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  1. They seem to be playing fairly fundamentally sound, though, which tells me their coaches are pushing the right buttons. They do lack talent, for sure, but they are not the dumpster fire I have come to expect from the Texans organization.
  2. I think what people want are the MLB's of old who stuff runs and make big hits. But the NFL isn't about that anymore. Edmunds is in there for his smarts and his coverage ability. Hitting hard and stuffing runs is the least important thing for him to be doing. The Bills defense sacrifices some run defense and toughness for better pass defense. I agree that he is not an elite guy. I think we have probably seen his ceiling (which isn't bad, since he went to a Pro Bowl for his play). He seems like a guy that might get overpaid in free agency. We'll see how he closes out his contract here. I want to see more. But he certainly is not a bad player and often makes a difference in defending the middle of the field and forcing throws elsewhere.
  3. Since trap games are apparently so common, can you relate to me other recent trap games that you have witnessed?
  4. Allen has 4 passing and 1 rushing, or did you sleep through the game? If that happened Mahomes would be in there with 10 TD's.
  5. I'm pretty sure our schedule is really fair compared to other teams, like some of the least rest disadvantages in the league. With every team having bye weeks and also games on Thursdays and Mondays, every single team in the NFL has at least a little rest disparity. Buffalo has a great schedule.
  6. Edmunds is generally solid in coverage, but people don't usually see that on the broadcast. It's just a bunch of fans yelling for no reason. Is Edmunds an elite player? No. Does he suck? No. He makes some plays, he misses some plays, he cleans up tackles, and he is decent in coverage. He'll have to step up his game if he wants a good 2nd contract.
  7. I need the Cowboys defense to stop scoring fantasy points... Stop sucking so much, Eagles!
  8. Just play the hot hand. Some weeks it will be Singletary. It's a committee backfield. It doesn't matter who you list first.
  9. So you're saying that the actual stats are wrong and a few TV personalities are right? Coaches and players certainly don't put any stock into the trap game myth.
  10. The defense has always noticeably played worse when he has been hurt. His availability has always been the only problem with him. He is a difference maker when on the field.
  11. Just because everyone is ignorant doesn't make it accurate.
  12. I'm talking about the stat sheet. The defense was credited with a sack. Is that a problem?
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