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  1. Ranch is the most useless sauce on the planet. How it got so popular I'll never understand. I think I'd rather eat plain lettuce than slather some ranch on it. Why add the useless calories?
  2. My goodness. I have a 5 year old girl. She's a complete joy. She has such an innocent, lovely spirit. May they burn in hell for their crimes against an innocent child. There is no worse crime, in my eyes, than willfully hurting children.
  3. Good job. You know two things that Chris Brown doesn't. But just so you know, Brown's job isn't memorizing old NFL trivia. It's to report on the current Bills team.
  4. Well, that was a legendary play. He has that to his name. I don't think anyone thinks of him as a legendary player though. Just a good player on a great team.
  5. Everyone has aspects about their family life that they regret. Bringing up other people's family issues on a sports talk radio show is pretty despicable and hypocritical, especially considering this guy allegedly got caught cheating on his wife. Everyone has dirty laundry.
  6. I don't think this year he will be extended OR fired, regardless of the (realistic) outcome.
  7. This is a sad story of parents who got their child killed because they were stupid. Nothing to be done, nothing to be said. People saying "thoughts and prayers" is no different from people saying "I feel bad for them" or "that's so sad" or countless other inconsequential forum comments.
  8. Not sure what religion and God has to do with someone being negligent and leaving a loaded gun for a child to find. You are not making sense.
  9. I guess it isn't possible to plan ahead and reserve seats ahead of time (like everyone else on the planet).
  10. What do people expect to happen when they leave a loaded gun around a house with children (presumably with no safety on)? So incredibly stupid. You don't even need a gun safe. There's a million ways to keep them safely locked away. This was not a "tragic accident". This was stupidity at work.
  11. Why is Cam booking flights in economy? I'd totally pay the extra to get in 1st class if I was making the kind of money he is. I'm 6'3" and it is cramped for me on planes. Must be tough to fly at his size unless he's in 1st class.
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