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  1. Meh. Feels weird for them to sign Crowder and Bellamy, both of them feel like #3's.
  2. This means the deal is actually going to happen.
  3. This is great! I wanted him or Paradis more than anyone.
  4. The front office likes guys with upside that have been injured recently which gets them a discount. The upside of that model is Jordan Poyer, the downside is Trent Murphy. As usual I'll wait for the guaranteed money before judging it. All quiet on the offensive line front. I think our biggest spending will go there.
  5. If Bills are making a strong offer we won't know anything until it's final. OBD has been air tight since McDermott took over.
  6. Exactly, it's very similar to Ramon Humber last year. He pushed Milano to be his best. No one is being handed a starting role.
  7. I don't understand this from the Raiders perspective at all. They aren't close to being contenders yet with Derek Carr playing like crap lately and a historically bad defense. They let Mack go because they couldn't pay him, then they turn around and guarantee Brown all this money. By the time they're legit contenders he will be past his prime. Weird move for them.
  8. If Antonio Brown goes to Oakland that will be an easy decision.
  9. I don't think they could negotiate with his agent until Pittsburgh okayed it. So they had to agree to a trade in principle first.
  10. They're not going to sit on their hands this offseason. Free agency is going to be crazy. I wonder if AJ Green or Julio Jones are viable options now.
  11. Money talks. From what I've read it's all about the new contract. I don't think this would just be a trade, there would be a huge extension too. We have the cap space to do it.
  12. Now this makes sense. And IIRC this guy has had under the radar inside information before. This would explain why guys like Carucci and Wawrow are hearing differently. Their sources are out of the loop.
  13. From what I'm reading he has a no trade clause in his contract and could refuse it? Kind of weird that no one but Rappaport has reported it so far.
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