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  1. Chain E-Mails From Your Grandpa: Volume I
  2. I think we should let him stick around so that when he says things like Belichick would rather have Mac Jones as his QB than Josh Allen - and yes this is really something he posted last year - we can all look back and laugh at the dumb Patriots fan.
  3. Turns out this was about some Twitch thing he's doing in 2 weeks. Back to whatever this thread has become.
  4. I know you're down to your 3rd string QB but can you at least try to pass the ball?
  5. The Rams got old fast. That's what happens when you give away draft picks for several years in a row. The strategy worked I guess, but they're going to be awful for the foreseeable future. I won't be surprised if Sean McVay pulls a Sean Payton after the season. Making a few million dollars a year in the broadcast booth is a lot easier than coaching a rebuilding team without draft capital.
  6. They have the best offensive weapon on both teams in Travis Kelce, even better than Stefon Diggs IMO, but beyond him it's a lot of average to below average players. But their offense just looks so much less awkward than ours.
  7. So frustrating watching the Chiefs. I don't think they really have better talent than us across the board but they still march down the field so easily. I can't remember the last time we had a TD pass that was thrown to someone standing more than 5 yards away from the endzone.
  8. Almost certainly. The Rams offense was broken even when Stafford and Kupp were playing. With this skeleton crew they're pop warner. I'm expecting the Chiefs to sleepwalk their way to a 3 possession victory.
  9. Sky Moore just fumbled a punt and the Rams recovered at midfield. He has been brutal for them this year, I'll be surprised if he fields another punt this year.
  10. I know the Bills missed their own chances, but it's frustrating that last year the Chiefs got to play Jordan Love and this year they get to play Malik Willis and Bryce Perkins, and those games might end up being the difference in playoff seeding in two consecutive years.
  11. One upside of this brutal attrition-filled mess of a season is that it will have us fully prepared for the playoffs. The whole roster and coaching staff will be 100% focused and battle-tested and ready for anything the opponent throws at us. If everybody gets healthy we become a very dangerous team to face in January, one that is used to gutting out wins by any means necessary.
  12. I'm positive we are hiding Benford on IR to sign the better player to the active roster. Great move.
  13. Do you happen to have a clip? Not doubting you I would just like to hear exactly what he says. If he knows he'll be back playing within 2 weeks that is incredible news and our Super Bowl hopes are still alive.
  14. He said he'll be back playing, or back in the building to test his knee out? Because the latest report is that they won't know how severe it is for another couple of weeks.
  15. I don't think anyone has turned on Allen, but the expectations around him have definitely gotten out of control. He is still a human being, not a god. As usual I'm not sure how many people here watch other QBs across the league consistently. I hate always using Mahomes as the comparison point but Allen's game against Detroit was on par with Mahomes' games against the Titans and Chargers. In some ways Allen has become his own worst enemy in this conversation. We've seen him play historically elite football several times within the last year so anything less than that looks bad by comparison. I know I'm a little biased but I feel crazy reading some of the Josh Allen takes on here this week. There are people in this thread saying Allen has played like trash the last 4 games. I mean I thought he was excellent against the Lions and pretty much the only reason we moved the ball at all. Clearly in the 2nd half his elbow was affecting his accuracy, but that was far down the list of issues with the offense in that game. Poor pass protection, predictable route combinations, receivers not getting open, refusal to commit to the run even when Dorsey can see Allen's arm deteriorating - this is what Allen was dealing with while playing with an injured elbow in his throwing arm. What do people expect? I see so many comments trying to lump his red zone INT against Detroit in with the one he threw against the Jets, as if they are even remotely comparable plays. I see comments blaming him for the near-pick in Cook's direction even though the broadcast broke down exactly what happened. He also made a number of jaw dropping plays that many fans just gloss over because we're used to it. Not me. I'll never take those plays for granted. I guess I just wish people on here would stop trying to build some kind of 5 game narrative about Allen regressing. He actually was bad in the 2nd half against Green Bay and all game against the Jets, everyone knows it including him. What's happened the last 3 weeks is not the same thing. He's getting elbow injections before games and wearing a brace and still trying to rehab a small UCL tear instead of getting full practice time. Meanwhile the offense as a whole is going through a bit of a slump and almost nobody on that side of the ball is playing (or calling plays) to their fullest abilities right now. Some people just want to blame the QB because it's the thing to do. Try watching every play of other games with top tier QBs and pretend you're a fan of that team. You're almost never going to come away 100% satisfied.
  16. I thought James Cook showed something in the previous several weeks, but unfortunately he regressed badly in this one. The dumb mistakes weren't even the biggest disappointment, it was the play where he caught a check down and immediately got taken down on a soft tackle attempt. The LB didn't truck him, he just got one hand on him and that was enough to take him down. If Cook had gotten away from it he had a lot of green grass in front of him. If you're going to be a productive RB in this league you have to make some tough plays once in a while. So far Cook hasn't shown any toughness, just burst. No amazing catches, no broken tackles, no ankle-breaking cuts to juke out defenders. All that plus he's inconsistent catching the ball and running routes. IMO his head isn't all the way in the game.
  17. You don't seem to really enjoy football. Why do you spend so much time on a football forum?
  18. Last week was great but everyone runs on the Browns. Today felt like a regression in the run game. Dorsey refuses to stick with it. Cook made a bunch of rookie mistakes and Hines is still an afterthought out there.
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