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  1. Success

    Your Bills Fanhood

    I remember exactly where I was in that Denver game...a bar in Boston, of all places. That game turned around so fast, and really showed how explosive that team was. Playmakers everywhere.
  2. Success

    Your Bills Fanhood

    1. I grew up in WNY and was basically born a Bills fan 2. The thing I love most is the fans. It has been a collective experience like no other, and we all have this weird and pretty amazing bond as a result. I don’t think many other fan bases can relate - maybe Cubs until a few years ago, or Browns fans. 3. Like the other poster - that win over the Raiders for the 1st trip to the SB. I thought we were invincible.
  3. Schedule gets easier, and we have an elite defense. Season has an 8-8 feel to it.
  4. Success

    Think Things Are Bad, Try 2009, Browns 6 Bills 3

    Man, we have really had it rough.
  5. Success

    What about Matt Moore?

    I mean, we kid, but..
  6. I hate this. Hopefully we look back in a few months and realize it was nothing, but the conflicting reports are unnerving. I don’t mind him having some time off for awhile, though. It should benefit as long as he fully recovers. i don’t know or even care who is available - they HAVE to sign someone. Make Romo an offer. Even Fouts.
  7. Success

    The ownership has no respect for us

    I’d argue the opposite. As painful as the drought was, we never really went through a true rebuild. For any Breaking Bad fans, it was all half measures. And we stayed mediocre. Rarely terrible, never very good. THIS is a rebuild. I think we’ll be happier having finally gone through one.
  8. There was some pre draft analysis of Allen that I’m too lazy to find that calculated he would have a 74% completion rate had he thrown - on average - as many short passes as the other 3 guys.
  9. Put some more context on it. Have you checked into what kind of offense they ran in Wyoming?
  10. Who could possibly like that team? Can’t blame Pats fans for finally coming around...
  11. The coaches and Allen have addressed this a lot. They simply didn’t have the kind of offensive attack that lends itself to a high completion %
  12. I guess we’ll see. I wasn’t thrilled about Allen. He is clearly behind the other guys at this point, but in a way, he was supposed to be. And there are actually some things I love about his game at this point. I wanted Darnold. But I honestly couldn’t say at this point who will be better in 5 years. And I happen to trust Bean, more than hot takes a month or so into what could be a long and incredible career.
  13. Success

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    Well, I’m definitely not happy with the QB situation. I’m just usually a keg is half-full kind of guy. I do remember Andersen’s good season. The schedule was soft, but he had some games that were lights out. I always found it strange that none of that carried over, even with tougher competition. At the time, lots of fans here wanted him to be a Bill.
  14. Success

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    NOT Peterman - but Andersen is a vet, and he has had success. He’s not ideal, but there is some value. And just watching the game after being in the thick of it can help. He knows better than anyone here what challenges him on the field - it can help just watching how someone else handles those things..