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  1. https://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/33694/how-the-nfls-most-underrated-safety-tandem-found-home-in-buffalo
  2. The reality with McCoy is that he would have been a problem in the locker room as soon as his carries dipped. And with 3 to 4 backs splitting carries, his numbers were going to be negatively affected. Shady seems less concerned with playoff wins and super bowls and more into getting his stats higher to make the HOF. He is a selfish stats guy, not a team player. He doesn't fight for yards, in fact he collapses the moment he gets touched. Why? Because he doesn't want any unnecessary wear and tear, because it will hinder his longevity and ability to get to 12,000 yards and a potential HOF spot. Simple as that. This is a good move by Beane after realizing that Singletary is ready to make an impact.
  3. How is Marquette King not on a roster somewhere? Especially when guys like Bojo are complete bums.
  4. Does anyone know of a stream with the Bills broadcast? All i can find is the PAnthers broadcast.
  5. I am heading down to Nashville for the game (I live in Columbus, OH). Just seeing who else may be down there and where your seats are?
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