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  1. According to Spotrac even with the dead cap hits the Raiders would save $6.8 million this year (not sure if that would change further into the season) and $1.8 million next year. They would be paying a player not on their roster which is a tough pill to swallow but it would make their cap situation slightly better, not worse. For a team possibly wanting to tear it all down and start over, and hopefully Adams himself putting some pressure on them to trade him to a contender, that isn't a bad outcome. The biggest issue in my mind is you would need agreement from a coach and GM desperate to win enough games to keep their jobs next year. Unless Mark Davis himself steps in and forces the trade, why would they agree to do that?
  2. Don't judge, this happens to a lot of young men!
  3. Athletically washed or not, the benefit of Poyer and Hyde together is that they're a hive mind. It's a genuine shock when one of them blows a coverage, that's how in sync they've been since they got here. I have no clue how well Rapp and Hyde are going to sync up. The defense on Sunday more than ever is going to rely on everybody being on the same page so they can quick trigger to their spot. I worry that Rapp will be off his spot a few times. Let's hope he is ready.
  4. If he pans out as well as it's looked so far, Dave Aranda will be 2 for 2 on his draft recommendations to McDermott. First Tre White, now Terrell Bernard. To the point that if I were McDermott I would inherently trust his draft advice from now on.
  5. Was he average against the Commanders? Using what scale? I thought he was excellent and primarily the only reason our offense moved the ball until the Commanders gave up. Several incredible 1 of 1 plays. It was a classic Josh Allen superstar game. What am I missing?
  6. Almost every team has a liability somewhere on the OL. I don't agree that our RT being below average is a huge problem. I agree with your headline though. Our biggest problem on offense last year was not having a consistent #2 pass catcher. That problem continues this year. Teams with below average RTs have made it to the Super Bowl in recent years. Teams with inadequate #2 pass catchers have not.
  7. Actually most of the all-22 analysis I've seen this week shows that a lot of our sacks were coverage sacks, and not just a result of Howell needlessly holding the ball. We were not typically getting into the backfield right away, we were keeping tight coverage which allowed the pass rushers to slowly suffocate the pocket. Our back 7 was just as responsible as our front 4 for that insane pass rush production IMO.
  8. For the most part I agree. Dorsey has some goofy play calls but overall I'm satisfied with how balanced his play calling has been. We just don't have anyone consistent behind Diggs. It is a big concern. Our run game is better but isn't going to win us games. So once again we're stuck relying on Josh Allen superhero mode.
  9. Well we're past the point of rooting to be ranked in top 5 offensive statistics. We've been there since 2020. Now we want a Super Bowl. And when you look at offenses that have made it to and won the Super Bowl in recent years, it's fair to wonder if our personnel and/or coaching on that side of the ball are at that level. If all of the consternation sounds like nitpicking, maybe it is, but that's the level of detail needed to win a championship.
  10. McGovern has been a really good signing so far. He hasn't been dominant but he's been a stable fixture which is really all we needed from that position.
  11. But that sort of goes to the point. The offense is somewhat lackluster because an inconsistent guy like Gabe Davis is our #2. I'm more than happy with our pass protection and our run game so far. Dorsey has made a few too many goofy play calls for my liking but overall I am satisfied with the design of the offense and the balanced play calling. The concern for me, as it has been since January, is that we still don't have anybody behind Diggs that can consistently be relied on. I feel like I'm beating my own dead horse here but it is just so hard to have a consistent offense with that handicap. I hope at some point we make a trade for an established pass catcher.
  12. One reason for this that I don't see talked about a lot is that Josh has genuinely elite sleight of hand in those situations. He apparently does magic as a light hobby and it shows. It's one thing to just go through the motions of faking the handoff but Josh really SELLS it. I notice this especially on play action rollouts where often times even the camera man is fooled by Josh's ball handling. It's a huge underrated piece of his success in play action IMO.
  13. I predict that Gabe Davis will get the Tremaine Edmunds treatment next year. He'll get overpaid by some dumb team and it will quickly become apparent that he was even worse than some of his detractors thought. I sincerely worry about our championship aspirations as long as he is our #2. Way way way too inconsistent to have that kind of high target role. 1 catch on 4 targets in this one... That kind of inefficiency just isn't sustainable over the long term.
  14. What makes you think that? On 2nd down we ran for 1 yard. Even assuming you're correct that a 4 yard checkdown was available (which I am not at all confident of in that condensed area of the field), maybe then it's 3rd and 5 and that's no guarantee. We probably kick the FG anyways. We can't chip away 4 yards at a time into the endzone. The NFL doesn't work that way. It's too much living on the edge. Eventually you need to take your shots and score TDs. First downs are the priority right up until the 20 yard line, then the goal is TD. Obviously that is within reason, you can't throw interceptable balls that close to the endzone. But this was not an interceptable ball. It was a pass into the endzone where only his pass catcher could possibly come down with it. What's the problem there? There was no possibility of an interception there unless the ball took a goofy bounce, which can happen on any play including check downs. You're overexaggerating the difficulty of the throw. Yes there were a couple defenders in the area but Josh correctly recognized the leverage. That's what QBs are reading, leverage not body count. You have your TE with leverage against 2 defenders that both have their back to the QB. That's an easy decision every time. It isn't Josh's fault Knox didn't focus up and look for the ball. You're asking him to play the position differently than even his coaches would want. If you're playing Mahomes and he takes a 4 yard dump off over an endzone shot to a pass catcher with leverage, you're thanking your lucky stars. There's a fine line between smart and conservative. You're leaning too far towards conservative.
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