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  1. This is outstanding! They are becoming a very likeable team!😆
  2. I'll slow it down for you because it's obvious you're slow....it was a joke
  3. Great, now that he’s been paid I bet he becomes lazy like Dareus!
  4. Can we combine the 2 together? Get Mack but for Ertz money!
  5. Not to say they aren’t great players, but to see Alexander and Ramsey ranked so high and to see Tre as low as he is-just doesn’t sit right with me
  6. There have been plenty of times the only reason a ball was completed was because of Allen’s arm strength. The touchdowns to Davis in both the Pittsburgh and Miami games. The lasers he throws into spaces that best cover 2 that shouldn’t ever beat a cover 2. The Jacksonville touchdown his first year. The touchdown to Yeldon in the Titans game. The problem isn’t he doesn’t try to use his arm strength, his problem was he had no touch in his passes before last season
  7. This better not impact negotiations with Josh! How can we afford his new contract AND pay the highest paid long snapper in the league?!
  8. The medium in which the reaction is coming (here) is considered social media, so yes
  9. no but the reaction to Josh's answer is
  10. It's social media, isn't the default always negative?
  11. All of this right here is revisionist history. Zay had just set a college record for catches, all signs pointed to him being a good player...but you’re making it sound like you knew and the Bills should’ve known that all of those guys picked after him were all going to end up as good as they are. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be sour on trading up or anything like that, but you’re making it sound like it was so easy to just pick one of those other guys.I get your logic, just not the approach. Now if you were in these discussion boards banging your hands on the table at the time of that draft th
  12. And without Hopkins he still threw for almost 5000 yards, only had 7 interceptions, 112 rating, and did all this with really no one to throw to. What I’m taking aim at in your comments is you said it’s not even debatable that Josh is superior. While it looks like Watson is a creep, the guy is an incredibly talented quarterback and you saying it shouldn’t even be debated is laughable. Obviously as a Bills fan I want Allen ranked higher and i do in fact think he will end up being the better QB but I’m also not discounting or degrading what Watson can do on the field
  13. Well why didn't someone just say this at the beginning of this thread?? Then this wouldn't have carried on for 4 pages! Take off you Bills colored glasses for a second and it's certainly debatable. Josh had a better season this past season, but Watson has been at a very high level since he entered the league - can't say the same about Josh
  14. I’m good with where he is-Brady and Wilson have done this for years, Josh has had 1 excellent season. If he plays as well as we all expect him to next season, then he will be a top 2 QB on every list
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