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  1. Joe Marino was at camp yesterday and he thinks Elam wants to succeed so badly that he is "over-repping" and thinking too much about his technique instead of just playing his game. He seems really coachable, I think the technique will smooth itself out over time once the reps have become instinctual instead of robotic. But no one should be surprised if he doesn't hit the ground running as a rookie. By all accounts he had awful coaching at Florida so he is a raw player with certain techniques that need to be coached out of him before new techniques can be taught. In many ways it reminds me of Josh Allen as a rookie. Luckily we have some of the best DB coaches in the game working with him.
  2. I'm thinking we will keep 6 WRs and it will look like this: -Diggs and Davis as the top 2 (obviously) -McKenzie and Crowder sharing time in the slot -Shakir as the backup/rotational outside and slot WR, so basically the same role Davis had as a rookie -One of Kumerow or Austin depending on which special teams skill set the Bills think they can find elsewhere on the roster (if they need a gunner more keep Kumerow, if they need a returner more keep Austin)
  3. From Joe Buscaglia's training camp report today:
  4. Deja vu. The incumbent QB who was overdrafted and has struggled to make an impact is getting beat out by Tyrod Taylor in training camp with a new coaching staff making the decision. In two years the Giants will draft Peter Nathanman and he will become a fan favorite in the offseason.
  5. I think if you take last year's line but insert Saffold and give Dawkins a season uninterrupted by a covid hospital stay, that alone is a league-average OL. If Brown and/or Bates develop further, the ceiling is higher. Assuming everyone stays healthy I'll be surprised if we see any games similar to the Jags or Bucs (1st half) this year.
  6. Not really. He's ahead of just Stevenson and Gentry. I wouldn't read too much into it. He's still a long shot to make the team.
  7. Well this story definitely has some legs now, I'm just not sure if we have the cap space to actually make it happen. My guess is McDermott and Beane will want to see if Davis takes a firm grip on the #2 role before doing anything else. If he doesn't meet expectations they can bring in OBJ in October or November.
  8. I've had three extended family members die of covid within the last year. Knock this **** off.
  9. I was there today and Barkley was awful. Inaccurate passes, poor decisions, you name it. Keenum looked like what he is, a limited QB that can complete a few passes and help us win maybe 40%-50% of games that he's forced to play. From other reports that appears to be how it's looked for both of them throughout all of camp.
  10. Dallas, no contest. Dak Prescott is by far the best QB in the division, and I don't mean that as a big compliment to him. I don't see enough non-QB talent on the other teams to make up that gap.
  11. I was at camp today, I go once a year, and it would be ridiculous to post stats like you're asking for. Every time I go I'm reminded how difficult it is to get a true read on things, although the various commentators that cover the team do their best. The players are constantly switching out, there's not always full effort or tackling, the practice situations vary wildly - nothing about training camp is conducive to building momentum like you would in a real game. Plus it's hard to watch a live play once and follow everything that's happening. The best I can do is choose to focus on one specific player or matchup. Preseason is more helpful because at least we can watch live game reps and go back to rewatch different players in their matchups. Training camp observations are mostly just helpful for figuring out where players rank on the depth chart and how certain players are being used.
  12. He'll always be improving. Tom Brady has arguably been better since the age of 40 than he was at earlier points in his career. Eventually Allen will have seen every kind of defensive play call 1,000 times each. He'll have made every kind of throw from every kind of position over and over and over again. One day his body will start to break down and he won't be as good of a runner he is now, but by that point his mental game will be on another level entirely. I think it's a total myth that QBs eventually stop getting better. The ones that really work at it will keep getting better until they can't physically play the game anymore.
  13. Oh, well, the problem is that it isn't YOUR final 53. Gilliam fills a lot of roles for us. He's 3 or 4 players in one. His presence on the roster opens up spots for other players.
  14. The first drive 4th and goal they handed the ball to Singletary, Davis made a great block and they scored. One of those drives they called the same play on 3rd and short, Davis didn't make his block and Singletary was stopped. Hindsight...
  15. They traded up two spots to get the last remaining 1st round grade on their boars. Unless you think Beane is lying for some reason. Personally I take him at his word.
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