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  1. Good to see at least one person still believes Tyrod can be a starter. Heck, he's a good backup, but to suggest it is a good idea to sit a franchise QB in favor of him is just amazingly hilarious. I'm sure that would go over well with Rivers and his teammates.
  2. Wentz is still young. How long are you planning on having Allen play behind him? And if he is guaranteed to be injured, why would the Bills want him instead of Allen?
  3. They seem to have a theme of taking classy, simple designs and overdramatizing them.
  4. Well, the excuses would be that he is only a 2nd year QB, still raw and inexperienced, lacks a true #1 receiver, and is playing behind a brand new oline that will likely take many games to mesh and play well together. I don't agree that he has no excuse. He is still a work in progress, as is the entire offense. We didn't bring anyone in who is more than just average except for perhaps Morse. So we shouldn't expect the offense to be better than average. Expectations are through the roof for Josh and I do not think he is going to be as good as everyone believes this season. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Josh Allen supporter. I just think he still has a long road ahead.
  5. Hmm. I felt like he did throw into tight coverage and rarely threw check downs.
  6. Pretty sure they can't challenge inside of 2 minutes.
  7. And his coaching is not why they are better. Their increase in talent is, and much of that talent was there when he got there.
  8. Again, DiMarco is viewed as a leader and the coaching staff seems to really like him. I know fans don't like him, for some reason, but I'd be surprised if he is cut.
  9. All Anthony Lynn had to do was not be a colossal failure. He got the easiest gig in all of sports. Great defensive line, hall of fame QB, tons of offensive weapons. And he still managed to miss the playoffs in his first year (McDermott got the Bills in with FAR less talent in his first year).
  10. The honesty of a Patriots fan is pretty worthless. Your brains have all been washed clean of rational thought.
  11. It's pretty clear you haven't watched enough of Josh Allen to have a valid opinion on him. Don't try to claim that you have. It's obvious you haven't.
  12. I was sold on Milano from his rookie year. I loved seeing him knife into the backfield and I was pretty sure he was going to be special. I wonder if he would have been considered for the pro bowl if he didn't get hurt last year.
  13. I don't think we'll ever have to truly worry about the defense, especially the secondary, with McDermott and company around. Sure, they may have bad halves or even bad games, from time to time, but he'll always get things figured out and produce a good product on defense. Let's hope we have the right coaches for the offense and can build a sustainable, successful product.
  14. It's just a twitter poll. Not very scientific, is it? Beat me to it.
  15. It's pretty incredible that anyone thinks that the Bills will be worse than last year. The schedule appears to be easier. The Bills have received a lot of national praise for their free agency AND draft. Both the offensive and defensive schemes are returning. No major changes in coaching or front office management. QB going into year two. There's just absolutely nothing about the Bills that would suggest anything but improvement and winning at least a couple more games. I have to believe that the people who do these mock drafts or projections just seriously know nothing about the team except that they are usually not great and won 6 games last year. I mean, the Bills have been middle of the road for years now. There's no reason to assume they'd fall on their face and be picking top 5.
  16. Taron Johnson is the nickel corner. That's pretty much a starter these days.
  17. Having two good games under his belt would probably mean he is a starter somewhere making 20 mill a season.
  18. Wow. How long has he been doing it I wonder? Thought he was a classy guy, but this stains his name for sure.
  19. Unbelievable trade. Truly unbelievable. Gase flexing his muscles. He'll go down with the ship.
  20. It does make sense if it gets you to where you want to go.
  21. I do agree with you, I just think there is a parallel there. If you remember, there was a lot of national negative criticism after the Bills fired Whaley and the scouts after the draft. Many who were not following the Bills closely scratched their heads and were confused about the timing, just like in this situation. Looking back, everything is clear and the moves make sense. Not sure it will work out that way for Gase and company, but we'll see. I do think Gase has a good football mind (although he is a terrible leader), and the same can be said about Greg Williams on the other side. I think they'll win some games. I just wonder if there will be too much in fighting and politics to allow them to become a contender.
  22. But the same could be said of McDermott, right? We did the same thing, allowing McDermott to bring in a GM that he trusted.
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