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  1. This is the worst possible outcome. If he isn't charged we're stuck in limbo.
  2. Assuming no one is fired and the offense looks elite with Joe Brady as OC next year, he will be gone in 2025. Then it will be up to McDermott to hire his replacement. The same guy that hired Ken Dorsey and lucked into Joe Brady (Davis Webb was his first choice for QB coach) will have to keep replacing OCs throughout Josh Allen's career. You feel good about that?
  3. They found bruises on her ABDOMEN. A pregnant woman. Also bruises on her neck and minor abrasions on her hand. Innocent until proven guilty, but what is the best case scenario for Von given those facts?
  4. Here's the more specific allegations: Gotta wait for more facts to come out. But there are bruises and abrasions on a pregnant woman. I don't really see how even the best case scenario here could be anything less than damning for Von Miller.
  5. Oh this is bad. If he left the scene before the police arrived and she was treated for injuries he's done.
  6. With the caveat that we need to wait for more facts, if it comes out that he so much as aggressively pushed his pregnant girlfriend, I will not be watching the Bills until he's off the team. That is lowest of the low behavior.
  7. It's the 2nd time in his tenure he's managed to turn an all time QB performance into a loss. He's on the cusp of turning Allen's best season into no playoff appearance. QBs like Gardner Minshew and Kenny Pickett might make it in, but not Josh Allen. Yeah McDermott should feel like total crap and he should apologize.
  8. I will say Joe Brady has definitely forced his way into the conversation over the past two games. It isn't just his offensive prowess which appears to be as good as advertised. I've also been very impressed by his demeanor in press conferences and at practices and in the booth. And clearly he has gotten the most out of Josh Allen which is by far the most important quality in our new head coach. Too young, maybe, but Sean McVay was 30 when he was hired by the Rams. If we lose to the Chiefs I would fire McDermott and give Brady a 4 game audition. Doubt that happens but he's earned his chance IMO.
  9. That version of himself, yes. We may have only seen that version 3-4 times ever though? Because his physical talent is the greatest the league has ever seen, him playing at his best would naturally be the best QB the league has ever seen. I believe his play against the Eagles was that version of himself.
  10. Perfect is not a real standard. The degree of difficulty he faced that day and the number of otherworldly throws and runs he had to make just to will his offense down the field meant a high likelihood of a turnover at some point. Seriously, go watch the all-22 of every snap he took. Because he's Josh Allen we've all grown used to it. Not me. I don't take the dozen impossible plays he made for granted. That interception doesn't even register when weighed against everything he had to do to even make it a close loss. The discourse around it drives me insane.
  11. This is a comment on the team, not even a little bit on Allen's performance. So in that sense I 100% agree. There is nothing Allen could have done to beat the Eagles that day. If Mahomes played the best game of his life for the Bills that day he too would have suffered a one score loss. An average Mahomes performance from this year though, yeah it would have been a blowout. To be fair an average Josh Allen performance from this year also would have probably been a blowout. He had to be the best possible version of himself to make it close. And that version of himself is the best QB that ever played the game, I really believe that.
  12. It's too high of expectations for reality. It is practically impossible for Josh Allen to perform better than he did against the Eagles.
  13. We get blown out in that game if any other QB in the league is our starter. That's a fact. It isn't enough for Allen to be perfect. He has to be perfect-plus. Make several plays that practically defy the laws of physics and also make zero mistakes. He has to be our leading rusher and be the entire passing offense (no YAC or difficult catches). He has to account for 420 of our 505 total yards, and all 4 of our TDs. And don't forget, zero mistakes. He has to overcome his teammates costing him a bare minimum of 13 points on the scoreboard in a shootout. But remember - zero mistakes. He has to push the ball downfield into tight windows in rainy muddy weather a couple dozen times to keep our team hanging on by the skin of its teeth. But for the love of God zero mistakes.
  14. Just saw this on Twitter: When we have a 1 score lead with 2 minutes or less remaining in regulation we are giving up an approximately 85% series conversion rate... which is worst in the league.
  15. Offense definitely bears the bulk of the blame for that loss but that doesn't mean the defense is completely off the hook. Good counterexample - CJ Stroud threw an INT on each of his final two drives against the Cardinals (3 total INTs on the day). One gave the Cardinals the ball at midfield, the other gave them the ball at their own 20. The Texans defense held and did not give up a TD on either of those drives. And that was against Kyler Murrary, not Zack Wilson. So yes the defense has some culpability for the Jets loss, just like the offense has some culpability for the Pats loss. It is never 100% the fault of either side.
  16. Yeah I got the sense that Dorsey fed Allen's worst impulses. The PA shot play to Diggs from midfield where Allen's 2nd INT happened was an awful play call IMO. And it was designed to go to Diggs the whole time - Sherfield's dig route on the right side was clearly meant to hold Whitehead but he didn't get nearly enough depth to pull him down. Up two scores against Zach Wilson and the Jets mentally reeling after watching Rodgers go down... why are we trying for the one-play dagger at that point? In two games under Joe Brady, if you take out the meaningless hail mary INT Allen has thrown just 1 INT on 82 attempts. That's an excellent INT ratio of just 1.2%, in an offense that features a lot of tight window throws. That is not a coincidence IMO. Coaching on both sides of the ball sunk this season more than anything else.
  17. Spencer Brown is entering his final year of his rookie contract and Dawkins will be 30 next season. I think an OT is very much in play in the 1st round. OL is always a need for every team at all times.
  18. Dane Brugler just posted his mock draft 1.0 (Athletic subscribers only): https://theathletic.com/5096030/2023/11/29/nfl-mock-draft-2024-caleb-williams-drake-maye-bears-cardinals?source=user-shared-article He has the Bengals at #15 taking Odunze. He has the Bills at #16 taking OT Amarius Mims from Georgia. In that scenario if we really like Odunze we could do a small trade up to jump the Bengals. Other WRs taken before us - #2 Marvin Harrison Jr., #6 Malik Nabers, #12 Keon Coleman. The WRs drafted after us are #23 Brian Thomas Jr. and #28 Emeka Egbuka.
  19. Okay. You're on record saying that the worst offense in football putting up 17.1 points and 77.6 yards more than their season average is not on the defensive coaching. You should know that nobody in their right mind will agree with you because that's a ridiculous thing to say. We are not the least talented defense in football even with the injuries. So why do we sometimes play like the worst defense in football? The first play of the final drive you're blaming the players for? It happened because of an incredibly stupid blitz against a team known for screen passes. The play to start the Broncos final drive and the final meaningful play of that drive were both blitzes that led to chunk yards. The first play of Philly's final FG drive was a blitz. The last play of their game winning TD drive was, you guessed it, a blitz. Get out of here exclusively blaming the players when the coaching failures are so plainly obvious.
  20. So you're saying in this game we should have done exactly that?
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