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  1. I concur. Let's not get too caught up in this unfortunate situation. No disrespect to him, but some of the suggestions were a bit over the top. He was a dedicated fan, and that is appreciated. His story is sad and he passed far too young, but the season doesn't need to be dedicated to him in any sort of way. RIP PB.
  2. Shady isn't going anywhere unless he requests such a move himself. Beane and McD love themselves some Shady. The 3 headed backfield of Shady/Gore/Yeldon is perfectly suited for keeping those older backs fresh and healthy throughout the season, all while keeping depth in case of injury. Even if the Bills draft a RB in the mid to late rounds of the draft, I assure you they won't be dealing McCoy. The Bills have no need to deal Shady. He isn't a cap liability. And whatever minimal asset they could receive in return wouldn't be worth it. I promise. This "Shady on the trading block" nonsense needs to go away.
  3. It has the same eyes as the Predator. Where is Dutch & his crew when you need them??
  4. When it comes to making the offensive and defensive lines top priority, coaches and GM’s often talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. We often see personnel managers focus on the sexy positions of quarterback, wide receiver, running back, etc. and do patch work when it comes to the big uglies. Yes, franchise quarterbacks are difficult to come by, so to pass over a legitimate franchise caliber player at that position would be detrimental. On the flip side, imagine investing in a brand-new Bugatti La Voiture Noire, (Quarterback Josh Allen) and not adequately insuring it (2018 Bills O-Line). Undoubtedly, Brandon Beane made it the team’s top priority to enhance the offensive line, and rightfully so. Building through the trenches is key to success in the NFL. In fact, the 2018 Bills had one of the lowest combined salaries among offensive lines in the league. Fun Fact… Newly-signed Mitch Morse will be earning more than the combined total of last year’s starting five. Offseason Offensive Line Additions C-Mitch Morse: 4 yr $44.5 mill The cream of the free agent crop, Morse is known for his top-tier pass blocking ability and overall leadership. The perfect compliment to a young quarterback. T-Ty Nsekhe: 2 yr $14.5 mill Nsekhe has the versatility to play any guard or tackle spot, though is currently penciled in as the starting right tackle. The long winding career road for Nsekhe hits its apex with a big money contract in Buffalo. T-LaAdrian Waddle: 1 yr $2 mill His wife, @MrsWaddle68 on Twitter has garnered quite the following in Buffalo. Hopefully her better half will do the same and claim a spot on the Bills line. LaAdrian has bounced around the league, most recently with the Patriots, but he is versatile and big. A combination Beane has shown to love. G-Spencer Long: 1 yr $2.65 mill with two team options Long is mean, big, and nasty. Oh, and versatile. Is anyone catching on to the theme here? He can play either guard position and can be a solid fill-in at center as well. G-Jon Feliciano: 2 yr $8.3 mill Stop me if you have heard this one before… Feliciano is big, mean, and nasty. He has started only 8 games in 3 seasons, but was brought in to battle for one of the starting guard spots. At the very least he will be a solid reserve guard. G-Quinton Spain: 1 Year $2.05 mill Quite the bargain at just over $2 mill for a guard of Spain’s caliber. In four seasons he started 48 games, including 2 in the playoffs. You can all but pencil him for starting at one of the guard positions. Returners: T-Dion Dawkins, G-Wyatt Teller, T-Conor McDermott, G-Jeremiah Sirles, G-Vlad Ducasse, G-Ike Boettger, C-Russell Bodine My assumption is that the Bills will keep 9 offensive linemen and given the roster as it currently stands the starting five would likely be: LT- Dion Dawkins LG- Quinton Spain C- Mitch Morse RG- Jon Feliciano RT- Ty Nsekhe Reserves- Wyatt Teller, Spencer Long, LaAdrian Waddle, Jeremiah Sirles Sirles only sticks around if they Bills do not draft a lineman in the first 4 rounds. If they do, Sirles is likely a goner. Boettger may find himself on the practice squad. The two words that describe Beane’s philosophy when it comes to the o-line, would be versatility and nastiness. Nsekhe brings both of those qualities, as does Long. As I stated previously, Feliciano brings with him a mean streak as well. Think Richie Incognito, minus the crazy. Depending