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  1. I've been critical of Lynn ever since he left Buffalo. He went from a running backs coach to a head coach. I just didn't think he had enough experience. He wasn't even a coordinator.
  2. Truly. I usually watch a few games a week and I see the same mistakes in nearly every single game, including from the "elite" teams.
  3. And Lynn deserved it all. He was horrible. I took a peak at the Chargers message boards after the game and it was not pretty. Fans seem to hate Lynn and have wanted him fired for a long time now. He just isn't qualified to be a head coach.
  4. Or he is in his 40's and isn't good anymore...
  5. So you take away the field goal, AND take away the defensive stop at the end, AND you still have to manufacture one more score for the Bills to lose. Yeah, totally. Make those THREE changes and the Bills lose.
  6. I would tell you to pump the breaks and that McDermott is unproven in the playoffs. I routinely criticize both extremes.
  7. Yeah, it took Reid decades of coaching to win a Superbowl. He was actually criticized for his failure to perform in the playoffs and get to the big game until he finally did.
  8. It seems you are of the "I know everything that will happen and my opinion is reality" mentality. You are just plain wrong. The Bills are good enough right now to make a run in the playoffs.
  9. Everyone else is depressed because of fans like you. Just do us a favor and leave. Go root for one of your supposed "championship" coaches. How many years did it take for Reid to win a superbowl? How many Superbowls has Vrabel won? This is just ridiculous.
  10. No, actually it is an irrational view. Maybe try watching other games. It's pretty rare to see teams go out and stomp an opponent for 4 quarters. The Chiefs make mistakes. They let teams back in. They fumble it sometimes. They played from behind in every game in the playoffs last year and eventually won the Superbowl. What you want is unrealistic. Absolutely, the Bills should not be turning the ball over like that (and they usually don't), but it is pretty uncommon to go an entire game without turning it over. And it's uncommon to blow teams out. This is a good Bills team. Maybe they aren't the best team in the NFL yet, and that's fine. They are still growing and progressing. Allen is still progressing. It is irrational to believe that the Bills should be blowing out teams and never making mistakes. This is just getting ridiculous. It absolutely did NOT come down to a field goal. That field goal put the team up by 10. Better teams have lost to the Bills already this season. You are insufferable.
  11. So true. We go out and keep winning and have to deal with this bull crap every week. They excuse away wins like they are meaningless.
  12. But it's not a lot of money. That's my point. There are like 25 linebackers in the NFL that make 10 million or more in the NFL. Some of those are edge rushers. But that's the going rate for starting linebackers these days. Edmunds is going to make 15 plus.
  13. And where are you pulling those numbers from? I expect him to be up around the 9 or 10 million range. That's more the average these days. Milano is much better than you seem to realize. His only issue has been injury, but that may be enough to not bring him back.
  14. I just don't think people watched the same game as I did. The Bills had a comfortable lead and never trailed the entire game. The one thing that wasn't fun to watch was the turnovers. But that happens sometimes and you know they will be focusing on fixing that now.
  15. I don't believe Milano will get that kind of contract now. This is pretty much a lost season for him. He may come back and out on a show in the playoffs. That's what it would take for him to get a big contract, I think. Otherwise he'll have to settle for less.
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