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  1. Man, it's great to see "QB" as the top draft priority for the Pats. Here's hoping that they're just beginning a fruitless 2-3 decade search for Brady's replacement.
  2. RB's have been steadily losing 1st round value for a reason. I think most teams are starting to realize that - unless it's a generational type of talent - it's better to just improve the run blocking. I'd be shocked if the Bills went RB after picking up Breida. I think their plan is to use the backs we have & just try to improve the line & blocking schemes.
  3. I was ready to be upset about this post based only on the title - but the content of the OP is fair. Fortunately, I expect most if not all of those guys to come through this season. If they all take the step that we'd expect, our defensive worries will be reduced significantly. We could be looking at a pretty young, pretty impactful defense. Which would really make me start think Beane is truly a genius.
  4. I can't see anything through all of the smoke - but I'd have to guess Fields. It just seems weird that he'd drop from being "maybe better than Lawrence" to 4th QB in the draft (or 5th).
  5. Brady has set too high a bar for being psychotic about winning and carrying an oversized chip on your shoulder for decades. Is he really that laid back? Do you always have to wear the competition gene on your sleeve? How many national championships has he won again? He'll be fine.
  6. The phrase I see most often on other message boards is "I'm still not sold on Allen." I just kind of smile. I've seen enough, as I think most here have. I think those saying that haven't really watched the games. And I think that's just an instinct of opposing fans. I spent 10 years of Brady's career trying to marginalize him as a dink-and-dunk system QB. Oops.
  7. I'm ready to be surprised or even shocked by whoever we pick, though my draft routine is always the same. I immediately google scouting assessments, only focus on the "strengths" section, and within 5 minutes think it's another coup for Beane.
  8. 100%. As soon as they picked up Breida, that was out (imo). I don't think they've given up on Singletary the way many fans have. He still brings a great skillset if used properly. I think instead of having one bruising, 30-carry a game back, they're planning on using Moss, Breida and Singletary in various combinations and situations, almost equally.
  9. They always show that dude who gets covered w/ mustard, too. I agree it's not a great overall look. At the same time, Bills fans do have some real notoriety around the league now. I've heard a lot of opposing fans say things about how dedicated Bills fans are and how we're one of the best fanbases, and I think some of the stuff that I don't necessarily like (tables, mustard) plays into that. It's the ol' yin and yang. Without a doubt, the Bills fanbase has a real identity nationally, and you can't really say that about too many other fanbases. Still, I
  10. A couple of things here: - Your comment about "almost losing" is one I've heard Pats fans repeat countless times since that game. They lost. Cam fumbled, but Davis also dropped a fairly easy TD for the Bills in the previous drive. That's how games go, especially division games. The Patriots lost, and got swept last season. - The Bills had more games like that than I'd care to count against the Patriots during the 20-year run. It gave me no solace to say they "almost won." Watching a Pats fan go immediately to that is one of those "how the mighty have fallen" things. - Th
  11. What's the called again when you "almost lose"? Oh, yeah - winning.
  12. I'm one of those "if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all" guys. So, there ya go.
  13. Personally, I'm frequenting Patriots boards more & thoroughly enjoying watching that fanbase go through the same hand-wringing at this time of year that we went through for 2+ decades. Is this guy really good, what if that guy goes before this guy. Should we trade up....all of it. And we already know QB's are overvalued in the draft. The reasons are obvious, but that doesn't change the fact that MOST of the high QB picks in a given draft simply will not pan out. I mean - who can forget when we took EJ, and everyone was trying to decide if it would be better to tak
  14. Fans have always held draft position & contract dollars against a player. That has never really affected how I feel about a player - that's more a reflection of the front office. I always liked Whitner, Kelsay & a few others who fall under that category.
  15. Here's hoping in 50 years, that sign says "66 years old, 11 parades."
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