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  1. Didn't we just have thread about McDermott having the 12th highest job security in the NFL?
  2. Link? I'm interested to see them. My predictions are usually pretty good too, but there are always 2-3 surprise teams (bad and good) that NOBODY predicts.
  3. Come on. Give an actual prediction for your team. You don't actually believe they will go undefeated and win the super bowl. All indications are that they will take a step back from what they accomplished last year. There is NO WAY Mahomes can repeat a season like that. Not that he's not an elite QB, but there has never been a QB that has repeated a season like that, so logic follows that Mahomes won't either. Not sure what you see in the Saints only winning 8 games. They are one of the dominant teams in the NFC. I see you drank the Browns Koolaid. Jags are not a good team. What makes you think they will be better than last year? They showed their true colors last year. Titans are always underrated. They are an average team and will be around 8-8, not one of the bottom feeders. And obviously I disagree with you about the Bills going 7-9. I expect them to get to 9-7, but I am probably biased. I don't think they'll be as good as most believe. Other than that I think your predictions are fine.
  4. True, but you can hardly blame him for coordinating with the Browns and Dolphins. Dead ends there. Dang, how did he not get booted for touching that female ref like that? I thought you weren't supposed to touch the refs.
  5. Hmm. That's interesting. 10 teams at middle or below, 6 teams above. Maybe we'll go 10-6.
  6. Is Knox practicing full go or is he limited? Hmm. Well that has been pretty common so far.
  7. Because it was released during the preseason. After week 1 it will be updated to "Week 1 Power Rankings".
  8. I meant QB's in general. It helps a lot if one of your elite players is at the QB position.
  9. Has to be John Brown or Cole Beasley. Those guys have been great in camp.
  10. The Patriots are generally the exception rather than the rule. But they do have some elite players. Brady and Gilmore. Obviously Gronk was elite before retiring. I'm not sure if Hightower is considered elite, but he is a really good linebacker. Chung and McCourty are really good safeties. I think they will be worse this year because they lost an elite player in Gronk. If one of your elite players is the QB that helps a lot.
  11. I agree that the Bills have good depth. What I fear is that the team doesn't have enough elite talent. Good starters all around for the most part, but not many game breaking players. I think the Bills will be a borderline playoff team until they can get another elite player or two, especially on offense. That's exactly what I think too. The Titans are usually underrated and win games that nobody expects. With the Ravens you can never count them out. Harbaugh is a good coach and prepares that team pretty well.
  12. Is that still the case? I know he was missing in the past. But I think he has been in it the last few years. Maybe I'm wrong.
  13. Still projecting the regular season results though.
  14. I'm going to say 9-7. Losses: Jets (Away), Patriots (Home), Titans, Eagles, Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots (Away) Wins: Giants, Bengals, Dolphins (Home), Redskins, Browns, Dolphins (Away), Broncos, Ravens, Jets (Home) I could also see us beating the Titans. But I bet we'll have some games we should have won but lost, but also some games we should have lost but won.
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