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  1. When has KC beat us in the playoffs since the '60's? Exactly.
  2. LOL I mean, that's one of the most ridiculous takes I've heard. Well, except Bradshaw taking the Ravens by 9, and then the Saints by 17, in the same weekend. I get "KC will likely win" (though I disagree), but "I don't think it takes a whole lot?" I'm tellin' ya - I can't wait for the game. I watched the replay of the 1st mach-up last night - worst game I've seen us play since the Orton years, and we were down 6 with 5 minutes to go. Bring on the Chiefs.
  3. With their ages & how good they both are, I'd bet that this is the 1st of at least 5-6 match-ups Mahomes and Allen will have in the playoffs. It has the potential of being an all-time kind of rivalry. And a really fun one to watch - 2 of the most dynamic players in the NFL for sure.
  4. Wings, burgers & fries - pretty standard fare, but you can't go wrong. No reason to take any wild risks on gameday.
  5. I'm watching it too. We've been awful - but it's a 6 point game with about 5 minutes left. I'm really feeling a weird confidence for Sunday.
  6. Our 1st matchup w/ KC is on replay right now. First drive was a bad 3 & out; forgot about that. Didn't look like us - 2 bad passes by Allen, followed by a beauty under pressure that hit Smoke's face mask and wasn't caught.
  7. I thought Betty, or Veronica. I wouldn't trade Allen for Mahomes straight up today. Much less Allen AND Tre.
  8. I'm pulling for GB in the 1st game. I do not want to face Brady. He has more Super Bowl experience than beer.
  9. I think Sigourney Weaver once said (paraphrasing) that "Alien" is the haunted house movie, and "Aliens" is the roller coaster ride. Good description. I love both movies, but they are completely different. 'Alien' was so groundbreaking at the time that it probably gets the nod. Some of the other Alien sequels, while not being terrible, were pretty lame.
  10. It is weird when a pundit just seems to be waiting for a guy to mess up, instead of praising the good play while it's happening. That was always Bayless w/ Lebron. Really, it's not even attempting to hide an agenda.
  11. We don't like the guy much here, but Tom Brady was DEFINITELY like that. He absolutely loved those moments in his prime.
  12. His last game was one of his best in recent years. Great QB and a great career.
  13. Game plans and decisions always look better with good execution. And good execution is always more possible with better conditions. The wind changed everything on Saturday. When that happens, you just find a way, and the Bills did.
  14. Get well soon, Zack. He was playing very well, and a great outlet for Josh in the passing game. We really missed him against the Ravens.
  15. This has been such a fun season. Who would have thought, w/ everything else that has gone on this year? I was sure at one point there wouldn't even be a season, then I didn't think I'd care about it because I thought it would all feel like a scrimmage without the crowds. But it's been awesome. More fun than I've had as a fan in many years. I have a feeling we're going to keep it rolling, too, with Allen and McD leading this team. Maybe not 13 wins every year, but being legit playoff contenders.
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