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  1. This thinking that they haven’t provided him with receivers is false. They have used several first-third round picks on receivers, have signed free agents (Watkins) and it hasn’t worked. Maybe they aren’t the best receivers, but Brown had a first round grade by pretty much everyone, so did Bateman, Lamar just hasn’t been able to raise their level of play. That’s on Lamar and the system, I don’t put as much blame on the receivers
  2. So maybe I have been under a rock, but is there a legit source saying the chiefs are interested? Or is all of this just because he’s a receiver and Bills fans are scared of any move the Chiefs make?
  3. I think it would’ve been real interesting if social media had been around in Jordan’s day or even older football players. The amount of abuse Dick Butkus would’ve gotten would’ve been hilarious! And Jordan was never known as much of a gentleman on or off the court-I think he would be viewed in much the same way Lebron or Aaron Rodgers are today
  4. The problem with your entire statement is you have no plan. Just trade the first round pick to get a RT but have no idea who to get? Same with trading away Oliver for (insert whatever guards name here). Just pick a random ILB in the second round? obviously I’m exaggerating a little it with my statement but that level of thinking would make this team majorly regress in my opinion. That’s how the team approached the draft and free agency throughout the drought
  5. Both of your sentences are exactly why you can’t decide what position you are drafting in March. Makes no sense to put yourself in that mindset, especially drafting so late in the first
  6. You love brining this up but always conveniently forget the details of the game (150 yards passing, drive starts on buffalo’s side of the field, fumble return for a touchdown) but keep talking about how they “significantly improved because they signed a middle of the road linebacker and a good CB who has had no success against the Bills
  7. That might be true and I get it, Jeudy is your guy, but you still have to look at what he has done so far. QB or no QB he hasn’t put up amazing numbers. You don’t give up a first round pick for 700 yards per year. If they can get him for a 2nd (not 2 of them though) or a couple of thirds, I’m in for that
  8. If Jeudy had been drafted by the Bills and had the career he has had so far, the same people clamoring to give up a first round pick for him would be crushing him daily on here!
  9. Haha only here and probably on a fins message board would people consider McDaniel the better coach. The guy had a good half season, and that’s somehow better than playoffs 5 out of 6 seasons? I get that people are let down with how the season ended, but…..
  10. Tua’s option doesn’t kick in until next year
  11. I think it’s hilarious reading through the comments and the amount of people saying the Panthers got hosed and then there is just as many people saying the Bears got hosed! Guess that means it’s actually probably a pretty even trade
  12. Can't go in with just this mentality. Would be great if it worked out and the best player at the time is a lineman, but you can't say 2 months from the draft it can only be a lineman.
  13. So outside of the fact that they don't owe fans an explanation about these moves, by giving an explanation of what they want to do with him they lose negotiating leverage, both with Oliver if they want to re-sign him and with teams if they want to find a trade partner. The people who need to know, know what's going on with him. Fans don't need to know and they shouldn't let us know
  14. Who do they need to explain things to? The fans?
  15. So a couple of things about Brown. First, he has only played 2 years so he can't get a new deal. Second, what has he shown that would make you want to extend him? Played in like half of the games last year, played terrible (definitely regressed) this year. Being tall and having a "mean streak" (whatever that means) does not mean he should get an extension
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