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  1. Likely both. Since he supposedly didn't care to mentor Allen. What really threw a wrench in their QB plans is they had to convince Anderson to come here. They've wanted him since free agency. There weren't really other options out there. Moore is done with football, McCown went back to the Jets, Bradford signed an insane contract. With the benefit of hindsight we should have signed Bridgewater but we turned our backup into a draft pick 35-40 spots lower than the pick the Jets got for Bridgewater so it really wouldn't have made a huge difference. Less than halfway through the season they got the backup QB they wanted all along anyways. They aren't on the hot seat because Peterman started a few quarters in a rebuild season.
  2. It isn't a 5 year rebuild. It's 3 years. Last year they shed players that didn't fit what they were trying to do. That left them with $50 million in dead cap this year, and they went all out to get the franchise QB. Traditionally this would be year one of the rebuild but this regime had a delayed start. Next year they have tons of cap space and a full draft to rebuild the offense. Next year we should be much more competitive and by 2020 we should be serious contenders. That is obviously the plan and Pegula signed on to it. He isn't stupid. They didn't sneak $50 million in dead cap under his nose. There is no way he is already thinking about firing people because we aren't competitive when nearly 1/3 of the cap space is being used on players that aren't on the team. The one mistake this regime has made is the receiving corps. They undervalued Woods, Zay Jones was not a good 2nd round pick, and Benjamin has been extremely underwhelming. I can't fault them for the offensive line because they lost 2 starters to sudden retirement. Everything else they've done is fine. I couldn't care less about the backup QB. Josh Allen is the only thing that matters to their future now. If he develops, they will have no problem building an offense around him next year and they will be here a long time. If he doesn't, they will be on the hot seat in 2020. It's as simple as that.
  3. HappyDays

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    The last time Anderson played, NFL rules were pretty different from where they are now. He might find the modern passing game a little bit easier than what he's used to. I don't know, just a thought I had.
  4. Where did you find this fake image?
  5. Man that guy is kind of skeevy. I don't think doctors should be putting an over/under on rehab time.
  6. When we are re-signing Edmunds to a massive extension in 5 years your hindsight will look very different
  7. Every player you mentioned is important to building the culture here. Phillips and Edmunds will learn a ton from Kyle and Lorax. And they didnt con anyone. We traded up for a raw rookie QB - do you think Kyle Williams has his eye on the Lombardi this year? After all the Bills teams he's been with this is the one that will break his spirit? This season is about developing our young talent. Trading Shady without his approval means you lose the locker room. Trading McCarron for a 5th round pick doesn't mean anything. He was here for training camp and vomited all over himself against future insurance salesmen. For all we know he could have been as terrible as Peterman was.
  8. The alternative was paying Bradford $20 million or trading a 1st for Foles. If you want to nitpick i guess we should have signed Bridgewater, us and 30 other teams. But you know what I'm good with spending $5 million on a high 5th round pick. Yes even accounting for Peterman having to start 3 quarters of football. We'll get over it.
  9. Here we go again. McCarron is not proven at all. And the high 5th round pick we got for him is infinitely more valuable than anything he offers to our team this year. There is practically a 0% chance his presence on the team contributes anything to our future. Based on how this regime has drafted, that 5th round pick has probably a 25-30% chance of contributing to our future. It was an easy decision and I wouldn't change it now. I wish Anderson had gotten here a few weeks sooner but it really is meaningless.
  10. If you include his rushing they are almost exactly the same as rookies. How about you give him a year to see how his development goes instead of writing hinlm off?
  11. CJ Beathard played in 7 games as a rookie, he started 5. He had a 54.9% completion rate, 4 TDs to 6 INTs, a YPA of 6.4, and a passer rating of 69.2. He was sacked 19 times. Is that the bar you're talking about?
  12. I enjoy the all-22s for what they are, which is a good view of how plays are designed and how they develop. But they are being wildly misused by internet scouts. I saw someone on Twitter last week breaking down an all-22 for Aaron Rodgers against the Redskins and pointing out all these open receivers he should have thrown the ball to. Somehow I trust Aaron Rodgers's progressions and knowledge of the play over some guy with an overhead view of the entire field.
  13. Every injury has the possibility of being serious. Specifically bringing up the absolute worst case scenario, which is incredibly unlikely, is definitely click bait. You could do that for any sports injury before the official diagnosis comes out.
  14. Again this was the original report: "Concern he will miss weeks." I like what pro football doc does but it seems to me is trying to get clicks by putting the worst case scenario on the table.