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  1. If you are going to use something illegal you might as well not pay for it.
  2. I'm assuming he was asked that. If he says no, that makes him look bad. If he says yes, that makes him look arrogant. He's top 3 or 4 for sure.
  3. Every season is unpredictable. You win some you shouldn't and lose some you should win. Just have to take it week by week.
  4. They faced a very good defensive line, though. It's like the only good thing about that Jets team.
  5. That list has crazy swings with players going up and down 10 to 15 spots! I guess that means their list was really poor to begin with, or they are going to do this after every single game, hyper reacting to things.
  6. He looked good. He didn't really make many "wow" plays though. Efficient and consistent. Let's wait and see how he does going forward. But he took a ton of hits in the pocket and I don't think it is a recipe for success throwing it 60+ times a game. They need to help their rookie QB out more. The difference to me is Allen makes those "wow" plays all the time, and he did as a rookie too. He makes a lot of mistakes, but you always feel like a big play could happen at any moment. But yeah, it has only been two games for Burrow. Have to wait and see. There's no way anyone could honestly claim that he is better than Allen after two games (and two losses, btw).
  7. Can we just ban this guy already? What a complete and utter moron.
  8. You obviously have no clue. Just give up now instead of digging yourself deeper into a hole. What is Edmunds supposed to do? Tell Sean McDermott that he IS going to play? Trot out onto the field even though he hasn't been cleared?
  9. It's not up to Milano and Edmunds if they play or not. This regime has always been cautious with injuries. Everything you said is a bunch of bull.
  10. I was referring only to his yards per attempt stat. The big difference eis likely due to the disparate caliber of defenses he faced week 1 vs 2. I said nothing bad about him.
  11. It has nothing to do with Baker. It was the defenses he faced.
  12. Wow, that was a horrible interception. If Josh did that we'd be calling him a bust. Completely did not see the defender.
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