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  1. Seems like a slam dunk decision by the team. They have a bunch of fans on a wait list who actually want to go to the games. They have the right to revoke those tickets, and they exercised that right. Good for them.
  2. That's what happens when you suck at playing. You get benched. The offense went out and played amazing. Feliciano would not have done anything but make it worse.
  3. Wow, that sounds really stressful. I feel like I'm really lucky because I've never had to deal with any achilles issues. I played a ton of sports all growing up. Now I only get to play occasionally. I have dealt with my fair share of ankle injuries, though. When I was doing high jump in high school I would always get really bad shin splints. But I'd take those issues any day over achilles issues.
  4. Would like to see some of those Cam Newton roasts. One of the worst QB seasons I have ever seen. He was terrible. And the play calling showed over and over again how they didn't trust him to throw the ball. Somehow I think that didn't happen, because all Belichick ever did was talk him up as a good teammate.
  5. They have to show it before I believe they are the strongest conference foe. Nobody thought the Bengals were the strongest conference foe heading into last season.
  6. This year sometime. He is still entrenched as the #1 corner.
  7. Hopefully our revamped defensive line is up to the task now. It's a major upgrade, in my opinion. While I do somewhat agree, the Rams are still a pretty dang good team. They have stars and a QB who is very talented. They are one of those teams that can put it all together and look like the best team in the league for one week.
  8. Dane Jackson is going into his 3rd year. There shouldn't be any slump for him. But I think Bradberry would not have viewed the Bills as an ideal situation since we have Tre White and the just drafted a first round corner. And I don't think Beane was willing to give him that big of a contract anyway.
  9. I agree. The Chargers need to show they can even make the playoffs. They have been talked up for years, but they always shoot themselves in the foot. Baltimore is another team to consider, although the Bills have defended Jackson pretty well when we have played them. But they should be a pretty strong team this year. I have to see the Broncos put it all together until I believe they are a true contender. But they have a ton of potential. KC should still be good, but I think they are a lot less scary this year compared to previous years.
  10. Of course, but I don't think it is likely.
  11. Which is the same fate of any decent team without a good QB. What it does do for you as a HC and GM is give you a bit more job security. If you make the playoffs you will probably be given another year or two to figure things out and find a QB.
  12. Neither are going to be good QB's. Their ceilings are average. If they make the playoffs, it will be painfully obvious that they don't belong. That's where the real QB's are separated from the chumps. Happened to Mac Jones and Ryan Tannehill last year in the playoffs. He can be a starter, just not a really good starter. Which is kind of the same as not having a QB at all.
  13. He is old and just missed all of last year due to injury. He might catch on with a team in training camp.
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