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  1. Agreed, this should be Singletary's warm up game. I don't mind if he and Gore have more combined yards than Josh Allen. I want this game to be boring as hell.
  2. This is one week where we especially don't need Allen to try anything stupid. Throw the ball away, fall over if the pocket collapses, don't force throws downfield. If we get the Titans game version of Josh Allen we'll win this game by 3+ touchdowns. No reason for him to try and put the game on his shoulders.
  3. All of your posts on this are looking at it in a vacuum. If this was the Rams big splash move to try and win a Super Bowl, fine. The issue is they are going 5 consecutive years without a 1st round pick, along with other mid round picks, and they just made Goff the highest paid QB in history. That is not a sustainable team strategy. If they win the Super Bowl this year then it won't matter. If they don't their window is immediately over and they will be terrible for years.
  4. Lol the Rams are soooooo stupid. They are going to be in the basement of the league within 3 seasons. No cap space and no draft picks to rebuild.
  5. I would take the Dolphins with that spread. This team isn't built to put teams away by more than 2 TDs. I think if we go up 14 we'll run the game out.
  6. The difference is Zay Jones standing there and watching a ball get intercepted on the sideline, and this:
  7. I think Quinn will be fired as soon as the Falcons are mathematically eliminated. I actually think Kitchens will get one more year because Haslam is incompetent. Hue Jackson got 2.5 seasons.
  8. That's a huge pick. Dallas has life again. I'm still rooting against the Jets until they're mathematically out of the playoff race.
  9. Mayfield may be too immature to make it in this league. On a 3 interception day you have to step up and take responsibility.
  10. The thing I've noticed this year is defense has made a comeback. There haven't really been a lot of shoot outs. Defenses have caught up to some of the spread concepts that were tearing up the league a couple years ago.
  11. Jets are not going to lay down in week 17. That is going to be a tough game, possibly with a playoff spot on the line.
  12. I'm old enough to remember when that poster was crushing the Bills for passing on Rosen, on several of his many usernames.
  13. A decent safety certainly doesn't let that become a TD. That was terrible all around.
  14. Crap I forgot to put Anderson back in one of my fantasy lineups.
  15. For the most part yes, that is their weakness. Jamal Adams is a beast though. Right on cue.
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