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  1. Ever heard of that crappy coach in New England? I've heard that guy is bland too.
  2. MJS

    NFL rules committee has more work to do

    I would encourage hair tackling if it were up to me. If you wear long hair, you deserve to get it pulled on a football field. Then I'd instruct my defenders to hold if they need to on every single 3rd and long. Better to take a five yard penalty and try again than to give up a first down.
  3. MJS

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    I'll agree with you. Daboll should be fired. The offense could not be worse. Also, cut some of the WR's and bring back some of the guys who were battling for spots in training camp, or just other random guys off the street. Start Teller and McDermott. Definitely don't let Peterman back on the field. Anderson should start until Allen is 100% healthy. We need changes on offense, no matter what they are.
  4. Daboll does deserve to be fired. The offense could not be worse. I'd also cut half the receivers and bring in the camp guys who were fighting for spots. I'd also sit some of the offensive linemen and let their backups start, like Teller and McDermott. They need to make some decisive moves. They don't even have to be the right moves. They just need to show that they are trying.
  5. MJS

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    McDermott has nothing to do with the offensive play calling. Daboll maybe?
  6. MJS

    Predict the first play on offense by Buffalo

    Handoff to McCoy for a one yard gain.
  7. If Lewis is banged up, it makes some sense. I'll be watching Gaines closely this week. If anyone knows defense and especially the secondary, it's McDermott. Have to trust his insight on that side of the ball.
  8. MJS

    Patrick Peterson available

    I agree. I'm not naive enough to believe that we have to expend ALL draft picks and cap space on the offense between now and next season. There are going to be defensive players who leave / retire in the off-season that need to be replaced. There may be a couple guys they target to upgrade as well. But the focus needs to be largely on the offense. It better be...
  9. Surprised to see Lewis inactive.
  10. MJS

    Patrick Peterson available

    I don't see a reason to trade for him. The defense is already good. We already have a really good corner. Having another would be really cool, but how can we justify expending assets on the defense when the offense is so terribly talent deficient.
  11. I guess you should tell us the meaning of Dingus
  12. MJS

    The way Shady carries the ball

    He's done it his whole career and I'm pretty sure he has not had many obvious fumbles do to his carry style. He's been an elite back. He can carry it however he wants.
  13. MJS

    Gimme your 5 star lock.

    Rams. Second choice is Bears.
  14. I'm a young guy and do not remember the 90's Bills, but I know all about them and have watched games and highlights from that time. There hasn't been an era of football to talk about since then.
  15. MJS

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    Ah, the all-knowing Vegas. Can we forget the stunning prediction against the Vikings?