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  1. I disagree. I don't think he has had much of a shot before last week. I don't see evidence of him being slower or less quick in his cuts, personally.
  2. I heard he should be fired of he does start him. Who to trust?
  3. MJS

    PFF Has Hughes Highest Rated

    I hope they don't. They need to focus on the offense, and if they were to spend on a defensive position I would hope it would be outside linebacker. Lorenzo Alexander is old and better suited as a pass rush specialist anyway.
  4. I thought scouts have certain areas that they cover and try to get to know each team in their area really well. So scouts would be focusing on a bunch of different players at these games, right?
  5. MJS

    Is this a playoff team with Tyrod?

    How many playoff teams did we have with Tyrod? Only one. Most of Tyrod's time here was spent with a far better oline and better receivers. So no, I think Tyrod would not make a huge difference.
  6. MJS

    WHY is Allen really starting?

    By this logic, haven't we already seen enough of him? If he couldn't do it in his first few starts, why should we see anything different the rest of the season? Or are you saying it IS possible for him to improve and progress? Of so, why couldn't he continue to improve and progress in year 2? Then year 3? And throughout his career? And what makes YOU think this is true? What evidence do you have?
  7. MJS

    Jersey Choice - help?

    Is it too late for a Peterman jersey?
  8. I think they need tighter security. You shouldn't be able to just walk in with a sword...
  9. I hope not. I hope that he actually HAS declined but they try to keep the band together for a few more years, getting stomped badly in the process. Going out on a high note is unacceptable.
  10. I'll withhold judgement till after the season. Brady has off games sometimes, and when he does there are always threads like these quick to point it out. And then every single time he makes a fool of everyone. So no, I do not believe Brady has lost a step, that his age has caught up to him, that his arm has lost strength, etc. I'll reevaluate after all the games are done.
  11. Well stay tuned. I'm sure he'll talk about the importance of winning football games, getting the offense going, starting early, and playoff caliber football soon enough. More coach speak coming your way!
  12. MJS

    Derek Anderson Good for Josh Allen?

    Can't he learn from both, or is he only allowed to talk to one guy? Gross. Don't remind me of that ridiculous thread...
  13. McDermott has ALWAYS talked about the importance of winning now AND in the future. He is not going to throw away games in the name of player development. Obviously he is going to try to develop his players, but if he has one QB that gives him a clear advantage to win, he'll play him. That's nothing like our current situation, with most of our QB's interchangeable. I think starting Allen would be a fine decision, by the way, if he's healthy. But if the coaches decide that starting Barkley is the way to go and allowing Allen to sit and learn is good for his development (like Mahomes), I don't take issue with that. The consensus among most "experts" is that the ideal situation for a rookie QB is to sit and learn behind a veteran QB. Correct? Most agreed that Allen would need time to sit and learn because he was particularly raw. If McDermott starts Allen, that is an indication that he believes that Barkley, a journeyman QB who has never had much success in this league, does not give a huge advantage to the offense, in which case it is better to at least give the young guy more live reps and experience.
  14. Not this season, but previous seasons are taken into consideration when firing a coach. If McDermott goes 8-8, keeping him above .500 during his Bills tenure as head coach, that will keep him around longer.
  15. They are worried about winning the next game because... that's their job! What happens when your focus isn't on winning? You get fired. This league has no tolerance for losing. Every single game they win adds to their tenure here. To a fan there might not be a big difference between 4-12 and 8-8, but to coaches that is a huge difference, one that might get them fired.
  16. MJS

    For Those Calling For Mahomes, Check This Out.

    That's just nasty.
  17. MJS

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    He seems to really have alienated his teammates. That part seems unnecessary.
  18. MJS

    Zay Jones and pass interference

    I don't think the refs take that into account. The receiver will ask for a flag on literally every single play, even if he was never touched. BUT, the big name receivers definitely get more flags, probably due to unintentional bias (hopefully not due to direction from the NFL).
  19. I don't think that is true. The defense has played quite well in the first half of most games, not just in the second half. You have to take into account defensive snaps into this. Doesn't matter if you have shorter fields of you have twice as many drives. The Bills have a good defense. We see it with our own eyes. The times they have struggled have often been directly due to the offense putting them in putrid positions. Points per game is more important, but the Bills have an extremely skewed metric because of the points the offense has given up due to turnovers or just poor field position.
  20. MJS

    Offensive Line Continuity

    I will say, though, that sometimes you THINK that you have crap and you throw that crap away, but it turns out you were wrong. Sometimes, but not all the time.
  21. He'd have $14 million. It's just money he'll never get back. He'll have to play for many more years at a high salary in order to make it worth it (especially considering the time value of money). He'll be 27. I do not believe that a team will pay him $14 million per year or more, but we'll see. No matter how you slice it, Bell is sacrificing that money. This is a decision he made based on principles, hopefully understanding that he is making a trade-off. If he understands that, good for him. He made the right decision. If he believes that he made this decision purely for monetary reasons, I think he is a fool.
  22. MJS

    Offensive Line Continuity

    And continuity is bad if you have bad players.
  23. He might get paid a ton by a future team, but he'll never get that 14 million back.
  24. Possibly... That's the extent of my analysis so far.
  25. MJS

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    By week 11 it is pretty legit.