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  1. That was an era when teams were winning games 23-20 on a regular basis. You can't win championships like that anymore, not with all these elite athletic QBs and the rule changes that make offense easier than ever. The Patriots way of winning during their dynasty wouldn't work today IMO.
  2. You're using 4 catches for 17 yards as evidence of what?
  3. Davis had the same beliefs as Beasley, just wasn't as public about it, and I haven't seen anyone calling to cut him because of it. The truth isn't in the middle. He became a very public problem on the team, trashed the city and coaching staff on his way out and as recently as last month, and looked completely done as a receiver in his limited time with Tampa. It's over. He isn't welcome back here.
  4. He's spent the last several months on social media trashing Buffalo and saying that he's glad he isn't here anymore. So it's actually the opposite of what you're saying - some people who saw him as a hero for his covid stance aren't able to see that he's no longer a starting caliber player and a problem child on top of that.
  5. He had a bit of Jerry Hughes syndrome going on for much of the season, getting a lot of pressures but not converting them into sacks or turnovers. Against the Lions he finally made a couple true game changing plays.
  6. Chain E-Mails From Your Grandpa: Volume I
  7. I think we should let him stick around so that when he says things like Belichick would rather have Mac Jones as his QB than Josh Allen - and yes this is really something he posted last year - we can all look back and laugh at the dumb Patriots fan.
  8. Turns out this was about some Twitch thing he's doing in 2 weeks. Back to whatever this thread has become.
  9. I know you're down to your 3rd string QB but can you at least try to pass the ball?
  10. The Rams got old fast. That's what happens when you give away draft picks for several years in a row. The strategy worked I guess, but they're going to be awful for the foreseeable future. I won't be surprised if Sean McVay pulls a Sean Payton after the season. Making a few million dollars a year in the broadcast booth is a lot easier than coaching a rebuilding team without draft capital.
  11. They have the best offensive weapon on both teams in Travis Kelce, even better than Stefon Diggs IMO, but beyond him it's a lot of average to below average players. But their offense just looks so much less awkward than ours.
  12. So frustrating watching the Chiefs. I don't think they really have better talent than us across the board but they still march down the field so easily. I can't remember the last time we had a TD pass that was thrown to someone standing more than 5 yards away from the endzone.
  13. Almost certainly. The Rams offense was broken even when Stafford and Kupp were playing. With this skeleton crew they're pop warner. I'm expecting the Chiefs to sleepwalk their way to a 3 possession victory.
  14. Sky Moore just fumbled a punt and the Rams recovered at midfield. He has been brutal for them this year, I'll be surprised if he fields another punt this year.
  15. I know the Bills missed their own chances, but it's frustrating that last year the Chiefs got to play Jordan Love and this year they get to play Malik Willis and Bryce Perkins, and those games might end up being the difference in playoff seeding in two consecutive years.
  16. One upside of this brutal attrition-filled mess of a season is that it will have us fully prepared for the playoffs. The whole roster and coaching staff will be 100% focused and battle-tested and ready for anything the opponent throws at us. If everybody gets healthy we become a very dangerous team to face in January, one that is used to gutting out wins by any means necessary.
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