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  1. you are assuming the Texans are a smart well run organization that doesnt operate out of spite. A dumb org may say, hey this makes him untradeable and he comes back, then it gets swept under the rug..... not saying its what happened, but that is actually quite possible with rich mother ***** with a lot of money on the line
  2. all day, my grandmother used to throw the foam brick at the TV. Devout catholic woman, but the words that would come out of her mouth during games...lmao my mom and step dad, sisters all die hard fans. In fact, we still try to get together every week to watch the games now that we are all (mostly) down here in Fl together
  3. I hyped up Edwards, JP, and EJ to countless people because I Billieve...... 20 years of wearing gear in public being a known Bills fan and still defending them like they were SB bound soon My son, born in 2005, a FAITHFUL Bills Fan even when we stunk (wore the jerseys to school) finally sees why and is loving the last 3 few years. We sat through the Peterman game at Obriens...does that count?
  4. I have sources though! Dunkirk Don and Mykidsdad will vouch for the source as well on a serious note, they do! I Trust Beane, I also think Josh is a big picture guy and we all will be very happy for Josh and the team once a deal is done
  5. Josh will sign for the vet minimum for the next ten years. I have sources. Book it!
  6. naked, while wearing crocs is really the only way to be a gentleman about it
  7. the cap is a legit issue THIS year. Let me also clarify, i like what Beane has done this year and every year. Also, he got Mitch on a GREAT deal for us.
  8. Agree 100%, I do believe in Beane he has done a great job. However, Id like to see the numbers and my response was in regard to someone asking why we care about the money. Theres a valid reason, I want all the players to get paid, so its not about OMG he makes sooo much...its more about looking at how we spend so that we get the most for our "cap" dollars.....and this is a message board so its okay to discuss these things as that does NOT mean I have no faith in Beane..
  9. thats why it matters, money is limited with this years cap. So how we allocate our resources is important as each move affects the others and what can and cant be done I like MT as a back up, however I also hope we didnt spend very much to do it...
  10. If Beane got anything less than a 3rd round pick I will be disgusted with his weak negotiating abilities!
  11. spot on my man. I feel the exact same way. There is soooo much more we dont know than we know, and that is why an open mind is key. He has 2 other follow up books as well. I am enjoying it so far, it is certainly an interesting read
  12. I as well, open minded, but aware that 90% or more of it is BS...its the small percentage Im curious about....such as mediums, haunted locations etc...... Again, this is because I have experience and seen odd things myself, not second or third hand that really opened my mind to the possibility there is soooo much we do not truly understand The CIA for example, has had some interesting programs. Astral Projection, remote viewing things of that nature. https://www.vice.com/en/article/pad4a9/the-us-army-funded-astral-projection-and-hypnosis-research-in-the-8
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