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  1. So, I'm bumping my own thread. There was a lot of spirited debate on this one, but I think this offseason has really validated the original premise. I'm actually astounded by what we've done. Heading into FA & being significantly over cap, I had no expectations. We only really lost Edmunds. Key players have been extended. We've added upgrades at RB, WR, TE, both lines. We've gotten more physical, and built depth. Our pass rush will be better, as will our ability to protect Allen. On paper, this is arguably the best team of the JA era. I don't think it's a crazy stretch to say that it might be the best team in Buffalo's history, or at least in the top 2-3. I don't think it warrants a "well, we have to see how the season plays out." Beane has done his job, and done it as well as I think anyone could. It's all in the hands of the coaching staff & players now.
  2. Going into the offseason OVER cap, I had no expectations. It's pretty amazing what the Bills have been able to do. Upgrades at WR, RB and both lines. We'll be able to protect Josh better, and get to opposing QB's more frequently. This is looking to be the best & most complete team of the JA era.
  3. I don't expect to see a "bend but don't break" philosophy. I think we'll see more risks - willing to give up a big play to try to make more impact plays on the defensive side. More press coverage, not laying 8-10 yards off the receiver at the line. More aggressive blitzing. And I think it will succeed. Our '23 defense will get more sacks, more INT's, more fumbles, more TFL.
  4. At this point in the season - we were the best team in the league.
  5. It's important to note that if anyone who posts on this board was GM, we'd still be deep into the drought. No offense to anyone, of course.
  6. Oliver is a better player than some give him credit for. He's had some outstanding games for us. Consistency is more of the issue - but the talent and upside are there.
  7. I think we're going to get the same kind of contract year leap that we got from Edmunds. And he'll likely move on after that, as Edmunds did. But if he can be consistent and play to his potential, it could go a long way toward getting us to a SB with this team.
  8. I absolutely love what the Bills have done this offseason. Given the cap situation - we've improved in pretty much every weak area, including more quality depth.
  9. I'm very torn on McD. But I think he's a solid coach overall. Anyone harping on "13 seconds" should take a look at the Pats win against KC in the AFCCG. Mahomes went the same distance in 16 seconds to set up a FG. So, basically, a difference of 3 seconds between McD & the GOAT.
  10. I'm hoping he goes to the NFC. I really don't think the Bills will do this. He's an expensive addition.
  11. I like what we have right now. I think Allen is going to really elevate the skillsets of Harty & Sherfield, and I'm looking forward to Shakir's 2nd season. I still believe in Davis, and of course we have Diggs and now Kincaid. But for sure, another elite WR would be amazing. I just don't want it to hurt us in other areas or down the line.
  12. I'll say it again: we do not need another receiver. But - it would be exciting, for sure.
  13. With the addition of Harris, the improvements to the line, and Cook coming into his 2nd year - I think people are going to be shocked at how improved our run game is. I think we'll win a few games based more on running than passing.
  14. They dominated almost forever, and no one can ever take that away from them. But, the fun thing for opposing fans is how completely delusional they are now. An entire generation is cartoonishly entitled. They pretty much all talk like the Bills are just placeholders for a few years until the Pats return to their "rightful place" on top of the division.
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