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  1. If we lose, we're not QUITE the team I thought we were. I think I'd think we're "one of the best," and not "the best." Gotta win a game like this coming off a loss. We're making a lot of our injuries, but the actual injury report this week looks pretty standard for this part of the season. The Ravens have a similar report.
  2. I'm taking some time to adjust to the new designations. "Questionable" used to ALWAYS mean that they were playing on Sunday. Now, it seems like more of a combo of "probable" and "doubtful."
  3. It was reported that he's telling teammates he might play on Sunday. I don't think I've ever heard of that w/ a high ankle sprain. That usually sidelines a player for a month at least.
  4. What great news about Tua. I feel better about Miami losing.
  5. I feel sick for Tua. Really hoping he has a quick & full recovery.
  6. It's crazy - but I think Jones is a good QB. I'm not sure if anyone watched the game on Monday, but he was truly making something out of nothing. He has to have one of the worst lines in the league. Under constant duress, but he was making plays consistently.
  7. I thought the line played great the 1st couple of weeks. Last week, when they had some 3rd stringers in there - not as much.
  8. I bet this coaching staff could get the best out of him. And his best was really good, even though he's older.
  9. I was checking the Pats boards for an update, and one of their fans actually said that he didn't think Mac could be like Brady, but that he could definitely get to the level of someone like Aaron Rogers. A fan said that.
  10. Was thinking that too - he's a good player. Hopefully soon.
  11. I was actually kind of disappointed that the punt went that way. I doubt he would have kicked it past the 35 - we would have had a better shot for a TD in that scenario, imo.
  12. It wouldn't make sense to trade for anyone in the secondary. Tre should be back soon, it looked like Jackson might have a short time out (at least based on reports last week), Poyer should be back. We're deep there.
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