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  1. If we lose, we're not QUITE the team I thought we were. I think I'd think we're "one of the best," and not "the best." Gotta win a game like this coming off a loss. We're making a lot of our injuries, but the actual injury report this week looks pretty standard for this part of the season. The Ravens have a similar report.
  2. I'm taking some time to adjust to the new designations. "Questionable" used to ALWAYS mean that they were playing on Sunday. Now, it seems like more of a combo of "probable" and "doubtful."
  3. It was reported that he's telling teammates he might play on Sunday. I don't think I've ever heard of that w/ a high ankle sprain. That usually sidelines a player for a month at least.
  4. What great news about Tua. I feel better about Miami losing.
  5. I feel sick for Tua. Really hoping he has a quick & full recovery.
  6. It's crazy - but I think Jones is a good QB. I'm not sure if anyone watched the game on Monday, but he was truly making something out of nothing. He has to have one of the worst lines in the league. Under constant duress, but he was making plays consistently.
  7. I thought the line played great the 1st couple of weeks. Last week, when they had some 3rd stringers in there - not as much.
  8. I bet this coaching staff could get the best out of him. And his best was really good, even though he's older.
  9. I was checking the Pats boards for an update, and one of their fans actually said that he didn't think Mac could be like Brady, but that he could definitely get to the level of someone like Aaron Rogers. A fan said that.
  10. Was thinking that too - he's a good player. Hopefully soon.
  11. I was actually kind of disappointed that the punt went that way. I doubt he would have kicked it past the 35 - we would have had a better shot for a TD in that scenario, imo.
  12. It wouldn't make sense to trade for anyone in the secondary. Tre should be back soon, it looked like Jackson might have a short time out (at least based on reports last week), Poyer should be back. We're deep there.
  13. I heard about it all over the place on the internet before I actually watched the clip. It was too hyped. I don't see it as a big deal at all. I'm glad my living room wasn't being filmed on Sundays between the Kelly era and Allen era.
  14. So many guys have been getting hurt that it seems like the sky is falling - but most of these (outside of Hyde, of course) aren't very serious, and it seems like all of the guys who are currently hurt won't be out for any length of time. Now, we just have to use some spit & glue to try to get through the Ravens game.
  15. This certainly isn't the Jags game. Miami is a tough division opponent. We shouldn't expect to sweep them every year. The fact that they barely won at their place is really no biggie. I tend to rationalize, but I have come to see this as a "good" loss. We played them tough w/ basically our entire secondary out, in a game they needed more (imo). I actually don't think they stand a chance for the re-match in Buffalo, and it's the kind of loss that the team & coaches can learn a ton from.
  16. I was kind of freaking out in the offseason. The AFC looked so formidable w/ all of the good QB's. Not that things are set, but 3 weeks in, it still looks like the Bills & Chiefs, then everyone else. The AFCW is nowhere near the juggernaut that people thought, and teams like the Bengals & Colts are very beatable. It's not that I don't respect what Miami has done so far, but it's kind of smoke & mirrors. They could easily be 1-2, and don't see them being a challenge in the long run this year.
  17. Personally, I wasn't planning on 20-0. And after so many years of irrelevancy, being the SB fave was fun - but also a bit too much attention. We'll never be under the radar this season, but we also won't be the most talked about for a week at least. I'd obviously always prefer the win, but taking some pressure & scrutiny off the season is at least a small silver lining.
  18. The Chiefs lost today, too. And it's week 3. Homefield is still very much in play.
  19. I was actually hoping that he'd take the middle - there was plenty of time, and I was sure a big gainer would be available. The issue ended up being that nothing "big" was either available or tried.
  20. The Ravens are also battling a lot of injuries heading into next week. Honestly, the season has been kind of brutal so far, all around the league. Obviously hope that the trend improves.
  21. It actually wasn't super-tough. If we just dropped our 5th in a row to the Phins, and it was at home, or something like that - sure. Miami needed that way more than Buffalo. Not taking them lightly, because they're good - but it's a long season. I wasn't planning on 20-0. The Pats are hardly bad, btw. They played the Ravens pretty tough today. Uncharacteristic mistakes cost them the game.
  22. I'm not! I like how all 3 played. I probably should have worded things differently, though - we really need to run more. These guys all have talent.
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