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  1. What metric is used to calculate that. Do you have sources? I'm not doubting you, I'm just curious. I work in economic development and that would be interesting data to look at. Do they break it down by states also?
  2. Bingo. And any time an athlete does anything remotely strange people point to CTE, even when the known symptoms and side effects have nothing to do with those actions.
  3. Agreed. Favre was also extremely threatened by Rodgers. Brady was threatened by Jimmy G. Seems like the best mentors are the career backups who jump around from team to team and learn a lot of offenses.
  4. If the Browns need to be patient, they'll be the opposite of that. They like to do the opposite of the right thing.
  5. Brady is not a good mentor. He's been a selfish player his whole career.
  6. MJS

    Pro Bowl Thread

    Landry probably didn't deserve to go, but can't argue that John Brown deserves to instead. They have almost identical stats.
  7. There was an unsolved shooting when he was in college that they couldn't link him to, but it seems like him to me. He shot up a car but everyone survived. Why do you think I don't understand? Is there a murderer out there without a mental disorder? I don't excuse any of them. People can get help with mental disorders and live normal, productive lives. Or they can let their disorders rule them and they can become like Aaron Hernandez.
  8. Yeah, I don't think people realize that EVERY murderer has something seriously wrong with their brain. Whether it is brain trauma, some kind of disorder, etc. People don't murder other people unless they have something wrong with them or they are bread into it by some kind of life environment. So if we are excusing murderers with CTE, we better be excusing every other murderer out there, because they have brain issues too.
  9. I watched it and gained no sympathy. His dad died when he was a teenager. That's tough for sure, but happens to millions of kids every year. He wasn't in a very bad area growing up, he CHOSE to hang out with shady people. He sought them out everywhere he went, even when he was living in a mansion in an upscale neighborhood. Seems to me like he had some type of mental disorder. I don't think CTE was a huge factor, perhaps just something that added to his existing issues. He seemed to have issues all growing up. Wasn't something that developed over time like CTE would suggest. He wanted to be a gangster and chose that lifestyle. He felt like he had to prove how tough he was. He felt like people were testing him all the time. Good riddance he's gone. He was a danger to society.
  10. I pretty much feel the same about him. I saw everything I needed to see his rookie year and was pretty confident he would improve. He did that. I'm not sure if he'll ever be elite, but wouldn't be surprised if he makes those strides. He was just so different from the crap we've put out at QB the past 20ish years. It was evident for me after just a few games that he could play in this league and win a lot of games. But time will tell how high he can climb.
  11. The home locker room is pretty nice. I guess they should update the visiting locker room as well. Potential free agents shouldn't come away with a negative perspective of the facilities after a game here.
  12. Is it just because we lost a Superbowl on the wide right kick? I guess I like the tradition of kicking. I like that it's part of the game and I think it would be a shame if it was taken out, especially kickoffs. I think it's a part of the game and taking it out changes it at a fundamental level. I like the game how it is, mostly (I'd push kickoffs back to where they were to bring returns back into the game). We just have to figure out officiating. Of all the rules changes by the XFL, I'd like the shorter play clock I think, and that's all.
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