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  1. It’s weird, but that was a missed call.
  2. And oh, what a wait it was. Much more than I ever signed up for when I decided to irrationally devote myself to sports in general and this team. But, it will make the success infinitely sweeter, and I agree we’re on the cusp. Something any Pats fan under 40 will never experience or understand.
  3. Anything less than a Lombardi will be massively disappointing, imo.
  4. Makes the Pats better. Don’t like it.
  5. My hate for the Patriots isn’t a healthy experience. I even get upset when they win in the preseason. I’m not asking for much. I just want the Bills to sweep that team every season from now until the universe ends.
  6. I’m all in on Beane. I think he has nailed everything so far - the trades, the picks, seeing the potential of Allen. As always, the proof is in the pudding, and this team needs to perform and put up a good record. I like how it’s looking though. He just seems to get it.
  7. Not seeing the big deal here. It’s not like he just up and left. He asked her if she was good.
  8. I really don’t like the New England Patriots.
  9. I agree. But 42 is 42, and he has played a few more seasons than that with all of the playoff games. He is not a myth, and all of the stuff with pliability and avocado ice cream can only go so far. I think Pats fans who are counting on 2-3 more peak years are delusional.
  10. Brady chucks it when he has a deep guy he trusts. I’ve rarely seen a QB for whom trust is such a huge priority. Moss was really that guy. He’d throw into all kinds of coverage for that him. As long as it was in the vicinity, he’d get it. No one really like that these days. He fully trusts Edelman, but most of their routes are shorter and more precise. And I do think he’s losing that range, regardless. So does BB, given how he is building that team.
  11. Either this year or next at the latest, the Bills and Jets will be battling it out for the division title. Both teams have turned the corner, imo. Who prevails depends largely on who you think will be the better QB. I’m an Allen guy.
  12. This is what keeps me from getting too optimistic. I believe BB could take any roster in the league and make them competitive, at minimum. He’s scary good. Brady leaving will probably only mean that they go from guaranteed AFCCG’s and Superbowls to guaranteed playoff berths. I need more than that. I need that team to go 4-12 for at least 20 years.
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