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  1. Be warned: some things you cannot unsee. I will not go near that vid if it’s released.
  2. Good. I like that they’re getting older.
  3. I will not do this. I will not curb my enthusiasm. It just isn’t something I will do.
  4. No one is more responsible for the longevity of Brady’s career. Much more so than the makers of avocado ice cream.
  5. Whatever Beane decides to do, the 2019 team looks like it will have more talent and depth than any team since the 90s. Wish September would get here already.
  6. A lot of cautious replies. We’ve been so beaten down by hope over the years. He’s done an incredible job so far. The optimism is well founded. He’s the perfect GM for this time - he is positioning the Bills well to have the opportunity to take over the division post-Brady.
  7. 11-5. This is a much improved team - and we still have a draft. I know every team basically improves at this time of year, but this has been such a smart offseason so far. Big focus on o line and depth, and we finally have some real receivers. And we’re programmed to concede 2 games and the division to the Pats, but things are changing. They lost so much talent, and Brady will be 42. BB is the best, but he can’t work miracles.
  8. I could almost agree, but Drago is so necessary. There are only about a dozen spoken lines in IV, but over half of them are incredibly classic, repeatable gems.
  9. No. He’s awesome. I’m more worried about the Jets this year than the Pats.
  10. I really don’t like the New England Patriots.
  11. In 3 years, we’ll be on here saying, “lol - remember when the Patriots were good?” Well, maybe not lol. It will be passé by then.
  12. I’d be surprised if Zay didn’t make the cut, but who knows. Depends how the draft goes. The talent is there, and he’s more versatile than Foster. His biggest issue is drops, which was nonexistent in college - hopefully just growing pains in the nfl, I’m a fan. But I’m a fan of anyone who wears a Bills uni. So, there’s that.
  13. I’m so excited about the wr corps this year. We could stand pat and still go into the season looking pretty solid.
  14. He wasn’t the same guy last year. I speak as a fan who has lived in fear of Brady for over 15 years. He wasn’t scary last year. He skipped and floated more passes than I’ve ever seen out if him. He has lost his long ball. He gets by on his smarts, which are the best in the league - but not enough. His D won the SB, and his top weapon this season will be a 33 year old slot guy.
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