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  1. It is. But also I need to see us beat the Chiefs to know we can. I don't see us winning a Super Bowl until we make it through them.
  2. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. If you watch the Cover 1 breakdown of the WFT game, Allen made a lot of throws with less than ideal footwork and mechanics. Perfect footwork is somewhat overrated in the NFL. QBs don't always have the opportunity to set their feet. For Allen it is more about confidence and rhythm than footwork and mechanics IMO.
  3. I think refs should only throw the flag if it's egregious, and that goes for DPI and OPI. Let them fight a little. If the DB clearly mugs the receiver or tackles him well before the ball gets there that's different. Like I don't mind that St Juste didn't get called on DPI when he wrapped Diggs' legs a little early. I'll tip my cap to a good defensive play. But sometimes that is called DPI and it's the inconsistency that's frustrating. How can DBs practice technique if every officiating crew calls it differently?
  4. Other than Allen, my takeaway is that Sanders is a lot better than some people on here have given him credit for. Athletically he is not the player he once was but as a route runner he is still close to elite. Gabe Davis is nowhere near his level yet. If Allen continues playing the way he did on Sunday this offense should be even better than it was last year.
  5. I don't think he completely sucks, but he has weak instincts that smart offenses can easily exploit. Washington is not a smart offense. The thing he does at an elite level - taking away passing windows in the middle of the field - was on display in that game. But I am slightly terrified thinking of him covering Kelce in 2 weeks.
  6. As usual Joe Buscaglia kills it with his all-22 analysis. I won't paste the whole thing but here are some snippets: Top 5 grades: 1) Josh Allen 2) Micah Hyde 3) Emmanuel Sanders 4) Cole Beasley 5) Tre'Davious White Bottom 5 grades (worst to 5th worst): 1) Cody Ford 2) Mario Addison 3) Jerry Hughes 4) AJ Epenesa 5) Ed Oliver
  7. If they cut him before June 1 it's a $3.6 million dead cap hit all in 2022 but they save $5.3 million on the cap in that scenario. Or if they cut him post June 1 they can spread the dead cap out, $1.8 million in 2022 and 2023. So there is some flexibility built in. If Spencer Brown continues to look the part there's no sense in paying Darryl Williams when an equal or better replacement is waiting in the wings. If Williams keeps playing well maybe we can even get a decent draft pick back in a trade next offseason. Free up some cap and get a pick back without missing a beat.
  8. He is going to make Darryl Williams expendable next year. We can trade or cut him in the offseason without a lot of dead cap, open up some space for Taron Johnson. Nice to have a GM that plans ahead.
  9. I would rather go 1-2 beating just the Chiefs than go 2-1 beating Bucs and the Titans. This team needs to get over that hump. I feel it is inevitable that we will need to beat them in January to take the next step.
  10. Does anyone else not feel entirely like it is a game week? Usually by now I'm already anxious for Sunday to be here. It just doesn't feel the same.
  11. Good on Rapoport to let everyone know about his "minor" calf strain. Do you think he typed that verbatim, or did he just hand his phone to the agent?
  12. I feel like the Bills should start game planning to intentionally allow one pass rusher into the pocket. Allen makes his best throws in those situations.
  13. I loved Chris Simms' take on that play. "I felt like I wanted to talk to my 11 year old after that and say I know it's cool, but come on man." The no-look pass is good misdirection if he's trying to manipulate a defender. When the #5 WR on the depth chart is running wide open in the middle of the field just look at him and toss a layup. There's something about Mahomes that is so unlikable and it's good to see him caught high on his own supply. But I fully expect the Chiefs to turn it around. They are still a really good team that keeps killing themselves with stupid mistakes. I won't believe the Bills are better than them until they actually defeat them. Two weeks.
  14. Calling another play with 6 seconds on the clock is something you only do if you've practiced that exact situation dozens of times. I have no doubt McDermott knew that play would take exactly 4 seconds off the clock. He trusts Allen to get the ball out and Knox to find his way out of bounds or go right to the ground so a timeout can be called. Then Bass nails the kick like it was nothing. It's the kind of underrated sequence that exemplifies a coaching staff and roster firing on all cylinders.
  15. He played 100% of the snaps yesterday. He is as much a starter as anyone else on defense. I hope we pay him.
  16. Having just rewatched the game a couple hours ago, Edmunds was seemingly responsible for a large chunk of Washington's passing yardage. The secondary did their job, the d-line did their job, Milano did his job. When Washington moved the ball it was typically because Edmunds was covering grass or moving a split second too late. I'm saying his weaknesses are so easily exploitable that teams who know how to attack him can erase his positive attributes and move the ball at will. He is lucky to be playing in front of an elite secondary and behind a much improved front four. That makes it easier to hide his flaws.
  17. None of the rookie QBs have been impressive up to this point. Mac Jones has probably been the most impressive but only by default and he was pretty bad today too.
  18. It's hard to quantify his value in this defense because the plays he prevents don't show up on broadcast footage or the stat sheet. I'm sure QBs sometimes have to move away from their read in the middle of the field because he's roaming in that area, and he covers RBs out of the backfield exceptionally well. But smart players like Mahomes and Kelce exploit his weaknesses to death. It's like Josh Allen if he had never developed after his rookie year. The things he does well he does really well, but the weaknesses are so glaring that it becomes a net negative to the team.
  19. The difference is Milano is always around the ball making game changing plays. Tackles for a loss, sacks, turnovers, PBUs. He's doing it all this year. So his few mistakes are forgivable. No one expects any player to be perfect. I'm not as low on Edmunds as some on here, but he does not make those game changing plays. His mistakes are therefore more noticeable. Edmunds is still valuable in the way he takes away passing windows, but with his physical profile he could be a truly dominant player and it's disappointing that he's never gotten close to that level.
  20. Washington has no d-line rotation. Staying fresh for 60 minutes has been a problem for that unit all year.
  21. He has been the most underrated player on defense over the past two weeks. Last year we were constantly gashed with run plays up the middle. Star comes back, lo and behold that weakness is gone. The numerous posters on here that spent the offseason calling him fat and lazy have been proven wrong.
  22. He is a much better player than John Brown and as of right now better than Davis too. Diggs is getting all the attention so having a consistent #2 that does a little bit of everything is critical.
  23. The biggest difference today is that Allen ran to his right when protection broke down. He is lethal throwing from that side out of the pocket.
  24. I am glad to be past the point of celebrating a single divisional win. In retrospect it's embarrassing how much that win meant to me.
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