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  1. Why? He'll get a couple like other games. Best thing for Allen is just to play more. The more he plays the better and more consistent he'll get. And the less he'll look across at the defense and not know what he's seeing.
  2. That's not true. Brady gets the ball out super fast or he throws it away. He doesn't take hits. And the Patriots have not always had a to defense. There have been years where they have been quite porous.
  3. We have seen 2 complete games from Allen. The first was against the Vikings last year and the 2nd was his 5 TD game against the Dolphins week 17 last year. This year, though, we haven't seen a complete game. But he still shows that he's a winner.
  4. Can't count the game against the Vikings. He left with an injury.
  5. Yeah, QB's have bad games. Nothing new. Doesn't mean you judge their entire career based on one game.
  6. You can go over it a million more times if you want. It's not true. QB stats absolutely tell you a lot about a QB. They don't tell you everything, of course, but they do tell you a lot.
  7. What makes you say he is floundering? Mitch Trubisky stats: Seem like average QBing to me.
  8. You are more likely to get hurt getting knocked down in the pocket than on a designed run.
  9. Missing Milano hurt us. Hope he's back next week.
  10. That was one of Allen's better games ... Seems like you just underestimated the Dolphins. They are still an NFL team and aren't going to get blown out every week. They will probably even win a game or two this year.
  11. Is this a real question? Guy is 4th all time in rushing yards. Everyone in the top 12 of the all time rushers are in the hall of fame except Gore and Adrian Peterson. Both of them will be.
  12. I didn't hear anything fr Lofton that would lead me to think hest terrible at his job. Just seemed like an average announcer to me.
  13. I am not in favor of reducing minutes. Games are long and I'm fine with that.
  14. Gotta be Reich. Hest got a legit team and winning with a backup QB. He has built that team the right way and has them overcoming a lot of adversity.
  15. I think the big thing is we just got good Fitz instead of bad Fitz. He'll implode eventually, but he was on his game today. Luckily we were just more talented than them and nothing he did could overcome that. The offense just needs to get out of it's own way. Allen needs to just keep getting experience and see the game slow down. He still seems raw to me, but it's clear he has the tools. There needs to be more in-game adjustments, not only half time adjustments. If something isn't working they need to identify that and make changes on the fly. I'm always confident that McDermott will make the right halftime adjustments, but you can't throw out the entire first half before you adjust. So that's one area that the coaches need to grow in.
  16. I don't think we watched the same game ... Why is this "inaccuracy" narrative continuing when Allen has proven he can be a 60% plus passer consistently?
  17. There's 0% chance we'd trade Wallace. Maybe Kevin Johnson, but Wallace has been playing lights out and is a big part of the defense.
  18. Phillips is on IR. Perry plays special teams. With Singletary back Yeldon is not needed.
  19. Or they would just rotate what teams get the extra home game every year.
  20. Interesting that Johnson is questionable even though he's been a full participant in practice every day this week.
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