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  1. I’m not a huge Kirk Cousins guy, but Jefferson isn’t setting all those records throwing to himself….Winston and Thomas are on this list but Cousins/Jefferson isn’t?
  2. Let me preface this by saying I don’t agree with this, but I was talking with my brother the other day and he brought up a really interesting point-in terms of trade value, McKenzie would probably get the most in return. They could roll with Crowder to begin the year, and if Shakir continues to develop maybe he is the starter by the end of the year. I really like McKenzie, he loves Buffalo, Josh loves him, I don’t believe he would be traded, but he’s definitely an interesting name to bring up
  3. I believe they can, but they would have to pay him…doesn’t make sense to do that
  4. I’m sure some of my homerism is showing, but is Chandler Jones really that much better than Von?
  5. 2 things: first, unbelievable he hit an 82 yard punt and that wouldn’t even be the team record! second, I don’t think they cared at all about hang time on this punt-seems it was a lot like Josh’s first ever pass in a preseason game, just kick it as far as you can!
  6. Doesn’t say that-just means he won’t negotiate during the season, he will make the team wait until next offseason
  7. It’s also not something to overreact about either. He’s not facing Allen/Diggs caliber duos every week. He will also be given help during a game. Neither of these things have been true during training camp. I’ve seen videos of virtually every rookie corner getting burned during camp so far, it’s all part of the learning process. If it’s still happening a couple of weeks into the season that’s a different story, but it should be expected he will struggle against Allen and Diggs.
  8. What are we doing here? Most of his reps have been against arguably the top passing duo in the league-the duo that has done really well against the top corners in the league the past 2 years. Not only that, but Josh isn’t allowed to get hit and in some circumstances there’s not even a rush against him! But we are supposed to expect a rookie cb to be playing lights out every snap in training camp?? Again, what are we doing here?
  9. What? This board overreacting to a preseason game??? That’s preposterous!! also, did you know that Malik Willis is going to be a problem?!?!
  10. They’re both rookies, hard to judge if either puck is any good. They also had a major need at cornerback. Not saying it wasn’t a bad pick, but using 2 guys who haven’t played a down in the league isn’t a strong argument
  11. One has nothing to do with the other-you think Poyer was going to sign a 2 year 5 mil deal??
  12. Yeah but that's unfair because then both players would be throwing left han....oh wait
  13. I think the Chargers and Chiefs will be battling all year as well-unfortunately no matter what the Bills are traveling to both of those games next season, which like I said makes getting home field over both of them extremely important (outside of the obvious reasons of wanting home field advantage). but back to the original point, I just don’t understand why the Bills are traveling to KC 2 years in a row if it is based off of where each team finished in the division
  14. Sorry I know this has probably been discussed and I don’t know why this just occurred to me right now, but why are the Bills playing in KC again this year? They played in Buffalo a couple of years ago because the Bills were playing the AFCW and KC was scheduled to come here, then they played in KC last year because they both finished in first, so shouldn’t the KC game be in Buffalo this year? I thought it rotated every year. Add in the fact that the Bills will play in KC next year because they are playing the AFCW again, that’s a lot of games in KC. Makes it even more important to get home field advantage for the playoffs!
  15. Which is why you take the rookie with the considerably stronger leg. A good coach can teach technique, you can’t teach 60-70 yard punts
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