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  1. That's a you problem, not a Bills problem.
  2. Newer contracts usually land on the higher end of that spectrum, though. As other guys sign extensions and new contracts, that will push Oliver's down pretty quickly.
  3. Just looking at Oliver's entire career, I just think he needs to play better and make a more consistent impact regardless of any other factors. He'll be here for a lot longer, so he'll have the opportunity to show us all that he can do those things.
  4. Oliver does need to play better, though. I think we can all agree on that.
  5. Coach Washington didn't even say anything negative about him. He answered a question about what Oliver needs to do to take the next step. Everyone interpreted that to mean he dislikes him as a player. He never said anything of the sort.
  6. They've always seemed pretty aligned to me.
  7. So, you think McDermott and his coaches are against the move? I highly doubt that. Beane would not extend Oliver unless McDermott was on board.
  8. I guess the coaches don't think he sucks after all. That's why you don't read between the lines, people.
  9. Using stats and metrics for each unit to determine the score. Pro Football Reference has their AV scores, which are imperfect but are objective and stats based. Could use those scores to determine the overall unit score for each team. Just about anything is better than pulling a number out of your behind and then performing an analysis on those numbers as if they were real numbers. He uses PFF grades as a starting point and adjusts his scores based on his own feelings. PFF grades are exactly the same thing. Arbitrarily assigning a number based on your opinion on a player. It's why I don't like them either.
  10. Not a huge fan of this because he just arbitrarily assigns numbers based on how he feels the unit is. It's a way for people to try to add validity to their opinions. Convert your opinion into a number and suddenly it is supposed to have more weight. Just like PFF.
  11. Yeah, Shakir was rarely on the field and when he was, he was a huge afterthought for defenses. He probably had the least talented defender on him possible. But, it is a still a good thing and hopefully translates to more success as he gets more opportunities.
  12. Almost half the population under 35 plays video games. It is a normal part of life for people who grew up in the 80's and 90's and beyond. So, you feel bad for a very large sum of people. Agreed. Plus, Brady has been on there a couple of times. The "curse" hasn't been a thing for years now.
  13. I also break a mirror every few days, just in case.
  14. Yep, and everyone recognized that and then went on with their lives. They didn't dwell on it like Bills fans continue to do. I don't understand your question. Are you asking if people will be discussing those couple of plays 25 years from now?
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