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  1. Kelvin Benjamin went to the Chiefs. He dropped a sure TD pass from Mahomes and never saw the field again. He was the same player in his very short tenure there as he was here. It is not the case that superstar QBs can turn bad pass catchers into good pass catchers. Knox is a bad pass catcher. It is entirely possible that Mahomes won't look as good once Kelce retires. I'd say it's practically certain that he will never hit these numbers again once Kelce and Hill are gone unless they are replaced by equal players. Just like Allen would not be the same player with Diggs off the team. I never understood the argument that the surrounding cast doesn't make a difference. I was arguing last year that it was hard to judge Allen with John Brown as his top WR, lo and behold Diggs arrives and Allen becomes a superstar.
  2. Is he? Last year I saw the same player that I saw his rookie year. The drop percentage decreased but he added a couple fumbles which is even worse. He also had a drop turn into an interception in a critical moment against the Steelers. What improvement did you see last year?
  3. I really want to be optimistic about Knox but I can't let myself forget that he frustrated be more than any other Bills player last year. I think Hollister could enter the year as TE #1 given his history with Allen and he has been a lot more consistent than Knox.
  4. Yeah, and so what? Josh Allen is a professional athlete. He isn't a social activist. Just because some athletes choose to be vocal about certain issues, doesn't mean every one of them needs to have an opinion on everything. So now Allen is in the impossible position where even if he says "I don't have an opinion" that in itself is treated as an opinion. It's a no win situation.
  5. Edmunds just gave the same answer. The Bills media operation is too good to let players answer these questions on their own. McDermott gave the coach answer and I'm sure he cleared it with the team too.
  6. For all the talk about Allen's answer about the vaccine, we all know it isn't his answer, right? This is the answer pre-fed to him by the media relations team. They knew the question was coming and he probably rehearsed his answer several times.
  7. When did this become the narrative? Allen was the best player on the field in that game. We won the game primarily because of his play. He made ONE mistake.
  8. That's a weird answer to the question he was asked. I'd rather trade Jacob Hollister for Travis Kelce than Allen for Mahomes. Or Aaron Donald for Vernon Butler. He was given a question with limitless potential and chose the most boring answer.
  9. In fact this is the first time in NFL history a less qualified candidate has gotten a job.
  10. He's exaggerating. This is the article being referred to: https://theathletic.com/2546658/2021/04/27/julio-jones-trade-talks-whos-calling-the-falcons-the-ravens-patriots-49ers-are-potential-suitors?source=user-shared-article The writer is just guessing at teams that could potentially be interested. Old news.
  11. Wilson is a tough QB to measure. He might have the best deep accuracy of any QB in the league, but every year he falls into a lull at the midpoint of the season. As much as people make fun of the NFL for caring too much about his height, he does sometimes play like a QB that can't exactly see over his o-line. Until he can play at a high level for an entire season I can't possibly rank him in the top 5.
  12. This has never been more relevant - Super Bowl!
  13. I think you would enjoy the forum more if Rosen had been chosen, wouldn't you agree?
  14. Some fans are sensitive about criticism against the Bills, but as this thread shows some fans are just as sensitive about praise towards the Bills. It's weird.
  15. It's stupid for Cole to start a controversy. If you don't want to get vaccinated, don't. No one is forcing you.
  16. They just haven't prioritized run blocking o-linemen. The pass blocking last year was mostly great. As much as I got frustrated with Singletary and Moss as runners, they at least were both decent pass blockers. The biggest issue is we had no pass catching ability from our RBs at all. I'm hoping Breida can give us that element. For an offense that spreads out a lot we need a RB that can hit the hole fast and can be a weapon after catching the ball in space. Singletary and Moss are both power backs, in theory. That style makes no sense for the offense we run. James White in his prime should be our prototype.
  17. This is good to see. Singletary is never going to be a speed back so he might as well become the best power back he can be.
  18. I don't remember where I heard this, but I once read someone say "if a guy is known as a contested catch specialist in college, it begs the question why does he have so many contested catches against college DBs?" An NFL caliber receiver should be able to separate against college DBs. Contested catch ability is a plus in the NFL but it can't be your primary skill.
  19. So far we've learned two things about the Bills schedule: 1) The Bills will play the Patriots in week 1. 2) The Bills will definitely not play the Patriots in week 1.
  20. I hope Breida is a part of the offense this year, and not just Yeldon's replacement on the inactive list. If that means Taiwan Jones has to be inactive or cut, so be it. I don't know why Breida hasn't stuck with a team yet but I'll accept whatever negatives he brings in exchange for his elite speed. He is the one legitimate path I can see to the Bills offense taking another major step forward.
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