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  1. I'm a little behind on the live broadcast but so far Mahomes looks MVP level again and Lamar Jackson looks like a rookie. Both QBs making me yell "what the hell was that??" for opposite reasons.
  2. I'd give you more credit for this opinion if you were anywhere to be found after he once again played very well against the Rams. Just saying.
  3. Right now I give the nod to Russell Wilson but Allen is clearly the #2, pending tonight's game between former MVPs.
  4. Pleasant surprises: 1) Josh Allen's progress. I was optimistic he would improve but he has gone from average starter to MVP level. His accuracy to all levels of the field this year has been unreal. 2) Gabe Davis already making game changing plays as a 4th round rookie WR. 2 weeks in a row he makes veteran plays in the endzone, last week an incredible catch and this week draws the PI. 3) Daboll is calling excellent games so far. I wavered on him last year, there were just too many questionable stretches of play calling. This year he is scheming guys open and keeping the offense so versatile it's impossible to defend everything. 3 TD passes to Tyler Kroft and Lee Smith says it all. Disappointments: 1) Knox still can't hold onto the ball. I love his athletic profile and was optimistic he would improve but so far he is the same player as last year. He looks like he is 2 years away from reaching his full potential if he ever does. 2) Edmunds suddenly can't tackle in the open field and looks as lost in pass coverage as he does against the run. He has arguably regressed. Hopefully it's just the injury. McDermott's scheme relies on him defending the pass well. 3) Harrison Phillips has been poor so far. I thought last year he was playing very well against the run, this year he's getting blown off the ball. We needed him and Butler to make up for Star opting out and so far it isn't happening.
  5. Yep it was a bad defense in the 2nd half but I give McDermott and Daboll credit for playing that last drive perfectly. We needed to score a TD but not leave any time on the clock. We ended up having 1st and goal with 20 seconds on the clock and the Rams had no timeouts. At that point I was very confident we were going to steal the win.
  6. 14 out of 30 teams so far scored 30 points or more this week. I would bet tomorrow night that number is 15 or 16. Not to say the defense wasn't a big problem today but in the modern NFL you need to put up 30+ points to beat the good teams.
  7. He's quickly getting a reputation as a guy that catches everything thrown his way. We didn't have that guy on the team last year. He made game changing plays in 2 close wins this year. Sky is the limit for him. Admittedly I don't know how consistently he is getting separation and running good routes but it's hard to argue with the results.
  8. Edmunds is more important to the scheme but this year he is getting outplayed by Milano. Last year that was not the case. He has seemingly regressed.
  9. His mediocre play against the run isn't a concern. The concern is he is missing tackles on receivers in open space and isn't covering as well as he was last year. Right now he's leaning on his length to cover up pass lanes but he isn't really doing anything else.
  10. He has been a poor tackler in both games this season. It is something to worry about moving forward. Tackling in open space is supposed to be his strength. I'm going to eat some crow - Milano has been more important to the defense so far this year. We have to find a way to re-sign him.
  11. The Bills defense failed their test. No one's asking for perfection but giving up 4 consecutive TD drives in the 2nd half can't be excused. If Josh Allen wasn't playing at an MVP level right now the team would be 1-2 and the supposed strength of our team would be to blame. To be fair I will say I don't see any elite defenses in the NFL right now, Baltimore is the only one that's close. But McDermott and Frazier need to figure something out. Allen can only pull them out so many times.
  12. The Singletary screen for 20+ yards was the play I rewinded to watch again right after it happened so I'll go with that. Honorable mention goes to the Davis long completion. I mean obviously the game winning TD pass is the correct answer but where's the fun in that?
  13. I said it in the gameday thread a bunch of times but as long as our offense is cooking I don't care about run defense. The Rams didn't get back in the game because they were running well, they got back in because our pass coverage and pass rush both were garbage in the 2nd half. And the Rams have the talent to capitalize on that. The Raiders don't. There's no reason the Bills offense shouldn't have multiple 1st half TD drives again in which case the Raiders will have to start throwing.
  14. I really like this matchup for us. Josh Jacobs is their only player that scares me.
  15. Dak tried to make a Josh Allen miracle play but then threw a really stupid interception into double coverage. Wilson is still the MVP so far.
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