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  1. The era of avocado ice cream is now officially OVAH.
  2. It's really annoying. They still would have been a great team - but probably would have made about half of the SB's. I remember some years when the 5 & 6 seeds in the playoffs were complete pushovers. The only things that kept Brady in check were Manning & Harbaugh's good coaching in Baltimore. As to the OP, I feel like I could make a case for about 3-4 teams as being the strongest after the Bills. I really like what the Bengals did this offseason; they're clearly going to be tough. Chargers will make the playoffs, but they aren't there yet. The Colts and Ravens will both be very tough outs. KC is still the one, though.
  3. Curious how everyone ranks it after all of the draft & offseason stuff. For me, all of the other teams did well. I think NE's draft was a head scratcher, but they also filled some needs and the acquisition of Parker addressed their biggest hole. The Jets had a stellar offseason & draft, and Miami improved what was already a borderline playoff team. It's kind of obvious, but our biggest competition depends largely on which QB makes a leap: Wilson, Tua or Jones. Personally, I saw some "it" factor in Wilson. But I think he needs another year and the Jets need another good offseason to really contend. I'd rank the division this coming year as follows: Bills Phins Pats Jets
  4. The replay was on the other night - I tuned in just as Diggs was catching the 2 point conversion at th end, and couldn't turn the channel fast enough. Which is a shame. I'll probably never be able to watch one of the best & most clutch offensive performances we're likely to see from a Bills QB (or just about any QB). But I can't say I'm mad, necessarily. It's more just pain about that game, but Beane pulling out all of the stops this offseason has helped me rationalize the loss. Kind of a "well, we're about to have a lasting dynasty, and maybe the 13 seconds will be looked back on as what fueled it."
  5. I can't even comprehend these things, even as they're becoming commonplace. So, so sad for everyone affected by this.
  6. I really don't like the New England Patriots.
  7. I'd much rather have the tougher part of our schedule in the 1st half of the season (and more road games). We have a lot of tough opponents this season, but I really like how they put it together. Can't wait.
  8. I've never seen these 3 words together before. They're good when combined this way.
  9. I'm glad he's still hanging around. As much as I like McD as our coach, he mishandled Peterman. That San Diego game - on the road, against one of the best pass rushes in the league at that time - was not the time or place to experiment w/ a rookie. Peterman didn't deserve that and all of the national infamy that followed.
  10. Cal Ripken Jr. From his days as a Rochester Red Wing & all the way through.
  11. I'll always root for Hughes. During the drought years, he had some games & plays that I was really proud of. He brought attitude to this team during some otherwise low times that made the seasons worth watching.
  12. That's how it used to be for me. I travel a lot, and a lot of versions of "buffalo wings" were small pieces of fried chicken with some sort of tabasco concoction sprinkled on the top. Awful. And don't even get me started on the dressing. My experience these days is different. The country is finally catching up - though Western NY still has the best.
  13. I'm just happy we got Elam. I'm sure McDuffie is rated as a better prospect - but Elam has the upside thing that this regime covets, and I feel like they'll be able to get the most out of his skillset. All I care about is that we got a good one. I think he and Tre together can really shut down passing offenses.
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