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  1. Surprised the ceilings are so low. You'd think they would have vaulted them.
  2. Good for you. I'm truly glad you aren't putting innocent people or yourself at risk anymore. You totally deserved to be locked up when you were doing that. Now that you aren't doing that, you don't. I have no sympathy for people who drink and drive and no patience for those who normalize it. I have friends who are dead because of people like you used to be. And if you have a problem with that, I really don't care.
  3. Usually players say things because they are asked about it or it relates to the topic they are talking about. As for Bienemy, I have also heard he interviews very poorly, and I read an article awhile ago that painted him in a pretty poor light as far as his impact on the team and friction he has caused. I also find it strange that Reid has been so vocal about him leaving for a HC gig, like he almost wants to be rid of him or something. But that could all be hearsay. I don't know too much about it. I have no reason to believe that McCoy isn't speaking truthfully, though.
  4. It actually wasn't in the article, but you can see Miller giving Rousseau advice in the OTA video released. Rousseau towers over him. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/ABtkUELBddA
  5. Why are you so fired up? Do you really like Bienemy for some reason?
  6. Miller was brought in to play, not to mentor. Anything he adds as far as mentorship is just icing on the cake. I believe Miller is a better player than Campbell, and still playing his best ball.
  7. Absolutely. Every single one. Everyone is worked up about gun violence and school shootings, as they should be. But you are trying to normalize something that results in over 10,000 deaths every single year? Completely preventable deaths just due to drunk drivers making stupid, illegal, dangerous decisions and thinking it is normal and ok. Screw anyone who gets behind the wheel impaired. Lock them all up and throw away the key.
  8. He is absolutely a scumbag for driving while impaired. He is lucky he only killed himself and nobody else.
  9. They want to give him one but he is refusing to negotiate. My guess is he wants to be the highest paid QB in the league and knows that he won't get that unless he goes and plays out of his mind this season.
  10. I'm not sure how Brady getting to another super bowl is something Bills fans want. I'd be more happy if the Bucs go 2-15 and Brady resorts to cussing everyone out on the sidelines all season, like he is known to do when things don't go his way.
  11. Man, Miller looks like a defensive back standing next to Rousseau. Rousseau is huge.
  12. He said he is willing to be a backup now (and I assume that means backup money). That's a new development because all indications have been that he was always looking for a starting gig and starting money, which is why nothing ever materialized. Guess we'll see what happens. Well, I think they picked up on the fact that he couldn't throw a football very well. Once they took away his running, he had nothing left. I also felt like he got super skinny and that made him easier to deal with as a runner as well.
  13. That could be specifically a pass rushing set. Those four would be a terror together. I doubt that is the normal starting four.
  14. Attacking the moment? Loves to play football? That is not hype. That is a coach trying to find something good to say about a player without outright spreading lies.
  15. Exactly. Was it determined that their careers were shortened because of their injury, or just because that was the natural progression of their NFL career anyway?
  16. Tre isn't an average player, though. I would rather see the data for really good players. It is muddled from all the players who are average or crappy, who would have shorter careers anyway. We have a ton of examples of really good players coming back from serious injuries, including ACL tears, and playing at a high level. There's no reason Tre White can't be one of those.
  17. Just change it to flag football or something.
  18. Yep. He decided to party all night and do drugs. Pretty clear. And pretty stupid.
  19. Seems like he made some bad, bad decisions and lost his life due to them. We are all lucky he didn't kill anyone else. I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who do stuff like this.
  20. Not sure, but the article said there was another video that appeared to show that Langley threw the first punch.
  21. Fitzpatrick is kind of soft spoken, though. I'm not sure he would be great in a broadcast booth.
  22. This has nothing to do with the law. The NFL is not going to punish Watson according to the law. They are going to punish him according to their personal conduct policy.
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