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  1. Here's an incredible statistic - through 4 games, all against very good offenses, the Bills have allowed a TOTAL of 7 points in the 2nd half. I didn't think that kind of defensive dominance was even possible in this era of football.
  2. The coaches dole out snaps based on how the player looks in practice. Cook isn't getting snaps presumably because he isn't proving himself worthy of them. If he produced in his limited snaps maybe they give him a bigger role. But you can't drop the one opportunity you have in a big moment. I was excited about the pick because I thought he would be the pass catching back we have so desperately needed. Problem is he is having trouble catching passes... It's weird because that's all he did at Georgia, I'm not sure why it isn't translating to the NFL.
  3. Yeah but their defense isn't anywhere close to ours. That's how team building works. You can't be strong at every position.
  4. A Bucs fan I follow on Twitter says he has been terrible this year, coincidentally right after getting his big contract. Happens all the time with DTs.
  5. They show Bruce Arians sitting in a box with the title "Senior Advisor to the General Manager."
  6. Lmao Beasley catches a screen pass with no one around him and immediately begins stumbling. He's done.
  7. The way this game is going you have to try for the turnover. Again I think this all falls on the Bucs coaching. They are more talented than this.
  8. That's how you stop the Chiefs offense. Take Kelce out of the game, force Mahomes to beat you throwing the ball to Valdes-Scantling or Smith-Schuster. If the hyphen twins beat you, you can live with that.
  9. Nice blitz there but I feel like you have to go for the ball when you know the QB is unaware you're coming. A 5 yard loss is nothing for the Chiefs. Diving for his legs is weak given the game situation.
  10. Their offense didn't look the same against the Colts or Chargers. I think Bowles is just an awful coach and doesn't have his defense prepared. It's one thing to give up some points, but they are not even slowing them down. The only stop so far because their RB dropped a ball with no one within 5 yards of him.
  11. I saw that Bowles sideline confused face so many times when he was with the Jets. He took over a really talented team and reduced them to just a decent playoff contender.
  12. The Bucs screwed up firing Arians. Todd Bowles is the same as he was with the Jets.
  13. The Chiefs have basically scored TDs on 4 consecutive drives, one was just briefly interrupted by a dropped pass. Mahomes isn't getting a hand laid on him, the RBs are racking up over 6 YPC, the Bucs have forgotten that Travis Kelce is on the field. I expect the Bills to put up a much better fight than this. Pathetic from all levels of the Bucs defense.
  14. The Bucs look like their QB, old and disinterested in the outcome of the game.
  15. It's crazy to me that teams like the Chiefs and Bills ever take the ball out of their QB's hands on 3rd down. Everything is working fine and then you force the ball to your RBs and the drive is stalled out.
  16. I get that the Chiefs offense is really good but the Bucs aren't even slowing them too. Pathetic effort.
  17. Exactly the kind of leader a young team needs. Skip training camp to go on a hallucinogenic drug trip and throw tantrums on the field.
  18. We've been outstanding on 3rd down conversions since 2020. It is absolutely sustainable because we have a freak show QB. That being said your point about early downs is correct. Singletary is just okay, Moss is terrible, Cook has made too many mistakes to trust him. So I don't know if a solution is coming this season.
  19. To be fair to Aaron Rodgers, the Patriots defense is really good. It's not like they're going to give up a TD on every single drive.
  20. In 3 out of 4 games the Bills defense has allowed ZERO points in the 2nd half. And we're doing it against really good NFL offenses. McDermott has his issues with some decision making in critical moments, but he is arguably the best coach in the league at making halftime adjustments. For anyone questioning that last statement, I'll say it again - ZERO 2nd half points by our opponent in 3 out of 4 games this year.
  21. I don't think he was mediocre. He had a really shaky first drive and other than that played lights out in a tough weather environment. Every drive that stalled was because of a dropped pass, a stupid play call, or poor protection. Not only did Allen play steady in a game where a single bad pass could have turned the momentum, he also made a couple superstar/MVP plays to keep drives going and put points on the board. We all know Allen can have his way with defenses when his supporting cast is clicking. Today he proved he can rise above the mistakes of his teammates and still find a way to gut out a win.
  22. Meh. Turns out we probably could have scored the TD anyways. I respect Harbaugh's decision there. That was not a BS call. The pass rusher stopped in front of Allen then launched himself after the ball was well out of his hands. If a Bill had made that tackle I would have been livid at him for the undisciplined play.
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