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  1. All the Browns players jumping ship. That was one of the most hyped teams ever last off-season. A paper tiger that just flopped.
  2. Let's hope he's the best Bills coach ever. If he wins a Superbowl he will be.
  3. Tampa is also the losingest franchise in the NFL. Their win percentage is .387. Before they came around it was the Cardinals. The Bills are 23rd with .468.
  4. As long as they play football they can play the Russian National Anthem for all I care. I don't think unity is the goal. Revenge is the goal.
  5. As long as the players play the games I don't really care what has to happen. I'll be watching from my couch anyway. Quarantine the players. Empty the stadiums. Fine by me. Just play the games.
  6. To me Mayfield and Darnold are very close and easily interchangeable.
  7. Tyrod never took chances even when the team needed him to. Allen takes chances sometimes when the team DOESN'T need him to. Polar opposite QB's, if you ask me. Josh is a guy you need to rein in. Taylor is a guy you need to prod with a hot poker. Tyrod had a season of good deep ball throwing, but then he was mediocre. It had been the highlight of his passing ability but it fizzled over time until he was basically completely ineffective as a passer.
  8. So by what metric is Mayfield better than Allen? He had more offensive weapons, a better supporting cast, and still lost more games and threw 12 more interceptions than Allen. 12!!! My list would look like this: 1) Mahomes 2) Watson 3) Jackson 4) Big Ben 5) Allen 6) Mayfield 7) Darnold 8 ) Newton 9) Carr 10) Rivers 11) Tannehill 12) Lock 13) Fitzpatrick 14) Minshew 15) Taylor 😎 (Can't delete this stupid emoji)
  9. People were excited to have Barkley as a backup last off season. He barely played at all last season and now people think he's the worst backup in the league. It's pretty strange to me. Not saying Barkley is good or bad, but I don't get the huge reversal in opinion based on limited play in one game. I tend to trust the coaches and GM.
  10. It's not the dollar amount it's the structure of the contract.l, or so I've heard.
  11. By running and throwing, I imagine. Or defensively. Or on special teams. Dolphins and Jets will be among the league's worst teams this year. I thought the Jets might be better but I've changed my mind about them and think they will struggle. Dolphins have a major lack of talent and are still a year away at least before being a team to worry about, but they are on the right track. Doesn't really matter, though. Most teams would suck if their starting QB misses significant time. Only a small handful of teams would be ok. None of the AFC East teams are among those.
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