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  1. This isn't a "we" thing. Some fans are miserable and not enjoying this iteration of the Bills. Some fans are. I've waited a long time for a good Bills team, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Yes, I want a superbowl, but I'm not going to allow that desire to override all enjoyment of football for me.
  2. For sure. When he got injured and misses some time in their most recent game, the announcers went on a out what a huge loss it was, but I was thinking the entire time that he had done nothing up to that point.
  3. Looks like they were short on members named Sean, so they added two.
  4. If they can stick around for a few years it might be worth watching.
  5. Whatever happens, DO NOT go to the college format. I would absolutely hate that.
  6. I guess I have infinite patience, because I'm going to watch the team each year regardless. What are you going to do, stop supporting the team? Put up a billboard? I don't really get it.
  7. Still, uninformed fans are convinced that the Bills do nothing right.
  8. Obviously, someone had a different motive.
  9. If it is the new norm, why don't we have more than one example of it? Brady is the only QB to play at that level at 40+. I don't see anything changing. In fact, QB's have to be more mobile than ever. Athleticism at the QB position is at an all time high. It might be that we never see another QB play to their 40's.
  10. Actually, I agree. I don't think the Bills are clearly better at any position on offense or defense. Maybe linebacker, but KC has some really good, young linebackers too. Technically the Bills are better at receiver, I guess, but with Diggs fading and the rest being so inconsistent outside of Shakir, it is hard to really say too much good about the receivers. That's the weakest position on the team, on both teams, really. What's really disheartening is the Chiefs have a bunch of cap space. They are going to be a lot better next year. The Bills will probably be able to manage to produce a similar team, so the gap will be larger. We HAVE TO hit on draft picks this year.
  11. Agree, but the white helmets are better for the Bills.
  12. The Bills had a top 5 defense, even with all the injuries.
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