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  1. Does anyone have a replay of the first drive miss to John Brown deep? I can only go off of my memory from the stadium, but I swear it was not an inaccurate throw. Brown was not looking for the ball and appeared to run in a different direction than Allen threw it.
  2. I was at the stadium and nothing frustrated me more than that drop and the drop by Beasley. Those were Allen's 2 best throws of the day by my count and they were wasted. The Beasley one especially - Allen immediately rolled out of the pocket and pointed to Beasley basically telling him to run up field, then he throws a perfectly placed pass on the run 30 yards down field and Beasley alligator arms it. Now it's 4th down and we have to punt. So I come here after the game and people are saying Allen was the primary reason we lost? Not by my eyes he wasn't. Not his best game by any means but I see some of these "inaccurate" passes caught by other teams regularly. Even the arm punt to Foster, I've seen Willie Snead make that catch for Lamar Jackson a couple of times. Just feels like we are missing a certain caliber of receiver that all the top offenses have.
  3. Honestly not too worried about this game. My final score prediction is something like 24-10. I think we totally shut down the Steelers offense and their backup QB, and the offense does just enough to slowly pull away. Similar to the Broncos game in a lot of ways. If our offense does exactly what it did today, as bad as it looked it will probably still be enough. The reason we are favored is Vegas is smart enough to see through Duck Hodges.
  4. Almost forgot the dime Allen threw to McKenzie in the corner of the endzone for what I believe would have been a 20 yard TD. McKenzie dropped it. Would have been a pretty tough catch but that's the point, we don't have anyone capable of making that play.
  5. Well supposedly they were in on Antonio Brown and they signed 2 starting receivers in the offseason. Plus they traded for Benjamin last year. It's not that they don't value WRs, it's been a combination of poor talent evaluation and a lack of #1 options. I will be really surprised if they don't go all out next year to put a real weapon across from John Brown. I think they've seen enough of Isaiah McKenzie running routes more than 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. My ideal WR depth next year is AJ Green, WR drafted in round 1 or 2, Brown, Beasley, Foster, and Roberts. Maybe McKenzie over Foster. Whichever one can run gadget plays better.
  6. I bet if a real #1 WR was in on Beasley's drop, or Foster struggling to find the ball on essentially an arm punt, or Brown looking over both shoulders not sure what route he should run, we would have had some more deep completions today. That is easily the biggest thing missing from our offense.
  7. Couldn't disagree more. He is my biggest target in free agency. Watch him leave Cincinnati and suddenly lose his injury bug. With a real organization and training/medical staff he'll be fine. And I believe he is still a true #1 WR even though out of his prime. He's exactly the player we need to pair with a WR we draft in the first 2 rounds. Let the young WR learn from one of the best and give Allen a real #1 WR with experience.
  8. I wasn't even thinking of the Singetary one, I was thinking of the one that Knox caught one handed. The pass to Singletary I consider a wash. It was off by a fingertip. I didn't come away from this game thinking deep accurscy lost it for us. Our inability to handle a blitz killed us all day long. Whether that be on Allen or Daboll or whoever, a change is needed.
  9. He was inaccurate on two deep passes today. He was accurate on two deep passes. And one other deep pass was a miscommunication. That's a pretty average day for deep ball accuracy. Far from terrible. There were much worse problems on the offense today.
  10. The Texans scored 7 points against the Ravens. They also scored 3 points against the Broncos before going down by 5 TDs.
  11. I mean this is over simplifying things quite a bit. If it was that easy to beat a blitz then teams wouldn't blitz. The QB has to make a quick decision AND someone has to pick up the extra rusher AND someone has to get open quickly. It also helps if the play calling accounts for the blitz. Considering Baltimore blitzes more than anyone else in the league we shouldn't have been surprised. It's hard to move the ball when the pocket is always a mess.
  12. Could be, it's so hard to tell watching it live. The miss to Foster I can live with, that was a very difficult throw regardless. He hit the same tight throw to Beasley later on but Beasley dropped it. The miss to Knox was very bad, no excuse for that one.
  13. He didn't miss the deep pass to Brown. They were not on the same page. Looked to me like Allen thought he would run straight up the seam but Brown ran a little outside. If you're going to blame Allen for anything today it's that he didn't make quick decisions with the ball and couldnt beat the blitz. As usual I have trouble judging those plays in real time, I'll have to see what the all-22 shows. One play in particular I remember seeing Singletary open in the flat but Allen didn't look his way and ended up getting sacked. Other than that, in real time I didn't see anything open that he was missing.
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