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  1. Apparently you’ve never been on this board after a Bills win-I have read far too many people faulting the Bills for a win 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I swear the Bills could beat a team like, say, Pittsburgh by a ridiculous score of 38-3 and some people would still find more negatives than positives. Oh wait….
  2. I completely agree - I have never thought of Romo as biased. I would be happy though if the Bills never played another Sunday night game just so we didn't have to listen to Collinsworth. Josh has broken his precious PFF and he will never get over that.
  3. If Baltimore let him walk I bet he would end up in Seattle
  4. They are certainly a very good team, no doubt about it. If/when they lose it will probably be because of the defense. I think they will play again in the playoffs and of course I want that game to be in Buffalo. I firmly don’t believe that it is already set in stone that the Chiefs will have home field throughout the playoffs. They may, but there’s a lot of football left to play and I don’t believe the Chiefs are going undefeated the rest of the season that being said we have also seen what Buffalo is capable of. If the team can get healthy the Bills become extremely dangerous again (and they are already)
  5. The point is they aren’t the world beaters that people portray them to be
  6. Wait, I’ve read on here that KC is practically unstoppable and they score a touchdown every time they get the ball…they didn’t just kick 4 field goals did they? This is probably a totally different situation than when the Bills kicked 6 field goals and the sky was falling, right?
  7. Boy are you gonna be surprised if you go look at their scores/stats the last couple of games
  8. Can you imagine the reactions around this place if the Bills won a game 20-16??
  9. Let’s be honest, the people who keep bringing up Beasley are the epitome of just wanting to argue. They are the same people who if the Bills had kept Beasley would be complaining that he’s hurt, he’s not getting enough yards, he’s taking away snaps from McKenzie/Shakir…they’re very predictable
  10. So to me a huge part of the problem is the over analyzing when there is a loss. You say that the losses were bad-when in the history of sports has there ever been a good loss? My issue with the extreme ridiculous criticism that happens here, in particular in the GDT or right after a game is that it’s obvious that the ones who love to be negative forget there are 2 teams out on the field, and it’s the job of the other team to also try to play well. When the Bills lose it’s always 100% on the Bills and let’s go for people’s jobs. Even after the Miami game, people wanted the coaches fired-that’s the nonsense that most on here get annoyed with.
  11. Yeah until someone says it again next week
  12. What does “winning his way” even mean?? Provide examples of this. Also, your movie analogy is terrible-neither guy wins in the end! The guy got a par and needed a birdie
  13. I normally avoid it but for some reason over the last couple of games I have checked it out…definitely not a good place to be if you value your sanity
  14. Ahhh there’s the poster I’m used to reading, continually spinning comments to fit your agenda. I didn’t mention any teams specifically, I said they have one win that was over 1 score but a couple of losses over 10. They played a decent game against the Chiefs the other day, and still lost….again. I said Herbert is talented but overrated, don’t know how you can dispute that. Yes I do think that if those 2 teams played 10 time right now, I believe the Chargers would win 5 times at most. Not really sure what spin I’m trying to put in anything but read it how you want
  15. What have the Chargers shown at all this season that makes them a playoff team? They have 1 win this season by more than 1 score, but have a couple of losses by over 10 points. Allen and Williams can never stay healthy, and as talented as Herbert is, I do think right now he is overrated. He can make some great throws but I have pretty much zero confidence that he could win a game like Josh did yesterday. I would love for a healthy Bills team to see them in the playoffs. And what I’m saying is that right now, the Lions are a more dangerous team. Yes the defense is bad but their offense is clicking much better than the Chargers are
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