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  1. Oh, I forgot he existed. Probably a bad sign. Pass.
  2. MJS

    The Bills fanbase

    Nothing at all 😏
  3. MJS

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

    Beat me to it 🙁
  4. MJS

    The Bills fanbase

    Just stay off of YouTube.
  5. It will get better if Allen develops into a top 5 QB.
  6. MJS

    WR Charles Johnson of Orlando Apollos

    Hopefully these guys get valuable playing experience and develop into quality players.
  7. MJS

    Proposed trade down with Carolina

    There'd be a riot if the Panthers are involved.
  8. MJS

    The AAF Thread

    I don't know what that is.
  9. MJS

    The AAF Thread

    They aren't competing with the NFL. Their goal is to compliment the NFL.
  10. MJS

    Jarvis Landry World Record

    Looked like 48 dropped passes to me.
  11. MJS

    Wide Right reference in a basketball game

    Stragities? Really!?
  12. Guess we better draft a Tom Brady in the 6th round, I guess.
  13. MJS

    McBeane Draft Tendencies?

    McDermott traded down and drafted Tre White!
  14. MJS

    McBeane Draft Tendencies?

    Beane has only had one draft. It takes a minimum of 3 to establish a pattern. McDermott has been involved in 2. Still not enough to establish tendencies, plus he's not the GM.