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  1. Does Stafford need to resurrect his career? He has always been pretty good. If he can maintain his level of play that would be a good thing for his new team.
  2. You aren't going to get them all. Sometimes players need the change of scheme, team, and surrounding talent to have things click. Marshawn Lynch was a great example of that. He ran himself out of Buffalo, still had some issues in Seattle, but finally matured mentally and got his career on track while there. Then he was awesome. Thomas was really raw because of the position change. He needed the time to develop and learn the position. Things clocked for him with his new team. I think it is futile to lament about the ones who got away. It's like complaining about the Bill
  3. I'm not really a sports memorabilia type of guy, but a signed football from an important game, such as the comeback game, would be cool to have.
  4. Our resident whipping boy, of course! Dawson Knox! All of his hand-eye coordination training will pay off and he'll establish himself as a top 12 TE in the league.
  5. I'm not sure the Ravens should be that high. I think teams are figuring out how to deal with Jackson and I don't think Jackson has a very high ceiling as a passer. They always put together a competitive team, though, and they have a heck of a coach.
  6. Devin Singletary. He had a good rookie season and everyone was excited about him going into year two. I still think he is a good back and will turn some heads this year.
  7. Maybe I'll go with Terrance McGee? Heck of a corner who had to play on some really bad teams and never got the recognition he deserved. He was a great returner too.
  8. That's three words, and he got knocked out in that game.
  9. Trubisky was a long time starter who won a lot of games. He has good stats. Peterman was horrible in every game he ever played.
  10. Part of the problem was being so mediocre. We could never get to the playoffs but could never get a top draft pick either. It kept the team stuck for a long time.
  11. The drought Bills should rank pretty high, but there are probably worse stretches for other teams. The Browns had a 17 season drought from 2003 to 2019, and had some historically bad seasons including a winless season during that span. They went 4-44 from 2015 to 2017. That's worse, I think.
  12. "Where are the keys to these cuffs?"
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