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  1. I attended that game. And it was awful! And those lovely Browns fans decided to throw snowballs at a pack of Bills fans leaving the stadium. Keep it classy, Cleveland!
  2. No chance they sign all 3. Not enough cap room, unless they cut some current guys.
  3. Because his agent is a notorious Jets fanatic! His lifelong goal is to own the Jets. No way MP comes to Buffalo over the Jets.
  4. JPL7

    The AAF Thread

    The QB for San Diego has a very similar cadence and voice as Josh Allen at the ling of scrimmage.
  5. JPL7

    The AAF Thread

    I don't know if it is because I am much more knowledgeable of the Bills than any other team, but I swear the amount of former Bills in this league has to be more than any other NFL team. There have to be 30+ guys in this league that were a member of the Bills at one point. Anyone else notice that?
  6. I don't recall what happened with him in Buffalo? What do you mean he quit??
  7. That useless December win against the Lions will likely cost us getting Jonah Williams. And it's not like we need O-Line help desperately or anything. Of course losing to Miami is better for the Bills, than garnering another useless December victory. I have been a diehard fan of the Bills for almost 30 years, but the Bills going 0-16 wouldn't have been a bad thing for the longhaul. Rooting for them to win these games is incredibly shortsighted.