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  1. The Governor of Missouri weighs in on hersd immunity. I recommend everyone click and read this entire thread. These are sobering numbers.
  2. The Redskins name change didn't come out of nowhere. It's been talked about for years. This whole slippery slope thing is stupid.
  3. This guy is really something. Slavery would have eventually faded out on its own, and Hitler hated Jews because of a country that didn't exist until after his death.
  4. So if those things stop the virus from spreading, what else is there? You just described what ending the pandemic looks like. We would not have fully eradicated it, but even once a vaccine comes out that won't happen. The point is to control it as well as possible. Banning long distance travel, mandating masks, and contact tracing would have gotten it under control if we had had national policies. Other countries have gotten back to some level of normal life. Meanwhile we're breaking new case records and the death rate has started increasing again.
  5. Unfortunately a few states may have ruined it for the rest of us. If we had spent three weeks in a national lockdown early on the pandemic would be all but done by now. Our next chance was to have a national mask policy. Now that ship has sailed too. Several states are now getting close to ICU capacity and the death rate in those states has started going up again. A couple months ago I was optimistic that an NFL season would somehow happen. I underestimated how little this country trusts scientists. At this point I don't see how a season can happen until there is a vaccine. If they can somehow work a mask into the helmet that's the only way.
  6. There's a lot going on here. Am I completely misunderstanding this post? If not, what the hell man.
  7. He posted a book passage that literally ends with "Hitler was right." What is happening here? He should definitely be cut. Very bizarre.
  8. No one has argued against this. But over 80% of black people do feel that there is discrimination against black people and that the justice system treats them differently. There's a difference between being hindered and being discriminated against. You're conflating the two but they're not exactly the same. A black man who feels like his rights are violated during a traffic stop isn't hindered at succeeding in life. Anyways I'm just going off of the poll you provided. The point you're trying to make isn't evidenced in that poll.
  9. "Only" half of black feel their race has literally hurt their ability to get ahead. You're way underselling the gravity of that statistic. You're also ignoring the lost positive - 45% of white people think their race has specifically helped them get ahead. Whereas even to your point 29% of black people think it has neither helped nor hurt them. Even taking that question at face value that is still a net negative for black people. I would also argue the more general question about racial discrimination is more telling. If someone asked me if American public schools in general put people at a disadvantage compared to private schools I would say yes. If someone asked me if my public school put me at a disadvantage I'm too prideful to answer yes to that question. And I've found decent enough success in life that I can say no to that question. That doesn't mean my initial answer is wrong or that private school wouldn't have still put me at an even greater advantage, and I'm smart enough to know that my subjective interpretation of my experience isn't necessarily true. Kind of a clunky example but you see what I mean?
  10. This is a bizarre poll to use to make your point. Over half of black people think their race has specifically hindered them and that is the most positive result you can pull from that link. 84% of black people think racial discrimination is a major obstacle and 87% think black people are treated worse by the criminal justice system. Whatever point you're trying to make that isn't the poll to use.
  11. The hospitalization increase in Nevada is more concerning than the case increase in Florida. Meanwhile in New York: This is why the national data doesn't mean as much to me as individual state data. State data makes it easier to track which policies correlate with worse outcomes.
  12. You think changing the name of the Redskins is a slippery slope to tyranny? I'd like to hear what your version of that world looks like.
  13. I agree. Thousands of people up in arms because a football team is going to change their name. Imagine caring about that.
  14. The problem with Tyrod is he got worse every season. We only have 2 years of data to look at for Allen but he's consistently gotten better from college to his rookie season, again into his 2nd year, and I think he played better the 2nd half of his 2nd year too. You can't just take Tyrod's numbers for 3 years with the Bills and make a 1:1 comparison with Allen's sophomore season.
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