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  1. This was after the game that basically the entire team was dealing with heat exhaustion. Allen was exhausted and gave it his all and lost. I thought it was kind of a cool moment, actually. Tua recognized how hard Allen fought for it and recognized how hard it would be to come up short under those circumstances. It was just one of those human moments.
  2. Diggs is 29. So yeah, I would expect to get about 3 more good years out of him. Keenan Allen I would expect to get 2, but he is hurt more often.
  3. He is already 30. Yeah, we might be able to get a couple of good seasons out of him. I'd rather have Jakobi Meyers, though. Or a high drafted rookie.
  4. Agreed. He dissapears for entire stretches of the season. Bills fans think of him well because he has had a few good games against us. He is not very good, honestly.
  5. Those saying it was a weak division, it's not actually really true. If you compare wins/losses over those years by division, the AFC East was not one of the weaker divisions. Even when you take out the #1 team for each division, only comparing the bottom 3 teams, the AFC East was not one of the weaker divisions. Also, the Pats did not always go 6-0 in the division. One or two of their very few losses each year were usually from within the division. In fact, they only swept the division two times (2007 and 2012). Now, if you want to look at QB's, yes, the AFC East had a really bad stretch of QB's during those years.
  6. You can divide their years into three different buckets: Early dominance: 2001 to 2004. They won 3 superbowls in 4 years. Middle Less Dominant: 2005 to 2013. No superbowl wins. They were somewhat like our Bills today, not getting over the hump in the playoffs. They were even one-and-done in the playoffs two times during this stretch. They did get there twice, but lost to the Giants both times. Late Dominance: 2014 to 2020. Everything clicked again for a few years. They won 4 more superbowls during this stretch. Tom Brady is the big reason they won so much. He is the GOAT. He also took a discount for much of those years. They also had successful schemes and knew how to bring in role players to fit specific roles in the offense. They didn't always draft particularly well, but they were good at bringing in value free agents and made trades or signed big time players at the right time to help get over the hump (Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Stephon Gilmore, etc.)
  7. Oh my gosh. He had 837 yards and 7 TD's. The insanity around here is incredible.
  8. What do you mean return? He never left. He is the DC.
  9. He has way more problems than that. His number 1 problem is narcissism. Go look at his history. He has issues dating back to high school. Even if he has CTE, his issues began long before that.
  10. Numerous fans, you say? That's, like... more than a few.
  11. Four years as a top 5 team is not bad. You don't fire your head coach for that.
  12. What do preseason experts and publications have to do with anything? They are just people spit balling and trying to make money with their content. It doesn't actually mean anything. What did all those experts predict for the Seahawks and Giants? What did they predict for the Broncos?
  13. Who is there to blame for the talent gap between a top 5 NFL team (the Bills) and a top 3 NFL team (the Bengals)? I'm not sure. Both teams are pretty good. It's not like we are comparing Cincinnati and Houston. I'm not going to sharpen my pitchfork after losing to one of the best teams in the league. That happens. We need to try and adjust and make things happen next year.
  14. Actually, that's the threshold for winning games. That's why they say "the first to 30 wins". If you can consistently score close to or over 30 points a game, you are likely going to win most of your games.
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