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  1. We need to cut that extra kicker...
  2. Go see what he said about Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins, two of the whitest QB's to ever play the game.
  3. It's from my 3-year-old. She heard me talking about it to my wife and said "AJ McCollarbone?" I thought it was awesome and decided to use it. Kids are awesome!
  4. AJ McCollarbone looked pretty terrible with the 1's anyway. I understand the oline didn't do him any favors, but he still got way too flustered and made some terrible throws.
  5. I just told my wife that AJ McCarrom fractured his collar bone. My 3 year-old daughter overheard and said "AJ McCollarbone?" Seems like a good nickname to me!
  6. Allen fixed a lot before the draft working with Jordan Palmer as well. I'm sure the Bills saw his improved mechanics and that weighed into their decision to draft him.
  7. MJS

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Yes. Having a hall of fame QB and a solid backup QB would definitely be big for this franchise. You're right.
  8. MJS

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Yep, and that's still ridiculous. I mean, I like what I've seen from Allen in two preseason games, but he is nothing LIKE Jim Kelly. And Peterman has only seen distaster in his extremely limited playing time. So no. I think it is useless to allude to them being anything LIKE Jim Kelly and Reich.
  9. MJS

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Holy cow. Maybe we should wait until Allen actually plays a game before comparing him to Jim Kelly, the hall of famer?
  10. MJS

    If I Could Ask McDermott One Question

    You're over thinking this. Our GM was not in place yet. There was no way McDermott would make such an important decision (one that will ultimately define his career) without having a GM in place that he trusted to help him evaluate that. So he focused on other positions of need and set the team up to get a QB this year, in a class that most thought would be much better.
  11. They'll probably trade him then. McCown is probably a better backup because of his experience and willingness to take young players under his wing.
  12. Our GM brought in multiple guys and drafted guys too. And we have no money! We have a ton of dead money until next year, remember?
  13. MJS

    Can Murphy be Allen's Thurman Thomas?

    Well he's already 27 and hasn't done much in the league so far. If he makes the team he'll be a backup and won't play much. So making the HUGE assumption that he becomes the starter next year if McCoy retires or something, he'd only be able to play another couple seasons before everyone starts labeling him as an old RB.
  14. MJS

    49ers at Texans

    He was mostly hurt while in a Bills uniform. The time he was on the field he spent with bad passers of the football. People wanted him gone because he was always hurt, and not very productive on the field. That's all.