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  1. Thanks, captain hindsight. Why would we look for a safety? We have two good safeties. That would have been a dumb pick. Judging with hindsight is also unfair, though. I mean, every team epically failed to draft Tom Brady until he was taken in the 6th. You just never know how players will turn out.
  2. Flacco is only good during the playoffs anyway. They should have kept him on the bench all year and then start him in the playoffs.
  3. Each team is required to spend up to a certain percentage of their cap, though. So the Bills will have to be fairly active in free agency.
  4. Yes. I think we are on schedule. I'm certain that the Pegulas signed off on the plan and were expecting the first two years to be rocky. Getting to the playoffs in year 1 is just a big bonus.
  5. Precisely. 2017 Bills way overachieved. It was a pleasant surprise. 2018 Bills are performing about where they should. Bottom line is this team needs more talent. They needed it last year too, but won without it somehow.
  6. Zay Jones is like a poor man's Robert Woods. I don't ever see him becoming a #1 WR, but he should always have a job and can be your #2 or #3 WR in a pinch. It's difficult to know what Foster could be. His speed is impressive, but there are a lot of guys in the NFL with speed. He'll have to up his game in other areas and start making contested catches to be a #1. I don't see that happening, but he can be your deep threat. They are both average, quality WR's. I bet having a true, elite #1 WR ahead of them on the depth chart (a guy you have to double) would do wonders for their stats and effectiveness.
  7. I don't see what people see in Jackson. He is a dynamic runner, for sure, but passing is below par. Very similar to Allen in that respect, except I view Allen as having a higher ceiling because of his arm talent. But the verdict is not set in stone for any of these guys. It will still be a couple of years before we really know. And the same goes for Mahomes, by the way. We've seen QB's have great years and then decline as the rest of the NFL caught up (RGIII and Dak Prescott are two examples). He's looked amazing, but let's see if he can do it year in and year out like our current crop of elite QB's.
  8. Peyton Manning should have been benched for sure after his rookie season.
  9. That's interesting, but when the offense and special teams continually put the defense in terrible positions, it's tough to blame the defense. Some people think (not necessarily you) that the defense should be holding teams to 0 points. Elite defenses still give up points. Opposing offenses are going to get points, even if you have an elite defense. If the other two phases were holding their own, the defense would look even better.
  10. All of those issues you mentioned could be explained by bad execution by the players. If they execute you suddenly call those good coaching decisions. For example the gimmick play. The Eagles just won a Superbowl using a very similar play. Everyone talked about how great of a coaching move that was. And they probably were making adjustments, but if the players don't execute, how would you know? To the fans it just looks like they are still getting beat. Excuse me, but you have no idea how Brandon Beane feels. Everything you are saying is an uneducated guess. Pure specualtion based on absolutely nothing.
  11. MJS

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Saw that in the replay during the game. Clear hold.
  12. MJS

    Give Barkley the start next week?

    The whole point is to give Allen as much playing time as possible so he can improve. Barkley is a journeyman QB who has already demonstrated his ability to play in this league, and it isn't good enough to consistently win games. That's why.
  13. MJS

    Darnold fumble?

    Looked to me like his knee was down well before the ball came out.
  14. MJS

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    He's our QB for better or worse for the next few years. Drafting another one high next year would be an epic failure.
  15. MJS

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    Because they sucked at stopping the other team.