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  1. Up until the last couple of games last year, it can very easily be argued that Taron Johnson was by far the worst player on the defense (including the resident whooping boy). It seemed every ball thrown his way was caught, he missed tackles all the time-he was terrible. Then all of a sudden it clicked and it had just continued to click since probably the last quarter of games from last season. He has really turned it around and become a very valuable part of this defense
  2. Up until last year no one would’ve blamed McDermott For just taking a knee there-no QB in years had earned the trust of the head coach to try and get in field goal range. It’s obvious Josh has earned that trust and he showed why. There’s no question at this point that Josh is in the same category as Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, and Wilson
  3. That should get the “Josh gets too hyped up” Crowd to quiet down some
  4. So are you worried about Mac Jones or the Patriots? Would people be having this reaction if he was the rookie QB of the Panthers? Bears? Broncos? (Insert whatever team you would like)…I get it that some people still have Patriots hangover, but has he done anything at all that should make anyone concerned at this point?
  5. Are you sure? I have heard that they will have a decision by next offseason
  6. I might be in the minority, but I thought those games were just TERRIBLE basketball. They started changing the rules because the Pistons didn't actually play basketball, they just had no talent guys like Rick Mahorn go on the court, intentionally try to hurt guys, use his 6 fouls, and people called it good defense. The NFL realizes that they do have an influence, and it's not good for the game overall if these things are constantly happening in the pros, so it trickles down to college, high school, pee wee. Just my thought on it anyway. I do believe I remember hearing it said that the NFL was going to crack down even more on taunting this year, and it looks like that is happening
  7. OP I don’t know how you expected this to go, but the responses have been amazing and I’m here for all of it!
  8. Oh God, do we really need to give some of the posters on this board even more of a reason to take aim at Daboll?
  9. I remember they pulled that play YEARS ago with Bledsoe and McGahee and it worked for a huge gain and a touchdown….I’ve seen it tried a couple times since then and it has always gone terribly
  10. The bad PI on White’s interception was HUGE
  11. You mean you came up with this incredibly asinine theory without alcohol, and you’re willing to admit it??
  12. I assumed the players would all get there by 10 at the latest, I’m surprised they are getting there later than that
  13. Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but it wasn’t the comments about him getting too hyped that people got flames for-it was the assumptions and comments made because he was too hyped that people got flamed for. I think everyone agrees from day 1 Josh gets a little too hyped at the beginning of a game…he was also younger then, had a cannon for an arm, and plays with a lot of emotion. It would be the comments like “perhaps he shouldn’t start home games” or “we won’t win consistently if he can’t calm down” that would make people want to bang their head repeatedly on a wall
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