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  1. The Browns haven't shown that they are actual contenders yet. People are just projecting. The Bears, however, are an actual team on the rise that is contending. And obviously you can never count the Packers out because of Rodgers.
  2. You probably just have an AFC bias. Bears Packers is a great week 1 matchup.
  3. MJS

    LB - Starters/Depth - Is more needed?

    I wanted a good OLB in FA, but I bet we'll find one to develop in the draft. I've been a proponent of using Lorenzo as only a pass rush specialist and perhaps a guy to use in specific packages at LB. So I hope we bring in a guy one way or another. Barr would have been nice, but he had a hefty price tag.
  4. Sure, you can believe that. But it still hurts nothing to bring him in and to verify if what you say is true, as long as it is cheap.
  5. MJS

    Marv Levy fight song

    Pretty similar to most crappy fight songs. Good job Marv.
  6. MJS

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    I'll believe it when I see it. I've said this for years and I'll continue to say it.
  7. MJS

    Gronk retired

    Patriots have never been the same without Gronk. He always takes their offense to the next level. I'm very happy to hear he is retiring. You know the pats will be scrambling to replace him.
  8. He likes that he didn't come to Buffalo. What's wrong with that?
  9. You don't think the Bucs would be happy to move on from Winston? Also, the QB needy teams trade up to get their guy.
  10. What evidence do you have that Fisher will even make the team?
  11. MJS

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    Mario Williams was really good for his first few years here. People choose to forget that because of his last year here playing disgruntled for Rex.
  12. McCoy ran a 4.45 at the combine, so he's both quick AND fast (or at least he was). They have some elusiveness in common, but McCoy had that breakaway speed that this kid does not.
  13. MJS

    Jets wanted Mitch Morse

    Darnold and Allen are both promising QB's and I don't think there is anything to indicate who will be better than the other. Only time will tell. Claiming that Allen is obviously better than Darnold is just fan bias coming through.
  14. Except the Fitz curse means whoever starts in front of him will get injured. Fitz is going to play one way or another.
  15. I really don't care. I think there are far more important aspects of the game to focus on, like increasing the number of things coaches can challenge (crappy calls or non calls from the refs?). Most of the time the losing team just deserves to lose. Making it easier for them to get another chance is not a priority for me.
  16. Why? Did he do something wrong?
  17. I'd bring him in for a cheap deal. What do we have to lose? If he sucks, cut him in camp.
  18. Lot's of speculation but we really don't even know if they want to trade him. Wouldn't Arizona want to trade him (if indeed they do) before the draft to ensure that they aren't stuck with him when they take one 1st overall? If they draft a QB I think Rosen's price tag goes down because teams know that Arizona will be desperate to trade him.
  19. MJS

    Bills sign S Maurice Alexander

    Wow, that was a clear facemask on Larry Fitzgerald. And on another of those plays looked like he got there early for a pass breakup (pass interference). Wonder if the officials called either of those. Looks like a willing tackler and high intensity guy.
  20. MJS

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    But this deep in free agency with many teams having already spent their cap, he has to know that he would get more next year when free agency opens. Since he was released on March 15th he lost out on free agency.
  21. MJS

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans

    I'm assuming he'd want a 1 year prove it deal unless Beane makes him a big offer.
  22. MJS

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    No, no. Brady is released and signs with Buffalo as Allen's backup. He can also be the towel boy.
  23. MJS

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    He could be valuable on the goal line in multiple TE sets. Instead of bringing in extra linemen he can go in.
  24. MJS

    Bills sign TE Jake Fisher to 1-year deal

    It will be fun to watch him in camp. I'm assuming he does move well since an NFL team was willing to sign him.
  25. MJS

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    Yeah, I think the defense is just well coached and runs a good scheme. I don't think they have a lot of talent, though. They have a few good players but the rest are kind of average. Definitely no superstars on the defense. I think in order for a team to really be contenders you have to have 2-3 superstars on either side of the ball and one needs to be the QB.