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  1. You’re also completely playing into a narrative that isn’t true. As a Bills fan you should know not to just blindly follow what is said about a quarterback-how many times have you heard people say this season that Josh Allen isn’t accurate? We all know that’s not true. You’re still rolling with the “Lamar is a running back, not a quarterback” narrative that has been said about him since he was drafted. He has proven he’s not just a running back. Is running a huge part of his game? Yes! Does he make plays because people are defending the run? Yes! Can he stop back 35 times and best a team? Prob
  2. So maybe I missed it somewhere in this thread, but one thing to consider that if/when Daboll leaves for a head coaching job, he is going to take coaches from here with him. Don't just automatically assume that because Josh Allen is the quarterback that guys won't follow Daboll to wherever he goes. Is the idea of being the OC for a Josh Allen offense intriguing? I'm sure it is, but some coaches will have a better relationship with Daboll and may feel that the opportunity at a new location is better than the one here. So while we all may think that perhaps Ken Dorsey will just become the OC
  3. Come on man, have a little bit of perspective here. He led the league in touchdown passes last year, unanimous MVP, completes around 64% of his passes...he doesn’t have the arm talent Josh does but that doesn’t mean he’s a terrible QB. I would rather have the guy the Bills have, Jackson definitely had his flaws as a passer, but I’d the Bills go into this game thinking the exact same way you are they are going to lose
  4. I just don’t enjoy watching the games with your level of pessimism, that’s all The defense didn’t play as well last week as they had been-that being said the Colts only had 10 points into the 4th quarter. The nice thing is they don’t need to play their top game any more in order for the Bills to win. The defense made a lot of mistakes last week, I don’t think they will make the same amount of mistakes this week. I don’t think the Bills will win this game running away, but I do think they will win. The Ravens will be like the Colts-they will feel they need to score on every possessi
  5. It’s all about optics as what many have said-most people felt that Buffalo would beat the Colts easier than they did. The Ravens were the visiting team against the top rusher in the league and they shut him down. So the thought is if that defense can shut down Henry they can obviously shut down Allen and if the Bills can’t stop the run against the Colts there’s no way they can stop the run against the Ravens. We have been watching them all year, we know this team can very easily put up 30+ on any defense. From what I have seen of the Ravens this year I do have serious doubts if the Ravens can
  6. It shows that more AFC teams are hitting on their QBs. I think Rodgers and Brees are amazing and actually find Brady far less annoying now that he’s not in New England any more, but those 3 shouldn’t be leading their conferences any more. 1 that’s fine, 2 maybe, but not all 3
  7. If you’re speaking just about the defense, I don’t know if it’ll be a tougher test, just a completely different test. That was a rough defense the Bills just faced. I do think that overall the game could be tougher-unless the Bills can jump out to an early lead...I have more faith that Rivers could lead back the Colts than I do in Lamar leading back the Ravens
  8. I’m pretty sure I read that he is a huge KC guy so he must feel threatened that someone could possibly be as food as Mahomes. I also think he loves that the Bills could’ve had Mahomes but traded the pick away instead and he wants to think that trade was absolutely lopsided in the Chiefs favor. If Allen continues to be elite, then the trade worked out for both teams, his Chiefs won’t dominate for years like he would like, and it’s a threat to his fan hood
  9. Oh I think he was in bounds too-what I was trying to say was Colts fans could look at those plays and say the refs were out to get them or those were bad calls against them, that’s all. I haven’t talked to a colts fan yet who hasn’t said they didn’t get lucky with that fumble call-i am fine with them missing it on the field, but why have instant replay if you are still going to miss that?
  10. Every fan in the world thinks the refs have been paid to make calls against their own team - you talk about the Rams game but don't mention the VERY iffy pass interference call that went the Bills way right at the end of the game. I'm sure if you went over to a Colts discussion board they didn't agree with the two catches by Davis the other day...if they had been ruled incomplete I doubt either one gets overturned (maybe one at best). There's always a couple of calls that go against a team every year and calls that go for a team every year. This isn't like the one year where the Bills were
  11. It’s amazing how quickly the narrative shifts, isn’t it? For several weeks the popular take was Buffalo can’t be stopped but now it seems everyone wants to be the person to say “I told you Buffalo could be stopped” if they lose. If they win they can still quickly flip back to “man that offense is amazing” or “man that defense knows how to get a stop” it’s just lazy journalism at this point
  12. While the defense was good in the red zone, they did not have a good game. As has been said so many times since Saturday they were terrible on third down and they couldn't stop the tight ends or the crossing route. He criticized them and rightly so in my opinion. Yes the team depends on Josh for much of the offense, but what team with a dynamic quarterback doesn't rely far too much on that guy? With as well as Josh has played, that part honestly doesn't concern me as much. I'm looking forward to the game - I feel oddly confident. The Ravens definitely present a
  13. I’m still shocked there was not one holding call on either offensive line on Saturday. I’m all for letting them play, but how is that possible?
  14. And shovel pass touchdowns from the asses of our guards!
  15. I like that Baltimore is a blitzing team-Josh is so much better this year against the blitz, the line is much better at picking it up, he has much better weapons than last year...being on the blitz!!
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