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  1. It’s only a dumb call if the QB gets hurt. The criticism of Reid this week has been ridiculous. If you have an athletic qb, you run sneaks. Brady isn’t even athletic and that’s a bread and butter play for BB.
  2. We’re not good enough to take any game for granted, much less a division game. The line on this game is a bit jaw dropping. I expect a win, but it might not be as easy as everyone thinks.
  3. How could any Bills fan not want the Jets over the Pats? Are we so beaten down that we’re conceding the division in October, 1 game back?
  4. With KC having 2 losses and Mahomes injured, NE fans universally think they now have home field throughout the playoffs. I’m amazed at how little regard they have for the idea the they might actually have competition in their own division. We’ll need some breaks, but winning the east isn’t fantasy. Would love to see all of the jaws on the floor if we do.
  5. I think he’s the real deal, personally. Never understood the fuss about Mayfield over him. Even in his bad games with the Jets last year, I thought there were clear indications of his potential, which is huge. I’m still glad we got Allen. He’s just more of a Buffalo guy, and also has a high ceiling. I can see Allen and Darnold battling it out for the east almost the way Kelly and Marino did. Which makes me smile, because I love thinking of Pats fans watching with frustration as they struggle with the Phins just to get 3rd place.
  6. One of the worst aspects of the Pats hold on the east is that I now root for the Jets..
  7. Yeah, and if Spiller just hadn’t fumbled, or McKelvin, or... It’s the gods. They favor tables, and the splitting of tables angers them like nothing else.
  8. Allen is too young to go all in on one year. JMHO. I hope Beane doesn’t go splashy or short term, and I don’t think he will. I think he wants to be legendary, and that means building a sustainable model. And as fans, we are the clear beneficiaries.
  9. Bills fans know better than anyone how impossibly good that dude is. I don’t know if he took shortcuts, but it doesn’t matter. He’s been ridiculous.
  10. You know what that would be like? Something Boston fans can relate to. The Red Sox finally slaying their Yankees demons, coming back in 2004, and winning their first title. Oh, and changing the entire narrative in the process. After the last 20 years, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  11. Frank Gore was always meant to be a Bill.
  12. I have put blue cheese dressing on pizza. And enjoyed it. True story.
  13. I can’t really dispute any of that - I’m just going by my own memory. I remember thinking he would have been a fun pick, and one I would have talked myself into instantly, but risky. It’s hard for me to live in the what ifs. We could have had Rogers, Wilson, etc. We got Allen ultimately. All I think about now is him improving and becoming the best QB he can be, which I think can still be stellar. And I love the guy. He just seems like he was born to be a Bill. Your memory of it is probably more accurate, though. Interesting about Whaley. I was kind of a Whaley fan, but in hindsight, he was pretty all over the place strategy-wise.
  14. The way I always look at it, it wasn’t even a thought in our minds on that draft day. There are always the guys who say “he was my pick!”, and I’m sure a small few are telling the truth, but leading up to the draft, other QBs were being talked about more. Mahomes was seen almost like Maybin- not a ton of experience, but flew up the boards late. Some thought he’d drop to the 2nd or even 3rd. Had we picked him early, it’s more likely that the overall sentiment here would have been negative, at least initially. A lot of QBs would have gone higher with hindsight. Or lower.
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