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  1. Hasn't the Vegas line been narrowing? Started at -6.5 and is now down to -5.
  2. Possible, sure, but that's not going to happen. One of them will get to 9-7. If you don't like it, go win your division. You get in on a wild card, you don't get to have nice things. The struggle of the NFL is something I like. I don't want it easier for teams. If you are going to use a divisional structure it should mean something. Your entire focus should be on winning the division, and if you don't, you have an uphill battle to fight. I like that.
  3. What about his response makes him butt hurt? He answered the questions that were repeatedly asked of him.
  4. He must have been thinking of Dan Carpenter who came to us from Miami. I'm confused. Hauschka was asked questions specifically about this from the media and answered them how any other player would. Why do fans think he was pouting? He said he is focused on kicking and getting better and that he didn't know anything about the Bills putting in a claim. What's wrong with how he answered the media on these targeted questions? I'm pretty sure we'll have a new kicker next year or even this year if a better one somehow becomes available, because Hauschka seems to have lost it, but I don't think he said or did anything wrong besides missing kicks on the field.
  5. Coaching isn't the reason Mayfield turns the ball over so much and can't complete passes. That's his own struggle and he can't blame anyone else.
  6. Just to understand, why does it bother you that people say Buffalo is cold and snowy? Isn't it the truth? And if you view Buffalo as your home and you love it there, wouldn't you embrace that aspect of the city? So why would it be an issue for outsiders to point it out?
  7. Let's be honest, they have a point. You're being too sensitive. You've gotta be bigger than them on this!
  8. They aren't the New York City Jets and Giants. And my logic didn't have anything to do with the fact that they don't play in the state. I specifically said that I wasn't considering that. My logic is that they suck compared to the Bills so this shouldn't be a question anyway.
  9. To each their own. Everything you stated is the exact opposite to how I feel. And I'm a millennial.
  10. I honestly don't care that he "undermined" Johnson. Johnson sucked. Flutie was better. Doesn't mean Flutie was great, just means he deserved to play over Johnson.
  11. Overtime rules in college isn't even real football. It's a game of 500. Targeting rules are ridiculous and over the top. I don't like the one foot vs two feet in bounds difference (although that's minor), and I don't like the clock stopping after a first down. I don't even like the shorter play clock, although that's a minor thing as well. The thing that I do like about college is the larger rosters. But that's about all. The college game is slower, more chaotic, and there are far more boneheaded mistakes. Receivers are running WIDE open, and blowouts are common. The games are just less competitive. I don't like the power the big teams have who get all the recruits. I don't like that college players get special treatment and some of them come out of college without knowing how to do simple math or how to spell simple words. I don't like how we pretend it isn't about money when it clearly is. The NFL, despite the fact that there are problems, at least admits that it's all about the money for all parties involved.
  12. It's actually insulting that this was a topic. Even apart from the fact that they don't play in NY, the Jets and Giants suck. Why would that be a question? Plus, we beat both of them on the road. So the answer is obvious and the question should not need to be asked.
  13. No. There aren't. Where are you pulling that from?
  14. It's the rules I don't like about college. Game day experience isn't going to change that.
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