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  1. Especially after they end up paying Dak....but you know, America's team and stuff
  2. Ohhhhhh I thought that was just the next part of the conspiracy since the first part had already been proven wrong. I really hope there’s no part 3 to all of this-when we find out he likes ranch with his wings
  3. Wait hold on, I thought the narrative on here was that we needed to get rid of him right away because he wasn't happy he got drafted here! This video must be doctored because he looks pretty happy/relieved to me I can't wait to watch what him and Singletary do this season!
  4. If there's truth to this, there has to (or I guess should) be punishment for it. The league has shown they don't mind going back several years to make their point, and they CERTAINLY don't mind being judge, jury, executioner
  5. Apparently for some, street cred is more important than a multi-million dollar job. At least they look super tough to their boys now
  6. It will be interesting to see the effect the lack of crowds will have on the teams. For the away teams that's obviously one less thing they have to game plan for. For home teams defenses especially lose a good chunk of energy that they feed off of.
  7. So first off the previous thread was pretty poorly written. It was really hard to follow what you were saying. Second, instead of playing hide and go seek with who the topic was about, why not just come out and say it?
  8. Unless there is an injury Fromm won’t see the field. So are you saying he will be starting because Allen is injured or you feel Allen will play that badly?
  9. I don't understand the apparent genuine shock that Brady and the Bucs will be on prime time so often. He's a big story and he went to a team that is going to be fun to watch. He's not in the division any more, like it or not he IS a story and people want to watch him, so I think we all need to stop being so butt hurt and enjoy our 4 prime time games and our AFCE title!
  10. Pittsburgh will be coming off a little bit of a brutal stretch too. If you check their three games before the Bills game, they play 2 games in 4 days! Yes they then have 10 days until their next game but the second of those 2 games in 4 days is against Baltimore! Again while not ideal, it’s not terrible. Plus the fact that we can talk about 2 straight prime time games means the league thinks the Bills will be pretty good!
  11. I get what you’re trying to say but I think you are sensationalizing it. It’s not like they get back at 5am and then have to play that night then get a plane and play in Denver the night after that. While not ideal it’s not that terrible either
  12. Well didn’t you see their reaction on draft night? They clearly hate it here and are pushing for a trade...think John Skelton is available?
  13. Good point-I guess I’m just hoping we are past the point of NEEDING to put Andre Holmes on the field as a receiver
  14. ^this-if one of those guys goes down the Bills could be in trouble. Hopefully Knox and Singletary improve significantly which would lessen that blow, but past the first 3 receivers they’re still lacking
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