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  1. Id prefer we put Josh and co in bubble wrap. What you said had me do just a little digging and it seems like 2020 had more injuries. Now why that is could be any number of things. Personally, the game takes a toll on the human body so keep em fresh https://www.sportico.com/leagues/football/2021/nfl-injury-rate-rise-2020-1234621442/ https://www.npr.org/2020/11/29/939902481/nfl-sees-fewer-injuries-more-recoveries-in-2020 https://www.nfl.com/playerhealthandsafety/health-and-wellness/injury-data/injury-data not sure if this helps or not.
  2. like others have said. Top 10. I want the D to be a strength not a liability. If that happens the sky is the limit on a semi related note, I had a dream and in that dream I was watching on the TV news about an Edmunds extension...for 119 million. WTF Ive had dejavu before but the only way that happens is if he has a monster year.
  3. oh "No or "not" so I was right, smerlas isnt top 25! BOOM
  4. National Institute for Excellence in Teaching?
  5. so we ended up giving up 328 picks for Bryce Brown? Horrible, I mean not as horrible as trading 8 firsts for Sammy Watkins, but horrible
  6. yeah Wilson had the Deer in headlights look......not a good first impression but we will see
  7. yeah there are what 70 avg plays per offense per game? 05% is 3.5 touches per game...... If we take him in the first, 10-15 to start the season (or more) and then bring it to 15-20....consider the games we were ahead and teams came back against us...a threat in the running game gives us an added ability to take over and close out games if hes BPA Im not gonna argue, McBeane got us this far.
  8. it went black as Tony was shot in the bakc of the head. Last thing he saw was Meadow walking in the door. The show was from his perspective and went black as his lights went out....my opinion I think the showrunners never clarified and said it was up to the audience I also think PAULIE was the one who set it up and was set to take over, remember he turned tony down right before that scene..it was Paulie who was part of his death this, worst ending ever, hopefully the new season does the show justice
  9. I love the fact that the draft is no longer our Super Bowl where we are desperately clinging to the hope that our mid first round pick would be the guy to finally make us respectable Its just the draft, Im excited to see who we will add, but its not the same as the drought years Thank you McBeane!
  10. but lowered and with rims of course
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