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  1. I agree with all of this. I am generally a McDermott defender, not because I think he is the greatest coach ever, but because there are just some idiotic opinions about him and hate from some Bills fans who want to see him gone. I think that is foolish. But, like you said, eventually the Bills will need to move on and try someone else if McDermott can't make it happen and if the team keeps getting eliminated in the playoffs by allowing Mahomes to have his greatest career games. Mahomes is good, but he has been much better against the Bills in the playoffs than he usually is. McDermott needs to find a way to stop that. Maybe the Chiefs will beat us, but it should be a struggle for their offense, at least. Sack him. Hit him. Hurry him. Force some turnovers. Those things shouldn't be impossible for us in the playoffs with Mahomes. We find a way to do it in the regular season. Injuries has been a big part of it, but you need to find a way.
  2. Do you have a source for this? Why do you believe that a lot of rich people don't pay their fair share? The numbers I saw was that of the 45% who don't pay income taxes, only 0.1% of them made $200k or more per year. Virtually ALL rich people pay taxes, and pay a lot. There are strategies they use to lower how much they pay, but they still pay a boat load of taxes no matter what they do, unless they are breaking the law. Well, those who break the law, rich or poor, need to be held accountable. For sure.
  3. Yeah, it would really disrupt a lot. If things were simple and clear cut, most tax professionals would be out of a job. But, perhaps they'd be able to pivot into other work.
  4. That's nothing. They collect $4.7 trillion in taxes per year. Not to mention they have a budget of over $12 billion per year, which we pay for with our taxes. It is a bloated, corrupt system that needs to be completely thrown out and redesigned from the ground up.
  5. Yes, and the middle class continues to be the primary targets of the IRS. The federal government significantly increased IRS funding and are hiring thousands of more employees to squeeze every cent out of us they can. Hurray for us! It is true. The game checks they get are taxed according to laws in the state that they play that week. I don't know if it MUST work that way. But that's the way it happens.
  6. I never said they should. The comment said anyone not paying taxes shouldn't get to use any kind of infrastructure or anything funded by taxes. Well, that's about half the population. More, actually. It is 45% of households. We're not talking about children. Also, it would be household income of about $65k and less.
  7. Uh, like 40 to 45% of people don't pay income taxes. And it isn't the rich. It is the poor. They get so much back in returns that it is as if they paid no taxes. Surely, you know this. It is common knowledge.
  8. He sure thinks he is special. Let's see if his play on the field actually justifies it.
  9. You're thinking of AJ Klein. Any time Matakevich actually played on defense, he always seemed to do fine to me. I'm not sure why he didn't get a bit more playing time, honestly.
  10. There was a quote posted here from some media fool a few days ago who was claiming that if you take out this game from Allen, he hasn't been anything special in the playoffs. I don't think it is a common narrative, but it is pretty common right now for people to be claiming that Allen is overrated or too mistake prone. Allen always has criticism to squash. And he usually does.
  11. I mean, if it's on Tik-Tok you can pretty much just believe the opposite.
  12. Rogers wasn't an MVP his final season in Green Bay. He was the two years before that, though. No, I don't think he was that good in 2022, certainly not an elite level QB. 3,600 yards (11th), 26 TD's (7th), 12 INT's (7th most), 91.1 rating (16th). He was above average, maybe. And now he is two years removed from that, coming off a torn achilles, and 40 years old. So, call me skeptical. The cliff is usually steep for these guys to fall off of, for everyone but Tom Brady, it seems.
  13. Rogers wasn't that good his last year in Green Bay. Even if he is healthy, he isn't the same QB he used to be. Plus, he gets wackier by the day. I'm a Rogers doubter, personally. I want to see him actually perform like he used to before I anoint the Jets as a real contender.
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