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  1. I think Milano is worth at least 12 million a year. There is no chance he'll sign for 6-8. He plays at a pro bowl level even if he hasn't gotten that recognition yet at the national level. EDIT: Just looked it up and Spotrac values him at 13 million a year, which would make him the 7th highest paid OLB. Looks right to me. Dawkins is average but Milano is definately above average and he'll get paid like it. But if I had to choose one it would be Dawkins because oline, especially left tackle, is more important and more difficult to keep strong.
  2. My heart says Milano but my head says Dawkins. Honestly we should resign both.
  3. Part of it is on Daboll. If Daboll isn't a good OC then Allen will not show significant improvement no matter what, because the offense as a whole won't be put in a position to succeed. I still question whether or not he is a good coach, but I haven't made up my mind on him yet.
  4. Why? He got his teams to the playoffs multiple times and his record as a Bills coach is not that bad. He's a buffoon, but there are far worse coaches out there.
  5. Rex had to put his foot in his mouth, you say? I'm shocked. But I also agree with the premise. Cooper isn't worth that much. The Cowboys are doing a lot to keep a team together that just plain doesn't perform...
  6. Just out of curiosity, how do the surrounding drafts stack up as far as those still with their team or turned out to be good players?
  7. People start threads about random thoughts that pop into their heads, so I'd say this is a step above most threads.
  8. Apparently they are playing these games on arcade mode, which is pretty dumb.
  9. This is what I suspected from the beginning. I mean, it was all posted on the NFLPA website, so how would the NFL be involved? Does anyone think the NFLPA would cooperate with their nemesis the NFL to slip in language that wasn't voted on and post it on their website?
  10. Maybe they should stop messing around and just bag him till the playoffs. Seems to be when he comes to play.
  11. That's true in camp, but during the season do they still line up against each other, or do they face a scout team?
  12. As it stands now it will take years to recover. If it gets worse it might take longer... But honestly we were due for a recession anyway. This kind of stole the thunder of the real one that was just around the corner.
  13. Yep. I think part of it was keeping their word to him that he would play if he came to Buffalo. Unfortunate, but that's what you get with high character leadership. They valued his leadership and locker room presence, as well as his mentorship to Singletary, and kept him happy with carries on game day.
  14. Interesting graph presented by the White House. I'm sure we are somewhere in between the two extremes as far as our level of intervention is concerned [Edit: please see up-thread for similar graph without numbers. The numbers in this graph appear to be based upon a model produced by the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) which was requested to provide a model to the government. Some key assumptions of this model are described in this news report: -The president's guidelines are not what makes the difference because the president's recommendations are not binding. In states where governors haven't imposed strict social distancing rules of their own, it's not clear to what extent people are following the White House call to stay home as much as possible -Governors who haven't issued statewide social distancing rules will do so in a week (that's a week from the original announcement of extended guidelines) -States will keep the social distancing rules in place through June 1 By contrast, Trump's presidential guidelines apply through April 30 only. -Technically, not an assumption of the model but a prediction: If and when the current wave of infections is suppressed, the U.S. will remain vulnerable. "Our rough guess is that come June, at least 95% of the U.S. will still be susceptible," says IHME's Murray. "That means, of course, it can come right back. And so then we really need to have a robust strategy in place to not have a second wave."] Please note that the other Covid-19 thread is at your service for your opinions and discussion. Posts from this thread may be linked in as a starting point. Thanks!!!
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