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  1. Then why did so many players have issues like never before, and there were multiple players who said it was the hottest game they had played, even McKenzie who grew up there? This game was not par for the course, clearly. And I think it is strange that you keep claiming something that is so easy to refute.
  2. The throw was not great. He just lobbed it in there. That's how Poyer described it too, I think. He was on the run and under pressure, so that's fine, but saying it was a good throw is not really accurate. It was a throw to an "open" receiver, but there was nothing good about it.
  3. Haha, OK so let's just get rid of the games you choose. The Bills are 0-500 all time in 1 score games (after removing the ones that Billsfan1972 deems unworthy of the data set).
  4. It's really weird. It almost feels like he isn't actually part of the team because of the weird situation and because he wasn't with the team at all in the off season. I kind of forget about him because we punt so little, then he comes out and gets a good punt and I'm like "Hey! I remember you! Nice punt!" He has been doing a great job. Kudos to him.
  5. Feel free, if you have a good case.
  6. Everyone's coach and everyone's GM. Somehow, you all aren't making millions of dollars for any football teams. So weird...
  7. No, I just think some Bills fans have become a little spoiled. Go watch other NFL games and see how anemic those offenses are.
  8. We've had great defenses before, but never had a QB to score enough points. Sorry, but the guy who handles the ball on every single snap is by far the most important. Happy to have a good defense, though.
  9. The rules are clear. They aren't even remotely confusing.
  10. Charles Davis is an idiot. First he tries to excuse a hit to the head on McKenzie, and now he tries to excuse a clear late hit on Allen.
  11. MJS


    There is no rumor.
  12. I played a lot of sports and never had another player grope me. And I'm guessing that was the first time for Allen too. Punches to the gut at the bottom of the pile? Sure. That's to be expected. But not groping.
  13. What's wrong with honoring the great teams of the 90's, or the 60's? I really enjoy looking back and learning about those teams, the great players in Bills history, and just the history of the team in general. There's no reason to forget those times. Remembering them does not dimish the current team at all.
  14. He was EXACTLY the same after the Burfict hit. He had extreme behavior issues going back to high school. He was kicked out of college. He has always been a complete train wreck.
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