $100 million over Lawrence at $55 million.
  11. They’d better triple check it for accuracy next year.
  12. So Zac Taylor must just be an elite coach given that he’s dominated the Bills and has gone 2-1 against the Chiefs in the regular season and 1-1 in the postseason.
  13. And Beane didn’t draft that linebacker. As far as Higgins goes, I don’t think anyone would dispute that he would be the best player on the Bills not named Josh Allen.
  14. The Bengals and Bills both have elite QBs. Josh is better, but Burrow is also great when healthy. Setting QBs aside, Cincy has three elite players at premium positions in Chase, Higgins, and Hendrickson. Buffalo had Diggs plus half a season of Von.
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