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  1. Wow. That's definitely thinking outside the box. Lot's of trades.
  2. Yeah, I don't believe that will happen for Allen. He didn't have even average stats last year except for the scrambling. He should improve upon that or there is a big problem. But we have seen QB's have sophomore slumps. Dak Prescott is an example. RGIII is another, and I don't believe his fall from glory was only about injury.
  3. Yes. They don't need to even take one. Maybe they do, maybe they don't.
  4. There literally cannot be a pattern. A pattern requires at least 3 data points. Beane has only been here for one draft and McDermott only for 2. So no, I think there is no pattern and we cannot make assumptions based on the last two drafts.
  5. Is that blood in the photo to the left of the spider? The spider has already shed innocent blood!
  6. That's a good one for sure. I only included the players listed in the videos, but yes I noticed some quality players not mentioned from a few of those drafts.
  7. Fun video on NFL.com: NFL Throwback: Top 10 Draft Classes of All Time http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-throwback/0ap3000001026998/NFL-Throwback-Top-10-draft-classes-of-all-time 10) 2014 Draft - Notables: Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Zack Martin 9) 1967 Draft - Notables: Alan Page, Gene Upshaw, Bob Griese, Willie Lanier, Ken Houston 8 ) 2011 Draft - Notables: Cam Newton, Von Miller, J.J. Watt, Julio Jones, Richard Sherman 7) 1981 Draft - Notables: Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Howie Long, Mike Singletary, Kenny Easley 6) 2007 Draft - Notables: Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Derrelle Revis, Marshawn Lynch, Joe Thomas 5) 1964 Draft - Notables: Roger Staubach, Paul Krause, Carl Eller, Mel Renfro, Paul Warfield 4) 1957 Draft - Notables: Jim Brown, Len Dawson, Paul Hornung, Sonny Jurgensen, Don Maynard 3) 1989 Draft - Notables: Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Derrick Thomas, Steve Atwater 2) 1961 Draft - Notables: Deacon Jones, Fran Tarkenton, Mike Ditka, Bob Lilly, Herb Adderly 1) 1983 Draft - Notables: John Elway, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Eric Dickerson, Darrell Green Pretty good list. Any snubs? Do you think this is a good order?
  8. That seems like such an obvious smoke screen to me. A GM would not want to tip his hand like that.
  9. They got pretty figured out in the playoffs. They were a train wreck on offense. They couldn't do a thing in the passing game. I think they will grind out 7 or 8 wins because they have a quality coach, but I don't think it'll be pretty.
  10. But that was also true when they made the Barkley pick. They chose to ignore the fact that QB's are 100 times more important than RB's, and they would do it again. The only thing that should change a decision like that is if Darnold, Allen, Rosen, or Jackson had an amazing year OR if Barkley didn't do well.
  11. Hmm. I think Darnold kind of just played as expected. He didn't have an amazing rookie year or anything. Showed flashes and had some highs, but had some lows and lots of turnovers. Exactly as advertised. Why would they change their mind?
  12. He has us taking Lamar Jackson. Puke. Also has Foster going in the first round. Pretty big jump from undrafted to first round. Also has us taking Calvin Ridley. Edmunds drops a few slots but still goes in the first round. After 1 year our QB goes higher, our LB falls but still goes in the first round, and our undrafted WR goes in the first round. Guess we had a good rookie class.
  13. And no, I think it is impossible for us to go into NE as favorites by adding a bunch of rookies. The only possible scenario is if our team somehow takes a humongous leap and is leading the AFC by the time we face the Pats for the 2nd time at the end of the season. Other than that, we won't be favorites.
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