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  1. On today's Locked On Bills podcast, Joe Marino said that based on what he's heard about who the Bills have shown interest in and his own feel for the team, his top 4 most likely picks in no particular order are Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Elijah Moore, Jayson Oweh, and Tyson Campbell. If he had to do a top 6 he would put Landon Dickerson and Creed Humphrey next. I see Owusu-Koramoah as a long shot to make it to 30 and I would be very surprised if we reach for Humphrey in the 1st round, so I think one of those other 4 players will ultimately be the selection.
  2. Oweh is the type of prospect they have to find out who he is as a person. Allen was similarly an elite physical talent without college stats to show for it, but it turned out he has a relentless motivation to be great. If you find out Oweh has anywhere close to that kind of motivation you draft him at 30 no questions asked. Whereas if you find out he doesn't take practice seriously or doesn't love the game he is a late 2nd round flier. I can't say I definitely would love the pick but if the Bills take him it's because they know his character is worth the risk.
  3. Nasirildeen would be my 2nd choice behind Gainwell, although based on Beane's comments yesterday about the big nickel I'm not so sure they care enough about the position to use a top 100 pick on a safety. Schwartz is interesting but this is a little high for my tastes considering how raw he is as an actual receiver.
  4. But meanwhile there's a thread on this board with an ongoing debate about whether it is prudent to pick up Tremaine Edmunds' 5th year option. Which is crazy because I feel like he is the exact type of player the 5th year option is designed for - someone that clearly has a lot of potential but isn't yet worthy of a long term extension. Still there is a question if he is worth using the 5th year option on. And everyone agrees if Allen is given the 5th year option it will be a formality on the way to a long term extension. So I wouldn't make any draft pick with the 5th year option on my mind. Dra
  5. This is true with any position other than QB. I remember reading once that if JJ Watt in his prime missed a game, Vegas would only knock half a point off of Houston's spread. Does that mean elite pass rushers aren't important? Football is still a team game so one player missing a game is never going to make a huge difference. Same goes for the argument that elite RBs haven't gotten their teams to a championship. Again, this is already true of most elite non-QBs in the league. The simple counterargument is that if the Bills had a Derrick Henry or Christian McCaffrey last year we wou
  6. Incredible. This is something they would write out of the show Veep for being too unrealistic.
  7. Over the last 2 years only 38% of players drafted after pick 20 had their 5th year option picked up. I wouldn't weigh the 5th year option at all in my decision. We brought back the same offensive line, which I am fine with. But if we also bring back the same RB room there is no chance of our run game improving, and somehow it has to improve. We don't need a top tier run game but it has to be better than bottom of the league. If they feel Breida is enough I'm okay with that, but I'm hoping we don't roll into 2021 with Singletary and Moss active on gameday with Breida inactive. Eithe
  8. Onwuzurike and Barmore will probably both be taken before we pick. They are the only 1st round talents at DT and the depth at the position this year is supposedly terrible.
  9. I could see DeAndre Hopkins just because he had the play of the sesson.
  10. I think it's more that they haven't made a 100% final decision yet. Obviously they're doing their due diligence with the pro days and all that. They have no need for a smoke screen. There's zero chance of another team jumping them. Simms is admittedly a little biased because he has Mac Jones as his 3rd ranked QB and isn't a big fan of Fields. But there's other buzz besides what he's saying that the 49ers like Jones.
  11. He always makes sure to mention he hasn't actually been told who the 49ers will pick, that's just his instinct based on what he knows about Shanahan and about the QB options. Anyways there's no reason for the 49ers to worry about keeping it a secret. The top 2 picks are already locked in.
  12. Chris Simms is a personal friend of Kyle Shanahan, and he has been adamant that Mac Jones will be the pick. Obviously Shanahan hasn't told him for sure but Simms knows how he thinks about the game. Shahanan almost won a Super Bowl with Matt Ryan. If he sees Mac Jones having that potential it makes sense.
  13. Right before training camp started, who exactly was still waiting to be signed? If you have an idea I'd love to hear it. All we could do is slap a band-aid on the position. Anyone we would have signed at that point would have been equivalent to the players we already had.
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