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  1. Interesting that Johnson is questionable even though he's been a full participant in practice every day this week.
  2. Steelers weren't terrible and they stomped them. They still had Big Ben when they faced the Pats. They've shown that they can win some games even without Big Ben. Bills weren't horrible and they beat the Bills.
  3. If it was Rosen I'd agree, but Fitz is experienced enough to avoid taking a ton of sacks, you'd think. But ... he might be willing to throw up a few floaters under pressure, though...
  4. Really seems like we have a lot of well spoken, articulate players on our team. They are all great interviews. Much better than listening to players who can barely speak English or who you can barely get a word out of them. An exception is Jordan Phillips. He isn't bad at speaking or anything, but he didn't seem to know much about football. Steve Tasker was trying to coax out of him the differences between a 3-tech and a 5-tech and why a 3-tech has more availability to rush the passer, and he was clueless. Didn't know the difference at all.
  5. The practice squad is for developing talent. They are players, by definition, who aren't good enough to be on a 53 man roster. Best to fill it with guys who have a lot of talent but a fatal flaw you can work on instead of guys who are mediocre talent wise without a glaring flaw. If Ray Ray learns to protect the ball you have a super athletic receiver on your hands.
  6. That's your personal view. A lot of fans really enjoy when your team goes out and dominates. Count me among those. It never gets old for me.
  7. I personally feel like it would be a ton of fun to stomp our opponent every game. I'd watch those games over and over. One of the more exciting games last year was when we dominated the Vikings.
  8. Haha, who are the two jerks who gave him an F?
  9. Allen's first injury doesn't fit into those categories, right? His arm got banged after throwing the ball but he wasn't knocked down, if I remember it. Allen's injury this year was on a scramble, which is just as dangerous as staying in the pocket and taking a sack. No issue with him scrambling. The designed runs have seemed fairly safe to me and they haven't been called a ton. Once or twice a game. And they are apparently safer than taking a sack or a knockdown in the pocket.
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