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  1. Does anyone know why the Eagles released him?
  2. This guy can go kick rocks for all I care. What a noodge! Most tax money goes to nonsense anyway, so why not use it to keep the bills where they belong?!?
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ive-studied-stadium-financing-over-121246769.html “As a sports economist who has studied stadium deals for over two decades, I am not exaggerating when I write that the New York Legislature has managed to craft one of the worst stadium deals in recent memory – a remarkable feat considering the high bar set by other misguided state and local governments across the country.”
  4. Do people not realize this is fake?? The game was on CBS for one thing. Secondly, the ball looks like a perfectly thrown spiral. This is obviously an altered photo. Anyway, move on... On to Cincinnati!
  5. I know a lot of ppl on here have an inordinate amount of loathing for Brady, but the reality is he a phenomenal quarterback and seems like a damn good dude. Not infallible (none of us are) but a true competitor in every sense of the word. A champion. And model for how it should be done on and off the field. I really appreciated him more once he left the Pats. The nfl will be less entertaining without him.
  6. https://www.insider.com/nfl-buffalo-bills-dont-do-squats-never-get-injured-playoffs-2022-1 "Super Bowl-contending Buffalo Bills cut squats from their workouts during the season — and trainers say that may explain why they're the least-injured team in the playoffs" This is interesting.
  7. I think people are making a bigger deal out of it than it should be. As if Buffalo isn't supportive of the Bills or something. That's ridiculous! People aren't taking into consideration that you have to be vaxxed to attend, so a large chunk of the population aren't even allowed to go. Also, about 30% of the season ticketholders are Canadian, they come over from Canada. With all the travel restrictions thats an issue. Also, I am as diehard of a Bills fan as you can get and even if I lived in Buffalo you couldn't pay me money to go sit in 0 degree weather when I can watch it from the comfort of my home on a 70 inch TV with my buddies, plenty of food, beer, etc. Without dealing with traffic or crowds or all the wacky nonsense of sporting events nowadays. Forget all that noise! And quite frankly, football is the best TV sport there is, so why go when its going to be completely miserable out?! Instead of enjoying the game, it's going to be all about not freezing the death! No thanks!
  8. He is 5 of 21 in his career. I looked it up last night.
  9. CAN SOMEONE ANYONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THE BILLS NEVER EVER GO 5 DOWN LINEMAN??? Please! I have been asking this for 3 seasons! I don't get why on obvious run downs they refuse to stack the line. It's not a mystery that they are going to get ran on. And wow, wouldn't you know it, the opposing team gets the first down far more times than not. Other coaches must be salivating at running against the Bills. It's so easy!
  10. Cheerful Bullpen is a cool spot. I used to go there when I lived in PDX. Go there and enjoy yourself! It's a small little quaint spot but fun place to watch the Bills.
  11. I know these are voluntary practices, but what would keep a player from attending one of these? I just don't get it and never have. Even if you are hurt, be in the building to be with the players and coaches. It's not like they need time off, they've been off for 4 months and will be off again soon. Can anyone shed light on why players wouldn't show up to practices?
  12. Can someone, anyone explain to me why on short yardage situations, that are highly likely to be runs up the gut, why do we never ever put 5 d-lineman on the field?? Ever?! I’ve been asking this for 3 seasons now. I don’t get it!! On a play like the Wilson sneak, that’s a perfect example. It happens all the time though.
  13. If by "End Racism" they truly meant everyone should remove their racial bias, then I would be fine with this message. But this is aimed at white people, so it becomes very divisive. We shall see if the "Get Woke, go broke" fallout is strong enough to take a chunk out of the NFL. Get your popcorn ready.
  14. https://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/33694/how-the-nfls-most-underrated-safety-tandem-found-home-in-buffalo
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