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  1. McDermott effectively just said he doesn't fault Shaq at all for getting ejected. He said he expects the team to defend themselves.
  2. Eh I don't mind him leaving the pocket if it leads to good yardage, which today it did a fair amount of the time. Our biggest problem when he leaves the pocket is our offensive line commits penalties way too often. They need to clean that up.
  3. A few mainstays of the live game thread were conspicuously absent today.
  4. Thank you Zay Jones for technically making a game winning catch!
  5. He's been poor against the run this year but he still tracks the ball as well as any safety in the league. His previous baseball experience helps him in that regard.
  6. I just realized I haven't seen Zay Jones do anything in this game
  7. Josh Allen is weirdly more accurate throwing 20 yards downfield than he is on simple screens
  8. Theres only a 50% chance he intentionally threw that out of bounds
  9. Oh come on another defensive holding? I've never seen this many calls in one game.
  10. I feel good about that. Once Fournette was ejected the whole game changed.
  11. I wont lie. I just shouted "**** you Bortles" at my TV and scared my dog.
  12. Did this guy just come off a 5 week injury break?? I don't believe it.
  13. I think this is the weirdest Bills game I've watched in years. You would think the two biggest rivals in the NFL were playing each other.
  14. After that bush league move he's been downgraded to Threenette
  15. Shaq Lawson just had the defensive play of the game. Fournette is out!
  16. Is there a lot of sharp money on the Bills today? Something very weird is going on here.
  17. This is a total joke. There's no way the NFL wants their games to look like this.
  18. We must be the only team in history to have 2 promising punters injured in the same season, and now this is what we're left with
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