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  1. To be fair every great QB has to deal with this. Peyton Manning was questioned for years on if he was just a regular season QB. Some have tried to blame Aaron Rodgers for their lack of championships. It's just how some people are. Until Allen wins a Super Bowl that will be the last stand his critics can take. Mahomes was lucky to get it out of the way early in his career. If the 49ers had held on last year people would be asking the same question about him.
  2. Okay I get the sense that you're arguing for the sake of arguing at this point. If you don't agree that Bass and Davis were instrumental to our victory last week I don't know what to tell you. Every single player on the team counts in tight playoff games, even rookies. The Packers have to win 3 games to win the Super Bowl and you're trying to argue another decent player on the field wouldn't make any difference at all. Love isn't actively hurting them, correct. He also isn't actively helping them. Another player would have is the point. It's better t
  3. But they already have their franchise QB... their Super Bowl window is now and they made a pick that possibly helps them with a Super Bowl window 5 years from now. I'm all for teams building for the future but you have to know when it's time to put all your chips in. Rodgers doesn't look anywhere close to retirement. I get that the age wall can hit at any time but it's unpredictable when that will happen. They should be maximizing their chances now. I for one am glad they picked Love because if we face them in the Super Bowl that's one less solid player we have to worry about on th
  4. You watched the Colts game, yes? We won by 3 points. Bass made 2 difficult field goals (which I assure you Hauschka couldnt make) and Davis made 2 incredible catches on a critical TD drive (which I assure you Brown couldn't catch). Remove any one of those 4 plays and it's likely a loss or overtime at best. This is playoff football. Games turn on a couple of plays. I don't even know what you're arguing here. Are you saying a 1st round player would have meant exactly nothing to the Packers this year? If you agree that rookies can contribute and you agree that 1st round rook
  5. Yeah I'm gonna stick with the take I had back in April. It's going to be at least 3-4 years before Love even thinks about seeing the field. Their Super Bowl window is going to close. I feel bad for Rodgers. Wasted 10 years of his career with Mike McCarthy and then the team doesn't do everything they can to help him win another Super Bowl before it's too late.
  6. You don't think Davis and Bass are responsible for us going to the AFC Championship? If you take either out of the Colts game there's a decent chance we wouldn't have made it past the wildcard round. Playoff games often come down to a couple plays. If the Packers end losing one of the 2 remaining games by one score it's definitely possible the Love pick cost them a Super Bowl. Also Rodgers doesn't look anywhere close to retirement. He's playing the best football of his career at age 37. Not only did they draft Love, they drafted Dillon in the 2nd round when they already have Aaron
  7. Eh I don't especially value YPC as the end all be all of RB rankings. It doesn't tell you how consistent your rush offense is or how well it can pick up yards in critical situations. I much prefer DVOA for that sort of thing because it contextualizes their production: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/rb/2020 By that measurement Singletary is 37th and Moss is 32nd. I know their individual play isn't the only problem, run blocking and scheme are issues too. But neither of them has shown they can be a #1 RB in this league. And that isn't a position y
  8. I know this is the Chiefs thread but has anyone else watched the pick-6 practically non stop since Saturday? I'm starting to think I have a problem.
  9. Take away the late and I'd agree. I think pick 25 and later is exactly when the RB value becomes worth it. Not that I'm begging the Bills to draft one there but if they like an RB at that spot it would be a valuable upgrade. They still have to draft the right player though. Edwards-Helaire has been a disappointment IMO. The Chiefs mistake wasn't drafting a RB at the end of the 1st, it was picking a middling player (so far). But even a middling player can pick up yards when the defense is dropping into deep zones. As of right now the Bills can't even do that.
  10. Exactly this. The problem with our rush offense is defenses are giving it zero respect and they're being proven right. When we played the Chiefs we did what teams are doing to us, we backed off into deep zones and begged the Chiefs to run the ball. The difference is they were able to do it successfully to the tune of 245 yards. Imagine if they had our run offense in that game. We would have completely shut them down. Defenses are giving us numbers in the box where even a mediocre rush attack should be able to gash them and we're scraping together 2 yards at a time. Our short yardage runs must
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