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  1. Almost Famous is a great choice. Tarantino & Sofia Coppola consistently put great tunes to their movies, also. Big Chill.
  2. It's hard for me to imagine a fall without the Bills - but I'm getting there. He's not wrong at all. European soccer is doing really well right now - but that's Europe. I went from really hopeful about the NBA, MLB and NFL a few weeks ago to pretty pessimistic.
  3. I usually do. But sometimes I don't.
  4. Man, do I ever hate the New England Patriots.
  5. Nope. Unless something really vital depended on it.
  6. And don't forget that half our roster came from Carolina. It's gotta count for something. I think this is a bump in the road. It elevates the Pats to our prime contender for the division - but if we can overcome the psychological hurdle of 20 years, the Bills still have the better team and should win.
  7. Fromm > Stidham. So is Barkley. So is Trent Edwards.
  8. It's a loose comparison, but this is Bledsoe to the Bills. We were still trying to replace Kelly - and every single one of us talked ourselves into that being THE move. We were back, baby. Pats fans are doing the same right now. But like the Patriots of the early 2000's, it's our turn to be the crusher of dreams. The Bills are the rightful heir to the AFCE throne. No QB who refuses to dive for a fumble is gonna change that.
  9. It is a shocker of a move - Cam is in the top 10 of "clearly not a Belichick guy" players in the NFL. It could be really fun. It could also work - but it's more likely that it's really fun.
  10. Someone will give them a 3rd rounder for a marginal player that probably won't make their roster anyway. This is nothing.
  11. I'm permanently the guy who is shaking his fists at the sky, yelling in vain, 'Curse you, New England!" I put a lot of time into sports, but I guess it's just not to be in this life.
  12. I don't live in Western NY anymore. Believe it or not, you can now get very good Buffalo wings just about anywhere - not quite AS good, but really solid (unlike 20 years ago, when I'd order Buffalo wings and get mini fried chicken). But you have to be upstate for a good garbage plate. Man, do I miss garbage plates. Though, to add, I've probably added 2-3 years to my life by not having access to garbage plates.
  13. I love the Farley reaction there. I don't know what he's talking about w/ the Pats game. Not sure if he noticed, but Belichick made every single young QB look abysmal last season - maybe Allen missed an open guy here or there, but those defenses are designed to confuse & rattle inexperienced QB's. It took Peyton Manning about 5-6 years to figure out the Pats.
  14. A Mayor in a small town generally gets a small stipend - these days, probably about $12K a year, but in the '70's, probably like $2K. They generally work full time jobs, or it's a retirement thing. So why did the Mayor in "Jaws" fight tooth & nail to keep the beaches open, risking everyone's lives, just to keep tourist money flowing in? Was his brother in law in charge of beach concessions or something? Makes no sense.
  15. Agreed. And he also reinvented that role. To win a SB, they always say you have to have all 3 phases. Why do defensive and offensive players get all the recognition, but that vital 3rd phase is left out in the cold? Absolutely Tasker should be in the HOF.
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