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  1. Yeah, but the news itself is pretty old. Chances are it's been talked about. Well, considering you know none of these guys personally and are just some random dude, I'd say everything you are spewing is one giant guess.
  2. MJS

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    I do hate the "Billieve" slogan, but I'm not going to let a hat affect my mood.
  3. MJS

    Bills All-Drought Team

    I didn't include Ruben Brown because he played most of his time in Buffalo in non-drought years. Eric Moulds played more years during the drought than before the drought. I didn't include kick or punt return, but you are spot on with those two.
  4. MJS

    Tyrod's Touchdowns

    There are absolutely a lot of Bills fans who have nothing good to say about Taylor. I agree he needed to go. His ceiling was far too low, but he is not a bad QB. He's just average. Yeah, that TD where he made like 4 guys miss is laughable. He's a TE, for goodness sake.
  5. MJS

    Bills All-Drought Team

    Players are players. The team brings them in as well. If they don't work hard that is still a failing of the coaches and management, for bringing in guys like that and not being able to motivate them or not realizing they were that way.
  6. I just learned something new. I had no idea the schedule was posted here.
  7. MJS

    COMEBACKSZN Manziel is back!

    What's the pay like for CFL players?
  8. MJS

    NFL.com Projects 2019 Compensatory Picks

    The key is having quality guys leaving and already having replacements on your roster. The Bills have way too many holes for that to be possible.
  9. MJS

    Caption Each QB

    They all look pissed except for Allen. Maybe they are discussing who has the biggest arm? I don't think he cares about anything period. His draft preparation was a joke.
  10. Poyer deserved the Pro Bowl. People just knew Hyde from his time in Green Bay, so he had more name recognition. Tre White deserved it as well. It's fun to have a great secondary. I hope the front 7 takes a step forward this year. I'm guessing the defense will be a top 12-15 unit this year, and top 5 by next year. McDermott is building a beast.
  11. MJS

    Bills All-Drought Team

    Taylor also added a lot to the run game, which obviously Bledsoe didn't. Taylor certainly isn't good enough to be a long-term starter, but he was a good short-term answer and did better than any other drought QB.
  12. MJS

    Murph + Tasker, new show "One Bills Live"

    One thing that annoys me about Tasker is he'll have an opinion and then Murphy or a caller will state the opposite opinion, and Tasker will respond with "I completely agree" even though just a second ago he was saying the opposite. It's like he doesn't have the ability to disagree with someone.
  13. MJS

    Bills All-Drought Team

    That's definitely a list I want to see, but I don't want to make it. Too depressing. Is there a Negative Nancy we can assign this to?
  14. MJS

    Mayfield vs Allen (madden simulation)

    For those of us who don't want to watch it, what was the outcome? Asking for a friend.
  15. MJS

    Harrison Phillips Senior Stats vs Suh

    How do their combine numbers compare?