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  1. We're going to be a little more under the radar this year - no way we get the opener, imo. And that's just fine w/ me.
  2. Allen hasn't beaten Mahomes in meaningful games? This isn't tennis. Allen played better than Mahomes last year, and drove the Bills to what should have been a win, IN Kansas City.
  3. I think the OP is doing a parody of some sentiments that are out there. I hope that's it. Speaking to that sentiment - fans do it way too much. Allen is Allen. Mahomes is Mahomes. Using the same logic, Burrow is Burrow. Fans & pundits can't resist comparisons and "this guy is the next that guy." No one is.
  4. KC's run of home AFCCG's reminds me a bit of how things were earlier in the Pats run. They always got Manning at their place. He finally broke through - barely - when the Colts were able to host the Pats in '06, and Manning got the better of that rivalry from that point on. A lot of things have to go right to get to a Super Bowl, especially these days in the AFC. They didn't for us this year. All we can do is saddle up and hope it works out better next season. At least we have Allen, and still one of the best teams in the league.
  5. If it was really a choice - SB of course. But I want it all.
  6. Adversity can hit a sort of critical mass. Yes, every team faces it. No - not like the Bills this year. They were emotionally spent at the end, and it showed. They're human. As to the OP: we at least know what we have in McD. He is a SOLID coach. He's not spectacular, and he's not terrible. He's a good leader, gameplans well & seems to have the respect of the team. As frustrated as fans are, making wholesale changes is not a good idea. The Reid to Chip Kelly transition that was brought up is a great example. We have a team that can win now, and changing coaches would throw a very unpredictable element into the mix.
  7. Cincy was closer to losing to the Ravens than we were to losing to the Phins. Division games are unpredictable.
  8. I've seen a few dozen chest-beating Pats fans say this online since the Bills lost - but it's the truth. They did have a slightly easier conference , and a MUCH easier division. But winning a SB is amazingly hard, and they did it 6x (and went to 9). Crazy.
  9. Has anyone ever seen Ozzy & Brady in the same room together? Makes you wonder...
  10. It's more about how things can turn, than an apples-to-apples.
  11. It's actually the best attitude to have. Most of being a sports fan is pain, heartbreak or disappointment. Even fans of great dynasties like the Yankees, Lakers and Patriots end up losing the vast majority of years that they watch games. Of course, it's a bit easier if you have a few titles under your belt - but those fanbases still go through it.
  12. There are a lot of parallels to those teams, imo. We knew we had a top QB in Kelly as soon as he came over from the USFL. We had great players on defense and offense through those years. Once we got to the playoffs, there was a combo of heartbreak and underachievement. There was a lot of infighting and doubt, most famously remembered as the "Bickering Bills." Then, it all changed. It's like breaking through a brick wall. Before you do it, it's like...how do we do it? Then, the floodgates open. The big difference is that the AFC is tougher now. But that AFC was no slouch. We had Dan Marino, arguably a top 5 of all time, in the division. John Elway & Warren Moon also come to mind. We're going to get there. I have no doubt about it. QB's like Allen win championships.
  13. Did he ever get Fred Jackson's name right? I can't remember...
  14. Not sure if I would have signed up to be a sports fan if I knew a guy like this would torment my team for the better part of 2 decades. No going back now - it is what it is. But he certainly was a happiness-remover for the prime of my life.
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