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  1. I still don’t understand the mindset that it’s completely fine for a team to cut a guy before his contract is up but get unnecessarily upset when a player holds out. Holding out is the best leverage a player has to get paid more money-if you ever listen to the other players they never hold it against one of their teammates when they hold out. If it doesn’t bother the players, why does it bother the fans so much? Please don’t give me the well they make millions to play a game response, the owners make even more millions to just WATCH these guys play a game
  2. This is a trade that should show Bills fans that the Bills have more than enough money to sign their guys-maybe not all of them, but they will be able to sign the guys they really want to keep. Seattle is paying Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, etc and will have to pay Adams very soon-and we are worried about if the Bills will be able to sign Milano and Dawkins! Yes Tre is going to cost a lot of money, but if you look at what the other teams around the league do, his contract won’t be a problem
  3. Where Drew is making his mistake is that he misunderstands WHY people are taking a knee. I know that people think it is disrespecting the flag and all of that, but if you listen to why they are doing it, it has nothing to do with the flag. At first I was like a lot of people and didn't like that Kaepernick was kneeling until I found out why. I work in the inner city and the kids have always told me that it was never about the flag. It is done at that time because then attention gets paid to an issue that is important to them. The flag is a symbol, and that symbol means different things to different people. I think we need to get to a point where we aren't offended by a person's choice of what they do for the anthem. In most situations, kneeling is a sign of respect
  4. You beat me to it....give it time, I have faith it will devolve into that!
  5. Of course they all love playing the game, they don't get to that level if they don't. By your logic, should Mahomes not get the money that is coming his way? Should Tre White just be happy to get any offer from the Bills? Judging by your user name, you think that the highest paid guys in the league are making $2-$3 million a year. Do you really think that if the money that's out there now was available back for those guys that they wouldn't be going for the highest amount possible? You think Wayne Gretzky would've take less "for the love of the game?" Just like now, those guys back then weren't just "noble warriors" who would've played the game for free. Yes they love the game, but they also want to get paid. You can be passionate about something AND get paid top dollar of what the market dictates, those things aren't mutually exclusive They all want to win, but they all also want to get paid, bottom line. The best GMs know how to work the cap so their best players get paid and the team can still be competitive. Buffalo isn't used to having superstar contracts so we aren't used to having to pay multiple guys large contracts.
  6. I think this is where the fans have huge misconceptions, especially Bills fans. The teams can always get creative with the cap, they can always create enough room if they really want to sign a guy long term. The problem with us as Bills fans is we haven't really had anyone worth paying a lot of money for. The ones we have paid end up feeling like we overspent (Dareus, Mario Williams as examples). It's not a zero sum game for them - it's a business plain and simple. Might some of them take small hometown discounts, sure, but most of them are trying to maximize their money. Put yourself in their shoes, ignore completely that you're a Bills fan - even if you're making 50 million, are you really willing to make 5-10 million less? I'll be perfectly honest, I wouldn't. It's not my job to figure out the cap. That's what the GM is for, and the good ones know how to manipulate the cap. It's my job to play the best football I possibly can, make the most money I can possibly make because I don't get a lot of time to make that kind of money. If someone says they wouldn't take the max amount of money they could possibly make they are kidding themselves
  7. I have heard players in the past and former players say it all the time - they never hold it against their teammates when they hold out for more money. They all know it's a business and they are all trying to maximize the amount of money they can make in a short window of time. As fans we all get offended when a player holds out, but the players all understand the reasons why someone would hold out.
  8. It just seems to be another one of those discussions where the narrative was already set on Josh before he was even drafted and people don't want to change their minds about it. They used a bunch of stats (which can be manipulated however you want them to look) and then said he won't change at any point going forward.The thing about that statement is that the other narrative about Allen coming out of college was that he was going to be a project and definitely needed a couple of years to develop, but none of these guys ever bring that up any more. It's just a reminder that these guys are here more for entertainment than analysis
  9. This is way off, you have 1 red dot in the wrong place
  10. Especially after they end up paying Dak....but you know, America's team and stuff
  11. Ohhhhhh I thought that was just the next part of the conspiracy since the first part had already been proven wrong. I really hope there’s no part 3 to all of this-when we find out he likes ranch with his wings
  12. Wait hold on, I thought the narrative on here was that we needed to get rid of him right away because he wasn't happy he got drafted here! This video must be doctored because he looks pretty happy/relieved to me I can't wait to watch what him and Singletary do this season!
  13. If there's truth to this, there has to (or I guess should) be punishment for it. The league has shown they don't mind going back several years to make their point, and they CERTAINLY don't mind being judge, jury, executioner
  14. Apparently for some, street cred is more important than a multi-million dollar job. At least they look super tough to their boys now
  15. It will be interesting to see the effect the lack of crowds will have on the teams. For the away teams that's obviously one less thing they have to game plan for. For home teams defenses especially lose a good chunk of energy that they feed off of.
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