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  1. I think most people, even casual fans, are sick of seeing NE in the Superbowl. So I have to disagree with you there.
  2. Do some research on him. He is trash for far, far more than just that. You are ignorant on this, it seems.
  3. Uh, no. The Bills would be idiotic to sign him. He is a cancer. He is a trash human being that brings everyone around him in his life down.
  4. Pessimists do always call themselves realists. They don't like to admit that they are actually pessimists.
  5. I think you are putting too much stock into one game. If the Bills lose, they still have a good shot of making the playoffs as a wildcard team. Heck, splitting with the Patriots still gives them a chance at the division. If you get into the playoffs you always have a chance. All it takes is for Josh and the offense to click and start putting up big time yards and TD's like we know they are capable of doing. Is this game important? Yes, it is. It's one of the biggest games of the season. But it isn't the only game. And it doesn't prevent the Bills from playing well in the rest of the games if the Bills lose. And same if they win. Winning against the Patriots doesn't mean the Bills will win the rest of their games. What stats are you pointing to? The Bills have pretty good stats across the board.
  6. It's sad Knox missed some games this year. He could have shattered all the seasonal Bills TE records. He still might.
  7. I think he would probably come in 2nd for everyone's most hated as well. He is very polarizing. Either you love him or you hate him.
  8. I sure hope the Bills are taking note of all this. The more ammo they come into this game with, the better. McDermott is usually pretty good against rookie QB's. The defense will be prepared.
  9. My dislike of him has nothing to do with the Bills. I hate him equally as much when I listen to him with other teams. He is unwilling to budge on his opinions even when the exact game he is commentating gives evidence to the contrary. He'll heap praise on certain players in the league even as they are playing terribly and hurting their teams. I find him incredibly biased and incredibly annoying. I hate the sound of his voice. He does break down plays well and he provides good analysis, but as soon as he opens his mouth with an opinion (which is 90% of the time) it is cringe worthy. And he has only gotten worse as he has gotten older. It's obvious he doesn't do the homework that he used to and he relies on old, outdated knowledge on players, coaches, etc. There are TONS of fans who hate him, regardless of what team they root for. It's a real thing. It isn't just Bills fans. There are also some who like him, though. He is polarizing.
  10. There are not. He is the worst I have ever heard. I would rather listen to anyone else, or even nobody.
  11. We don't have any evidence of him being better than Webb.
  12. Terrible take. He gets years worth of more money on a 53 man roster versus on a practice squad. And there is nothing stopping the Bills from signing him if it doesn't work out for him. This is an excellent career move for him, especially since Allen is entrenched as the starter here. More money and an opportunity to possibly play.
  13. I think that final paragraph is really important to note. A tough team one weak might be a weak team the following weak based on injuries and COVID. Also, some of these teams are ranked so low on offense or defense BECAUSE they faced the Bills or other dominant teams, at least in part.
  14. What does it mean to root not to lose? I don't quite understand. Are you saying that Bills fans don't appreciate wins very much and are just scared to lose games?
  15. Also, has this season really taught us this? We've had so many upsets of inferior teams and QB's beating teams with better QB's or even elite QB's. I'd say this particular season shows us that you need more than just a good QB to win.
  16. The Bills also have a ton of forced turnovers. There is usually a correlation between pressures and turnovers.
  17. I feel like in previous years Allen was getting plenty of flags in his favor. He'd get multiple roughing and late hit flags called for him. I think the refs probably just missed them. Allen has gotten the calls in the past and I don't see any reason why he would be on the bad side of the refs now.
  18. The Colts. Maybe the Pats. Nobody else. The Bills can beat any team. They just have to execute and not shoot themselves in the foot. We have a flawed, yet explosive offense. We have a defense that has shown it can be smothering.
  19. I've never been more confident in facing any QB than Cam Newton in 2021. With some help that could even be the 1 seed. AFC contenders are up and down every week. Baltimore has a tough remaining schedule. The Patriots have to go through us. We have the tie breaker versus the Chiefs and they have some tough games left. The Titans peaked at the wrong time. It could happen.
  20. Watching other teams play has taught me to appreciate the Bills more. The Bills are fun to watch. They are clearly one of the better teams in the NFL. I remember watching other teams play during the drought and thinking "Why can't our team do that? Why can't we execute plays like that?" etc. Now I watch most other teams and think "Man, they suck. They are constantly shooting themselves in the foot." There are a handful of teams that are legitimately really good and really fun to watch. Green Bay is that way, even though Rodgers is kind of a weirdo now. The Buffalo Bills are definately in that category. Even when they are struggling, you always have this sense that they could turn it on at any time. Every play could be a big play.
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