on the draft and how Dion Dawkins performs in camp and preseason, you may see Nsekhe getting time on Josh Allen’s left side. I won’t pretend to be an offensive line guru, but my preference would be to have Dawkins transition to guard as I am not a fan of his at left tackle. His play last year was uninspiring at times. Draft Depending on how the draft falls, the Bills could potentially have three highly-touted o-line prospects at their #9 spot. T-Jawaan Taylor, University of Florida T-Jonah Williams, University of Alabama T- Andre Dillard, Washington State As is always the case, each prospect has their strengths and weaknesses. Dillard is deemed the best pass blocker in the draft, which would certainly be advantageous for second-year quarterback, Josh Allen. Jonah Williams played left tackle at Alabama, but some scouts view him as only capable of playing on the right side in the NFL. He has the nastiness that Beane likes, and played for Bills offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, at Alabama, so familiarity is there. Taylor has played both tackle positions, possessing the versatility Beane prefers. Of the three tackles being considered, my preference, in order, would be; Dillard, Williams, Taylor. The Bills may even be able to trade back a few spots, acquire additional draft capital, and still acquire one of the three players. Dawkins had his struggles last season and Nsekhe is simply a short-term starter due to his age, making it imperative that Buffalo uses an early round pick on a tackle. A quality guard could also be added in the draft. Dalton Risner would be a dream scenario for the Bills in round 2. Ultimately, the Bills need to shore up the offensive line for not only the intermediate future, but the long-term as well. With a dynamic franchise quarterback now on the roster, the number one priority must be protecting him. A quality offensive-line will make a decent QB good, a good QB great, and a great QB hall of fame caliber. Expect at least one o-line pick in the first two rounds next week. Who will be that player(s)? Only time will tell. Go Bills! http://www.mikecrosky.com/go-bills-blog/2019/4/17/go-bills-blog-4-the-rebuild-of-the-o-line?fbclid=IwAR0gu4qG2TtuurtbeXytpW-t3RQ-XgAqPxRtdMMWK4PeWksEgk_vP0iX0xc
  5. How the hell are the titans up by 8% now?? In the span of 10 mins there were 20000 new votes. Get the hell outta here
  6. Thanks, everyone for their input. As a fellow lifelong Bills fan, I recently decided to start a Bills blog on my personal web site. Check out my first three entries... http://www.mikecrosky.com/go-bills-blog/2 This entry briefly describes my nearly 30 years of rooting for the Bills. http://www.mikecrosky.com/go-bills-blog/2019/3/30/go-bills-blog-3-becoming-a-bills-fan-part-2 Here is part 2 of Becoming a Bills Fan. Which includes entries from several of you who responded. http://www.mikecrosky.com/go-bills-blog/in-beane-i-trust My very first entry explains why I truly believe that with Brandon Beane in charge, we are finally on the right track to success. Enjoy. And Go Bills!!
  7. The Panthers are bribing their fans to vote. Haha! How lame!
  8. Suck it, "whodat nation"!! Whatever the hell that means.
  9. I wonder if any AAF guys will find their way to training camp with the Bills? Any guys you all would prefer? I would like to see Karter Schult and Kenneth Farrow.
  10. I was born and raised in Ohio, but made it to Buffalo for 5 different games. And then a handful of Bills games in Cincy and Cleveland. I have been to 10 total.
  11. I am sure many of you were born and bred into Bills fandom, but there is always more to the story than that. I would be interested in hearing how we all became Bills fanatics. I was born and raised in Ohio. The Bills were on local TV quite a bit in the late 80's in Columbus, so I became a Bills fan when I was about 5 just by seeing them all the time and loving Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas. 30 years later, I am still a diehard. I have been to Buffalo numerous times over the years for games and travel to many Bills road games in the region. I love the city of Buffalo! Anyway, what is your story?
  12. I attended that game. And it was awful! And those lovely Browns fans decided to throw snowballs at a pack of Bills fans leaving the stadium. Keep it classy, Cleveland!
  13. No chance they sign all 3. Not enough cap room, unless they cut some current guys.
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