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  1. CB2 is not that an important position in this scheme. Wallace does what he is supposed to, play back to prevent big plays and tackle the receiver. The d-line was by far our biggest problem last year.
  2. It wasn't so long ago I was hoping that one of 3 QBs would have a couple decent throws in training camp so that I could get myself optimistic for the season. The whole organization from top to bottom has had a total renaissance. This is how good teams run training camp. I'm not fumbling for excuses.
  3. I'm becoming and more and more confident than Sanders will be a massive upgrade on John Brown, and Davis is going to have to wait his turn.
  4. I'll post snippets. I highly recommend subscribing to the Athletic. The training camp and all-22 reports alone are worth the price.
  5. He's come a long way from my all time favorite Bills take:
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